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In this category knowledge and solutions to the Corona Virus problem are collected.

Global challenge for all nations and individuals

The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the planet and is changing the lives of all mankind. It claims far more lives than the nations can and will admit. Entire countries, regions and cities are closing their borders for fear of spreading and have no direct solution to fight the virus. Many people are left completely on their own and there are more and more people and animals being affected daily.

Corona Tracker

Solutions for the Coronavirus

The Keshe Foundation is dedicated to solving this global challenge through the application of Plasma Technology and providing solutions for governments as well as for each individual.

Homemade One Cup One Life - Anti Virus Cup of Life

With the self-made "One Cup One Life - Anti Virus Cup of Life" and the application of the GANS Plasma Water produced with it, it is possible for everyone to protect his life and the lives of his fellow men. The field strength of the Plasma Water withdraws the energy from the virus and it depletes the virus from its field strength and incapacitates the virus. .

Knowledge Seekers Workshops and One Nation One Planet One Race for World Peace

With the 312th Knowledge Seekers Workshop / Virus Blueprint Day, and all following public teaching sessions, including the One Nation, One Planet, One Race for World Peace Meeting, Mr Keshe and the Keshe Foundation is specifically dedicated to understanding viruses as energy packages, One Cup One Life GANS Plasma Water and its applications, and working together as One Nation, One Planet, One Race to meet this global challenge.

Help for everyone

You will find help in the following international Telegram language groups.

Keshe One World Family:

Established language groups on Telegram are Portuguese, Farsi, Italian, Keshe One World Family and more will follow.


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