302nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Nov 14 2019

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Transcription of the most important parts added:

What changes the Universal System Will bring to humanity?

Transcription made from the Soul and Heart by the

Universal Council Support Members and Transcriber Team.

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(MK) - Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

(RC) - Rick Crammond


Connect the old system to the new system

(MK) The key is that you haven't understood, that you have to do some of the work yourself. In so many ways, you have to start to understand that you have to connect the things. For the first time we showed you the Magrav Systems and you went and did and do and those who benefited by it and those who couldn't get it right and many other things. Now it is time to understand how to connect the old system to the new system and understand much, much more. This is the part of the teaching, this is the part of understanding the totality. It is not so much to understand to do things, it is more to understand more, to be able to do more.[1]

Create higher level of energy packs

You have to face the truth that your Soul is within you, and you did not search for it, or is it taboo to speak about a fact another part of the working “phrase” of the universe. This is what have puzzled me in the past few months. The Soul Teachings man have tried to ignore, for what you call, thousands of years. Understanding his Soul, the work of his Soul, the sun of his light, the cause of his creation, and now we all have a problem with it. If you have a problem to create replication of the higher what we call level of energy- packs.[2]

Understanding the interaction of fields

You call it The Soul, we call it The Sun, We call it the Center of The Galaxy; we call it The Black Hole, we call it the center of the universe; you call it the Creator it has a problem - it`s a mental lock, which Knowledge Seekers have to open up. They have to understand what is the connection between The Soul of the man and The physicality of The Man. How come for our Knowledge Seekers, that it is easy to understand the interaction of the fields of The Sun, with the other fields of what we call the eggshell of the Solar system, leads to the creation of meteorites and asteroids, planets and moons and everything else. But when it comes and we change the names The Sun To The Soul and planets to kidneys and liver, you always stop, you can not go any further.[3]

The same movements - Human body and the work of Sun, Planets and Moons

How come you to make energy-systems to create energy, but creating energy at the level of the Soul of The Man, is a problem for us? Until we cross this line, man can not take into Space. Unless you wanna be on a bicycle, maybe on a donkey. You like to spend -- what is it - Chinese took them 20 days to get to The Moon? Or do you want to get there in 20 seconds? Because understanding the truth about how the Solar System works, how the Soul works - how everything else is made, it brings you to the point of understanding the reality. If you look at it - The Soul of The Man is The Sun. The Soul of the physicality which sits with the heart of the Man, is the earth and everything else which is in the system, is the satellite of it.

How come one of the planets it haves 11 or maybe 20 moons, but the body of The Man, having 4 or 5 moons called the kidney or the liver, is such a complicated things for humanity? What else more we can teach? When you say there is nothing new, it means most of you have not understood what have been taught. How come it was easy to make the GANSes, but putting the GANSes in a certain way to give you other effects, is so complicated? As I said, from now on, we go in understanding the universal community; how to interact, but I would like to ask you one question - you come across a man from Planet Zeus. Will you ask him “ do you have a kidney or a liver”? Would he carry a kidney or a liver, or has he stepped further by creating a higher energy through the physicality, to not to mean to clean up in a physical system with what we call a kidney and liver. When you understand how to increase the level of the Soul of the man, then you increase the level of the strength of the Soul of physicality, the way the Earth and the Sun create materials and they share energy. Now you need to share energy, do you need the kidney? - is there a need for a digestive system? Or the physicality, when you manifest it, - is just a new dimension; a presentation at the point of the field- interaction. It is not to teach new, (again), we have already taught it. It is for you to understand the totality. If you take the work of the kidney, in respect to Sun, in respect to the Earth, and call the kidney a moon, and the heart of the man, the Soul of physicality, The Earth and The Sun, The Soul of the man, you can see what is does- how it transfers energy. How come we accept the phenomenon of the pull of the moon, the fields of the moon, from millions of kilometers away, and everything else to pull the seas up and low and high tides. Well, we don't want to understand the same principle applies between the kidney and the heart of the man, in conjunction with the The Soul of the man. What new is for us to understand, how every cell in the kidney, every cell of the body of the man, has the same structure as the moon, the moons and planets, the galaxies and the stars.

Unless you wanna create another fancy world of imagination, as its been done in the world of science until now, up quarks and down quarks and everything else, and live in that fancy world, we can carry on.

302nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Nov 14 2019 at 00:36:23 You Knowledge Seekers have to start moving away from just making GANSes. You have to understand about the fields of the GANSes. GANS is the connection between the matter state and the energy and the Universal System. You have to step up, you have to understand the work of the energy, movement of the fields from the GANS. And what strength of the GANS that you need. All does not have to come from the research centers and very few Knowledge Seekers. Keshe Foundation is not set around one person.[4]

Move to the next step from GANSes to the fields

Keshe Foundation is not one person anymore. It is all of us. But is has to move up. The question is, you haven’t taught anything. It means you have not understood, you would like to hold on the past; make a few Magravs, make a few things. Now move into the agriculture, see how the fields of the plasma works. Forget about the GANS, forget about Nano-coating. Forget about what you call production of this and that. Look at the energies they create. Look at the interactions of the energies. Look how these energies interact with the fields of the environment. This is where it comes to. It does not stop. What happens if you look at the universal condition, you have The Soul, you travel into the space. You know The Soul of physicality - where distance, what distance you have to make between the two; to confirm your manifestation. And how you`re gonna be manifested. Mankind up to now has only looked, now in the past few years become very, very, very familiar with you lot, because you seen it done. Now The Knowledge Seekers have to take it to the next step.[5]

Recognition and Zero- Time Communication

We use to say if you see a man by his face, we know. We went to fingerprint, now we said the fingerprints is unique, if you see the fingerprints. Now, we went to Iris, to see how the position and the shape of the eyes. The Chinese have gone further to the face recognition in public. In Space why we will have the Soul recognition. How The Soul of The Man, and the Soul of the physicality of The Man, manifest himself according to his strength and we know it is this person and this is that person, because you can never show yourself in a physical dimension, because of the different strength. Where is The Knowledge Seekers to develop this question. We have taught it; you have to develop it. It is another way, you`ve tested with The Agriculture. Now the Keshe Foundation has been told The Knowledge Seekers in certain ways, have to create the first zero- time communication through The Thought and The Soul of The Man. The Unit has been made. It is not theoretical anymore. It is getting tested.

Why does it not come from Knowledge Seekers. Why should it have to come from Keshe Foundation and what I teach and what we put in different research - groups. The problem is - extend the Knowledge - move away from physicality. Move away from GANSes. See what the fields of these GANSes do. Because in space you have the fields of The Sun, of the destination you`re in, and according to its position. To the strength Your Soul decides the manifestation of it; another moon, another star, within a star. The problem of teaching now, is how to get you, as Knowledge Seekers to move into The Universal Teaching, into The Universal Knowledge of understanding. The Universal Knowledge as I said last week, it starts from this week. And it is okay we know, you need energy to live, you need energy to sustain life of The Soul of The Man.[6]

Understanding the work of Manifestation

What we come to, is to understanding the problem with The Soul and Energy. Now when we speak about the energy of The Soul, we have to work with The Energy of The Universe. We have to work with the understanding of the work of the Universe. In The Universe we interact with, what we call energy-packs. Now that we have developed and stepped up with, to the next level, is that we understood the interaction of the fields of The Universe, at the strength of our solar system, in a given strength -interaction, leads to creation of manifestation of the conditions. And in the interaction of that condition, with its own environment which created it, it leads to manifestation of physicality. If you read book one, it is very much in line, if you never understood it - how the mass is created and how - the way it is created. Why the mass of a person is the same across this solar system. But our weight according to interaction with the central gravitational point of the manifestation- changes.[7]

Weight and Mass

If you understand, that the weight and the mass- is the same, but same energy, but the same interactions, but in respect to interface between two different fields of interaction. One, is a constant universal fields, -of the higher strength, and one, with inertia matter of it. Then you understand you can do the same thing, with your what we call “ energy systems” to lead to the creation of different dimensions. This is what when you go to the book no 1 and read about the weight and the mass- is about. The interaction of the fields of the source with the inertia strength, creates the weight in that point, but it doesn't change the, what we call the field strength of the center. Where is the difference between the mass and the weight. Change the name. The mass is The Soul of The Man. The strength of The Soul Of The Man. And The weight is the manifestation of the physicality of that Soul, in respect to its environment. If you understand this, you can survive anywhere in The Universe. Your Soul, your physicality the mass of your body, stays the same if you are on this planet, or on the moon or you are on Mars. It is the same- The Soul of the Man is the mass. Then the interaction of the fields of your Soul with the environmental of fields; the inertia of the position, gives you different weight, different manifestation of the strength on The Moon or on The Earth, as they have different inertial field strength. If Man understand this, Man become. The Man of The Space, man become a Universal Dimension. Man become the position that the physicality has no matter. This is the time where you tap into Universal Energy; you tap into The Universal Community. Because The Man moves up, one step higher. Its us who decides the position and the time of the manifestation.[8]

Manifestation in lower and higher field strength

Many Men in the past have achieved this. Mankind has to understand the next step in the evolution of energy. The next step in evolution of stepping up to The Universal Community. And as I`ve told you, we`re starting teaching this. For you to understand these teachings, you have to understand the fundamental, what we call the principal of creation. Manifestation. And in so many ways, we have to understand these little basic fundamental cornerstones of converting physicality to energy, that you can transfer the energy to any physicality- will happen to The Man himself. If you have listened to the teachings in the past years, I always tell you, specially in the recent teachings we emphasize that you understand. You`ve started with the matter. Molecules. We`ve got more understanding, we called it alloys, when The Man understood we can mix the metals together, we made different new molecules. Then in the recent past, we became Nano, we tried to separate them, but with The Keshe Foundation technology being 40-50- 100 years-, according to some people who understand- ahead, - we’ve managed to separate that atom into what we call the GANS, which is the energy. And then we use these energies to create any matters, - by the strength. If you interact with the higher strength, you lead to the creation of New Souls. This is the difference in the understanding of The Man. If you interact with lower strength, what we call inertia, you lead to manifestation of the physicality. If you interact the same fields of the higher order, interaction - you lead to creation of the interaction with the higher level of the condition of Universal dimension. This is where from now on Mankind have to understand the totality of the process.[9]

Explanation with drawing

Difference Matters state / Soul of Universe (lower/higher field strength)

You see, this is what a lot of governments will come to understand, where Keshe Foundation has start making the difference. In the present science we started with the matter. We came to Nano in recent past. Now we come to energy, what we call GANS, in the matter state. This energy created in interaction with the different strength fields gave us the matter state; the Copper and whatever we saw; Peter made. Now we went to the lower inertia matter. What you as knowledge seekers understand, we have come to the crossroad of man's development. We go the matter way, or we choose and we go the soul of the Universe. Here you created the strength of the matter state and you got Copper and Zinc. If mankind understand this interaction and create the higher order, we will become man of Universe.

Then in this process you understand the interaction and in conjunction with the energies of the Universe where and how, we will manifest ourselves. The problem with most of mankind and some of the knowledge seekers is, they still want to live in this world, but understand about this world. Cannot be done. As we say in English, it is like a chalk and cheese. You can use this to reach to this, but from this to come, you have to go through this process again in most of the times.[10]

Higher level systems / Interaction with the higher order / Universal Community

Now from today you understand how we take you into the Universal Community. The way you made systems to confirm production of materials, now mankind has to understand there is a higher level systems, that in it's interaction will become instead of matter state, it will become in interaction with the higher order, what we call the Universal Community. Universal understanding the transformation of higher order energies into confirmation of the existence in a higher level. In some languages you call it different dimensions.

The game of space technology in a condition of space travel, in understanding of it, has taken a new shape from today. This one still needs fuelling. This one needs fuelling of the Universe. We are, we have achieved as knowledge seekers the point of maturity, that now we can see both sides. One road lead us to creation of our matter state. One road lead us to understanding of higher order, that in that order, we still can create and manifest ourselves, but in that strength. There is nothing wrong with either side. But in that state you want to confirm your manifestation, than you have to understand the field strength of the environment. This is how the dimension of the soul of the physicality of the man has decided.

Again, as I said, it's like before. We got so much involved in physicality, that we saw the birth of a child as a manifestation of the totality of physicality. But what does it come with that child? What does is come with a birth of a man's child or a fish? Is the creation of new energy pack which can live in the dimension of universal level. It's very much, those of you who are a cook, is making the sauce. as the French say, the “bouillon” the base that now you made it, you want to make it to a soup, but you want to make it to a dish. Now you have that base. That's the energy of the soul of the man. Energy within the structure of what we call the energies of the matter state of the higher order which has no confirmation in the physical level. If you understood this, now you understand. With the new enhancement technology we put out means. In these enhancement systems mankind has and receive a choice. Mankind in this machine in the presence of his soul will make a decision. Heal me and get rid of my pains in the dimension of physicality, or I use the system knowing how to interact with it, I become man of the Universe.

Many, many people, when they'll go into these machines will never come back. Once they accept their soul, will become the traveller of the Universe. These systems has a soul, which is connected with the soul of the Universe. You are waiting for UFO's to get your physicality, I have given you a system, which will take your soul to the dimension of the Universe. As I told you, I will open more doors with these enhancement units. It's not enhancing you physicality, it's to enhance your soul to understand the dimension of the universe[11]

In the hotel with the world leaders of Bricks conference.[12]

Teaching the strength of the man’s soul

What is important in these teachings, which we try to bring from now on, is to start showing the man the strength of his knowledge of his soul, what was hidden from him by himself, by the choice of the soul of the physicality, not by the choice of the soul of the man. As I said before, for the maturity of the physicality to become independent takes nine month in the womb of the mother. The maturity of the soul of the man to understand the totality of the work of the Universe Community takes a little bit longer. And then comes the reality of do we really need to understand all, or do we know it and we decided to ignore it all. How much have we... [disturbance] ...what is the reality of which one we want to choose.

From today a new gate, a new door, a new understanding of the creation starts. Those of you who wrote, "Mr Keshe has not taught anything new"; my god, from now on it's so new, that I hope you want break your leg trying to catch up. We saw with Arizona team. They did everything to understand how create the soul and many of you have tried it. Now you have to understand how you take the other avenue, the other road. Now you have a choice. Mankind has a choice to live in the dimension of physicality or to live in dimension of soul of man, the freedom of Universe.[13]

Enhancement System / Womb of the mother

And as you enters, you were developed as a interaction of the fields of the egg and the sperm of the mother and father in the womb of the mother or in a test tube nowadays. We have changed the test tubes for the development of the soul of the man to the enhancement units. Now you understand, what is on the table. You could not, mankind for centuries, for thousand of years could not do that. With the new enhancement Units this become the womb, the interaction, where the man can release and become part of the Universal Community, by carrying and understanding, that you can carry the soul with it's physicality in the dimension of manifestation. You remember the movie called, where the guy say, "Beam me up Scotty"? There is no Scotty and no beaming up. Now is elevation of the soul of the man within this systems.[14]

Existing in the dimension of soul and physicality

Those of you who run into pain, into suffering and you are tired of the pains of physicality; you are given a choice, to take the dimension of the soul, but still exist and be within the realms of the creation, in the dimension of understanding of your own physicality in any dimension in the Universe.

As I said, the new enhancement unit is the womb for mankind to have a taste and understanding how easily he can work within the dimension of his soul without existence of physicality.[15]

Transportation system

In the coming time in some of the units in Arizona and now in Mexico and in China and in Iran, man will enter the system with no chairs, with no beds. It's not a healing station. It's the elevation of the soul of the man station. Now you understand. Prepare to be born in the dimension of the new era, but still a choice to return, to live in the dimension of the physicality of the man. The new enhancement system is not a neuro system. I said this to John, when we talked about the creation of the soul. Many times I gave indications. With these systems mankind will move into the direction. In a way we have created a new transportation system. We show you how. These are not portholes. These are not whatever you dreamed about. These are the facts, that you can elevate your soul. Even to elevate your understanding of your physicality. Not necessarily entering another dimension of life in the Universe. Mankind from today has given new choice. Come with us or suffer with yourselves.[16]

There is a reason we are in Brazil.[17]

Understanding and connecting with the higher level energy / Opening of new dimensions

Try to be part of totality. Try to understand there is a higher level energy, but to get to it, you have to create it, that the beauty of the soul of the man, in the presence of the higher energy, shows itself. It melts the strength of the physicality and shows the beauty of the soul of the man. That's what the new enhancement units are made for. I can solve your problem with your cancer in no time. You don't need many things, but with the new system and when they are set, when we move around the world, we will give every nation the opportunity to become man of Universe. It will not be the exclusivity of one or two. It will not be the exclusivity of one nation. When you put a lot of heat into something as it boils up, in it, it shows its more new dimensions, new features of higher strength. It's very much, when you put a sugar in the water. When you heat it up it melts into it. Now that fire is the increase in the dimension of the strength in the environmental fields, which can interact with the physicality, which is the sugar and the atmosphere of the system to be the water for it to melt into it.

When you open the door you get a new product to get a new dimension. These systems are set to do this. As you know, I am a very good magician, which want you for me to have. Now there is no more hiding. The new enhancement units is the opportunity for mankind to choose. I want to repair the physicality, or I want the physicality in a new dimension of the strength, because the fields created within these systems allows you to see the beauty of the Universe. It gives you a chance to choose with the full consciousness of the soul of the man; if I want to stay in the dimension of physicality. All you need to do, to create a higher level. Just as we say, heat it up. See if the physicality of the man will stay with the soul of the man, because the soul of the man, the sugar, the sun, will stay there. Just because you cannot see, doesn't mean you cannot taste the sweetness.[18]

Become part of the Universal Community / All souls are equal

Man, the soul of the man, will understand the new operation of what has been done. The beauty of it is, there are many, many things has to be done together. Man having the opportunity to become part of the Universal Community, but the man has responsibility through his collective soul to raise the soul of the planet that with it helps the other creatures of this planet.

Now you understand. There is no world leaders to lead us. We lead the mankind to freedom but our way. But more and more of mankind understand the new totality. One of the reasons we delayed and we put this so far and now we start releasing it and even next 2, 3 months, we are preparing the humanity, the world leaders for what to come, is very simple.[19]

Preparing the souls of mankind

We start preparing the souls of mankind. We start preparing the world leaders. We are trying to setup the nations all to be in the same direction. The momentum for taking mankind into Universal Community has started, has taken shape by you knowledge seekers and nobody else, standing different levels of it. None of you, some of you never made a GANS, but you understand the knowledge has touched you and that has already matured the soul. That was the purpose, not only just to make the GANSes. Now you understand, what these new systems will bring.

What is interesting is, how much we choose to accept and how much we choose to deny. What would be the outcome of new condition? What would be the new dimension for mankind? Do we choose, to be part of this change? Or do we decide to be part of this totality. Do we choose to be both; in a physical dimension, or through the elevation of our souls in any dimension. Do we choose to stay and travel in the dimension of physicality of the man, spaceship of the man? Or do we choose to go to the higher level and travel with other souls of the Universe in their dimension, in their spaceship, in their dimension of traveling the spans of the Universe. Does the physicality of the man now becomes a burden for man, to become part of the Universal Community, because this physical status, as we have chosen on this planet, cannot at a physical dimension, live in a higher order. Do we trust our physicality to be given to the soul, that the soul in the coming place in space, uses the soul of the physicality to manifest itself in the dimension of the new strength.[20]

Dynamic Systems / No rotation in the body / blood circulation vertical position / Separation of physicality

Now you understand, what we are preparing the mankind for. The new systems are not just a system that you can get rid of the cancer or whatever. Many of you will leave the foundation, because to face the reality to be able take into the new levels of understanding will be very harsh and in reality all of you have the systems with you. Many of you, as I explained in the teachings, you look as you have to have a dynamic system like the Earth and the Sun rotating, you have a dynamic system and you got those what you like, but if you look there is no rotation in the physicality of the body of the body of the man, as I explained in the teachings in the past few weeks, but your physicality exists, because you have created it instead of what we call dynamic rotational. You have chosen the circulation of the blood in a vertical condition. The blood of the man, has replaced the rotation of the system. So if you understand this, in the new systems, in understanding the freedom of the choice of the body of the man, will go the same way. We don't need, we don't see the heart of the man rotate at so much speed. In the interaction of their fields it tries to show us itself as a heartbeat. Is the heartbeat the position of the creation, separation of the physicality and what we call none physical dimensions as huge is from one to another?[21]

Choice of mankind - Soul level

Would mankind, is mankind ready by January to see, to walk into the system and now he has a choice? Or would we choose a new dimension? How many of us will be there to take that step and knowing that they still can come? You got to realize, how to create these conditions. That's what I said in other teachings: We will not teach this to man. When you reach this point of elevation of the new dimension on universal level you will understand the system. It's not easy. It will not be easy for many of mankind, human race, to go through this transition. It will allow to extend the life, be it with our loved ones, or we don't understand that with this new way will live in the soul of the loved ones, not in the dimension of physicality. Or enjoy the real truth of their existence, not necessarily in the dimension of physicality of attention, within the structure, within the fields of their lives mankind will live. There is no fear of an end. It's the beauty of a beginning, a new understanding in being able to deal with the higher strength soul of the man, than lower strength physicality of the man. This is the choice mankind has from now on. This is the choice you are given. It's not the right, it's the choice.[22]

Explanation with drawing

Learning to interact / Communication on soul level / Our choice

Now you have to understand how to create this massive space energy conditions. It is time to move on. It is time to for you to enter this new dimension and in so many ways the guy said you haven't talked anything new; I hope this is new enough for you take you a lifetime of the Universe to understand, what you been thought. What it comes to is, how do you interact with this new condition? How do you come into the point, that when you leave, the soul of physicality in the amalgamation with the soul of the man, you see your children, you see your loved ones? Or do they live the same as what you call the dreams? They talk to you. They are in communication with you. You are in communication with them, but they don't see the level of physicality. You become free of the shackles of the physical life of the man. Now you understand, what was said. If I tell you how beautiful is the other side without the shackles and pains of physicality, you all would commit suicide to be there. We give you a tool not to commit suicide, but to understand the point of transition into Universal Community. It's man's decision from now on to choose in which dimension and in which order you want to live in. Would you like to live with the physicality, or would you like to live with the soul with no dimension?[23]

Understanding there is another level / difference physicality and plasma dimension

And then, if you understand this, in the next level of the maturity of the soul of the man in the new dimension, man will come to understand, there is another level, which is closer and higher and with that process, as we have shown in many of the teachings; the plasma of the Universe does not work expansion outwards. It works on the expansion, or contraction inwards.

In the dimension of physicality you gain power and you become world leader and rich this way, as you move away. In the dimension of the soul of the man in the universal dimension you go this way. That’s why the plasma is made that way. By gaining more in the dimension of the strength field, the more power is gathered inside, where with the dimension of physicality it runs away from the man and becomes the death of the man. That's why in the world of dimension of the plasma, man always exist. in the dimension of physicality, as the time and death. We start from here in the dimension of physicality, as the soul is gathered and made, it moves this way. In the dimension of physicality, the more we go from the point of the birth, the further the demise become more certain. As we say, we are born to die in the dimension of physicality. In the dimension of the soul of the man we are born to strengthen. Then you understand why the dimension of physicality will release the soul, because now it's time for it to take the flight of fancy to see and reach in a step by step to the point of the strength of it's creator.[24]

Higher level / Travellers of the Universe / Critical mass / Social structure

Now we move to a higher level. Now we move to a higher level of the understanding of the totality and collectively mankind is ready for this. It's just showing the path. The new systems, the new technologies will be released and then we choose if you want to meet a farmer on this planet or travellers in the dimension of the Universe. And this is what I said. Mankind has no reached the critical mass, that so many can leave and they are enough here to keep the structure of present society open and running; the way it has done. Many of you who taken in the dimension of the soul would try to come back and encourage your loved ones to take the same path and some of them will do. Some of you will decide to come back and stay in the dimension of physicality for the time of separation chosen by then don*t block. The man will take that journey from now on that he knows, this is choice, that you can free the man from his dimension of physicality into the dimension of soul. Then you will understand.

Part of the Work of the Universe was hidden in the knowledge of Tesla, but man went for dimension of physicality of the knowledge not understanding this is the path to Universal Community.[25]

Interaction in the social structure of the soul of the man

The process of interaction of the fields in the dimension of social structure of the soul of the man in the universe will become part of the teachings of the future. That when you enter the dimension, of what we call none-physicality, how do you react? As we say to learn, which hand you hold a fork and which hand you hold a spoon and which hand you use a fork with and how you put and where you put your physicality in what position if you need to and everything else which goes with the new life in the universal condition and the space.

The choice is for mankind. Now we have shown you the way. Mankind has to decide. I go through the soul and through it I educate the other souls, that I stop the criminality, the hunger; in the dimension of physicality; that those who stay behind, or would like to carry on with the same existence, will enjoy.

But don't forget, every dimension has its own story and if you get it wrong is not all milk and honey..

Through the new understanding and development of these new technologies, we open the door for mankind to another system of traveling the spans of the Universe.[26]

You are the last man standing

Now you understand, going back to very first teachings. Then I repeated many time about you are the last man standing. It's you in that system and it's you which is... [missing audio].


I said you in the system will decide in which path you want to take. You want to take the path of physicality or you want to take the path of the Universal Community. You are the last man standing. You stand on your own in the systems. You stand on your own in the system of the Universe. Then you have to decide, which way you are going to go. Do I rely on the dimension of physicality of the vision of seeing, or do I rely on the vision understanding of seeing the universe? So, with this systems, with this new technologies and the new technology we release more and more. Do you understand that you are the last man? And you know, you are totally on your own in the system. In the future we develop technologies, systems, that families can take the trip together, when they are in totality uniform and they take that trip together to become passengers of the Universe.[27]

Questions and Answers

Next Step, understanding The Spaceship is here

Now I wonder how many of you who would start understanding the point of transition. How many of you would wait for a spaceship - now you understand the spaceship is here. It’s you who have to decide in what way you`re gonna capture The Soul. How far will Mankind trust his own Soul to take the next step.

It is for you to decide, and for you to understand your own dimension. You can’t teach this to somebody else. I was explaining this to somebody recently. You can not pilot a plane, but you let others build a plane and put a pilot in it and take it to a destination. Mankind could not find a pilot and system to get himself out of the shackles of this planet. Keshe Foundation has build that craft. But this time the pilot of your Soul is you. We create a runway and we create, make available, the system put in your Soul - is understanding what the technology is- understanding what the knowledge is, understanding, that no man has the priority and superiority over the other one.[28]

Understanding you`re in full charge

With this machine, we give Mankind have the choice, but you have to understand the principle behind it. Now you understood, as Peter did, if you do in the lower strength, you get your material. Now that you’ve opened on a higher strength through the same system. Have you seen when a child is born from a beautiful mother and a beautiful father; a handsome Man, how beautiful it comes? And we say the language they come from a good blood, or a special. This machine allows The Soul of The Man to be born in that way, to Universal Community with all this beauty. Now Mankind has that choice. The point of end does not come by live in the physicality. The elevation of The Soul does not come, by committing suicide. But it comes to understand that you are fully in charge. You choose the time of transition. You choose the point of transition. And the beauty of it is, if you understand it, you can come back, if you decide to live in that dimension of physicality. But it can not be a point of escape. It has to be the point of the elevation of The Soul of The Man. It is not playing hide and seek. Its understanding that, its a point of one man standing, and understanding “ now I`ve become a better Man, a better being to serve The Universe.

There is no money, there is no banks, there is no men and women to enjoy, there is no alcohol, there is no drugs, - it’s the point of understanding, this is my station, this is my point. And all of you can achieve it, but the secret of the technology will not be released as Mankind in totality is not ready for it. But we make the path for it to go. If you remember when I came here last week we released a picture, with the light above us, we will leave with the same light, like we leave Brazil.

The knowledge, even in this todays teaching, that I`ve said nothing new. If you understood, a lot have been taught today. If you can follow it, you understand to be prepared for the next step. But the unfortunate thing is, when you travel with The Soul of The Man, you can not take any souvenirs with you, except the memories of the life on this planet - which is in the brain of The Soul of The Man.[29]

The Universal Enhancement Unit

(RC) “Well I think you've answered this questions Mark had in the Q & A, he has:

“Does The Universal Body Enhancement Unit, - does it put people to sleep? Or is it one fully conscious, or does one even know”

(RC) “and then he says: ( Mark) “does one have to decide then and there, to join The Community? “

(MK) Your Soul will know. It is not like the university. Will I fail the exam. Will I make the exam. Will I do, will I not. This is not an escape route, not another holiday excursion “I’ll go and see” . As I said, it will make a lot of Men think, and will make them wise to way of living … doesn`t matter in dimension physicality, or the dimension of The Soul of The Man.

(RC) Okay, we did have a couple of people with their hands up, I know Pia you’ve had your hand up earlier

(Pia) Hello Yes, it’s Pia from Denmark. I actually had the same question like Mark. Something like that, like what people could expect, for example, people who have no experience with the knowledge yet don’t know anything about it, and choose to go to this unit, because of health- issues, how do you see it, will they be prepared, like paper writing - or what they can expect to experience? In regard to The Soul and everything ..

(MK) You, - there are two ways to look at it. Go in for a physical repair, through what you think, or you go for a physical processing through the elevation of The Soul. As we said, it’s The Soul who makes the physicality. The process of the transition, to be a part of, is something you’ve set yourself for. The system only responds. And in that process you can develop many, many angles into the whole structure. It is not that I go in, and I don't know what happened, and I come back out without a cancer, or do I go to another to get the elevation of my Soul. It doesn't work that way, you will understand, people will understand. “Thy shall not steal” . The system is not there to steal life. “Thy shall give”. It is there to give Peace of mind, Peace of Soul. So this doesn`t exist. I saw in one of the communications somebody in Denmark, sending us a message about “selling my house to buy a Unit”. Go back to the same channel, we respond to you and see how The Foundation can help. Many people are sending these, we are putting everything in that, to serve humanity. People in that level already have reached the level of elevation of their Soul. They put physical dimensions beyond and move into a dimension where they can serve others, for them to elevate. It does not matter about their physical foundation. This is how Keshe Foundation is set up.

(Pia) So can I understand it, like it is like a natural, of course, natural process in the Soul, if it`s ready then it will be ready - and if it is not ready yet, to go deeper in Soul, it will happen….

(MK) I`ll put it to you this way - just because you go to the airport for an ice cream, it doesn't mean you`re gonna take the flight, does it ?

(Pia) That's right

(MK) So,- you have to be prepared for that. And this is not an escape route. This is not an escape route. When you decide to take that trip The Soul of your loved ones all have to understand, to agree with it.

(Pia) But as I understand you,- its like they can come back and they can travel if they are ready, so they can come back to the physicality?

(MK) Can you repeat this? We lost you

(Pia) Yes, I understand you like this, that they can, if you are ready, you can go, and know how to travel, and you can come back in physicality here on Planet Earth?

(MK) I just lost you, can you repeat it?

(Pia) Yes, - As I understood you, when you, and if you would be ready for this opening to The Soul and traveling, then you will be able to go back and decide yourself to be physicality on Earth?

(MK) It’s the option you have, there is a way to do it, and that option is open. I mentioned this in one of the teachings about a year ago. If you go to it, you will find out. I am not telling you something new. Sorry about that time you couldn`t understand, maybe now you can understand. The point is, when you enter these environments, it’s not “beam me Scotty up, a job” as I said. You have to be clear in a position, you create for your Soul, it says “Thy shall not steal”. You cannot serve from The Soul of the physicality, if the physicality is still attached to here. You’ll become another thief for The Soul. And the Soul would not do that. Many people will come to understand this. This is not an escape route. This is not going for a sight-seeing, trying to escape the time … it is for elevation of The Soul of The Man, understanding of the more. You can use these systems to educate yourselves to the totality of the knowledge of The Soul. Because when you have that elevation, you stand outside of the physicality and you look at the physicality a different way, than when you’re inside it. A house looks different from inside, than from outside. When you’re inside, you don't see the house standing crooked. When you go outside, you see it. And how you can jack it up, and how you can support it to stand up straight. This is part of what it becomes. There will be a lot of questions. How you will do it. How, you will see the first processes. The system is so powerful, it is so amazing once it’s set in the mindset of The Man, that it is there to elevate his Soul. And then it is The Soul which what you call processes the weaknesses in the physicality. But how does those weaknesses came? Because of the, whatever you call in the physical dimension, and if The Soul agrees that, with that position. Because it, he will not change the other Soul. Would it confirm to elevate the other Soul? That both Souls can make it? Let me explain to you what it means. If a father is not happy with his son and he decides to go into the system, but he’s got a prostate cancer. In elevating his Soul, in trying to process the cancer, it`ll be a half job done. Would he in that position, be able to elevate his Soul, that he can see the position he’s taken in respect to the son, or elevate his son to see his position, that it will bring peace between the father and son through The Soul of physicality it takes, then your systems works, then it's applicable. It`s not that I just go in there and that’s it, I got rid of prostate, it will not happen. It will become another chemotherapy, waiting for it to come up in the worst condition. This is what most of ?, this nation of Man, will become a peaceful nation, through this process of understanding. You can not steal and go in there, lets say, elevate your Soul and leave your children in the suffering of their Souls, of loss of their father or whatever. This is not an escape route. This is balancing everything, that it brings peace to The Soul of The Man and The Souls which are connected to it.

(Pia) This is very nice to hear, thank you very much

(MK) It’s not hearing, you shall see very soon

(Pia) That’s right

(MK) Any other questions? Or shall we call it a day?[30]

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