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In this category knowledge and solutions to the Corona Virus problem are collected.

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Serious danger

With the outbreak of the new Corona Virus, everyone is in danger. Especially during the Chinese spring festival, the factories are closed and there is a lack of masks, protective clothing and other safety supplies. Hospitals are overcrowded. There is a lack of beds and medical resources are exhausted. Parts of the city are closed. Personnel can only reach the people in the affected areas to a limited extent. People are worried, living in fear and panic and do not know what to do. The situation in China can expand globally.

Corona Tracker


The Keshe Foundation is dedicated to solving and fighting the Chinese Corona Virus problem. With the homemade "OneCup OneLife - Anti Virus Lifecup" you can protect and save lives. The required materials are easy to make and you can use them the same day.

Virus Blueprint Day - Corona Virus Wuhan (2019-nCoV)

The 312th Knowledge Seeker Workshop was the "Virus Blueprint Day - Corona Virus Wuhan (2019-nCoV)". Topics: Understanding of Viruses. Understanding of the Corona Virus. Scientific paper about Corona Viruses. What Keshe Foundation, Knowledge Seekers, Governments can do. How we can work together.


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