103rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop

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103rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 3rd 2016

Topics: Emotions controlling devices, levitation, children's abuse, threatened scientists will be protected by the Keshe Foundation, helmet on a brain tumor, spaceship private teachings released Content summary and timing: 


Timing and content

00:02:17 Peace Video

00:06:42 Rick's introduction

00:07:29 MK: Two years of teaching, governments supporting the Kf, spaceship is being tested 

00:18:17 Group discussion: entering a different realm of experience star ship reactors, fields are generated by these devices, glowing fields, interaction with emotions, interacting with device and environment, sensing fields, alteration of perceptions, feeling the fields of others more clearly, knowing the person in the fields, seeing real emotions from others, instant communication without speaking, walls turning transparent, just by wanting a banana it can be tasted and felt someone levitated with a Magrav in the area, group levitation experiment is being worked on 

00:36:29 Developing spaceship, controlling it with emotions, testing will be open to everyone, China meeting, meetings coming up across the world, pedophile news, red circle, where are the children buried?, arrests, threatened scientists get in touch with security@keshefoundation.org, message to President Obama 

01:22:53 Map of Kf in Germany and area, mapping world areas needed, reducing electricity bills in Germany 

01:30:22 Video and picture sharing: Health and food unit plasma tree, how it was produced, cerebral tumor, seizures, how the helmet is used on the tumor 

02:41:18 Pictures from Ghana: Agriculture, corrected water treatment results, water cycle, fluoride in water, water treatment stages, chlorine effects on humans, plasma for drinkable water, using nano-wire and CuO for polluted river water, copper oxide cleans water more effectively, mercury to make gold, seeds 

03:59:27 Doctor in US: potatoes and seeds do well with CO2 GANS water 

04:03:22 Doctor in US working with Ghana doctors, GANS, seeds restoring back to original 

04:11:14 Doctor from Ghana: Joint companies, retesting and gathering information, feeding plants in pipes, setting up experiments

04:21:07 Picture of a pipeline project for watering plants

04:28:30 Ghana: Organizing people for the spaceship technology 

04:30:38 Space technology, communicating in space, plasma creating its own surface, producing food and water with plasma, universal language

04:45:37 Spaceship program private teaching released from March 2, 2016: Emotions of man, separation emotions, body radiates non-verbal communication, controlling reactors with emotion, human physicality will change, plasma balls

06:58:28 Another spaceship teaching released: Plasma, you are the plasma, emotions, cup of life

07:28:33 Picture of a reactor, suggestions on how to improve it, unit shaking/moving

07:37:01 End