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Date Page/Category Update/Change/Comment
2020-01-26 Solutions for the Corona Virus Category created. Link to it on the startpage
2020-01-22 302nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Nov 14 2019 Most important parts from 302nd KSW transcription added
2020-01-22 311th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Jan 16 2020 Full 311th KSW transcription added
2020-01-15 Perfect mixture for garden watering Article created
2020-01-15 2019 12 13 PM Public Teaching in Portuguese Transcription of the most important parts added
2020-01-14 Latest Updates on the KF Wiki Page/table created
2020-01-14 Category:What changes will the Universal System bring to humanity Category created
2020-01-07 300th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Oct 31 2019 Full 300th KSW transcription added