300th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Oct 31 2019

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Transcription made from the Soul and Heart by the

Universal Council Support Members and Transcriber Team.

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(MK) - Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

(CdR - Carolina DeRoose)

(RC) - Rick Crammond


Bringing the totality into a new dimension

A new dimension of understanding

We tried to understand more. We came from a scientific group to more about the structure of the Universe. We all became to be equal and we all start understanding that sharing knowledge does not bring superiority to know one. 300 Knowledge Seekers Workshops. 300 KSWs with 3-4 hours each are more than 1000 hours of teaching. Plus more than 1000 hours private teachings from Mr Keshe are more than 2000 hours of teaching.

No of the creator has ever left so much knowledge . We share the knowledge as messengers to elevate the man and the soul of the man to a new. And we understand from now on go into the direction to understand more, as I said by 300 teaching we stop teaching what is this, but we start teaching more in the Dimension of universal understanding. The knowledge is shared with man from the knowledge of the creator

We have brought and bring the totality to a new dimension. In the coming, we will show astonishing Technologies. we dictate the condition and terms of use. It is very simple. You will understand make energy free of shackles of the material and make food free of the shackles of this planet. I make Man understand more about himself that he gets confident that is and he can be in a way part of the totality. It is him who lets himself down to be.

We can do things no one can imagine it, can be done. We promised to bring you the peace, the end of the wars. That was the biggest promise from all the messengers of the past and I, Mr Keshe fulfilled it. There shall be no more war.

Mankind will into a new dimension of understanding from now on. You will understand more as we start opening the knowledge of the universe. We are committed to our work, does not matter what people say.[1]

Universal Body Enhancement Spaceship Unit

As you have seen in video of the system, this system is changing man’s life. This system will change humanity’s life.[2]

KF Spaceship Health Center (Arizona)

The first KF Spaceship Health Center will open in of Arizona with 10 units. will be a spacelab for the time to come. This center will be the center point of the presentation of the KF Space system. The 10 Units will match with the 10 units in. As we said, we bring the 2 sciences together. They will be opening on the same day. At the same time we try to open the same structure in China with the same units.

As we said we keep the promise. The first 50 units will spread by January across the planet at the same time, that we keep our ethos and our work.[3]

Conferences / Working with Governments

As you are aware, we showed the technology in Vienna, in the first conference, for the first time. In our meeting and the conference, the presence of the state, ministers and ambassadors in Brazil next week will show an astonishing new technology. We try, we decide, how it will be presented. This technology will be a breakthrough in the world of science, if we decide to show it according to the position we take.

As I said, every conference will bring a new. This is our job. We will pressurize the world governments to bend to what we need. Do not forget; presidents get cancer too. Presidents get Dementia and Alzheimer's. We have seen, we see and we see presidents with. This fits than perfectly.

You have to understand one thing. We are in to change and you will understand more. We are in to change the totality. We are in to change with you the totality. The number of Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers expanding dramatically.[4]

Italy / Cleaning up the waters

We will respond to the position which happened in Italy that it forced us to close our factory. You will hear our position in respect to Italy and it will be done with the Italian government. We have taken and consulted with the Italian central government and we will take the factory into the position of cleaning up all the waste in Italian nation. What happened in Italy is the decision of the central government to decide how to behave and how to handle it. We are a foreign investor. I am not Italian citizen. So as a foreign investment by the Keshe Foundation, Italian government has to respond to our investments. That's their responsibility to allow us to invest more in cleaning the waters of Italy. We will release documentation through KF Global directly in what is involved in Italian situation in Italian waters and learn it with us and Italian government to sort out. We leave all this matters as it is highly technical and the project will be financed by the tune of 300 million by the Keshe Foundation and will go on the banner of KF Austria.[5]

International conferences / Morocco

It's got to understood that we will take the next step in our presentation in the kingdom of Morocco. In our presentation in Morocco we will show another revolutionary concept and technology and again as we did with the last one, we offer it to the world companies to take steps to become partners.

From now on, most of our work will keyed up to the governments. That's why go through the structure of the international conferences.

We are here to bring together. We are not here to. We are here to make mankind to walk away from this stupid of the past.[6]

Knowledge has to be free and shared

It has got to be understood, the knowledge has to be free. The knowledge has to be free and in so many ways understanding that the knowledge has to be shared, has to be free, but respected for sharing of the knowledge that keeps the society in order.[7]

Releasing of new technologies step by step

In the coming days and weeks I will technologies that will the course of humanity in a very rapid way.[8]

Delivering of small units

We deliver you small units, as small as smoke detectors and you can place it around the house. You don't need to eat; you don't need to warm up. This will be shown as part of the structure at or before the Tehran meeting. We will release an enormous amount of technologies. We paralyze the money transaction situation, for those who live by money, because this has been one of the biggest problems on this planet: Greed for the money to bring power that the greed of the power dictates who is more. You want us to show you the power. No problem. You choose how much head of states you want to walk around the world like zombies. I deliver. Understand we make decisions.[9]

Emotion/Thought control systems. Face to face delivery Universal Community.

It's very simple to understand. The technology is now a practical way, away from the past knowledge and on its own will its own decision. In a short time many of you, you will see what we call thought control, emotion control systems. The first ones are on the test at the moment. In so many ways we decide. We don't need computers anymore. These are part of the teachings, which will come in the next 300 teachings. Man has to understand and gradually progress to point. I deliver in the time to come the total interaction and the first face to face delivery of the man officially, publicly with the universal community. Has to be understood. needs a lot of peace. It needs to understand, that is the time to meet and in the next 300 teaching, as I said we open the Universal Community step by step. Most probably we start with small creatures that man can get position of, to see, to understand to be friended. Even doe their lives are more intellectual than man. And then we'll go to steps of the full interface within the next 300 teachings. more knowledge will be told according to the man’s understanding.[10]

Message to world governments

I have one message to the world governments. Collaborate and make it easier. Play games, you will find out, there is no games to play. We go back in what said and we keep to our ethos. Ethos of the Keshe Foundation will not change. The situation which has arisen for us has, all have a benefit. There is always a good to everything. Not a bad side, but it's for us to show the good side, because the bad side will be delivered by themselves to themselves.[11]

Live testimonials in health centres around the world

You will see, was we said, with the patients in China, and other patients around the world, we will set, as we call, live testimonials as we open different centers around the world that the doctors and patients can see the development. This is important that we all understand how the technology is applied and the progress is understood by all of us. The, what we call, Keshe Spaceship Arizona which is in the hand of total control of Keshe Foundation, 51% shareholding, and capital invested by the American side, is one of the most center points of the technology. It will show the advancement we put a lot of effort into it to make it the jewel in the crown of American operation. We have no problem with this but at the same time the American government has to understand we are in as one nation. We are not in as different nations. Investment in US is investment by all the Keshe Foundation as a whole not belonging or be part of one nation. In the coming meetings in Brazil and in other countries we make this very clear to the nations. We are not here to play the old game. We are here to play a new game, a fair, a just and secondly eliminating all the coins and all the damages which mankind has done to himself.[12]

Italy: Eliminating problems for the whole world

As I said before in Italy with the Italian government, we are there to change a massive problem for the Italian nation. Many of you do not know, but with what we have in our position we can literally bring the economy of Italy into peace. This is how powerful and how much we have access to information and knowledge which we can change. It's very easy. The Italian government has no choice but to collaborate in changing the life of not only Italians, but the rest of the world. We will release the documents through the Keshe Foundation Global through our press media, and it's for the governments and people to make a decision and it's important for them not for us. In so many ways nations who do not collaborate we have no problem. We'll make them to collaborate to bring peace. We make them to collaborate by knowledge and friendship to understand the game has changed. There are no more wars. We have to find a solution that no citizen is hurt.[13]

Universal System (Universal Body Enhancement Spaceship Unit) / Knowledge of the Universe

Universal Community: New Teachings / Knowing/Understanding / Structure / Society / First contacts

In part of the teaching today I will start opening a new dimensions which you all, but you have to understand it. Knowing is different than understanding. As I always said to my children: "When you comprehend, you don't need to remember. This is the key with the teachings from now on. You will be amazed how much all of it you know and you will be amazed how much you thought you didn't know, but you know. We'll go into the structure of the soul. We'll go into the physical structure of the body of the man and then we will go into the structure of the universal community: How the societies are established in the universe. How structure of understanding of the laws set up by different, what we call citizens, of this Universe for collaboration and cooperation. It's very much different than one mankind has agreed between Nations of this Planet. The principle and the work understanding of the peaceful condition. War does not exist. It's something which is not in the vocabulary of the Universal Community. And now you understand why we pressurize so much to get rid of it, because we don't want to enter it into the vocabulary. We are aware of its damages. We are aware of its shortcoming. We are aware of what can do to us in an open society. In the coming past few weeks and more and more reports of interface or interaction with the Universal Community been done. Many of you, you see more things you have never seen. There is a reason for it: We are trying to familiarize. These are the shake hands. These are "hallos". These are there to tell you, we are here. But at the same time you have to understand, we are here till the person who can confirm and can bring you to us at the same time.[14]

Teaching all equal: Iran/USA/All Nations /

I have started working with Iranian scientists to bring this position apart as a part of the teaching. My work with the Iranian nation will stay. I am committed to the nation of Iran and I am committed to establishment peace in Iran through the present government of Iran; not by change. This is very clear. We respect every nation according to their lection of the people and their government stated. The same as we do with America. The same as we do with every other country. We are here to serve the nation; not the government of the nation and the same goes with everything else we do. It has to be understood we are committed to peace and peace comes out of strength with knowledge and technology. And as we said, status quo was kept for years because both sides had nuclear war weapon and they were afraid of using it on each other, because they knew they both can each other out. We don't work that way. We spread the knowledge so much that nobody even thinks to have a position and I am stronger. It's just, we are equal. My work is very well planned, even doe in my look goes everywhere, it's just matter of putting everything at the same time; teaching the kindergarten as much as teaching the guy in the tenth class and the guy whose professor, but they all come through the same channel through the same process.[15]

Example Alzheimer/ Epilepsy patient

In going back to, what we started with the video, our present volunteer as today, he is down to the last two tablets out of what he started. We are around 89% clear of medicine and we see a lot of developments. We will release more videos of him in the next couple of weeks. Then we will show you the other patient, which is with epilepsy. He is by tomorrow or by today down by 35 more or less out of 47. So we are left with round about 12 more tablets to come within the next two weeks. So he'll be free of all medication. The beauty of it is that they start living a normal life and the beauty of it is that mankind will start living a normal life.[16]

Cycle of life / Traveling Energy Pack

Knowing and technology does not mean, man will live forever. The soul will. Even his soul will come to the point of transferring his knowledge, transferring his strength to another soul to the creation of the others. So when mankind just becoming part of the Keshe Foundation does not give you a jail free ticket card as in Monopoly that you never die. We all change position, we all change strength and its how we create it, how we accept it, how we celebrate life at the point of celebration counts. In so many ways man has to learn he just changes address of a home. Sometimes the address of the home of the soul has to change. You don't want to live in the same house for a thousand years. So what you call death is just change of position close to the soul of the man. And the sooner the man learns this, that easier it become for man to understand he doesn't need to grab, because the end will come. There is no end in reality, because even at this stage of life, man is part of a change process. It'll never started with him and it shall never finish with him. In understanding this, we try to teach more. In understanding this, we try to get you to understand the facts about cycle of life, cycle of transfer of fields. That's all human life is, that's all life is in the Universe: A process, a cycle of change of different strengths. It's a voice, coming out of your mouth; it's a thought coming out of your brain, which creates that voice. It's that voice which goes down that line and it's that voice, which is again energy field itself in transfer and transformation, which is heard by another man and he changes his life or does something because of your voice for the energy he receive. And we understand, life of the man, is just a traveling energy pack. Nothing more nothing less. It is no need to be proud of what we call the body of the man, because as we have seen, it is just a temporary clothes, temporary shackle, for the soul of the man, in travel of his energies through the dimension of the life of universe. And sometime, sooner or later, mankind will come to understand this.[17]

Creation / Body structure / Fluidity of Fields

But in fact, what does mean: How does your body structure works? How do you come to exist? What is the difference between the body of the man and a stone? Both are creatures of. Both are created through the compact and impact of, what we call different strength magnetic fields, but how come, that we can keep some dynamic and how come, that we cannot keep some dynamic? How come when we put dimension of the Fluidity of the fields we can intelligence? How can mankind come to understand, that with this knowledge, as you understand from now on, everybody is in the same boat?[18]

Deciding of “dressing up” and changing the soul and the body

In so many ways in olden days and even now, many of us still go to and we buy a suit and we buy clothes or we cut it and we decide, this is how I gonna look. This was the fitting, the outfit of the physicality of the man. Now we teaching and understanding the soul of the man and operation of the soul in respect to the fields of the Universe, the field of the universe become the scissors and the decision of the soul of the man becomes a cloth. You decide in which way this cloth is going to manifest itself. Are you going out with a summer suits or are you going with a miniskirt. Are you wearing coats, or are you becoming an Englishman; coats and no knickers. So you have to decide, how from now on, you dress up the soul of the man. Up to know you have dressed up the physicality of the man with different shapes and clothes, but now you came with the new knowledge to understand, how you dress up the soul according to the position and the presence of. On this planet you might need many different characteristics, but if you understood much easier than the birds did, as we did with the bird we have shown some times ago in the teaching, you can change your body the way you want even on this planet. It's just you need to decide. We have tribes who already do this.

In the technology development which even discussed with the Iranian scientists yesterday, those who listen and understand the step up of the knowledge; you can decide how you can manifest yourself at the position at manifestation in the dimension of the environment of the new systems. As one of the things, that we will teach and these new systems will come in, you go to a Walmart, you go to a cloth shop and you buy new clothes and you come out. If you understand the work of the soul of the man with the new Universal Systems, you can go in and manifest yourself in the dimension and the shape and understanding of the satisfaction of the soul of the man and manifest yourself. Do not forget this is what mankind will do in the span of Universe. Now you understand how we are opening the knowledge to you, how you have to see and understand, what is about to come.[19]

The soul changes according to our wishes

The release of the Universal System is not just what you thought. Is more to it. As one of the Chinese guys recently has sent a message; is a carrot and me sitting on a donkey and the donkey running for the carrot. There is no donkey, there is no carrot and there is no me. You have to understand, it's you who decides the carrot, what you want to be. So with this new Universal Units it's not just get rid of Parkinson or get you soul elevated. The next of the use of these is, the system matches to your soul. The system is set to match your wishes. You’ll understand there is no need for them to wear. If you do, what the Universal do in so many ways, they are covering their sexual organs that this is the biggest problem for the man, than you will find out you have nothing to hide. There is no reason to hide. Only you decide to see, will see what we call the naked body. Wearing of the cloths and hiding it will be over. Very soon, with the systems we will show, you will understand this.[20]

Arizona Keshe Spaceship system / “Clothes” according to your wishes

In the structure in Arizona the way we have discussed will be, that you can manifest and can manufacture not only what you want, any material you want. Part of the Arizona Keshe Spaceship System is not just for environmental. Is to show how to make water, is to show how to make material, is to show how to cloth yourself according to your wishes. It's a very bad news for these Yves Saint Laurent guys, if you know what I am talking about. This is needed to be done. When we take you into space you don't need to run all the way back to Marks & Spencer and Walmart to buy something to cover something to cover two holes and two bumps. You will understand the love you show, will manifest your position. "I want only such a person to see me in the position my emotion on certain behaviours. This is not a dream anymore. Slowly with these systems we create a condition to elevate the soul of the man to learn about this process in his soul. Now you understand what the use of this system are and why I introduced the Universal System at this point.[21]

Understanding, what these new systems are

Any person tries to copy this, will make sure, they will have a big problem in their hand through their soul, because this system has to be done the way it is set up by the Keshe Foundation, because we know how we are structuring it. It's understanding of totality which counts and understanding what this new systems are. Step by step I am opening the dimensions. Step by step we know what we are doing in the structure of the technology. You will see people will change. You will see people walk into these systems, realize that trust has to become from inside the soul of the man and not inside the emotion of the man. Then you will change. You will take new steps in life. You will understand, "do I need to kill something else trying to something else for me to have?"[22]

Education of the soul / Revolution of understanding

It is very simple. You will see in the coming time with the new understanding of the structure soul or of the cell or what we call dimension of physicality of the man, I will allow you to change the soul of every part of you. And then and the soul of physicality is a collection of the interaction of the soul of every cell. The only evolution is the revolution of understanding the truth about the operation of the soul the man and how it responds to its environment and its position. Up to now there is an evolution of the soul of the man, which he himself is responsible for. Nobody else. And then you transfer this evolution to manifestation of physicality at the point of decision making the soul of the man. Soul of the man has, same thing physicality has. you have to understand the emotion of the soul. You understand how we work and change things accordingly. They cannot be any misunderstanding. The development of the new enhancement unit is to enhance the soul of the man. We don't really mind, we put the physicality inside. It is the education. It is the process of education of the soul of the man to bring mankind to understand and start understanding a decision making between the interaction the soul of physicality and soul of him. If you understand this, life becomes very easy for mankind.[23]

Opening the structure of the soul of the man / Dimensions of creation

This is part of the work, which in the coming time will do. Up to now you start understanding, you dissected the body of the man, as did Da Vinci, to find out where is the heart and what it does and more scientists tried to find out, how many, god knows, cells are in one part of the body and the rest.

Now with the new understanding we open the structure of the soul of the man, because, if you understand where the soul in respect to the physical manifestation, in being able to observe or understand the feeling of the material needs arm or needs to understand, who would like to have something he can pick something up. So you decide how long the arm is going to be. You decide how the leg is gonna be or you decide why you need a leg on this planet or not, but you have to understand, in any shape or form; through my soul I can travel all dimensions of the creation.

The delivery of the Universal System is piece by piece getting. By the time we reach the delivery and showing of the systems in and in Arizona it will be very simple. Mankind will be told enough in the next 3 months to understand, when I go the system, it is not the system which works. It's me who ask the system, what to elevate me to. the physicality will follow and mankind will start getting educated. When you enter this systems, you will be as naked as soul. Many people will walk out of those systems with a lot of changes. Many of you will find the truth yourself in what you wanted to be.[24]

Commitment to peace

The point of world leaders from now on it will be challenge how they peel the cause of peace. We have seen the first cheatings of it in the last couple of weeks. Russian and Turkish president achieved peace in Syria and America cheated.

Those world leaders, who look for real, what we call of life, are those who commit them self to the peace. And this is our wish and you will see it will get more and more. The understanding of the new technology is that, it is your soul that changes the position of who changes the position of the soul of the others, if the sincerity of this wish and giving by the soul, is in truth; is the essence of your own peace. When you are at peace with yourself, you can do so with the others that they can take more that they reach your point. Plasmas of the higher strength always give to the lower and there is nothing more stronger than peace, which means living amongst the others with the equal shares and equality, than anything else in the universe. You understand how we decide and how we change.

In reality, when you enter these systems, what you will see, that every cell of the man will shine, because each one is a star. Each one carries his own dynamic Plasma. Then you will see how you want to reorganise this stars, according to pleasing the soul of the man and not the physicality of the outside, when you walk out. In this process many of you will to come understand one thing. What is all this fighting for? What is all this suffering for? Why mankind has created so much mayhem and what is our responsibility from now on. What do we understand? Are we committed to peace on this planet? Or are we committed to peace in the universe? If you target for the latter, you will find out the first one is no problem.[25]

UC Members

UC members have to elevate your understanding of the soul and the work of your soul, to the next level high. You have to start establishing understanding the soul of the work of the soul of Universe. Not the mankind, you already carry that. The whole structure is a step up. In so many ways you have to understand, nothing will stop us from what we have committed ourselves to. We show you so much knowledge, so much technology; we show you so much understanding of the universal work that it overwhelms you. You realize how feeble the mankind is.[26]

Universal Community: New communication lines / G9

You remember, sometimes ago, not very distanced past, we used to go in chaos and make telephone calls. We used to go to telephone centers to send a telegram. Now with the delivery of these Universal Systems we give mankind, those, what I call telephone back. Not the red ones, the English ones, but everyone on every nation. These systems are set up to be the line of communication with the universal community in the first step, till the Man matures that he understands how fast he wants to take revolution forward. As I said before, G9 is the communication line with the universal community. Mankind decides where he moves to different position in the elevation of G5, G6, G7, G8, because you all like something to do with something, that you get a highest number to get there. 9 is highest number go back to nothingness.

You got to understand how to utilize the new systems which we release. We will go into the production of releasing of thousands a month across this planet from different places, because it will be needed by every nation. It will be needed by every man, to create the first conditions.

The understanding of the elevation of the soul of the man is very much, is to satisfy the hunger of physicality of the man. You have not satisfied the hunger of the soul and you never understood the hunger of the soul of the man, that it manifest itself and show itself.[27]

Message to religious leaders

My message is very clear to the world religious leaders: Close shop and let the soul of the man free. It’s very simple. You are responsible for the suffering of the souls and enough is enough or I close it for you.[28]

You go in with a wish

When you go into this systems, you go with a wish. Understand what this implies not only for soul, but the soul of the others. When you enter these systems, you will do in the coming weeks and understand you walk in naked. Does not matter how many Gucci watches, you are in naked in front of your own soul and the beauty of it is, very soon, as we all reach the point of elevation of understanding of our souls, we all see the rainbow colours of our body of emission of the fields of the soul of the man and we say, "oh my god, that is red he is up to some nasty things in that part or is wishing something else and doing something else somewhere else. And we all try to stay as white as possible. you understand. This smallest star will shine like a red light.[29]

Cheating to the own soul

Love to see how many of you will can, would do, cheat to your own soul in the dimension of physicality and its emotion. None of you can.

As I said, if you remember sometimes ago, many people will not walk, into the, what you call spaceships, because the soul won’t allow you were waiting for the UFO? Sorry, it's called the Universal System. Made individually customized according to your wish.[30]

One point only: Peace, tranquillity and equality

Many of you have you will not even remember what fear was, because by elevation of the soul of the man there is not fear in the dimension of the physicality. You will understand more, that when you enter the universal systems there is one point only: Peace, tranquillity and equality. Out of these systems walks out the same, as the last man who walked in, walked out.

We don't abolish the seat of kingship; the kings will abolish their own seat. Many of the world leaders will cry to the rest of their population asking for forgiveness in what they have done.[31]


Structure Brain is like a onion / Elevation of the soul

As the structure of the brain of the man has layers and layers very much like an onion. So is the soul of the man. It's you in how you enter and how you understand the totality that you don't peel the onion, but you live in the fields of the totality of it. Those souls who mature enough find a way to the inner sanctum. Those who are arrogant stay in the dimension of physicality. Station of physicality is the station of ignorance and weakness, if the mankind understands this. Why does mankind sees suffering as a point of maturity? I will never understand. Why mankind doesn't see the elevation of the soul as a point of positiveness to live a comfortable life; not through the suffering.

With the new Space Technology, which we release more and more, you will understand more about yourself. These technologies are not brought in to give you comfort in the physical dimension. It's brought out for you to find the shortcuts, the proper ways that you can bypass million years of ignorance on this planet.


It's in a way important, what you don't have understood. Mankind has to understand his operation of his soul from now on and not his physicality. I am in love with peace, because peace is part what I was created out of, but enough, see the anger inside due to the behaviour of the man. Now I understand, why I have got this ticking clock, that how mankind has evolved over centuries to this point.

You have to understand part of the totality of the life of a man from now on, is not his physical life anymore. The responsibility of the mankind is to understand the structure of this soul. How it operates. How it has to behave. How it lives amongst the others in the universe and is not anymore important what and what shape your body takes; is how you manifest the soul of the man at the point of manifestation is important. And you have to understand. Go back to the teachings earlier on. When you stand in front of the universal community, you are naked. Not in the dimension of cloths, but in the dimension of the feeling of the soul of the man. This is the beauty with the new knowledge.[32] ...

Questions and Answers

Maria: Why are the reptilians living so much longer, than the quo quo stupid in their own eyes mankind, when they start wars again and again? So the good mankind is not starting the wars, but the earth is starting to be like hell since the reptilians left their own planet and came here to destroy the paradise Earth. So why they are the 25 percent and they are looking like the human beings on this earth, but they can change like they are shape shifters. Are they allowed to this since such a long time? They changes their ways on the home planet and want to be on the light side and love and peace? Can they go back to their planet?

(MK): Very interesting dreams. We have developed a position of fear for encountering people who are more intelligent than us and the more intelligent you become, the more peaceful you become. So whatever you call shape shifters, the light people, we have seen them around the foundation, we've seen the reptilians they call him as you know. In the Rome conference I asked, "There is one of them amongst us" and this guy was stood up and "I am it". I said, "The one who is already announced who it is and is sitting down, you are the wrong one.”[33]

We all come from the amalgamation of the fields of the Soul of the man

You got to realise, it cannot be the present, what we call state of one only. As Giscard d'Estaing said: "European community is a Christian club only" and now we see how Christian club is eating each other’s up and turning each other apart. We come to understand that as we have mixed in our societies, as we came from the same source; mankind will come on to understand, that the amalgamation of the fields of the creation of the soul of the man, comes from the same source. It is the openness of the understanding of the truth, which makes separation between man and what we call the beast.[34]

Mankind has to sort out his own animosity, racism and damaging of the planet, instead of blaming the others.

Many years ago an Indian guy in London worked as an accountant for a very big firm automotive industry and the management of the company decide to sell a subdivision. This Indian accountant was in this company for nearly 25 years and there was a manager, English manager, blue eyes, blondish, and he was the boss. The Indian business man and accountant goes to him and he says, "That's why the company we know has problem". He says, "I am not interested. I am gonna retire very soon. I have a good retirement. I have got couple of years to go." The Indian man buys the company and that he comes to the office and he says to the boss his friend; eating, holidaying, familying for years; that, "I bought a company. Now we can run it" He got up, he put hands on table, he said, "I never work for an Indian.". Never spoke a word till both died. The knowledge of the man is it's stupidity of colour, of race. We see them fighting to get rid of the blacks, but we don't see the blacks fighting to get rid of the whites in the Africa. Even though for all the wrong things they have done to them. So, what we see is, mankind has to sort out this animosity, racism, this embedded in the others; first clean his own house. Than you will find out, all the work of the Universe; there is no difference as this planet. As I said, when it does mistakes and damages everything, blames the others and all the damage on this planet, is done by mankind. As one of the knowledge seekers once told me, "This planet is very hot, real estate, that's why they come here." They said it's so cold this planet that nobody wants to have a real estate. We are here just temporarily to see, that how, we see the mankind to damage himself without us. You don't need much help. Human race is so bend backwards to destroy itself. You don't need anybody from outside to help you. And this is the pattern of the life, that when you cannot blame yourself for your own stupidity, you blame the others.[35]

Man as passengers of the Universe / No right to interfere

As we have travellers from Italy to America to Africa and Africans to the rest of the world and the Chinese going everywhere; so is the Universe. There is no closed door for no one. You've seen it. Refugees walk from China or from Tibet month and month, walking the whole Planet into Europe and they arrive and they say, "We want refugee." "How do you came here?" "We walked for 6 month." In the Universal Community we do the same. We travel in the spans of the Universe and we live amongst. Soon man will be one of them. Are you a reptilian when you go to the Mars, or Saturn, when you change your dimension? Or would you interfere? Or when you arrive you see intelligence wise your soul; low order; you don't want to introduce yourself, that I am so stupid? Or you are so high that it says, "If I am so high, I can change a lot of things." So mankind will do what the passengers of the Universe have done on this planet for millions of years. We do not interfere. Mankind has no right to interfere, when he goes out. The time of colonisation is long died with the British Empire. When you understand this, you have respect and you don't listen to a bunch of rubbish people, who have no idea what they are talking about is a something good chit-chat. You lot don't need much. You are destroying ourselves. We just watch. You created all the war machines. You created the way to kill each other. You created poisons. You created everything else. You blame. The once who put this question up, it shows how much they do not know about the facts of mankind.[36]

Universal Community is here to change to the Dimension of the Soul

In so many ways, don't blame nobody for your own shortcomings, than you have a lot of it. You have huge amount of it and you have accumulated it through the soul and what you call RNA and the DNA of your forefathers and you keep on adding it to your soul. Those who talk about these things, there is one thing; they are blaming their own things on the others. And you will understand soon, thanks to those who have been watching this planet, those who call whatever; we are here now to change it for you. As we say, we received enough reports of stupidity of the man. Now we have come to interfere. Enough is enough. And thank those, whatever name you put on them, that they will see as you go to the dimension of the soul, you will see them and you know who they are; than thanks them for not interfering and for the man to reach to the point of maturity of its own stupidity. How come you have tourists on this planet, but you don't want to accept the tourists of the universe? Are we walking into another trap? But don't forget, the tourists of the Universe are very clever and they can see. You worked in the tourism of mankind with the physicality of the man and the dimension of a building. In the tourism of the Universe we walk through the soul of the man. So next time when you race such a question, understand how misguided you are in putting the question this way and in so many ways, it would have been worse, if we're not here. Clean up you house, don't blame others for it.[37]

Law of the Universe - No soul separation -Restoring the physicality to the dimension of the soul

I want to teach you something to understand. Accident happens. Does not matter where in the Universe. There is a law that if you are involved in an accident or something happen accidentally you call it, you have to restore the physicality to the dimension of its soul, and that you do not cause the separation. So if you understand this, you will understand, no man of the Universe has ever committed murder on this planet, as he has the capability to reunion or unify the both souls. Talk these kind of non-sense, you better close book, close shop, understand you soul and blame humanity for its shortcoming. You lack of knowledge is the nose around your neck; not the Universal Community.[38]

Chris: It is a fact that the soul is in a state of wisdom and peace. Why does this not reflect in the physical?

The soul of the planet creates mayhem

Chris's question relates to the fact that the soul is in a state of wisdom and peace, why does this not reflect in the physical?

(MK): Because you have a dimension of the interaction of the field forces of the soul of this planet. This is wrong with it. These two combinations create mayhem of the problems. You react to the soul of this planet to physicality of this planet.

When Jalal said in his teaching yesterday, become Gold, chicken lays a golden egg; the soul of the physicality of this planet has interacted to his dimension of attraction to create this mayhem.

If we the level of the soul of this planet that in that interaction with the soul of the man the greed, the killing and everything else goes, that you can tap into the universal energy, than none of this will exist. The Problem is with this soul of this planet. sits inside it and how interacts. The soul of the planet is like the star and in interaction with the soul of the man, like what you see, you create rain, hell and this is the hell with this interaction with the soul of this planet with the soul of the man creates. We never have this anywhere in the universe. Does not matter what we change with the soul of the man. Our work at the moment is to the soul of this planet.

You don't understand this. It’s beyond man’s comprehension, but it's like an electron and a proton. Two in somehow have interacted that we cannot release one with the other. But we can, gradually as its happening now changing that position. You will understand very soon. We don't see the greed, the killing; just in mankind that they say the reptilians came and did all these things. Why do the fishes or lions kill? Did reptilians became lions or they become on the fish? It's the interaction of the soul of this planet, which creates this mayhem. We have two choices: Let it go right in or push it in right in. It's very simple. This is, it doesn't matter what I put here, I get the same thing. You do not understand what problem exists in the Universal Community, with those souls which reside here for a long time. This is what is wrong and if you listen to the teaching (I refer to this many, many times). It’s the same as you have the interaction of the soul of one of this big in the solar system that in interaction with the same field of the sun creates mayhem of heat, temperature, or thunder or always danger.[39]

The problem sits also in the soul of the solar system

The problem is not only sits in the soul of this planet. The soul of this solar system has a bigger problem. When mankind become educated slightly more, will understand the way the tilting of this planet has caused the creation of life. The solar system of mankind has a tilt in it and that's part of the problem too. This is one of the biggest problems. The mother is sick. So genetically it’s inherited by the soul which creates the soul of the man and the interaction of more, creates more mayhem. This is why we tell you: Create just a correct soul that in time of the departure in becoming a star in the Universe, you do not cause the mayhem which is here and seen.[40]

Elevating the souls of man and freeing the man from the shackles of his behaviour

As I said, I open the eye of the man to many facts, but be ready to be honest to accept it. But be honest to understand, in reality there is not much you can do with it, unless those souls who want to elevate to understand this and in a way you come from a violent home. Drugs, addictions, alcoholism and everything else and you want nothing to do with this home, because it’s nothing but pain. You walk away, you set up a new home and you live by your own ethos of peace and you never talk about it. This is the opportunity at this moment we are giving to some of the man, who can, who want to leave this mayhem of violence on this planet behind. You do not understand what we put on the table, because you are still looking on the bank accounts and looking how to have the food the next day. The best choice we have is what we have offered you as the Universal Units. At least we give you a new dimension, a womb, a new start for those who elevate to find a way out of this mayhem of the drug addiction, murder killing society of man on this planet.

Now that we have opened these systems you will understand more why and the reason. This is one of the ways we see to free man from the shackles of the murder and killing that we can take him out in the space as a part of Universal Community.

I cannot put all the fishes in it. I cannot change the structure of the soul of this planet, but I can help it to go in faster. Believe me, if we get rid of this planet back into his center, nobody in the universe will share the tear. Maybe it will be a rejoice that all this animal behaviour is over.

The behaviour and the life of man on this planet is one of the biggest shame for Universal Community and we have to find a solution. And now we see this as a best solution that the soul changes and anyone understands the soul. Now you understand why I say I am ashamed to be in the cloth of the man, but I have to be here and bring the change and do. And I have seen more shame, so I have taken a new position in life.[41]

Maria: Is the soul of the planet asking for a change into the higher soul existing and let their old body go?

The soul of the planet

(MK) You have to understand what the soul of the planet is. It's the collection of the fields of the totality of the, what we call souls of entities of this planet, being a stone, being a fish. The collective soul of the cells of the man creates the soul of the man and it cannot be any different with the soul of the planet.

(RC) Mr Keshe, would that what we call Mother Nature or Mother Earth? Or is that a different [inaudible]?

(MK) The Problem is; yes maybe you can call it that way; mother Earth has a wrong combination of the womb structure as I put it that way. You know the story of the mothers who give birth to the children and then they try to kill their children. This is the problem with this mother earth. It gives nourishment and life to the soul of its own creatures and their own creation and then it let them suffer and then they kill for it. This is one of the biggest problems.[42]

Making a decision of life / It is our choice

As I said before, these new with the knowledge which we release in the coming months will make a lot of you make a decision on their. I have not come through the front door. I have come through the back door through the soul of the man. I have taken a position of life of physicality which keeps me at peace that I can walk away from all the mistakes of the past. You will soon understand. This physical life of the man has been nothing, but the essence of the problem for and with it for the others. But you can walk away from it. Its choice now it’s yours. You can choose. You can choose through elevate your soul that the condition of the physicality changes, but you have to clean up the past, because that will still be the chain holding you to the dimension of physicality. And you cannot ignore that chain. It has a length and it has strength. I was born a free man. I will die a free man. Free in the dimension of the soul, not the physicality. This is what you have to understand.

I open more and more knowledge in the next as i said month. Those of you, who enter these, what we call "space of the system", gradually people understand the changes. Gradually people see the reality of their own life. Gradually people understand the interaction of the soul of the man with it and then, mankind has a choice. When you understood the level of your strength of operation of your soul, then you understand the position of plasmatic fields. Do you like, do you need, or do you want a spaceship? Now you understand.

You remember the magnets Rick used to play some times ago on the screen? When you move one the other one moves and if you change the strength of one the other one attracts to. Now understanding of the strength, the truth about your soul gives you that option. It's you who decide which layer of the onion you use to what distance you create and which you want to show. Our teaching from now on is gonna be so simple, because this is the teaching of the Universe and [inaudible]. Is where I come from.[43]

John: Where does the problem of the Earth comes from?

(MK) It's because of its soul, the way it was created. It's, you know when you have a limping man... Why do you become limp? Was it born limp or did he break his leg and became limp? This planet was born limp, because the wrong soul took in position. This is what we tell you to understand: Operation of your soul.[44]

Carolina: How can we support the planet and you Mr Keshe?

(MK) If the soul of the planet came to a positioning or creation, how can we, because you promised that we elevate the planet, so that humanity need to suffer from this position of the planet; how we can support the planet in that way, then to support us to become more balanced? Where can we help and support you in this task please?[45]

The stronger give to the weaker

(Mk) You don't support me, you support mankind. We are here just to make you aware of the problem. I have to rephrase, then you understand this correct. In understanding the work of the Plasma we always said, that the stronger give to the weaker, that the weaker become balanced. Not more than, but in balance with the stronger. So it’s elevated. Now you understand my work. The collective soul of mankind and creation on this planet, if collectively reaches the point of maturity of peace and understanding of collectiveness of one, than it becomes strong enough Plasma condition, that it can feed the soul of the planet to change the planet to the level of the peacefulness of the man. Now you understand my work.[46]

Critical mass / Strengthening the soul of mankind / Giving to the soul of the planet

The faster the human race collectively does what I kept on telling you; you have not reached that critical mass, so you have to put more out of your own pocket. When you need ten people to move a car and its five of more energy to pull that car. Than it was for ten of you. Now it's the same position, maybe for the first time you understand. The work, my work as a messenger of the creator, as a creator, is very simple.

To the soul of the man strength collectively, that in having 28 billion; with 7, 8 billion you can do; is to bring to make mankind aware of his higher strength of his soul, that collectively, when you become one, you become stronger than the soul of the planet, that through the understanding of the transfer of the Plasma, you change the soul of the planet. There is no other way to do it and then peace shall come. So mankind has to become peaceful in understanding amongst himself, through understanding of the truth and understanding the work of the soul of mankind as one, in collectively becoming a stronger, or using a higher level of understanding, especially with this Universal System, we have put out, that you become a stronger soul as one, one nation, one planet, why do you think this is for? One Soul. You understand. The soul of one man, working as one, being as stronger than the soul of the Earth will change it, will feed it and the whole thing moves to the right position. Souls from outside cannot do this, because you are created from it. It’s you to have to put it in to change it. The combination of the field of this planet has led to the creation of you. It's a proton and electron. Now you understand.[47]

One soul - The totality of humanity as one soul

(CdR) So, because one of the questions came up in to the teaching that the people were most probably misunderstanding and I tried to explain it; I hope it's correct; was that one man, one soul can bring peace on this planet. And I said, most probably you have misunderstood and thought it was one single man that could to it but as explained it was the totality of humanity as one soul.

(MK) One single man can do. If one ́single man has the strength of 7 billion, one single man can do, but the thing is, to the greed of the man, which man is there to sacrifice. But would it change the totality of the soul, because as I have said, we need to change the whole of mankind, not just one piece of the time.[48]

Dissolving Hirachia and Kingships to create one soul

The biggest problem for mankind to move the position of understanding one soul is the leaders of this planet; the kings, emperors, those who call themselves the world leaders. Till those are not removed, mankind will not find peace, because he always has somebody bigger, more important, somebody who is higher. Mankind has to learn like the rest of Universal Community equality, balance, no kingship, no higher than anyone else.

As I explained to one of the knowledge seekers very recently. How much property has been offered to the foundation? Millions. How much titles we have been put to change? Uncountable. All has been refused. I live amongst man like man. If I claim not anymore kingship, how can I make a king out of myself? I live what I do. Worth of this planet, not worth collecting. It’s nothing.

All this structures we put in global, Keshe Foundations is to be able finance to put the structures elevate the soul of the man. There is other way to do it, because otherwise I become that one soul to pull all and you break, because you haven't done it. Mankind has to reach this point. Kings have to put their crowns on the table and says: "We are people. We are not any different. We are getting to that point. Give me a few more weeks.[49]

Boris: What is the position of our Magravs that we have built?

The true essence of the Magrav system

(MK) What do you mean by position? ...The Magrav is the key to man's freedom in elevating his soul. The, what you call Alex Bead is the operation of soul of the man in understanding of the totality. In your life you come across very few pure souls and Alex is one of them and in so many ways through purity of his soul he understood the work of the Universe, but through the lack of the knowledge of the physical physics, he releases his knowledge and his understanding in a different way.

If you understand the of the Magrav system in true essence; this was the dream of Tesla. Tesla always had this dilemma that he did not understand the essence of the creation. But he wanted to change and create that condition of creation. In so many ways Da Vinci ran into the same problem. So he could see, but he went for the physicality, because he could not satisfy the knowledge of the soul. He didn't open the body of the man so much to find the structure of physicality. He looked for the soul of the man. He couldn't understand where the soul is. In this process man made a lot of mistakes, but if you understand the true essence of the Magrav system, it's the true essence of the creation in any dimension, be it the physical structure of the man, be it the physical structure of this planet, be it the work of this Universe.[50]

Your soul is tested / Do not cheat

But because you do not understand we get all the mayhem with it and you know me, I am the worst teacher, but I am the best tester. I don't like to teach to be copycatted, because than there is no elevation of the soul understanding of the truth. Many people I see, "Oh, we found a secret. This, this, this." You are looking into the physical dimension of the Magrav. Understand the essence of its structure. Understand its power. That's where the problem comes. Give me two seconds and I make the Magravs. Every single one of them one Megawatt power station, but I know what to do. Why should I teach children, because than it becomes cheaters. That is the habit of the man. We have a beautiful word in Farsi. We call it Taghalob, which means I want to cheat and do, but not one.to understand and they do that in exams. They take a piece of paper in their pockets, they write in their arms, they put in their calculator and at the end of it we call it Taghalob, the ones who sit don't fail the first exam, they have to sit till the end of summer for the exam again and this is the habit of the man. We cheat and then we try to patch up. The thing is you are tested continuously. It's you to have to understand it. And as I said, all this distributors with the Keshe Foundation; they were tested. They failed. The greed took them, but now we pass it on to their souls, but as I said, all their members, all their families are part of it; because that food was shared they stole from the soul of the Keshe Foundation. It's shared with their loved ones; so they have to pay for it. Write the history of those, who work with that team and then you will understand. This is not to put you in fear; this is for you to understand how to behave correct. You didn't become supporters and you sue us Keshe Foundation. You came here to believe in the believe you had. So you sold your believe for a few pennies. , but this time you will be tested through, as our wish with your family, what you have missed and see how you pass this. It's very harsh, but as I said, my job is to help to support and to make an example till time mankind unifies.[51]

Bente: Is there a difference between high energy particles and high energy packs?

Bente: Can the Universal System protect the body and soul from high energy particles or packs during space travel?

Can the UBESU protect the body and soul protect us from high energy particles or packs during space travel?[52]

Difference between Energy particles and packs

(MK) You have to understand, what is the difference between energy pack and energy particle. When you have a particle, you have become in the matter state. So then you have to deal with the physicality of the man. When you with the energy packs, than you have two things. You have one to do at one level energy that is. Does it touch the energy of the physical strength, or the physical soul, or does it, is it strong enough to interact with the level of the strength of the soul of the man.

So when you talk about energy particles is that a matter state. So it has to go through its normal interaction of releasing energy and absorbing energy and finding a balance. Would that in that process create changes in the physical dimension? That depends on the strength of the field and the particle.[53]

Strengths of the Soul / Layers / Senses / Plasma / Knowledge

In respect to the soul of the man, if you understand the operation of the soul of the man, which is as i said onion layers, you will absorb the fields in the strength of each layer. So in a way the soul has its own way of nourishing. The fields of the Universe are absorbed at all levels; otherwise the center will be empty soon. So what it is at the field strength, as is the plasma, it handles a different strength. In operations and some tests we do actually even in the past few days in the lab; as you know I become a lab rat, they call it; I am back in developing. What they call it? Extending the knowledge of the man in physicality, we have sensors and at the board at the same, in the same environment we are measuring the strength. A normal knowledge person you just go for one strength and that's it, but because we have multiple senses, we see fields at a higher strength in the same position too, coming from the same sources.

So it's very easy to, I mean always you find out, the questions you put in always comes with the time of that. It's like your soul is aware of the knowledge, now you want to bring the knowledge which I don't give you in a physical dimension, your soul brings it and we have to answer it in the physical dimension. I happens more or less 80% of the time you lot put questions in, because now you are just a mouth for the world of the knowledge, the soul of the knowledge, which been shared. You will understand soon what it works and how it works.

So, we have done this, we have actually..., we are testing this with different senses in the same point from the same plasma we getting different strength. Of course it does, because as I said, the strength of the fields is depending on the strength of the spectrum and what a spectrum you sit at what strength. Yes, is multi strength. If you look at the back of the book number, i think three, "the creation of universe", it's clearly stated. This is how in the world of the theoretical physics they call it "" we call it Earth, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, or we call it Milky Way in a bigger scale the other one. It's the manifestation of the field strength.[54]

What the Universal System does?

And would the machine do? Depends how you go in and what do you expect from the machine. The machine is a lover and it can only give as much as you can receive and no more. It's not a taker. So if you think you can go and expect, "I want to become this", you have already lowered yourself, that you will not reach that point. If you go into the dimension of "I give", you have to receive more, because you have given. But you cannot do it with the intention, because as I told you the machine understands the soul of the man.

About Bente and how she is learning and developing.[55]

Bente: How does the Enhancement System balance the body back to the original as the body consist out of a large variety of GANSes and salts?

How does the Enhancement System balance the body back to the original as the body consist out of a large variety of GANSes and salts?[56]

Our control system / Structure / Memory of the soul / Interaction with the system

(MK) Would you like to answer? I gave you the answer before the beginning. That's the exam you missed Mr. Rick Crammond.

(RC) Well said there is a, that the physicality or... I am not sure actually the physicality, but you said there is a control room, a control panel and that that's the important thing to remember, inside of ourselves. I am not talking about control panel on the unit, but on, the control is in us basically and we can learn to create the conditions that we need. I am putting more into it there, but basically you mentioned a control panel I believe.

(MK) In a way yes, our body has a control system. The same as when you, you know you cut a piece of skin from your finger and then it grows back again and you just say, "I used to have a cut here", but they won't see it anymore, the finder is the same as before. So the body, the brain, the soul of the man, has a memory of the shape of the body of the man, doesn't needed to be there to build to it. It builds to it according to the strength of its fields. So there is a structure, a memory of the soul, as much as the physicality, because every soul, every cell in the finger which you cut and throw it away. In the for example. That happens many times to me. My children say, "Oh, papas finger is here. This part of his body is with us. He made a mistake". So, this building of the physical condition the boundary which it was before does not happen. There is a memory bank. Both: For the physical dimension and the soul of the cell. So in a way our body has dual structure of remembering the soul which it needs that position and the, what we call the physicality which is needed to build that finger for example. So in that process, when you understand we walked through the soul, through the higher level fields of this system, this machine, you understand in, when you go to these systems, you have to match that bank, that reference point of that strength and this is how you find the balance. It's not that the machine remembers, but you have to understand, the machine has a soul too.

These new systems we build, not even the first generation, the second generation, which is the ones you will see, a lot of people call it egg now; this Enhancement Systems; that's what they do. They have a point of reference and the two have to be in balance. You have a Universe and you have two twin stars. The soul of the man is the Universe. The soul of physicality and the point of manifestation of the cell, of the soul of the cell, is that twin star. One is, by elevating one the other one becomes balanced. We don't carry something wrong outside to put in. We understand the inner operation of the soul of the man, the physicality of the man and, when the soul of physicality is in balance and all is of balance, be it receiving what the soul of the man gives, it comes in balance and you change. One feeds the other and then the other one. It's like you have the sun, you have the earth and then from it, interaction and you have the body of the man. It's the same process. We create that condition to bring balance to the one which is weaker, that it becomes balanced to the real one which is the memory bank of the soul of the man, or the real record of the physicality.[57]

Correction of the RNA

The question was asked very recently: "Would these systems, as we remember last times, would this interfere with the RNA?" Yes, it does. It corrects the RNA. This is where we are aiming that. Not on the DNA. And when you correct RNA, all, what you call inherited diseases to the balance of the physicality, will be resolved.[58]

Case Parkinson / Alzheimer

In the case what you see at the beginning; Universal System; the gentleman has, there is no problem with the condition of physicality, but medical people, the medicine they have used for him, the side effects are so horrendous that is damaged a lot. But we still going and we still repairing, even the physical damage is done by the side effect of the medicine.[59]

The big problem with medication

We don't know these kind of damages in the western medicine, but we've realized medicine in China, as I said before, even generic, especially when it comes to the cases like Parkinson and Ms and the rest, these are guinea pigs. Just give it to them we make money out of it, doesn't matter what it does, because he never come back. Now they are coming back. Now pharmaceuticals are answerable. How come they do this kind of damages? The Chinese government has to open a book of the pharmaceuticals. Show us the book how come there is so much damage done. You cannot blame it on the disease. This little dust of jocks, we call them medication, has become one of the biggest problems of the physicality of the man.[60]

Thanks to the Chinese team / Giving a man’s life back

I would like to thank our Chinese team in the background working with the case. They are sending me continuously videos, because the volunteers are in the hospital as we speak and it's amazing how the man has changed, how we give life back to the man, how he can move again, he can talk again. For the first time yesterday he has been talking to his wife, having a communication, having a conversation, you can imagine pleasure brings back to your partner.[61]

Jiman: Please explain more about cleaning up the past

(RC) It seems like in a way that's part of the process that's going on with this gentleman. He is cleaning up his recent past and sort of working backwards. And isn't that sort of the process in a way? You talk about the seeds when they are exposed to certain GANSes, they revert back to their native origins, their genetic heritage I would say and in a way is that the process of going back to the source, back to them that you mentioned.

(MK) Can you try to explain him?

(RC) Well I am just trying to think about this idea from Jiman. Maybe he should actually ask it, if he is still available and I am allowing to speak, if you would like to open the microphone. Sort of putting words in his mouth, but this idea of cleaning up the past, in other words something occurred in the past, which contributed to the conditions that we find ourselves in now and if we clean up that sort of, not in our muscle, or not in the glitch, or in our electrical system, or how we would like to present it? Some kind of thing and event that causes to start this process of maybe a cancer or some other disease that lead to being at some later date, let's say. Or maybe more in an emotional case of just cleaning up the past allows us to be present.

(Jiman) Hello Mr Keshe. Thank you for all you have done and continuously doing and everybody else. It was Mr Keshe's explanation about the planet Earth in that time earlier. He was explaining that how the soul of the Planet Earth is crippled and he mentioned at one point that unless the man in that process cleaning up the past. That's why I question. It's about, what he meant by that, is my question, cleaning up the past.

(MK) What is your understanding? (Jiman) It's kind of confusing for me, because I have been... it has been explained by some other people at certain beliefs that is a... there are things that affect our daily life and us in a way, that is from a generation before and I don't have the ability to understand that. Is that, what you meant?[62]

RNA / Ancestors / Elevating their souls / Balancing the books

(MK) You see, the life of the man is not just a DNA-based. It's what we call RNA is what we call the soul of the man. So we call the soul of physicality RNA. Scientists have not understood that part of it yet. But, so, as you, as I have just said about the, what I call, just about the distributors, the lead will go into the direction of the, what we call RNA and the direction of the soul and in the line has to balance itself. So if you, your... if the strength of was not exist in the past 200 generations, for what two times the generation was done and now the strength of such a horrendous act is now available, or exist, than now it matches. You understand, it's as simple as that. We pay for the ancestors of our forefathers, because if they have done such a horrendous thing in this structure, that no one at that level up to now, was at that level of understanding doing that, because magnetic fields only match, when they are of the same strength. Now you find out in generation is balances. So balancing of that it changes direction of physicality and everything else we see, with it. Am I clear?

(Jiman) So this is important for us to understand how it works. I listen to myself many times of the teachings and I hear that important. Where I say it is important, it is important for you to understand. Otherwise I don't put it there. The conduct of, the misconduct of, depends on what level strength you have created joy, will come back to become joy at that level, when your ancestors reach that level of the soul level. And you receive, they receive elevation of the soul, because now it matches and then you find out, we call it in English "from rags to riches" not necessarily financially. And then say, "Where he came from" And we have a word which is a blessing from you forefathers. When you get to the point that you can serve humanity and your physical condition is just a tool to do, to bring pleasure, comfort to other souls and you are there at that point; partially maybe, because what you have accumulated, partially is what your forefathers have done, that they have accumulated, they created that. Now the has to match. And then you are deliverer. You are the one who will achieve that point that you can cash in. It's like you have to add the numbers of, when you get to that number you get your credit. It is the same with those who do wrong, but through that elevation, who has done that wrong? They pick up your child hits the mark. Why?[63]

Jalal: Mr Keshe you said about the Enhancement Unit you said it is like a lover gives. From where it takes the energy or from where receives?

The Enhancement Unit receives universal energy

We have the Universal Units that it receives universal energy. One day mankind will understand. These are the gifts and it's the knowledge of Universe. You know, if you go to the culture of Iran, we had scientists who candle with one candle kept the public bath, which is like a swimming pool, hot water, that one candle could boil the water for decades the bath was going and the British came to find out, how one candle can create such a heat, that the whole village or city could go and bath in it every day with hot water. He understood the knowledge of energy transfer. It wasn't the candle. The candle was a myth, because man wanted to see something. These systems are the same as that candle. You have to understand the way we construct it. The way is and build and the ones which are built by me, will last the time of the man.

Don't forget, as I said this planet was made by its wrong soul and we see what to its citizens. Those who try to copy and do, they don't understand; you will see, how they turn up out of copy machines, what they try to copy. Diseases never existed and say it's something wrong with the machine. Look at him and if he says, "Done by Keshe Foundation Austria". This time I don't leave a position who is abusive to play games, because it's my responsibility not to let them to abuse; to understand it. Anybody for a nice Iranian tea?[64]

Jalal: Is it like the differences between your patches, when you do it, and the other knowledge seekers patches?

(MK) Of course, I carry the soul of the Universe, the rest is physicality. You will understand very, very soon.[65]

Rick: Is this universal energy that you speak about just now, is that related those who call themselves scientists and say cosmic rays?

(MK): Cosmic rays is a totality of the fields of the creation, if you explain it that way and part of that ray became you and your soul.

(RC): And is that what we tie into to be able to access the self-sufficient energy and other attributes?

(MK) It is. Of course it is, because put it this way. We are made of it. If we know how to tune to it through our soul, as we are weaker, it will feed us. This is what a lot of knowledge seekers don't understand and I keep on saying it and they say, "Why do you keep on telling us that. We are not stupid." Because you really don't understood. You have not understood the work of the Universe.

Information about Iran / Faith / Closer to soul / Beginning of Life[66]

Setting up a new world structure

Gift of three Universal Systems for the German language community

There is something which I would like to discuss, as we are setting up different things. In a way thanks to Europeans. As we ask the Germans to return one of the systems, which was them. We ask for a second one. They received the bill for 8.000. We respond the following. The Keshe Foundation Austria as an entity is setting up a clinic with three systems. German speaking who supported us, have to decide. Would you like this system in one place in Austria that you can all use, or you like it to spread across Germany and Austria. This is something I know sits in German community; you give us a small gift back which we gave you as a gift. We are giving you three gifts as it’s the tradition of the wise man of Iran. So if you in your discussions, I know you have in the background, decide as a community, where you want and how you want these three gifts to be shared amongst the German community. Do not forget that you have two clinics opening. There will be many clinics. This is the beginning of a lot of work of different patterns and we are part of all of it. Keshe Foundation stays partner with everything, but as we requested you returned one back, we are giving you three back instead. You gave us a very small thing back, which was out of your sincerity and correct conduct and we are giving you a bigger gift back.[67]

Placement of the units and setting up of the places/centers

I would like to ask the German speaking community to talk amongst each other and let us know how you want this to be set up: For German's to travel across to Austria to receive the beauty of this system, or you want to spread it, or put it one amongst the other centers. We are opening as you know two, three centers in January. And it is important for us to return what we call a gift you gave back to us as we asked you. No you understand when we told you it's obsolete as obsolete. And the other unit which is kept, to ransom can stay. It will be historical thing and I advise many people not to use it, because you understand now the reason for it.

And tell us, how you want it. You German speaking, even in Austria, has to decide, you want to split this three across Germany in other clinics that is out of the foundation, or you want us to collectively put it in one position as part of the center. It still the same way, as it’s the ethos of the foundation that those who can afford, will pay for its use. And those who want to have the pleasures of life with it, is till we can organize it and in that sense we need a number of German doctors who are around the foundation to collaborate with us to run these centers from now on.[68]

Working together / Price of the unit / Building up factories / Creation of jobs and self-sufficient countries

The same goes with Arizona, what we call, health centers, for what we call regeneration centers, that you can go to and we received a lot of inquiries for a lot of you, that we can collect part of it; I know. My good friend Mark House in the Golden Age of GANS is trying to sort out something. If any of you come to a point, Keshe Foundation will support the rest. There is a reason for it and that is part of my believe. When people receive a gift free, we get a position we had with Germany. It becomes a problem position. So you always as I said, when you pay for something you have respect for it and as long as is part of it, the foundation will participate for the rest of it. Many many people like to share and run and they can come with part of the finances. We will keep to our reported condition that it will stay in the 150.000 till January first and then it move up to half a million and then we move it up to 1 million. The reason for this is, to substantially release the factories and the structure we need to build, to support the ethos of the foundation. It's not why we are charging suddenly 150 and 200. We waited; none of you contributed. As I said bunch of, what we call it, those of you who had the first opportunity to sell the foundation in the back, as distributors, they did. So we don't allow any of the distributors to play with us this way: We distribute the wealth amongst all the Knowledge Seekers. So in that way, if you do, we are here to share with you as a foundation. The important thing for us is, to be able to build as many factories, as many what we call positions, that each part of this planet is becoming self-sufficient in food and everything else, in agriculture and health. The thing is, we have to create Jobs that man does not get bored and playing these games is like playing, what I call the structure of keeping people busy.[69]

Redirecting soldiers, staff from arm companies and all around to new jobs

And when you close all this arm factories and you close all this military bases and we have no more soldiers, what we gonna do with billion soldiers and arm manufacturing companies. We have setup, we have a job, find a job otherwise, or we put him into a spaceship and send him into the space. And then it'll become a problem of the others in space unless we change their souls too.[70]

Bringing peace between two nations IRAN/USA

The understanding is, those of you, because we getting many inquiries, that, how can I get help. Can I use the system? These systems will be in operation in January. First, at the same time simultaneously in the beautiful city of Tehran and in Arizona. I made a commitment and I bring peace between two nations and this is part of my work and in that way we, as I said to the Iranian officials in the embassy, "listen Mr Keshe, if the Iranian scientists go to America, they won't come back. So we better do it in Iran that we keep them and at least become balanced with everything else.”[71]

Working with knowledge seekers together / Setting up of centers / Sharing the knowledge

So to the wishes of my government, we keep the same way and we take the beauty of the knowledge back to where it came from and in so many ways, if you want to have access, or to share, or to be partner; come up with it, we put bunch of. You don't need to go somewhere else, we are trying to. We make groups which each section whatever and foundation become part of it. We become part of your work and we will see how we can support you and how we can build it. Coming with "we want to, we have 5.e000, 10.000..." does not work, because everything has at this moment of time to be paid to be set up and you stay in charge of running these things. The people you appoint. We are there to make sure it's done and the knowledge is spread, because it's not just buying these systems. It's knowing how you manage your cases, how you advise, how you run systems and it comes by one, what we set up as a central and what we call medical center worldwide, that all the doctors and all the scientists, people who use this technology, in their what we call the centers, have a central position. They can go back to very immediately. 24 hours a day man, with top doctors and scientists, that they can support you. And these things will not come in an easy way. It needs to be set up. We are setting up a new world structure. Sharing knowledge, respecting knowledge and at the same time, understanding the application of the knowledge. Arizona will be set up very much like a spaceship structure and you will understand how, that was the wishes of Arizona, who came up with the suggestion and we supported because it can bring a lot of things.[72]

Changing the position of governments / conferences

And at the same time we work to change position of governments. In our meeting with different governments in the different conferences in the coming time, we are targeting governments directly and we are negotiating with ministers and ambassadors to build the next step. We have a team in the background and that's their job to do.[73]

We are putting right to be able to do what we came here for

And in a way we waited for 10 years for you to donate the foundation to become enough to do everything. You did not do so we set a condition that we donate to ourselves to be able to do what we came here to do. If you say the machine is so expensive, we gave you a generator free, you abused it, you never saw the beauty of it and you blame that's one wrong Magrav. But one day when I show you, how the Magravs work, you say, "Oh my god", but that's your problem, not mine. So, we hear a lot of people, complains and 150.000, now half a million... You abused us! We are putting it right to be able to do what we came for. We don't make temples and churches, but we make a condition to create peace by the effort of the man.[74]

Every one of us is the Keshe Foundation / Working together / Solutions

These centers, these factories will run by you, for you all, out of the planet and what the rest of humanity to make sure it doesn't become a handout, because we all need a hand to get out of the situation. If you want to you can put, you put what you say, "I have so much to put" and another person comes "I have so much to put"; we put you together and this is what we see: "The patch fits". One, or five, or ten of you, foundation puts a part of it and you become part of and you can help yourself maybe, because you are putting it in, or it becomes part of helping the others, but any incomes from it becomes your income, as it under the structure of the foundation work. We have a lot of people who would like to do something and be part of it and I see, what we call Mark is doing a lot of work. Divert it and send it all back to the foundation, we have a solution, we've already done this agreement with a number of groups.[75]

Keshe Foundation supports

Those of who came to me and "I can pay for one full unit", we tell them let's do for three. The foundation will put one third in. We support it, we take part of it and that way we create a solid base. Health centers with three, five, ten units and we structure it the way it should be, to be a place that you see the new technology and in a way it is a way it has to be. So those of you who are asking for, "can we use this, can we have, become", you have, you don't need any more no middle man, no distributors. Write to the foundation, put the case exactly to the foundation and we put your teams, your people together. Somebody has got so much; somebody has so much, this is the package, this is what you have together, what you want to do, where you want it. Unless you invest for personal interest, that is different.[76]

Orders and deliveries of the UBESU 2020 / We set up to change the structure

After January we will go into March, April and May deliveries. The orders will stack up, that we cannot. We have a certain production limits of, that we have to meet and we try to keep, to run about 1000 to 2000 a week by mid-summer. And what we see, orders from the other structures coming in, will keep us busy that it gives the Foundation that it brings us, what we want. We are not short of orders, we are in a way understanding how we can distribute it that is everywhere that everybody can benefit by it, but you have to pay this time to structure it how you want it. It's not a Magrav you can use at home. It's a system you put it out for humanity to use it. You have to have that kind of understanding. Now you see how we use the structure and the technology, to bring mankind to work collectively for the betterment of not just themselves, but another charity. We set up to change the structure.

You will have two centers, at the moment what we see possible, in Canada. The Arizona center, there are a lot of Americans who would like to do something. Go directly to the mother. Don't talk to half way. Write us. We respond back to you. We put it together.[77]

Set up to help all of you / No middle men anymore

We have a small outstanding of the, what we call refunds, which is created out of, betrayed of Italy. We will cover it in the next few days, the next couple of weeks and that will become a lot of history, but you learn, how a bunch of thieves have created this position. It's good to know, that you understand it's not the problem of the foundation. It's the problem of those who betray the foundation and you will see how will go and it will be very interesting, how it was set up, to help all of you and you are there to help yourselves with the others. No more middle man. Middle men have betrayed. Those who gave them the bread line. And my wish is very simple. With them, they don't understand and then let them be paid by those who laugh. They will understand very soon what they have done, because they hurt those who are in love with the foundation. [inaudible]


Questions and Answers

Ricardo: Was Mr Keshe influenced by Sufi?

(MK) I know nothing about Sufis. I have seen one dancing. That's all I know. Actually I have a cousin who is a Sufi. (RC) You mentioned something about Sufis one time. (MK) I understand the Sufism, but I have no connection with it.[79]

The scientific reason behind / Connection between soul of man and soul of physicality

Sufism is the rhythm of physicality with the line of thoughts. In Judaism you rock and with it you put the soul of the man, if you see it like a pendulum, you rock you head. Have you seen the Jews how they rock themselves? There is a scientific reason for it.

The two fields of the soul of the man, the soul of physicality cross each other. So they continuously release energy. It's like an addiction and put in that position. Sufism is centralizing the emotion and the soul, the physicality, the soul of physicality and the soul of the man in line, if you understand it. And in so many ways you have one straight line. It's like a volcanic eruption and you reach a different level of understanding and connection between the soul of the man and the physicality of the man.

(RC) Would that be a way, getting closer to the source, I might say?

(MK) No, it's clears the point to getting the higher level, but still has certain dimensions. You see with the drugs, you touch the physical coordination of the brain. Electron side. With religion you are supposed to interact between, or connect between the soul of physicality and the soul of the man, but all religions have abused the soul of physicality. Punishment of physicality and the rest. I a way we moved up to the soul of the man and that is what you create with the same situation as what I say, with the position changing of you own conduct.

If somebody goes out to damage you, or has done a damage or whatever, you move into a position to protect yourself from the damages. It allows and creates a new position for the soul and this has to be understood. This is what you will face in the open spans of the Universe.

Man has to understand the position of the two, because when you go into the depths of the Universe, is you who decide the position of the soul of the physicality through the strength of the soul of the man. It's like the proton and electron. The electron comes inside the proton to make a neutron and then the neutron decides in what position the electron is going to be and what facilities does it make. Is it just one electron positioning with one proton, that become a hydrogen or it's the same neutron, but this time the electron has to see it in the outer fourth ring, or whatever ring, but it still has the same connection to the same neutron.

How weak am I going to make it that it brings the totality in coordination of existence? If you look, what you call it, mythology of the physics, one Hydrogen and one, what we call it, atom with one electron and one proton is the same Hydrogen as a neutron and one electron and proton in Plutonium. But why does an electron of one neutron moves so far out away and one stays so close? What is the purpose? How do they adjust themselves? How do they accept position? And this is what mankind has to understand. Which part of the cluster am I, to serve the totality?[80]

Gerard: Is it correct to say the medical unit is in fact nothing more than an applied physical filter for the soul in the conversion from plasmatic to the matter state?

(MK) No, is the reverse. We try to get your soul moved. You had enough with physicality. What did you do with it for billions of years? You created more problems for yourself. People who go in these systems will come up different man. You will understand.

(RC) Through moving from the matter state to the plasmatic state, right? Rather than the …

(MK) It's the elevation of the soul of the man.[81]

Carolina: When we separate from our, what you call the cage as the body of the man, the soul knows, where it's positioning itself. Yes? (MK) Yeah. (CdR) What you are teaching us is that, to travel together with the soul and the physicality of the man.

(MK): No. I teach you, or part of the teaching is to understand: You have now a choice of time, place, position and physicality and this is the freedom which man never had and those in the name of religion who never understood abused it. We will see in the coming time the collapse of all present religions. Very, very shortly. And then in that process many people lose their, what they call "CenterPoint", point of focus, it's not there. What we gonna do? Very much what the state of Austria went through in 2004 and 2005. And the nation has not recovered from it. It never recovers from it. Where the people found out that the priest have abused every child, more or less, in the church. And they used to have 93, 95% attendees of the nation in every Sunday church and they dropped to three percent. And those three percent are those who are hoping that there will be one day they find out a way of this mess. People become wise to it and we see 10, 15 years down the line church has not recovered, because now they know the truth and we see more and more of it coming up around the world, the abuses. And this is the abuse of the children. Very soon people understand, the church has abused their souls and their physicality. That's where the mayhem comes. That's where they burn the churches and mosques the rest down, because the job of these people was to elevate their souls. Not to steal from their souls. It's very much with the stock holding in America with the Mark Ray. The same thing with those who have been in Italy. The balance will come very direct through their own operation. I don't need to do anything. I just know how the system works and I put it in action.[82]

Carolina: So the freedom of man will come, when they start understanding to work as one humanity in a peaceful manner. That is where you referring to. Then they can operate in the Universe more freely.

(MK) In a way, you have to understand, when the man works, when the man elevates, as a soul of the man at totality, then you understand, when the man goes on to the moon, the soul of the man goes to the Mars, then he know he is that electron from the totality and he cannot do wrong, because then he damages or changes the position of totality. What I do wrong, or I do something in a wrong way, as a soul of, or the representative of the man in this point, will damage all those souls back on Earth. This is what it is about. Understanding that the damages just a positioning it. They have to find a new position and we cannot say how much souls have all purpose to move and change for one mistake. Because it's the way it is. You take, you put a thousand magnets on the table and you pick the smallest one on it; you see all of the man. This is what man has to understand. This is what's the message of the messenger.[83]

Carolina: Now another question Mr Keshe. All the souls that have already separated from the physicality as soul; you explain to us that they already know the totality of the Universe and the understanding of the Universe. Is it, when man goes to exploration in the physicality to prevent them from doing wrong, when they, let's say land on Planet Moon, or somewhere else in the Universe, that they always regard that they have to have the correct conduct towards from where they came from. No matter where [inaudible].

(MK) ... and to where they are. Both!

(CdR) Yes, yes, vice versa, but isn't that how it can be explained that how this planet was created, because you say it's crippled, to prevent that way of creation?

(MK) In exactly that's what it's supposed to do. Put it this way. This solar system is a misfit and you to its own position and strength and a misfit has created misfit children and that misfit children has created misfit grandchildren, which is mankind. That's all it is. We have a beautiful say in Farsi. We say, if you put foundation, brick of foundation wrong; does not matter; the whole building as you build on it will go in the wrong way because the foundation is wrong.

As I said before, I put examples of what it is. Write about the history of the life of the children and grandchildren and if goes to grandchildren of red circle and see their position what will happen to them. Because mankind has learned by reference and these will become very much like what we say the guy, when Christ says he will deny me three times by morning and then those who put him on the cross. See what happened to them. They have to live with it within their souls. Does not matter what they write in the pan.[84]

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