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Transcription of the most important parts added:

What changes the Universal System Will bring to humanity?

Transcription made from the Soul and Heart by the

Universal Council Support Members and Transcriber Team.

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(CdR - Carolina DeRoose)


With Carolina Keshe / Important transcriptions (beginning from 01:23:53)

Speakers shortcuts: KS – Knowledge Seeker, CdR - Carolina DeRoose

(KS) I heard I think for the first time in 2016 about the elevation of the soul and MR Keshe used the example like when we peel a banana and I could not comprehend the whole thing about. Did you understand more or less?

MRI Scull 2 - The position of the soul.jpg

Layers around the soul / The position of the soul in brain

(CdR): Yeah he sometimes uses onion as well. You peel the onion, the layers of. You got to understand that you are composed of layers from the way you been brought up, your perspectives alive, your belief systems of live, your education, your social surroundings, your, if it's based on religion. These are all layers, which are topped up. One layer is to function as a man, one layer is, to function as a father, one layer is a person. We only found out recently, maybe 4 to 5 years ago that Mr Keshe has started the soul teaching. It started at KSW 190. There Mr Keshe has started touching on soul level and the positioning of the soul. Before that everybody thought or didn't know that the soul is actually within you. We have the MRI picture, where Mr Keshe shows, where the positioning is of the soul. I can see if I can bring it forward.[1]

Ok, there it comes. This is the first one. That's from an MRI and where you see the little dot in the middle with the red circle around. Here is another picture. There is your soul. Do you see the white in the middle? That's a space gap in the brain that scientist never have been able to explain. You see, that's where your soul sits and it's a light, you can see it. It's a white spot.

MRI Scull - The position of the soul

Here is the other picture. It's not so very clear, but they tried to show it.[2]

The creation of physicality through the field strength of the soul / The path of the soul - A maturing process / Agreement with the physicality

So if you carry your soul within you, what have we build around it. That's why Mr Keshe say, you got to release your soul from the cage like a bird locked up in a cage; the physicality. What Mr Keshe is bringing is, you are so powerful that you have created this physicality, because the physicality would not exist, if your soul would not take position. I do not know if it had been explained here amongst you Portuguese people, is that I came up very recently in one of the teachings, is that, when we have a man and a woman, is that they decide to have a child and they decide; the sperm and the egg, or the first start in the matter state for that creation. When they interact, they start the process of division, but in reality they are building up the field strength. When they reach the point that the field strength is strong enough, than the soul is given from the totality. So you receive from the totality of the existence and before the soul takes position within that physicality that has reached that field strength, it has the decision, because it will know the path it will go into. That's why maybe it will make it much easier to be understood, if you let's say you have a child that doesn't go to a full term of pregnancy, it has different explanations, but for the mother it becomes much more acceptable. That means, that the soul most probably only needed that period of time of existence to be complete to go on another level. That's why you might have premature ending pregnancies. The soul decides. It might be just born and pass on. It might maybe be in the first year of life, but you have to understand, if you have listened to Mr Keshe's teachings, the soul is an agreement, with the soul of the physicality. So the soul takes position, when the majority of the field strength in the physicality has reached. That's when the soul comes in, but there is always an agreement between the soul and physicality, because we are here to a certain maturing process. When that maturing process is finished we carry on and go to a new development, but what Mr Keshe's teaching is, that the soul is complete. The soul has nothing short. It's not short of anything, because it has been given by the totality, otherwise that soul would not appear, because each star you see is a soul. You are a light. You are complete. That's why Mr Keshe said, if you only would new the beauty of the other side, you all commit suicide tomorrow, but you cannot, because your soul has an agreement with the soul of physicality and then it will move on. So you are peeling of the layers of the onion, if you’re maturing. Does that answer your question?[3]

Giving and receiving / Peeling of the layers

(KS) Yes, but I think that he spoke also in a different way, that when we give, we give fields of lower strength and when we receive, we receive from a higher strength fields. Am I correct?

(CdR) You were talking that you didn't understand the peeling of the layers. Field Strength... You elevate, when you start giving, because as you elevate the others, you elevate yourself. And that is exactly what Mr Keshe was explaining, that humanity is always depending to look to be supported, to be helped by somebody else, while actually you carry the field strength within yourself. The beauty sits, that, if you a knowledge that field strength. That's where you start in so many ways, as we say, peeling the onion, because when you give, you have to be ready to receive more, to be able to receive more.

How do you peel your onion? By taking off the layers? What layers are you peeling of?

There are so many building blocks, because there you saw the beauty again in how I explained the soul comes into, is; because it's given. The totality is giving. But you are complete, because you carry everything. The peeling of the onion is how you conduct yourself.

(KS) Do you know, what I have just understood now? In some ways it's logical, because if we give the same strength and receive the same strength, we wouldn't elevate yourself. Then, if we elevate ourselves when we give, that's because we receive in higher strength. If we are elevated after we give it's because we receive higher strength fields.[4]

(KS) When we sleep and we have the situation that we are in another environment, it'd be this travel that we go to another environment the same travel the GANS do, that go through the change of energy to matter and matter to energy?

Traveling with the soul / Understanding the soul / Mr Keshe's development of the teachings till today

(Carolina) There are two in this. The first one is, he wants to know where we go or where we are when we sleep. It's only the physicality that sleeps. In so many ways the physicality is a choice by man. Mr Keshe has explained that, but mostly when you sleep it's to repair the body. Your soul is always present. It does not need sleep. It travels wherever it wants to go and sometimes you pick up these as dream and you knew where you were and you could smell who you met, or recognize who you met, but the soul is always present. What Mr Keshe has brought since the 300 teachings is, when we start going into this units, you will start understanding, which you are and what you are. And that is where he is referring to, to set the soul free from the cage of physicality. The whole teaching up till now, till about 300, is for man to understand who is and what he is and the capability. And how do we get there? By knowledge. Knowing who we are. Knowing what we are. How we are constructed. How the function is of our physicality and our soul and that's why the first steps came with the Nano-coating and the GANSes, that you could by you doing the process; you are the creator. And because you can see it visually in the matter state, you start accepting and at the same time you are adding to your knowledge; who you are and what you are. This process of Nano-coating and producing the GANSes, was for humanity to understand, that he is a creator. But at the same time Mr Keshe explained all the steps of the knowledge; why and how. That's why we ask you to become a private student, because you can go from the first teaching until what we have reached till today. Because if you go through the length as I have followed from day one, you can observe the way Mr Keshe has started. He first has started with explaining the fields. Then he has start to the protocol of making the Nano-coating and the GANSes. Then in between there is a part where he explains your physicality; how each organ in your body functions and for what purpose it’s there, in comparison with your environment and your,... the planets you see around you. So he is explaining the function of your Universe and yourself as physicality, as a human being. Your soul is the sun and your heart is mother earth. The Soul needs the Earth for it to confirm its own existence. Your soul is the confirmation of your physicality, which is your heart. And then Mr Keshe has taken you into the soul level teaching. And in between he has start everything to know about space travel and more expanding on the knowledge, because then you see the Blueprint coming from the Magrav teachings. Then we have had the three days teaching of the MOZHANs. And there you see the development of Mr Keshe how he is leading you up and up and up into more and more and more understanding and now we have reached the 300, which they come to the platform of the universal teaching. And at the same time he explains the whole platform, why everything is where it is in the position it is to achieve world peace to bring every soul to that higher field strength level of peaceful and equality.[5]

The soul the “bookkeeper”

Because, if you understand the logic, that if you go and travel into space; I just give you a very funny example: We go to Mars and we see something that looks very nice edible, we have to understand that we can't kill it to eat it. But this is exactly what we are doing here on this planet. We kill and we are not only killing to feed us, but we are also killing for what? And this has to stop. Because every soul is precious and every soul is a soul. It would be like somebody is coming from another planet here and takes your child and starts cooking it and slaughtering it, because it would be a nice meal. And it is that suffering where Mr Keshe is referring to; he says, "I don't want to be in the body of a man". And this is what all this knowledge, understanding who you are, what you are, where we are, how we are,... He gives you all the knowledge, the whole platform we can elevate to that higher field strength to change. So your soul, whatever you do wrong; use it as a knowledge. And you position yourself towards your own field field strength what you bring on the table, or what you take off the table. In so many ways, your soul is your bookkeeper. He keeps your books.[6]

GANS / Working of GANSes / Confirming we are the creator

To answer you in the level of the GANSes... If you understood the explanation from the Nano-coating and how you are manifesting the CO2 GANS; it's the understanding of the field strength of each GANS, which are trillions in your little jar; each one has the capacity of one sun in our solar system. So you can imagine the field strength of your GANSes. Because you don't see one floating in the water, you see millions and trillions getting produced in your GANS cup. And that's why Mr Keshe said; don't use the GANS itself, because you cannot stand the energy of it. But only use the top layer, the water; because you can only saturate the water with the amount of energy it can carry itself. That’s why Mr Keshe says, if your drink for example the CO2 water, you can only take what you need, because you are a walking GANS station yourself. You only balance the field strength, because of the application of the water, of what you are short of. It balances the field strength. No more, no less. Because that refers back to the teaching in the medical, where he says, your food passes through you. Your food does not penetrate... You just absorb the field strength from the specific thing you choose what you eat, because that balances the field strength. That's why everybody has a different taste in eating and drinking. Because if you put a buffet on the table and you watch ten people, they all take different things. Because your body, your physicality is so well trained to pick what it needs to satisfy the field strength to balance it in your physicality. That's why you have children and people flatly refusing certain foods. Because they don't need that field strength, which you are trying to force them to eat. Especially children. Let them free. They will take what they need.

GANSes were a platform for you to confirm that you are a creator, that you can manifest and that you can create Nano-coating, that you can create the GANSes and you can start applying them. But at the same time Mr Keshe was teaching you much more than just the process of making the GANSes. Because you have to understand the part of the teachings you don't understand. He is teaching the whole Universe, because he is a universal teacher, because he is elevating the totality. Everybody is receiving at the same time. He is not here exclusive just for us. Every single soul gets elevated at this given moment.[7]

We don’t use the terms informed, molded or ormus water

Because it has nothing to do with Plasma water and so it's not korrekt.[8]

The history of the different teachings

We have above 2000 hours of teaching. As I explained, it starts with the explanation of the field strength. Then you get the teachings of the GANSes. Then you have the medical. Then you have the teachings of the Magravs and the Star Formation and the space teaching. Then you have the soul teaching, now we are in the Universal Community teaching, to learn to travel as a human being, human soul to connect with the Universal Community.[9]

(KS) He is asking first about the portholes, that we open here in this world and where are the positions that this portholes will open and the second question is, how will be the communication with the Universal Community; with this other beings and how we talk to them?

Changing of the field strength to a higher strength

(CdR) First of all you have to reach the field strength of their level. So it's on field strength. Mr Keshe has spoken about it in the 300th teaching (when I am right). We already have, what we call extraterrestrials living amongst us, but they don't interfere with us. The reason why they don't interfere is, I give you an example. If you are on the street and they are drunk and start fighting and bashing each other. Are you go into the near or are you go away, that you are not part of that? You are not part of that behavior. That's not who you are. Their position towards humanity is the same attitude. So we have to change. We have to change our behavior and the first layers have already been achieved. Because I called up two, three years ago to start pouring the GANS water and Plasma waters in the rivers, the see and the fountains. Because all the waters are interconnected on this planet. So the GANS waters have gone everywhere. If you know that the GANS waters are plasma field, it has increased the field strength. Because then you have to follow the procedure, that water, if vapors, it goes and becomes a cloud. So it rains somewhere else down and it increases the field strength again.[10]

Different tools and mechanisms of strengthening the planets field strength

At the same time you have to understand, each knowledge seeker that has done this procedure of pouring the GANS waters in the waters, they are connected with their intent of releasing that water on soul level. On soul level means also with their field strength, because they pure this for a purpose to serve. Then the second stage came, that the knowledge seekers are passing on to the others freely. That's the procedure of learning to give freely. Then we had the Magrav systems. Mr Keshe said, if you make a Magrav you give the first one away. The first Magrav you make, you give it away, because the principle was, to learn to give. And then the second one you can use for yourself. Because you have got to understand that Magrav you give away, is touching the whole family where this Magrav is functioning and its surroundings and whoever goes in and out of this house. And they are receiving from your intent why you made that Magrav, because it's a soul you created. Then the third layer came with the Star Formation. So you have the GANS waters, the knowledge seekers, the Magravs, the Star Formation and they all are releasing their field strength in elevating because they are giving. So we have already elevated so much. And the more the Universal Community is observing our purpose to serve, with what intent so serve, we elevate to higher field strength, when we will reach the level to, for that to open the doors with the Universal Community. And the fields are expanding, because more and more knowledge seekers start with Nano-coating, making GANSes and they release the residuals in the waters. Because they use it for medical, or they use it for reversing conditions, or for agriculture, or washing, or whatever. So the field strength of the purpose to serve is extending.[11]

Purpose to serve / Elevating through our conduct / Understand what you do

And now you have to go back to the point, for what purpose it's to serve. It's to have the signing of the World Peace Treaty to bring equality among the totality of all the souls on this planet. Including humans, animals, the plants and the existence of the planet and the Universe. And in January the next system is coming in: The unit. Now that is higher field strength on universal level field strength, of the processing by creating the fields to elevate humanity again higher. So we are literally doing the work our self by elevating through the way of our conduct, so that the Universal Community is opening when the time is right, step by step by step. But because we did it our self, we will understand why and how we reach that level. That's why Mr Keshe says, "Understand what you do. Know what you do."[12]

(KS) You answered his question, but one part he wants to understand better is about, where will be the place, that the portals will open here in Brazil. Where will be the place of this contact will happen?

(CdR) Each Unit[13]

(KS) You don't have the dates and the day?

(CdR) Each Universal Space Unit. You know the units, which we are promoting? Those are for that purpose, because you meet the soul of the Universe. Mr. Keshe said, you will elevate, because you receive only love in those units. That's what we are elevating to. If you want to know, Mr Keshe has explained in the 300th teaching and every single one. Two, three teachings before the 300 he has explained the future of humanity. That's why I am working on it in the One Nation, One Planet, One Race platform. Even yesterday’s teaching was already an extension part of what is about to come. That's why I emphasize them to be translated. It will depend on all of us, how much faster we are aware of: Who we are. What we are and to elevate our self to that level of, the more you give the more you receive. 2020 is the year of the change.[14]

(KS) The question was how to find out through the eyes, who are the persons that belong to another dimension?

(CdR) They will come forward. That's what Mr Keshe announced in the last teaching. Very slowly they will start coming forward for you to learn to know who they are, what they are. Although they might be very small, but they have a higher intelligence than us; all of us. That interaction already has been agreed.[15]

Giving from the soul, before every project is started

(CdR) The most important things to start is, give from your soul, even before you start Nano-coating, because each particle from your GANS is a soul with the power strength of the sun. You are the creator. You have created a new soul. So, they are like your children. You love them, you nourish them and you take care of them to make sure, they carry the sense of your beauty. Because in reality they are your children. You created them. You are responsible for them. That's why we always advise for people, when you create something it has to have a purpose to serve. What is the purpose for you to create it? Because if you create children you will love them, but they will love you back. Because the beauty sits, when you create the GANS and you start passing them on as gifts for others to serve for whatever purpose, or a plant or animal, or another human being; they carry your field strength. And that is what the others are receiving on soul strength. So be responsible what you create from before you start. It’s your responsibility and that's why we emphasize, "Understand what you do". It’s a long learning process. It’s all new for us. It has never been done before and we get showered with all this new things and it's not easy to adjust in all this change. Even I have to remind myself every day. So it will be much easier for the next generation. Especially when you bring your children up, because they will know the language of this new way. I hope you understand.[16]

Becoming a teacher / Sharing experiences / Private and public teachings / Teaching schedule

(CdR) That's where you brought your experience is the point, where we are stimulating the other knowledge seekers to start sharing what their experiences are and their knowledge on this platform. So you can run your platform with the experiences what you have from one another. Share your knowledge with one another and grow with it. And as Mr Keshe has announced our platforms for next year, please apply for a teacher and in what science field strength you want to come and teach in your own language, what topics you want to show on scientific level. Because what we share on the English platform is equal for every other language. So we want to encourage the knowledge seekers to start applying to become a teacher in the fields you have experienced. You will receive the training how you do the hosting and the co-hosting and then everything goes into the KF SSI system and then you can all apply for being students, because this here is a public platform, but you are also entitled to go for the private platform teachings and share your knowledge and your beauty. That's why we encourage you to become private students and the ones which are progressed further for years in experience with the Keshe Foundation knowledge, apply for being a teacher and we follow you, set you up, guide you and we teach you to create your platform. So the students can come in and participate or they can go in later, listen to the recordings and learn from you. You can share a screenshot of the overview of the teaching numbers. So you have an idea how the structure of the teachings is at this given moment. But now we have gone into holidays. Today was the last day, but this public platform can stay, if for example Rafael wants to continue with it.[17]

You see that is our schedule. On the right side you see private and public teachings in languages. So you see Farsi, Polish, Spanish, German, Romanian, French, Bengali and Portuguese. You see the time schedule and the Zoom numbers. As a private you can go in too and it's marked with their public. In the middle are special private teachings in English, which is agriculture and medical. So it means you have to have a medical degree to get in the medical and for the agriculture you need also to have a special permission to get in there. Then you have the public teachings in English, which we have the One Nation, One Planet, One Race for World Peace, the Plasma Reactor Group of Rick in the Wednesday morning and then we have Mr Keshe teaching on Thursday morning (Knowledge Seekers Workshop). And then we have the private teachings in English, which starts Monday with the Ethos Class, the Soul Teaching, and the Space Technology Advanced Teachings. Then you have my private teaching on Wednesday afternoon 3 o’clock. Then you have Questions and Answers. Then you have review and expanding of the Knowledge of the Universe. Then you have Expanding on Wishes, which was last Friday. And then you have the last one, the review of the Knowledge Seekers Workshops of Mr Keshe. On the bottom of the page you see always the time, for example of Italy and what time it will be on other places of the Planet. But this schedule will start changing from next year on slowly. When you are a private student, you receive this kind of overviews on a weekly basis. We do request when you become knowledge seekers, nothing from the private teachings can be shared in Public. It's only for you. That's why we are calling them private teachings. Whatever are public teachings, can be shared in public. Please respect that. So far we had no problems with that. I hope this has helped you a lot.[18]

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