312th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Jan 23 2020

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Virus Blueprint Day, Corona Virus (2019-nCoV)


Transcription made from the Soul and Heart by the

Universal Council Support Members and Transcriber Team.

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(MK) - Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

(RC) - Rick Crammond



Welcome everyone. Welcome to the 312th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday January 23rd 2020. This is a broadcast of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute Education Department and part of the Public Teachings in English. My name is Rick Crammond. I'll be one of the hosts tonight, along with today in other parts of the world, along with Flint Muhlhausen and we have Mr Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation ready to go once again for another Knowledge Seekers Workshop. Hello Mr Keshe. Are you ready to begin today?[1]

China Corona Virus introduction

Yes, good morning to you as usual wherever and whenever you listen to the series of Knowledge Seekers Program and today as usual as it's our 312 program, we will share knowledge in the way that all of us can benefit by it and somewhere down the line sometimes someone will benefit by it according to their needs. Today's program is very special. We have announced in China across the Chinese or, what we call Keshe Foundation and the Keshe supporters and the universities and the government, that this teaching today in round about an hour, an hour and a half, into the program will become what we call Chinese Influenza Blueprint which means we teach the Chinese people the Chinese authorities, how fast they can reverse this, what we call mayhem has been created in China. As you know we have handled the African Swine Fever which is a double strand, but this one is a single strand. It's much easier to handle, effects are immediate and in so many ways I know many Chinese and Keshe Foundations are listening in the background. As has been tradition Keshe Foundation will open all its assets to the Chinese nation, which means all the productions and all the facilities of Keshe Foundation and Knowledge Seekers will become assets of the Chinese nation. We're going to this in more detail and as we said, we have reserves. We can support one million sick people in China and by the end of next week after the holidays, we can increase our support to 10 million Chinese. those who are affected and those who might be affected this is a single-strand virus and control of it is much, much easier than the African pig and we have seen some results in the past 24 hours, 48 hours. We will make sure that the, what we call the knowledge and the facilities of Keshe Foundation in China opens up to the public. Chinese universities, Chinese authorities, all have been informed and many people will be online. We'll start in around about an hour and we go through this process. It's good for the rest of the Keshe Foundation supports around the world. We heard that the flu has appeared in Brazil as they are reporting. We know Chinese is a season of traveling. It's their holidays. So they'll be carrying this virus right across this planet. Every one of us is vulnerable. Especially if you fly through airports and we cannot ban the Chinese not to travel, but we welcome them, but we have to be prepared to support the nation in time of need. This is the responsibilities of Keshe Foundation supporters worldwide. You have access to all the GANSes. This is a serious matter. Estimated 10 to 20 million people can be affected already. It has 12 days incubation time and you can see how bad the situation can get. It's become extremely serious in China. Has become a worrying condition for the Chinese authorities and we are responding to the needs of the nation in respect to the Keshe foundation as One Nation, One Planet, One Race.[2]

Going ahead with the teachings / New devices will be released

On the other hand as usual we go up further into the teaching till we get to that point, when we receive a message from our people in China that everything is set up and is ready to go. In that process we will instruct and we will inform the Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers in how to handle, how to apply and how to what we call prevent, or if you are infected to be looked after properly that you can overcome the virus. On the other hand, as we are going ahead with the teaching of usual pattern we work, the Keshe Foundation as you know, we become instrumental in many ways in different applications and implications around the world. For this reason we asked a lot of Knowledge Seekers to be prepared for the next step development and as we said in February we'll release the CO2 Capture Systems as a commercial unit and then as an Agricultural Unit and then as a Water Purification and what we call for Animal Care. This unit will be displayed hopefully before end of February and it will go on sale in the next two to three weeks. Immediately after the Chinese new year comes to an end.[3]

Iranian channel teachings

There is a part of the teaching which convey the message in the Iranian channel teachings which I think it should be shared worldwide. It opens up a new dimension or brings out the totality of the knowledge in what we have shared before and in so many ways we share this knowledge, because it is important to be understood.

Following the situation with Iran in Iraq a new structure and understanding is needed by the Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers to understand, how the totality of the knowledge has to be understood and be shared. In the teaching, in Iranian teaching I'll try to go into more depth with this and in so many ways it's important for all of us to understand this,

(RC) I think we're just about down here as Mr Keshe. There's only one more panel here. You want to go through this?

(MK) Yes, carry on.

(RC) Okay. It's about the most well-known coronaviruses what they have in common and how they differ. We have,... I guess it's best for people just to look at the table. It's listed under four different types of coronavirus with their origins, the transmission, the cases and the current status. Would you like me to read that Mr Keshe?

(MK) No, no it's okay. We can see it. It's a conclusion of the whole things about. Have we finished?

(RC) Yes that's it. Thank you.[4]

Explanation & drawing

Understanding the Inertia flight system

(MK) It's important for all of us to understand this now that we have to come to this conjunction, where we start understanding the totality of the knowledge. In the past years, we have thought about the gas reactors which was developed in Iran and further developed in Europe. Then we introduced you to the GANS technology and then we came across the other states of the plasma in production of the materials, and how things are created. In the knowledge and the science of the Keshe Foundation, we have covered three levels: one level into our understanding, is what we call Gravity and Magnetical field. There is another one, what we call Inertia plus Gravity plus Magnetical field. And then we have one is what we call Inertia. This is part of the teaching which has to be clarified, especially now that we're going into this space level – understanding of this place technology in a very simple way. What does Inertia alone means?

Inertia flight system is very simple. What does this mean? It means we use the matter states equipments or materials to achieve what we called levitation. It is not possible, extremely difficult to be able to fly across through a space to another destination by Inertia. It is possible, some races have tested it, but it is extremely – eating food by turning your hand on your head as we call it. What does this mean? Flight by Inertia is when we use matter states dynamic systems or understanding of it to create flights. We've seen this one with American military in test in 1975 where they managed to create a series of dynamic rotating magnets at the highest speed and in conjunction and position of different magnets, they managed to create a flight in respect to solid state position of other magnets or rotating opposite to each other.

We achieve levitation, there is a limitation in height, but the energy put in to achieve is beyond the energy and what it can be done outside, so we have seen this done by other groups being achieved to even lift to a few meters and then coming back to position, they cannot reach travel very high. This is what we call the dynamic motors ,in a way it's dynamic and the system can fly parallel to earth, more or less, within the space gap. What does this mean? It means we cannot go high, we cannot travel between the, what we call planetary system. But we can work within the structure of understanding the totality of our work, in the way that we can extend the work and the knowledge to the level that we can allow us to do simple things, simple flight system, simple understanding of the whole process. But then this creates a condition for us that we have the limitation of the planet Earth, we have the limitation of what we call restriction to move.

Creating interaction with this level can lead or maybe allow us to go maybe a little bit in a combination of Inertia, and what we call Magnetic Gravitational field forces. So Inertia Magnetic Gravitational field forces are matter state condition. On the other hand, we need to be able to understand furthermore , this is for objects for moving cars, this is for understanding the totality of the system that allows us to be able to operate within cities, cars maybe, as we see in so many ways, with electronic connections and electrical powers, to be able to run trains.[5]

Gravitational Magnetic fuel system with Inertia

The next step which is what we call Gravitational Magnetic fuel system with Inertia, is what we know as GANSes. What this means? It means we use a combination of the Gravity and Inertia and Magnetic field in understanding of the interaction of the two parts together, to give us what we see as a GANS. We have a system which has Gravity and Magnetical field as a condition of a plasma, but in conjunction with Inertia, manifests itself as GANS. That's why for the first time you can see energy packages, but they have no, what we call, dimension and in so many ways, they are very much, very much connected to life. Inertial Gravitational Magnetic field is what we call human body, in interaction of the energy with Inertia not becoming into the matter state, gives an intermediary state, what we’ve known as GANS.

Energy packs, in condition of, what we call, the interaction of the fields of the plasma with Inertia or matter state of the planet. In this process, a new understanding. The total comprehension of the science is needed by the world of science to be able to share the totality of the knowledge between Inertia and what we call small Gravitational Magnetic field elements of the plasma of the matter and it manifests itself in the GANS state. These we have shown we can create and use their fields in the dynamic cores where, what we call, we see we create fields for body enhancement, we create fields for agriculture. We water the plants with the energy transfer in the matter state Inertia, we use it for all sorts of application which we have seen for past years.[6]

Gravitational Magnetic field system

Then we have systems which are entirely and totally are , what we call Gravitational Magnetic field system. These are the flight system. These are, what we call, we saw with the Iranian flight system , creation of vast areas to cover, vast dimensions and creation of a single cell collective matter state movement. A planet is this. It creates Gravity and Magnetic field, and in that process of dynamic condition, it creates and holds on and creates a field of protection for itself. Planetary system is one of them. So, if we understood the three different position of the creation and interaction of the fields in matter state, matter state and plasma state, and the plasma itself, man has entered a new dimension in the world of science and understanding of totality.

Americans and some scientists 90s, or 1970s and 1960s, managed to get there. You as Know Seekers in the past five years have managed to get to here. The Iranian space program and Keshe Foundation space program has laid the claim onto this part. But in that process, if you understand the totality, you can amalgamate and create a condition that all three can exist within each other very much as we see on this planet, the human race, animals, the plants exist as an Inertial of Gravitational Magnetic field of the plasma as one unit, as combination, or when the fields are singularity, we see the stone iron and copper and the rest. Or when we see the dimension of the interaction a dynamic system, a planetary system – the flight system – you call it UFO’s, you call it the spaceships, you call it Earth, Moon – is the same.

The comprehension of this is needed in the next ways as we enter the March meeting in Iran in respect to the space technology. So when we travel the depth of the space, when we travel across this universe, now we have to understand the totality of this knowledge. Which is which and where we need what and how we extend this knowledge, this ultimate goal of life in depth of the space in the security of the Gravitational Magnetic fields – both Gravity and shielding and at the same time to be able to create materials that, once we need. if the dimension of Inertia and Gravitational Magnetic field created. I go to Planet Zeus, but I would like to have what we call the chair on planet Earth because I’ve been there, I had experience of it, but on planet Zeus, I’m 4 meters to 10 meters tall but on earth I’m this so on planet Zeus I have to make myself a giant chair that I can sit, I don't need to sit on the ground. So we carry the knowledge, we see how conditions are, it depends on what we need to produce. I get to Moon I know I can create water but I need the matter of Inertia in the loose field of the Gravity, but the strength of the Magnetical to be liquid. And then you understand the knowledge of the man has to enter a total and full understanding of the knowledge of the universe. Would humanity, would mankind enter a totality of understanding of everything or would we in the process of understanding, create a new dimension for us to be able to share knowledge in the depth of universe.[7]

Explanation & drawing

What happened on the ground in Iraq?

What we have seen in the past two weeks, many, many people have asked me one question. Can you explain what happened on the ground in Iraq and in respect to the Iranian forces and American forces and what led the American general to stand in front of the what we call group of journalists, literally observing their physical shaking in their skin and we listened to the lie of a president in not telling his nation the total truth. What happened in Iraq? What happened with the forces, American forces and Iranian forces, that has led us to peace? Obsoleting the old, bringing a new dimension but in understanding the totality of the field forces of the universe, in understanding implication and application of the totality of the knowledge. Let me explain to you in a simple way what happened in Iraq last week , two weeks ago. This is for Iranian government officials to take further.

(draws on board) This is the American base. Let's bring it in the middle. This is the American base with what we call European partners. We saw this work with drone. We saw this work used by the Russians on American ship. What the Iranians did, very simple – placed a system which created the dome which isolated any communication in and out. As they created a barrier, then in so many ways, the American army was at the mercy of another force. The American forces, drones, satellites, Air Force, ground force cannot penetrate, could not even see or communicate with the base to know what is the fate of the people in this position. In so many ways if you understand this is the base, and in so many ways this is the dome, and in so many ways, how do you want us to do? For 10 minutes, the barrier was kept and everything possible was raining upon that no man will fight again.

We explained the same situation with the drone, if you remember, some years ago. We explained the same thing what happened where the ship, in what we call European waters. So what Iran need has literally paralyzed the communication, the defense technology of one of the most advanced nations in the world. My objection to it which I objected strongly, was not to do what they did in destroying the base but in so many ways the Iranian [inaudible]. Maybe that brought the message that no one is immune. What we see in the international arena is very simple. Many, many military contracts are on the table questionable to be signed. If the American forces could not protect their own, what technology are they selling us to protect ourselves? Has Iran brought a new dimension into defense technology and peace technology?[8]

Iran has to be the enforcer of peace

As I said to the Iranian teaching which was directly broadcast to Tehran, is a very simple position. We have no choice but enter peace. Let me explain the next step of what we see and what I advise the Iranian leaders to follow and to be brought to the United Nations table very rapidly. As sanctions has been on Iran for a long time for supplying arms or whatever, to what they claim to with different sectors in Syria or wherever, now that we have this new technology, Iran has to become the enforcer of peace that no nation can ship any arms across the planet. Technologies within reach of Iran is developed by the Iranian scientists which now needs to be applied by what we call the [inaudible] conference. What does this mean? How come Iran was under pressure that if they ship fuel or guns or tanks or food to Syria – it was a criminal offense? From now on, no nation can carry any ships or planes or material from any border which can endanger life or create war. As we say in English what is good for geese is good for the gander , what is good for the female dog is good for her male dog. So what we see is a total ban and enforced by the Iranian new technology of movement of arm by any nations, be it the United States, be it Russia, be it Iran, be it China. This has changed the position of that force, this has changed a new dilemma for the American administration.[9]

Rapid unemployment to follow from winding down of military

If you remember when we entered the peace talks, when we called the Iranian negotiations 5 +1 to the conclusion the last week's, I made a speech to the Senate that I want to know which member of Senate would object to creation of five to fifteen million jobs by signing of the peace treaty and contract with Iran which then he went through the Senate. Now the reality comes home, that as the American government military apparatus cannot export cannot sell as the Iranians cannot as the Russians and the Chinese any more tools of war across borders, what happens to billions of millions of dollars income from the military and the jobs in United State. This forces a new position for the American government. We will see as I said last week rapid unemployment's in all state, especially state of California. This brings us to one point: we bring conditional peace across all the nations through the development of technology, deployment of the Keshe foundation plasma technology on a Gravitational Magentical condition and then we have to use the condition of Inertia and in Gravitational Magnetic field as plasma feed forces to be able to create food, and in so many ways, energy for the number of Americans which for unemployed and have no food. no money to feed their family in the nation. This is not a dream this is reality.[10]

Develop new technologies that secures national food security for America

The European nations and the American nation in a very rapid way and achievements reached an agreement is reached between all the nations – how to divert these talents in these companies which they're making tool of arms and they're not and cannot ship into a new application of what we call new technologies. My solution is very easy. Keshe Foundation has put position for a massive, what we call, structure in the state of Arizona and we remind American advanced technologies to join us with the Iranian scientists at this site to develop new technologies that secures national food security for America as doesn't matter what amount of food you have, you cannot go any further with all these mass murderers killings and in so many ways in the past trend.[11]

American administration has one choice: Enter world peace or shake like a leaf

(MK adjusts microphone)

In this process, what we advise to the American government is very simple , speak to the Iranian government, speak to the Keshe foundation US and start organizing for the mass unemployment which will hit your nation. It is very simple. I was talking to couple of military leaders in the past week and they said Mr. Keshe there is a big problem we have no more defense if Iran militarizes this and applies it to all the neighboring nations we have nothing to defend there is no option is left but enter peace talks with our neighbors that we do not spend the money we don't have to spend. The situation of two weeks ago, an application of its technology literally has brought a new dimension into the world peace and the conditions which you have created and we are they're responsible to respond to. My advice to the American administration His Excellency President Trump is one thing: We invite you to Tehran for March meeting and in that conference is better for you to come with the end of sanctions on your nation to come not on the rest of the world, sanctions on selling arms, sanctions on creating Wars and peace treaty that allows all the nations to enjoy the new technology. We do not expect much but we know we can deliver much. In so many ways American administration has one choice: enter world peace or shake like a leaf and be so with the generals in front of the world's media.

This doesn't come out of the arrogance this comes out of, so many ways, delivery of the technology we set out to Iran some 12 years ago. My message to the White House is very simple: no one surrenders but we surrender to peace. No one becomes the winner – except peace for humanity. And as a leading Iranian nuclear physicist, and so many ways, tool for peace – we open our operations in Arizona as we did were expanding further in allowing the direct joint collaboration with the Iranian scientists, Americans and the rest of the world, that we set out a new way, a new law, a new peace condition. I request from the Iranian government and officials in Tehran – extend this knowledge to the beyond borders of Iran that no nation can sell tools of war to kill no child, to kill no fathers. The point of changing has come and has come through the technology and science and not the arrogance of guns.[12]

New technologies released to bring man to peace

As I said we increase the pressure on all nations to head for peace and in the coming weeks we will release systems for mass production of many, many tools, creation of blood, extraction of the co2, creation of new systems household level to feed nations and people without relying on grain and food. These will head us to one direction: we’re preparing mankind for the depth of the space. The classroom has started, and in so many ways, as we see, KFSSI has entered its research groups ,I've seen some 20, 21 groups have been set up in research. Joining these groups to develop new technologies that in the coming weeks and months, becomes benefit to the human race and in so many ways, teaches us more to do. On the other hand, the question for all of us is very simple: what do we do with the knowledge we gained and what do we expect from our leaders to lead us to?

I have one message for the world leaders. The warmongering is over. Invest in the new technology or space development, feeding your nations and the Keshe foundation releases so much technologies that, in so many ways, feeding your nationals becomes a pleasure to be part of. As I said, we have shown the Gravitational Magnetic field system which belongs and is developed now by the Iranian nation, by the Iranian scientists. Was developed in Tehran in 2008, and in so many ways, we brought the knowledge of the Inertial and Gravitational Magnetic field international in to all of you as GANS. So we need to put these together and on the other hand, as we already know the knowledge of the matter state, mankind is ready to be taken into the space with the security of understanding the total structure of the, what we call, universal order.

(MK draws on board)

If you would like to understand it in different way, this is the principle, this is the transition and this is a matter state. We know this by the books and by the articles which has been released. In so many ways do we need to create more tools to become faster to reach the depth of the space – that depends on the dialogue of what we call our religious leaders, our political leaders and primarily by our soul. In the coming weeks as we release the new systems, as we expand in the knowledge, then we will see the totality and then we'll see the next step in the creation of the knowledge and technology which will allow our nation's and our governments to take the new step. We said ,, as one of our friends said in one of the teachings – show me. The time of show me is over. You show us how you can help us to go further. Is not for us to show you how we go, we advance for you to take the pleasure.

In the coming weeks we’ll increase the pressure in such a way on the government's with showing a new and totally radical what we call space technology on the Keshe Foundation. This technology will make the present Iranian space technology obsolete. This technology will bring the totality of all the balances of the forces together. We left the knowledge of the shielding to the Iranians for years. We brought the knowledge of the GANS to Knowledge Seekers for years and mankind himself on his own understood the Inertia. The new system which will be developed and released by the Iranian conference - it will be very clear will be a unit which will be like the universe – will have Gravity – will allow to create life, and at the same time, if the life depends on the matter state, will be so. It is a radical change and as I said world leaders have two choices: to lead us to peace or we lead them to no office. Which means the world leaders have to, as new Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers, in so many ways, few years ago, with an attack that we gave the knowledge to the governments and not to you. Now we give the knowledge to you and not to the governments because they didn't listen. Now you and the governments will bring a new life what we call the new spaceship program in a very simple way.[13]

Demonstration of a new flight system in Iran

(MK draws on board)

In the coming system, in the enhancement unit, we will mix a Gravitational Magnetic field system. We mix Inertia and Gravitational Magnetic field system and will bring in the matter state Inertia. Collective of what you need to live in space and this knowledge of the Gravitational Magnetic field system, we will demonstrate a new flight system which will be in what we call developed with an enhancement system. The technology has been developed and in due course, will be shown. We hope to be able to demonstrate this in Teheran conference. As I said knowledge is free but has to be free in the hand of the man of peace and in that process, Keshe Foundation knowledge seekers have reached that state that we can enforce peace through knowledge and in so many ways, we have to understand that the new structure, the new world structure has to be based on understanding of the totality of the work of the universe and not just man's decision to do what he likes when he likes and in that process we will bring in new orders, a new condition.[14]

Virus Blueprint Day

We're waiting for our Chinese team to be ready in Beijing and then we translate and we convert into the what we call the flu system in China. We're waiting – the Chinese teams are on the background waiting to start this process. The European American team of the Keshe Foundation have put the introduction to this virus ready to start, once our team are ready to go and we'll go further with it.

(RC) Mr. Keshe I see that Ruthie is here if you wanted to

(MK) Yes I see her in the background she's just arrived in Beijing. Can you open it up? Ruthie, can you hear us?

(Ruthie) Yes mr Keshe, I’m here.

(MK) Can you start translation for the Chinese Community?

(Ruthie) Yes I already start translation for about like 10 minutes or 20 minutes.

(MK) Okay we switch at this point to what we call the blueprint for influenza to the Chinese nation and you'll understand furthermore in what process we can go ahead. Rick would you like to enlighten us with what was done by Ella head of Keshe Foundation in the background, that we understand this virus, we understand what the Chinese comes in all of us now the Chinese traveling across this planet, has brought us as a gift – but in the way this is very much like what we saw in situation with Iran. It is a gift which unite us even though it looks so bad. We would like to start the Virus Blueprint Day. This is what is the headache and a problem in China for the Chinese government and Chinese nation. They are splitting and spraying all the cities affected with all sorts of chemicals to prevent it, to control it, and the Knowledge Seekers of the Keshe Foundation China – it's your responsibility with the knowledge you carry to be able to bring all the materials you have freely at no charge and no cost to your nation. Any of the Keshe Foundation supporters who tries to make benefit at this point for selling the products or the process which is introduced you have to deal with your soul. Doesn't matter how you produce, what you produce. The what we call the production of the materials of the Keshe Foundation and our process in the factory is at disposal of the Chinese nation. What this means as much as the Keshe foundation team can produce will be given freely to the Chinese nation for them to protect themselves. At the moment yesterday, 17 people have died in China and many more are affected and infected. It’s the Chinese New Year and this is a gift from Keshe Foundation to the Chinese nation – through its Knowledge Seekers. We understand what we call the disease. Then we understand how we handled a much stronger disease in pigs and we understand how simple the application of this virus will be. As I said everything comes together. In so many ways, we read in peacetime conference understanding of totality of working of all the Keshe Foundation together and in so many ways, breaking all the taboos about the knowledge and understanding of the totality of the knowledge to help humanity as the viruses are the only things that will destroy man in space and this is a very good exercise, this is an amazing exercise for all of us to understand and to bring a position of what we call peace for ourselves.[15]

This is a test run for humanity before we go to space

This is a test run for humanity before we go to space. This is a real test run. We are hit in the space with massive viruses. How are we going to handle it? This is it. Now it’s hit the nation of China. How are we going to be, will hit one of our spaceships? How are we going to protect ourselves that all of us in the space are protected? We are in the spaceship in depth of the space and we get hit by virus, energy attached to the, what we call amino acid. We are on a spaceship called earth and we are attacked by it. We saw this virus in different form few years ago, killed many, brought mayhem to the Chinese nation and now there is a lot of rumors in China which has some support this virus was deliberately introduced to create mayhem by the Chinese New Year, to create political instability. Does not matter – Keshe Foundation is there. We teach the Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers to be able to support the Chinese community, your families and yourselves. The process is very simple we do not claim medical application , we claim environmental cleanup, that in the process of cleaning the environment, the totality of the process becomes inevitable for all of us to use. Rick would you like to start?

(MK adjusts his microphone) If you could explain to us , I ask the head of the Keshe Foundation Ella in the background who put these things together with Rick together to explain us the science behind this virus.[16]

Rick prepares to read the document

(RC) Right. Well we have a document that I've gotten from Ella and we can have a look at that , I think that's what you mean and let me get it up here in just a second. So we have the same graphic to start off here as we seen before. Virus Blueprint Day Corona Virus and there's a table of contents here and as we go through, part of this is quotes from your previous teachings about viruses Mr. Keshe and I'm not sure if you want me to read that or just to scroll through or how we'd like to treat that. I'm not hearing you Mr. Keshe. Flint wants me to zoom in I'll see if I can do that. Would you like me to read this Mr. Keshe? Sorry I'm not hearing you something's happened here.

(Ella) For this first part maybe we can give a reference to the article that was written on viruses. It's better explained on how the viruses are approached in the current medical world and what are the viruses from our point of view as energy packages. So we can post the article which was already published in Keshe Plasma Times previously and we can jump directly to the Corona Virus, what it is and what is this new strand that appear.

(RC) Okay sounds good. So you can post that in the chat then and we can put that into stream services . Okay so we just skim through that part. So we start with the Virus Blueprint Day Corona Virus and we have viruses and energy packages without physicality; the dangers of deep space travel and that will be all covered with the link that is provided in the chats, and then we get into the current approach in the medical world. Some diagrams how to understand viruses Keshe plasma science and technology and we get down to the actual Corona Virus.

(MK) Rick I think you better read this. Then you can go because a lot of people who don't speak English or read English, it's very hard for them to understand. Could you please go through this, in so many steps. It's a very long – yes please. Because we have to understand it before we can go.[17]

Reading of the document: Virus Blueprint Day Corona Virus

Rick begins reading of document Virus Blueprint Day January 2020 - Coronavirus Wuhan (2019-nCoV)[18]

Transition to the further teaching

(MK) Okay. thank you very much. If we read from the top to the bottom the most important part of this report comes in the last two paragraphs, if you go to the page above. We see in the reports that explains South China Sea Foot City and official societies talking about when the animals are in distress and not in, what we call psychologically in a way happy condition. We've seen this with the viruses and man does itself the same thing where a new transfer, what we call psychosomatic diseases. So we need to understand in fact the totality of the disease and then it gives us and teaches us a lot of things very simply in the last two paragraphs and the rest of what we read above. But to be able to handle viruses we need in a way make a conclusion in summation of the totality. And what does this mean is that in the current form, in the current conditions and how we getting this repetitive cancer, what I call like the tacos or they kill viruses, is very simple. I'm going to share screen whiteboard.[19]

Explanation & drawing

Emotional connections / Breathing Virus / Depleting the Virus

In a scientific way, when we look at the solar system, when we have a Sun and when we have planetary systems, in a world of science of understanding the fields, these fields connect to each other.

In so many ways, but they connect through their strength, magic strength to each other. Does not matter in which way it could be. So what tells us very clearly, these are energy packs which created by motion. These are energy packs which comes from the emotion of animal or humans and interesting enough we transfer it through our breathing, which is the emotional part of the body of the man. We don't see these viruses to attach or attack muscle tissues or whatever else. In so many ways in the present system it's very easy to understand how these viruses can be handled and in a very simple way we can deplete them from it.[20]

Amino acid connection / Common emotional denominator field strength energy level / space

As they say, this virus takes hold and moves in within the structure of a cell, which sits on an amino acid becoming delivering energies, which is not needed and energies, which needs to be consumed till the point of a specific condition and this is very in line with why some people catch this..., the virus and some people don't. Which means those who catch the virus, they all have to have a specific strength common denominator energy level. We can come in touch with, if our amino acid in our nose or in our lungs is not of the strength matching of the virus. We don't catch it. Which means goes back to what we said, the specific strength matching locks into amino acid and this creates this condition and many people have that strength and when the strength of the emotion of the animal matches the strength of the emotion of the man the virus transmits. This is a vital important position for man which travels into space. In so many ways in a space we become home sick. We will get viruses attached to hour emotion of missing home. People get all sorts of these kind of energy packs into our structure and in a space condition we need to understand more. This is where a lot of researchers in the future will come in this level of understanding.[21]

Air and breathing system connected virus

But how can we help and how can we understand to help. In so many ways, if you have a lung which is infected by this material, by this energy, it has to go through the nasal passage or through breathing of the mouth. So these are air amino acid connected diseases or, what we call energy packs.

The most fundamental point for people in China is, what they are trying to do, is to cover their faces with what we see and it's become very common, these face masks. At the same time we see with fever or we see with sneezing and with pneumonia.[22]

Transferring the virus energy field strength out

Technology proper source or proper way to in a way transfer the energy of the virus out of it is in a way to introduce another plasma to it. A GANS state, because it's an energy pack.

You remember the glass of water with the orange and the banana.

In a way when we created and put material around the cup we managed to transfer the energy of the orange or a banana to the cup. We created a condition of energy fields that it could be transferred. Many of you made these cups, you said, "It doesn't taste, I don't feel anything", because there's one vital element, was that the gas, or the copy used, was too clean.[23]

Amino Acids + Zn (emotional part) + Cu (physical part) + CO2 (neuro connection)

There were no amino acid to create the condition of the transfer. So what we learn from this, one of the most fundamental points for a Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers who go out to eliminate this, is existence, presence of amino acid, GANS that you use. You create a condition that the Amino Acid, or the field which is connected to the virus, finds a passage of transfer.

You'll find very rapidly the virus will deplete himself from its energy in the cell. Fever, Pneumonia, Lung infection, will change condition in the body of the man.

So one of the fundamental things you have, is the use of the amino acid on your GANS systems that you can create that link. the other point is that as this is emotional has given us a very clear direction.

It's connected to the amino acid of Zinc and it connects itself to the muscle of what we call the environment of the muscle tissue of the lung and can exist in the muscle, is the presence and application of Copper.

You got to remember that the energy of the virus is more. So the total effect of your GANS, your amino acid has to be weaker than the virus that he can deplete this energy into it that in a way, part of the energy of the virus still in the cell, part of the energy of the virus in amino acid, but none has the strength to carry on and we see rapid reduction in temperature in fever and cleaning of the lungs.

The way we suggest to our Chinese colleagues is very simple. You use these masks to breathe. Make a mixture of amino acid of the Zinc plus CuO and frequently let's play the mask. Either way as you breathe it clears the lung and at the same time depletes, if there is any more link connection to your amino acid. In a way you put a barrier between the one who carries it and your body if is not immune to it or has the same strength by putting the masks. You absorb either way. You deplete it very simple, very effective and in so many ways, in some cases you can use the GANS water of the CuO with Zn to reduce as its emotional you can simply wet your hair or your hand with it, that it depletes the emotional strength from it.

In a way goes back to the ethos of the work of the foundation, as this is from the emotion of the animal is psychosomatic and appears itself in the lung of the man or the. So you need to create a condition that by in a way putting your head, putting your head, with the GANS of Zn and CuO.

You can use a small amount of CO2 for neuro connection and you will find a rapid depletion. You can even use to spray the house. You can spray your hand and make this as water available right across the city. It should take along to, in a way bring the energy of it under control and gradually as the cell multiplication, in GANSes which you create, will reduce the totality. You will find the virus smoothly, more or less eradicated.[24]

Additional Information

Certifications in all belongs

This is how in the space technology of the future we will do this. But you gotta understand this is a man dimension application as of today. In a space we don't have waters. So new technology since been developed that will come into operation in next few months, where we create a condition that as we saw yesterday, Chinese are putting vehicles and street and spraying all sorts of chemicals trying to protect. What the Chinese officials have to do and understand, if you can create a condition of the Amino Acid in your mixture plus some GANSes you'll see effective reduction. The next day or two is the eve of the Chinese New Year and the Chinese Keshe Foundations can give this as a gift to your nation. Produce as much as you can and freely in containers give it to the people to spray their masks, to wash their mouth and even those who are contaminated, you can do it also. We have a very good news for you, the Keshe Foundation has within it's [inaudible] and released documentation to confirm that these materials are non-poisonous and safe. This is (only) when we at the Keshe Foundation produce it in the Keshe Foundation. We are in possession of non-toxicity of this material and of other conditions done within the past few days in China. This is the place, the factories, the productions we have. We have paid a lot of money to confirm it and so we can say from what we have, that it is non-toxic material. The materials that we have tested shows non-poisonous which can be used and at the same time we have certification of the production of the GANS material for this purpose which will endeavor after the Chinese New Year to spread across China in mass production of waters that can give you the support of this material to support the Chinese nation. This is a gift from the Keshe Foundation to the government of China, we have already informed the authorities we have the process.

Keshe Foundation Chinese production systems need to collaborate and to make these available freely across China. Our production team is ready to deliver. There is a restriction to transport liquids within this city which is damaged, or it's on the, what we call the curfew of transportation. We have people who are within the city who have some materials. It's your responsibility to share and deliver this to its citizens.[25]

We will face Viruses created by ourselves

We will face these kind of viruses created by ourselves for our emotional compensation in the depth of the Universe, and we'll attract these kind of energies from the emotion of those we capture. Be it animals or other structures in the life of the Universe. The last 2 paragraphs of the report are the conclusion of the reality of what man has done to other animals, that in return they pass their emotion back to us, but the emotion is so high that we cannot handle it. Now you can imagine what we have done to these creatures of God.[26]

Example Africa Fish / Camels

We have seen this in Africa with the fish, and I am not surprised that they say it's in the fishing ground, or in the fishing city by the sea, and they think it has gone through the fish market. It could be correct, it depends on what the fishermen have done to their fish in the, what we call, development. What have we done to the fish that its emotion has transferred to the cell, the virus to man. It doesn't necessarily mean that it comes from the birds or animals. The same with the Middle East one, what has man done to the camels that he transfers his emotion for man to feel his pain. This is what we have to educate ourselves on, and not to see how it came, but to see how we have caused it. What has been behind us, us as humans. In

Maybe it will be the fish which has brought it to us. Maybe it's the combination of different animals in captivity and so horrendous conditions that this virus is a collective energy of 2 or 3 animals together, what we have done wrong to them that it comes to us.[27]

Explanation & drawing

Infection through the emotional connection between animal and human

With this technology we have to be very open minded and understand the totality and not to be captivated by simplicity just to justify our own suffering. We have caused it and we are paying for it. Now they are blaming that the Americans have brought it, the dog has done it, or it comes from the excrement of whatever animal, or is airborne. It is emotion based. The solution is very simple, but would it teach us something new or every now and then we jump from one virus to another, because we harmed others. That due to the strength [inaudible] their emotion is connected to the Amino Acid of their lives, so they connect it to us. If one day the scientific world doesn't look at just who has it, but looks at the common denominator of the emotion of who got it, who has been infected. I am sure, you'll find 99% of all the ones who are infected or catch the disease have more or less the same emotional disease strength as the animal.[28]

Understanding the totality (Emotions & Physicality)

We saw in one part of this report it said, the children got it from their father. Did the emotion spread the same? They suffer the same as the father or in the hand of the father that they got it? This is what overall the responsibility of the governments to make sure the animals care becomes a pleasure and comfort for the animal that in turn they don't become a menace to man through their emotion of the, what we call the animal. In the depth of the space we'll come across these viruses that affects only certain races, because the condition of emotion fits to the energy level. The condition of the soul not being happy with the presence of its existence will bring these to it. The purpose of these teachings is to enlighten the man for the harm he has done to himself and for those who live within and around. We see these kind of viruses continuously out of East Asia where animal husbandry is very rough, where due to large population everyone is crammed and no one is happy with it to be.

When we see these viruses usually we see them in winter time when the pressure, emotion, and the motion bares the condition of what we call cold. They are usually single-stranded which are connected to the emotion, that is why the Keshe Foundation GANS technology interacts rapidly. When you have a double-strand which means you have both the physicality and the emotion, very much what we saw with the pigs. Those usually because of their strength come through higher temperature and warmer places. The mutation of the higher level strength and then you bring them to a cold environment, they become deadly and that's what we have seen with the African flu in northern Europe and now in China. We understand the totality of the interaction of the fields. This is own of the reasons no antibiotic works, because what we call virus is connected to the emotion. The medical and the world of pharmaceutical has no material and no medicine for emotion, energy of the emotion. This is why the energy of emotion is a dynamic field and the GANS technology is the only answer, the only answer to viruses. Now we understand we have broken into the science of the Universe. How we can understand and apply simple technologies that in reality we do not need to go into the physical dimension, we need to solve the problem in the emotional dimension.[29]

Only Keshe GANS Technologies can handle the Viruses / Single-strand connection to emotion

Mankind is very lucky that these viruses a single strand directly to the emotion. If we make it double-stranded in the background of the single-strand we'll have the plague we saw in Europe called the "Black Plague." Because it had the double strand in the background of the single and it's so deadly. Maybe this is a warning to our farmers, to our governments, to start thinking about the care of the animals in a human way that they are happy in their existence that we will not see any more viruses. Any virus, SARS or what name you put on it. Through the Keshe Foundation GANS Technology is it resolvable, irrespective of its strength. We have antibiotics for everything else, now we have GANS technology for viruses. This is why our doctors and pharmaceuticals always fail to overcome viruses because they never understood that viruses are energy packs which attach themselves to an Amino Acid and create such a mayhem. Now that we understand that it is the simplicity of the technology and the understanding of the technology to create conditions for this transfer. If we can and use different GANSes to just deplete part of the energy of the virus from the body of the man or animal, you'll find out it's half linked, it will not have the effect and we'll see the reduction in temperature, fever, etc., within literally minutes. We're not talking about hours and days, these energy transfers are from one bucket to another, it's immediate.[30]

Explanation & drawing

Make sure the percentages are low, otherwise the transfer comes back

It's very simple, we need connection of the Amino Acid, and emotion, and with the body of the man, and a little bit of physical connection through CO2, will do wonders. But make sure the percentages are low that you don't use too much, that the energy transfer comes to it. You get your balance from, it might even give some energy to the Amino Acid that in return it will bring it back, and it takes it longer to overcome the infection or transfer of the emotion.[31]

Responsibility of Knowledge Seekers to share GANSes / GANS Certification

It's the responsibility of the Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers to very rapidly to spread this across China. You might have some success with the Amino Acid and the Cu because in that process you might have transferred some energies across, because in your Amino Acid when you produce CuO you might have some Zn and in the process you create some CO2. But to be safe the recipe is this (Amino Acid, Zn, Cu, CO2). we know that Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seeker in China hold tons of this material amongst them. Just go and wet the systems, or masks, take the water and let the people wash or wet their face mask with it and you will see that they recover. Go to the hospital where the infected are and just let the doctors use it. We'll provide the certificate of non-poisonous (non-toxicity) on the back of Keshe Foundation Austria. We have the certification that the material is non-toxic and this gives us the security to do. Wang Lin would you like to explain the non-poison certification that you have received.[32]

Wang Lin explains the certification

(Wang Lin) Yes, we have done the MSDS report and they did the CO2 test of the content test to show what is inside. And some tests for feeding the animals and skin tests for allergies is still ongoing. We already have the water produced by Chinese pharmaceutical and food factory that is our water is all qualified for feeding all regulations of the energy drinks.[33]

Instructions for Brazilian Knowledge Seekers / Putting drops on the tongue every day

(MK) In so many ways we can distribute on the back of what we have to support the Chinese Keshe Foundation to support your nation. We hear the reports from Brazil and the International Keshe Family saying that the virus has arrived in Brazil. There is no difference, you have a competent team in Brazil to make these things and they support you this way. You can take a drop, you don't need a huge amount of it, you can take a few drops per day on your tongue to keep yourself immune. You can wear the mask with it (GANS-water), you can drink some of the water, which is produced by Keshe Foundation to do this thing. It's just the transfer of the energy.[34]

Explanation & drawing

Transfer of fields through drinking, wet hair, breathing it in

Go back to the teaching, understand the teaching, when you have the infection of the lungs, the structure of the body is, a pipe goes down, near enough to where your stomach is, and in the process where the infection, or what we call the virus is in the lungs and you drink the water, which is set for it, you transfer the energy across to it (from the esophagus). And as this is connected to the brain, psychosomatic, you do the same when you wipe your hair, when you breath and you drink. It depletes as many cells as possible that allows you to recuperate very fast.[35]

Knowledge Seekers are provided with certificates / Bring the waters into hospital, on the street

No one should die in China of this disease, of this virus, if the Chinese Keshe Foundation supporters are able to spread this material across China as fast as possible. You all have made GANSes. Those of you who know the technology but never did (make GANS), for the sake of your nation. Set up boxes and spread it across, give freely. It's you who has to save your nation. We are there to guide. It's a gift we gave you as a knowledge. We'll open the factory of the Keshe Foundation in the Chinese nation as you did in Italy during the earthquake. It's the responsibility of you as Knowledge Seekers to take out to the streets, and to the hospitals and let the doctors test it. Show them that it is just water and let them do and see how they recover. We can bring this under control before the Chinese New Year. It depends on you. We know where there is a Keshe Foundation team in an infected area and they already tested the water yesterday, we have tried, they have received some materials, for that purpose a few days ago, they can use that directly to the hospitals. We will provide you with the certification for the waters to keep you safe within the structure of the legal frame of the nation.[36]

China has to sort out his governmental class structure blocking

We have informed the university in China who in collaborating with us and they are trying to find the channels through the government. The problem with this structure is mess of bureaucracy set within the structure of the Chinese government. This has to be sorted within the structure of President Xi's government. Having lived in China for long enough, we see huge, huge problem in China, as the nation will come to these things it will suffer more. I compare the structure of governing in China very much with the caste system of India. There is no difference, it works exactly the same, just different names. One cannot go to the other unless you have it within yourself not to be in the other. In India we see those who have no caste, have no place. This is one of the problems we have in India for the conference. People who are without a caste and are Knowledge Seeker of the Keshe Foundation will not be allowed in the hotel. What a ridiculous thing for the soul of the man who made this class except those who have abused the man, and we see the same thing in the structure of the governing of China. If you are not connected to one group, one class you can't go up and everything dies at your level. One uses imaginary, and one uses the fact to block. This is a problem for President Xi to sort out. As you know I speak out, correct and up, and this is what we have seen. There is no difference between India and China. It is just covered under a different name and different process and ordinary people have no access to take the knowledge to the top. As those who is does not suit them, blocks them because they don't have access. The Chinese have to make a system, the government of president Xi has to make a system that the totality through that system can have access to everything. Keep your classes but make it possible that people can see. This is what we see now with this and bigger a bigger problem in China will come the same way. The top will never get to know anything, because there is no access in the hierarchy of the structure of the government in China. President Xi of China should have been explaining to his nation the solution, we have it, look at it, it is there, and it is done. The case is done. Instead, the whole nation instead of celebrating the New Year lives in the fear of life. There is a problem in the administration of the Chinese government and it has to be sorted at the level that the nation stays calm. As you understand, all the New Year’s parties are canceled, and there isn't a single mask to be sold anywhere in China. Everybody bought a mask but it is an energy transfer and the mask doesn't have much use, unless you can create the barrier through GANSes that you can absorb the energy. This is what needs to be done. I have been openly consulting with the Chinese government and this is one of the biggest problems we have. We see in China (I am not the only one), but many people who live in China and work there see the structure of the level blockages of one of the main causes, and problems in understanding other work and ways, and it is piling up to the point that sooner or later it has to be addressed. This disease is one of them. The administration of the government of China should be easy to avoid this and could be easy to understand the Technology. The scientists sitting on the top of the structure of the Chinese organization are blocking everything, because they are what they call, a specialist and they see themselves not as finding the cure, so I had better not put it out because it doesn’t give me credibility.[37]

Additional Information

How Keshe Foundation and you can help in China

It's the responsibility, as we said, if you remember with the keys, we gave the USB Stick to the governments and they did nothing. When we gave it to you, we have seen in the past years you have been developing different aspects. Now it's your responsibility to do the same. Take the GANSes to the hospitals and the street and give it to the people. It will become the responsibility of the office of president Xi to respond to your actions. Let the nation reach prosperity and peace and happiness in the New Year. This is the revolution in science and we have to be able to deliver it. All the Keshe Foundation in Beijing, in Guan Xou and all parts of China make as much GANS as you can and freely distribute it across China. (2:44). Those of you who keep it stockpiled, it has to become free to your nation. The Keshe Foundation materials are available to the nation. It's the responsibility of our teams to make sure we distribute as much as we can. The cost of transportation of liquids into infected areas has been blocked as I was told yesterday. Drive with cars, take it to them and give it to them (and yourself).[38]

Factory in China opens up / Full GANS production for the Virus / Portable Units / Keshe Foundation Covers the costs

Next week after the New Year a large factory setup by the Keshe Foundation in China will open up. I allow the Chinese government to have full access to this factory for all its production until they are happy that the disease is over. The Keshe Foundation will cover the cost, for what we need you can use. Our team is already working on it and speeding it up and if we can get to the fast production of the portable units, early month of February, we will place these systems across China. The Keshe Foundation will cover the costs, that people can just take the waters and disinfect themselves.[39]

Creation of structures with all elements needed for this purpose

We can produce structures that can create the multiple mixtures of all the elements needed for this purpose. We have the knowledge, the Technology, and the backing of the Keshe Foundation in China.[40]

E-mail contact addresses / Working together / GANS / Transportation

Those of you who would like to help go directly and send the messages, if you need help, go directly to our common line that you all know and have used. It's kesheplasmachina@163.com. Internationally if you need any help with this matter, as you understand the Keshe Foundation operation has always had a response, and a response criteria that would allow to contact us, to be able to send messages and we'll try to help you through what we call our common line (info@kesheonenation.org). If you are in Brazil or other countries, or you are traveling to China, and you need help, or you have the materials you want to spread to help the others, there are 2 channels of communication for Keshe Foundation inside and outside China. (info@keshefoundation.org) or the common line within China. If you have materials that you want to send we'll find drivers that will take it. You have materials you want to spread, or you want to know just get in touch with the appropriate link in Chinese Keshe Foundation (kesheplasmachina@163.com). We can bring this together and I am sure the Keshe Foundation China will respond to the best of their ability to support. We have materials in different locations and places between different Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seeker which means that even if we have to buy from them to give it freely to the nation, Keshe Foundation will take all the steps.[41]

Plasma Technology is the only solution / Solved diseases: Ebola, African Swine Fever

The application of the Plasma Technology is the only solution to the viruses. Mankind has never had any solution. We have shown and delivered the Technology. We have shown it with Ebola and with African Pig Flu and we have shown it in other cases. Now there is a suffering of a nation. As One Nation, the Chinese nation is part of us. We have to respond to the call of a nation, the call of the human race. We see itself as a danger. You don't understand what pressure the Chinese community and government is under today on the eve of the New Year. We love the Chinese, we live amongst them and we feel the pressure.[42]

Get in touch with the Keshe Foundation China

As I wrote this morning to one of the leading people in the Chinese structure, very simple, "This is a message from the Keshe Foundation to the Chinese officials. We stand solid as friends with your nation, and all Chinese government in these times of trouble." Deliver as much GANS as you have to the Chinese authorities and make sure that it is free. The Keshe Foundation will cover the costs, if you want to make a living out of it, but understand that you will have to be correct in conduct and liability of materials. Please get in touch with the lines we have given you. If you want material, if you are infected, if you know people who are infected, the Keshe Foundation near you to drive, to deliver, to be able to support,... The Keshe Foundation China will be in that position to do.[43]

Serious possible global distribution through travelers

Please take this Blueprint and share it across Q Qs and the Keshe Foundation in China and let those who can help the others be proud to be part of Keshe Foundation family worldwide. There are so many supporters in China. We need to respond correctly to the Chinese nation. Put it this way, if somebody from this market has flown on one of the airlines to the Middle East, or Europe for Chinese New Year and if they are carrying, it soon we'll see it across Western Europe and the US. The time of incubation is 12 days.[44]

Video: Absolutely serious situation in China

So it is for all of you to be with us and we see this situation is very serious, it's extremely serious. I'll send a picture to Rick to show you how this situation is taken in China. This is yesterday in China and you'll understand the enormity of the pressure on the Chinese Central Government. As Keshe Foundation supporters you need to understand how to, this nation is working. Play the video and you can understand how serious the situation is in China today. Now you understand why we have given a Blueprint Day for this and it is right across on the eve of New Year in China.

Rick plays video about China of trucks driving down the street spraying chemicals to stop the virus ..

These flu's are so effective. I think we caught one nearly 2 months ago in Brazil and still suffer from it. We caught a strange strand of it, with temperature, even today I still suffer with it. But this strand is very powerful. Any questions?[45]

Questions & Answers

Where to get the 312th KSW transcription?

(Andreas) Good day Mr Keshe, here is Andreas from Austria, it would be important to have transcriptions as fast as possible so everyone can use it for translations and so on. Should we set up a team to do it in the next days?

(MK) Please share. You can contact info@keshefoundation.org and we'll be giving the documents for translation. It should not be that hard to do. We try to back it through the transcribers group for translations if they can do it.

(MK) We'll see a lot of these problems coming through animals in the U. We have seen the cancers which are working on these grounds. Are there any questions from the Chinese community.[46]

How to transport liquid GANSes? / Are dry GANSes ok too?

(Jalal) If I want to send GANSes, as you know now a days it is very difficult with liquids. If I send dry GANSes will it be the same effect?

Explanation dry GANSes and the importance of Amino Acids

(MK) Yes, but the only problem is how you will bring the Amino Acid to a dry GANS. This is a problem with it, but on the other hand it can be done. Dry GANSes show more potency and power in certain cases. Liquid transportation at the present moment is very difficult across borders, especially with transportation companies. They'll refuse to transport liquids. One solution is dry GANSes, but we see more effect when there is Amino Acid or a lot of Knowledge Seeker they never take the Amino Acid and separate it from their containers, and they mix it with the GANSes and they get a good result. Some of the people who separate the GANSes they don't see such a good result, because they separate the Amino Acid. In a good way Knowledge Seeker have to understand what they are using if they collect the Amino Acid, that batch of GANSes will not be good for these kind of applications. We learn as we go along and the process is very simple.[47]

How do we maintain the fields of Amino Acid and water?

(Dan) What kind of Amino Acid forms on the surface of a glass of water and what about one in saltwater?

(MK) What does that mean, if you are making GANSes. We are talking about the Amino Acid which is made during the process of GANS production.

(Dan) How do we maintain the fields of Amino Acid and water?

(MK) We usually collect it from the top and in operation, we see some of them losing that fatty operation, because they transfer their energies to the environment but the effect of the strength of the Amino Acid stays within the water, within the GANSes. We keep some of the GANS with it, so the effect of it stays within the within Nano-structure. (RC) Is it best to keep them intact as compared to putting them in a blender, is it a good idea to put them in a blender or not? (MK) Why do you put it in a blender? You transfer all the energy to the metal in the blender.

(RC) Yeah, but sometimes you said with other GANS's to mix them?

(MK) For this reason when you use Amino Acid, if you use Amino Acid you have to make sure you keep it within the structure.

(MK) That makes sense[48]

Can we do any prevention, like in an airport spraying of the GANS?

(Azar) Can we do any prevention, like in an airport spraying of the GANS?

What can be done

(MK) You see in the prevention you create that mass, the energy of the virus transfers to the material you made available. That's the prevention. You cannot bring immunization, in a way, but when you spray or you put whatever in the open environment you create that filtering effect. It's very much like whenever you fly from any African nation into Europe, something funny happens. You'll see just before takeoff when they close the doors, the airhostesses walk with 2 spray cans in their hands and they just walk from the back to the front of the plane. That is one of the musts. The reason for it they say it kills any malaria mosquitoes which boarded on the plane. Do we have to go to that level that we spray GANSes in the plane that any passenger carrying the disease, not only breathing it, gets disinfected, but if there is anything in the cabin we deplete it, that we do not transfer energy from different planes and borders and people. These are the options that the Keshe Foundation have to put into procedures that. There are other ways to do it and apply it. We have to expand into that level, but if we do it in the airport, this is what is needed to be done. Any other questions? It's a very beautiful short, sharp, effective blueprint, because you are all Knowledge Seeker so it's very easy to share the knowledge very rapidly. Any other questions? Do we see anything on the Chinese channels?[49]

There is a new study that suggests that snakes maybe the source of the Coronavirus outbreak?

(RC) There is a new study that suggests that snakes maybe the source of the Coronavirus outbreak.

(MK) Anything could be, if you put the snake under stress it will create it.

(RC) Because they were sold at the animal market at Wuhan apparently.

(MK) We have seen these things with the fish in Africa where they put so many small fish in the 5m x 5m x 5m tank in the rivers and as they grow they don't deplete the numbers and they get tighter and tighter, and they'll create cancers of the eye, they receive in their tails, the flesh opens up and they are not happy. And then they sell these and we see diseases in the food chain. It's normal. We create it, then we blame it, and then we don't know what to do with it. The Keshe Foundation is the only structure in science and technology that considers the emotion on physicality and the soul of the animal and the soul of the man and we need to create a condition of what we call satisfying and bringing balance between us. When the physicality is not happy in a dimension of the soul of the physicality the animal will show its harm to its physical dimension. Now we have the process to do it, to elevate the soul and the emotion. We have seen how it works in China or in Africa.[50]

Is there any proportion we have to use in the GANS types or is it the normal 50:50 or 60:40?

Understanding of the work of emotions and the physicality

(John) Is there any proportion we have to use in the GANS types or is it the normal 50:50 or 60:40?

(MK) You see you have to learn the process of the uses of the GANSes which is not known or observed by many of Knowledge Seeker is you are trying to bring balance between the physicality and the emotion, yeah? It means the emotional side which is the Zn and the physicality which is what connection line of CO2 have to have certain balances, this is how we decide what balance we put in. Then you have a physical factor which is the Cu, CuO. Then you consider that in that proportion, then you consider the Amino Acid comparison to what you want to connect with, very weak so the connection with it, it can feed it. When we decide on the ratio of GANSes in any mixture, you consider the totality.

Is it emotional or non-emotional based? Is it touching the physical condition or not? All these things counts when you decide. You don't need anybody to tell you the ratios. How bad is the emotional damage that it shows itself in a bad physical condition? Does it mean that your ratio of Zn has to be higher? That by satisfying the emotion you sort out the physicality. This is understanding the science of the knowledge, and not in pieces that are just numbers and names. Comprehending the essence of the work.[51]

You know what I always talked about, this should be good for creating your own urine therapy?

(John) You know what I always talked about, this should be good for creating your own urine therapy?[52]

Freedom of making own researches / Expectation of a second virus

(MK) That's your idea. We are all free to test and try. Being in balance is the decision we make with our souls and physicality. It doesn’t matter which way you choose and which way you use, as long as it doesn’t harm our soul, the soul doesn't harm our physicality and neither (nor) the others. You see, when you look at these viruses, and I heard a lot Americans have explained and spread, they have done this. We see it as a certain thing. We are expecting a second breath virus delivered, to be released very soon. I am looking if this virus is one of them. But we are expecting this to be done. I am a strong believer in what I have seen in the date and whatever, why the African Pig Flu was brought to China, and as I said, we saw it very rapidly in the American supply of pigs to China. It is not normal the way this flu spread across China. It was what we call a commercial, financial decision. This is controlling.

Colonization and slavery through science, food and weapons

As I said very recently, and I'll keep on saying until people understand, the planet earth has certain space of land, and in the past centuries those who thought they are more powerful they colonized. The British, French, Portuguese, all the European colonization, because they went through the industrialization and they created mass war weapons and everything else and they thought they were more superior. They colonized African nations and East Asia and whatever. Now there is no more mass land to colonize, but still underneath, (like) the French they are making a lot of money out of the colonization and they never freed the nations which they colonized. They are still slaves to this nation.

Now that there is no more mass land and we haven't managed to find new planets to enslave the people, the slavery and colonization has come through the line of science and food and weapons. When you can get hold of a new technology and enslave others to it, it is a new form of colonization. Killing scientists and taking their technology and using it to the advantage of a nation has become part of the work of the European nations and Americans, slavery and colonization through science and technology, and this has to stop. This is why we spread the Keshe Foundation knowledge this way. The attempt by the Belgium government on our technology and the others that we have seen. today we have seen Huawei in Canada, these are all part of trying to enslave nations through technology, because there is no more land mass, unless we enslave the fish, the cat, the dog, and the birds. Colonization through science and technology has become the biggest work of the European nations.[53]

Stopping the Hijacking, blackmailing, terrorizing of advanced companies

They are the smallest and they don't have a land mass to feed their nation, so now steal, the same as before. They used to have what we call, pirates on the seas. Now they are pirates in the air, the way they got me for 11 days in Canada. Now we see they got Huawei. The reason Huawei is in the court is because they are too advanced so they hijacked the child, we hijack it and then we force the company to give us what they have. It's nothing but short of hijacking, terrorism in advanced companies in science. Then what happened to our emotion, we feed it back to our nation. You wait and see what will become of a nation called, Belgium. You saw the virus coming from the pigs or the snake. It comes from the soul of the man who brought so much. One will be ashamed to carry a passport from that nation, what we call, comes from there. You will understand soon. This is part of what we call the process. This is how it works out. It is, we have to understand mankind can't do what he has done, and we try to understand before we take mankind into space. Any other question or shall we call it a day. We are running into our 3.5 hours now.[54]

Has the Wuhan case in the US been discussed?

(John) Has the Wuhan case in the US been discussed?

(RC) I see from the Seattle Times, (MK) What they have a case there?

(RC) A man from Washington State had Wuhan Coronavirus and he had close contact with at least 16 people.

(MK) Where did he get it from, China?

(RC) He had been traveling solo since November and had been feeling unwell, pneumonia symptoms several days after returning to Washington state and is being monitored and is in a special isolated.

(MK) Can somebody go there and give the guy some GANS?

(RC) He is in satisfactory condition according to the doctor.

(MK) Yeah, a percentage of them caught this flu.[55]

Can we use the energy of a virus to strengthen us?

(Hassan) When our body takes the virus and overcome its power does it mean we are ever to use the virus energy, so in future interaction we can use the virus energy? And even our soul creates the virus as a way to strengthen us?

(MK) We use the energy of the virus definitely in our body. We already explained that before, but do we create a level of energy we call it a virus to support us? In some cases we do. But then that energy applies to certain positions and certain cells that of the strength of it.[56]

Closing words from Mr Keshe

Hope we brought a beautiful gift of life and less suffering to the Chinese community. It is the responsibility of the Chinese community and those who hold a lot of stockpiles. It doesn't matter how much, try to talk to each other, what the other is short of. Drive to each other and deliver it to the people who are infected, and make sure your own homes are secure. Just spray the house with it and it will not come in. Spray the passage of the buildings you are in, you will safeguard your neighbors. Very simple acts can clear a lot of things and brings peace of mind. If there is nothing else we'll end the day. One of the most shortest and sweetest blueprints. Our best wishes to the nation of China in the New Year and I am sure this will come as part of the history of the nation. On the other hand, we need to understand that we are all connected, be it the animal or be it the man, and our emotions affect each other in the dimension of physicality. Thank you very much.[57]

(RC) Thank you Mr Keshe. Any last announcements?

Announcements: Transcribers needed / Research groups / Mexico conference

(MK) I think the head of Keshe Foundation has some announcements to make if she is still awake. The list of announcements she sent me a list of it. One by one of them is... First Keshe Foundation donation line has been opened up again and directly to the cards of standard procedure of payments. Keshe Foundation transcribers, we need more people to transcribe and translate into other languages that we can share the new knowledge, especially on the 21 research groups that are setup that others can join in, … ...

There is a note here to inform in two weeks time there is a conference in Mexico City if anybody wants to register. Can anybody in Education talk about these research groups that you have set up.

The Research groups call themselves G1, G2, G3 and so on and have all different topics, they make research on. We can add other groups with other topics. It is already decided, who is in which group. You can always join a group. The G2 is a summary of experiments and references. And a topic is for example, producing Gold while making CO2 GANS and then they go through the public teachings and in which section has been said something about this topic. They organize themselves, when to meet on a regular basis as they set up and what they are sharing in their structure. These groups where all set up for a specific research they want to do. They carry a topic title. At the moment we have 21 groups.[58]

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