305th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Dec 05 2019

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What changes the Universal System Will bring to humanity?)

Transcription made from the Soul and Heart by the

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(MK) - Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

(RC) - Rick Crammond

New Tool for Health of Planet: Mass Absorption of CO2

What we do, we make announcement that in Mexico conference, 100 percent conference in Mexico, Keshe Foundation will release a new system for health of this planet. We have developed and the same once we show the what we call the Enhancement Unit for body of the man, we will deliver a new technology mass production for absorption of the CO2 in a lot quantities especially in cities. There's an option for us to make this system to be individually tailored or nationally tailored. We have the technology that we can extract large amount of CO2 from the environment, and convert this into useful product.[1]

Cleanup of Environment Brings New Dilemma For Man

We have a big dilemma with this development. I explained this before. This extraction of what we call CO2, or what we call cause of Global Warming part [inaudible] will not change, but on the other hand this increase in different levels of whatever we have in the environment has come to us over 50 years, as we become more industrious nations. At most of our generation have received, and most of the plants and even human bodies have adapted to this new changes. That's why we see so much cancer too. Increase in what we call materials in the environment through the exhaust pipes or whatever, has created a new condition. New evolution in the environment that the body of the man has to evolve with it. And as we cannot evolve so fast, we end up with cancers. So part of the evolutionary cause of cancer is part of what we see, and is not just a Global Warming, its going to get higher. The cancer rates, partially is due to this. They are putting too many metals in the space that we are breathing.

The new technology which will be delivered and will be mass produced, is to deter and change this position.[2]

Government To Decide Acceptable Levels of Gases in Environment

Government have to decide what percentage, at what rate we are going to clean up. Is not that is going to be done, now that’s in our hand, and we can extract it, is how much Governments allow us to extract. Because if we increase the level of Oxygen in respect to CO2, we will create a different dangerous climate condition.

The game which the Dutch people play that you could buy a tree in Amazon that it creates more oxygen. Now this tree can be made to be in your home. You have full control of how much you convert. But then if millions of us convert at the same time, what damage we are going to create to ourselves? The problem is not that the Mankind does not have the knowledge to stop anymore, but is if we return too fast, what damages are going to cause on the planet again, and then if the damages are not going to be more that letting the CO2 to be created by controlling it to a lower level.[3]

Technology For Healing The Body of The Man and The Planet

At In a way now that we have developed the technology for what we call enhancement for human body, we have developed the technology for enhancement for the Planet. Were healing the Body of the Man with the new technology, now we are healing the Body of the Planet. But this process will have direct effect on every single being on this planet, who in the past 50 years, 100 years due to man industrialization, have start evolving.

The evolution due to industrialization, creates cancer. Creates new positions we call cancer.

Keshe Foundation, in the coming months, will release new technologies which will be added to [inaudible]. We can convert, we have the technology to convert most of the plastics in the oceans into GANS. But again, we add the carbon and the hydrogen level. How are we going to convert those?

What damages that’s going to bring? From now on, now that we have the common knowledge and the technology of the plasma and the GANS technology, every step we take has to be considered what are the consequences and sequences of the change

We cannot anymore just do things and hope somebody will clean it up. If we are extracting CO2, what we call Global Warming, which is not - its due mainly to movement of the earth toward the sun. If we are cleaning up the plastics, what are we going to do with the materials which we have changed to plastic, what's going to be the next sequence of it? Conversion of the plastic at this level as we see in the oceans will release huge amount of gas of Carbon. Huge amount of hydrogen will be released. They bring new conditions. [inaudible] Carbon in the proximity of the oceans as we see them floating will create a new cycle of CO2. Then what we are going to do with it? How were going to store these gases. How were going to store these new materials? How were going to convert them?[4]

New Technologies For Extraction of Materials

Extraction of materials at will is in our command. Extraction of any material in space is in our command.

The mining the way we do, is finished. Open cast mining, depth mining, is over. The technology in the coming months, will be released internationally.

The Human Body Enhancement Unit will be one of the smallest things the Foundation will ever do. As we build up for the Space developments to be shown in Tehran in April, we release more radical technologies physically that it will be developed and it will be distributed by the Keshe Foundation manufacturing division from base around the world.

So, in a way, today's announcements very simple. We are releasing a new technology, new system that extracts all the CO2 as much as you like, but we are not creating another problem. Were trying to create to solve another one. What are we going to do with extractions with cleaner cities? How were preparing our people to go through what we call the reverse evolution, which has caused so many deaths, so many cancers, and now has to go through another process. And what would we create?

We start from January bringing the Keshe Foundation, experts from all over the world in two or three centers. Scientists from Iran, scientists from China, scientists from all over the world: Brazil, from America, from Canada, will be brought into one or two centers that the development become rapid.

We have in past 48 hours, submitted a full dossier to one of the world-leading governments in respect to clean up of the most radical pollutions involving the nations, and in due course, we will announce.

We have entered a new phase. As much as we teach about the soul, we have to repair the physicality. And this planet has a soul and it needs to be corrected [inaudible]

We have developed and now we are delivering the what we call the Body Enhancement which will change its name to the Soul Enhancement Technology, where it’s easier to enter and interact with the soul of the elements and the physicality of it, as we enter the space technology.[5]

Announcement of KFSSI Q&A Session For January 2020

From beginning of the next term of the KFSSI in January, every Friday - possibly half day - and if it picks up to full day, 9-5 which can cover all the continents all the Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers, the Question and Answer session. Which means you have a problem you don't understand Knowledge Seekers collectively or through our experts in different fields will try to answer and solve the problems. There is one point which I have mentioned and brought to the attention of the Keshe Foundation team, is very simple. We are not allowing people to come in and claim they are professors of the Keshe Foundation, they do this they do that. This platform will run that collectively everybody shares knowledge. Answering questions and not one person is correct so we allow different views different knowledge Seekers with different expertise to come in and to show what they can do. What they think of it, how do they do it, what is the new insight. This goes with what the KFSSI education from January will come into.[6]

Knowledge Seekers Research and Development

We do not go in teaching GANSes and whatever. We go through collective teams to new develop new systems new insights into all aspects, so it goes in the way KFSSI into a research, and while you are developing something to achieve something collectively as different groups, you learn what you haven't learned from other parts. It's easier this way then people coming in and talking about the GANS. For example if you come up with a new system for cleaning water and then you set up to do it the Keshe Foundation research centres will connect you and so the Knowledge Seekers online, Zoom or they can come to the research centres for a while to develop what they were discussing. We are transferring the research and development from KFSSI directly to all of you.

It’s easier this way than people coming in and talking about the GANS. For example, if you come up with a new system for cleaning water, and then you set up to do it, the Keshe Foundation Research centers will connect you and so the Knowledge Seekers online ZOOM or they can come to the Research Centers for a while to develop what they were discussing.

We are transferring the research and development from KFSSI directly to all of you.

So try to collectively as the students and knowledge Seekers to come together from the next term enroll yourself in and start enhancing your interest. You don't come in and say to the others telling you why I don't make GANSes. We want you to collectively come together and start putting ideas how this technology can evolve into anything that two, three, maybe five or ten people want to work together to develop it.

Now we're going into part of converting the knowledge into practicality, and as we said we don't give no degrees in KFSSI but if you can achieve to change things for Humanity for one man in what we make, that makes a lot and that will be part of our work.[7]

New Products For Keshe Foundation Shop

The knowledge Seekers from next week the new opportunity with the new products which will come into the Keshe Foundation shop, hopefully by next Thursday. This brings in all the items which had before and the prices as we promised will be kept at about 9.99 Euro or 19.99 Euro. You don't need to pay 100 odd Euro or 50 Euro 60 Euro to different people. You buy everything at 9.99. Delivery everything will have American certification and European certification. We have secured the technology systems that all our products from next week will carry both the American certification and European certification that can be shipped to anywhere around the world. The American Store US will be joined will be merged into the total Keshe Foundation website so we don't have the separation. As the Keshe Foundation has separated with Global, Global has nothing to do with the Keshe Foundation products and we bring as we close what we call KF US down to become and we take over as the Keshe Foundation, we bring everything back in order through the Keshe Foundation as KF US - what we call Global has to do its own operation and Keshe Foundation is the owner of the website and it's been for years so we offer the products through the Keshe Foundation website as of next week.

We hope to release between 30 plus patents and the following months we increase this to 300 units. So you see all the Pain Pads, all what we call Ankle Patches and everything else around about 9.99. At over at 19.99 you will see the return off many many things which was, it was, what we call taken off the Keshe Foundation through the operation of the Italian or what we call deception now will come in a bigger way with the range of colours and everything else and we can reduce the prices to half of that if need be.

The shop will increase rapidly from next week they're doing the catalogue and the translation of it that you can have in different translations, certification European certification American certification will come with all the products. Delivery will be very rapid. We're holding massive stock available for this batch, and at the same time we centralized everything in [inaudible] China has become, has become a center point of work of the Keshe Foundation, and we hold our storage depots in China and we distribute from China which is easy for us to do and the knowledge seekers in China have supported us to achieve this point and will carry on with the same process.

These new machines will be seen in and will go in Mexico and as our team are working in different angles, we will announce a new Research Center which will be opened very soon. We are in a negotiation part by the end of this month we will complete it and it'll become part of [inaudible] people will be requesting 3 maybe 5 top Iranian scientists to join us in this Research Center. The same from the American side. We are not looking for knowledge Seekers who are enthusiastic. These are scientists these are literally[inaudible] work with the Keshe Foundation technology in universities and other parts.[8]

All Technologies of Man Welcome For Commercialization

I met with a beautiful scientist from Iran in my visit in Dubai last week. They have developed a new technology fire extinguisher - we've seen this in the other part but they're trying to merge it with the GANS technology. We support it and as I've said to them will enhance this program if it is what it shows to be the Keshe Foundation research availability and what we call commercialization is available to them.

Scientists who develop different Technologies - we'll give them room to see how we can merge it with the plasma and GANS technology. As I said from the beginning of the time when we started the Keshe Foundation, the present knowledge is built on the past achievements of human race. We are not something off the ground just ourselves. We have built knowledge on the knowledge of our own fathers and forefathers so we have to respect this and we have to develop this in the correct way. So we build on the knowledge which you have gained in universities in your work, and if it's practical, if it can be done, if we can support it we bring it out and we support you to extend the knowledge to be able to bring new technologies out.[9]

Book Number 4 - The Creation Of The Solar System, To Be Released in 2020

You will hear some new announcements who might surprise you that the Keshe Foundation will release the book number 4 in a very short time in 2020. Book number 8, in conjunction with a new patent, will be released. As you know, we release the patent to be published by World patent for us freely that everybody can access to it. We are not patenting it to lock. So in so many ways, as I said we are returning back to Belgium very soon and for that reason we are releasing the books.

Keshe Foundation Book number 4 The Creation Of The Solar System, will be released in 2020, and all the diagrams all the what we call the book will be more than what was done originally added more chapters to it. The patent for the creation of magnetic fields the origin of magnetic fields, the book number eight, will be published. As you know the Book number 9, The Soul was collected in all the teachings in part by Sandor during his lifetime, we thank[inaudible] We are now in position of holding the documents and these will change as part of the teaching[inaudible] Sandor during the time he was collecting and other Knowledge Seekers at the book Number 9. The only question is how are we going to demonstrate the soul of the man. As I said Book number 4 will be published in 2020 The Creation Of The Solar System in much more depth you'll understand more. Book Number 8 will be done. This is one of the reasons I'm withdrawing from public life and concentrate to be able to do more research and more development[inaudible] of the Keshe Foundation, Ella and the others will take over that it allows us to continue as much as possible while we're on this planet that you can enhance the knowledge of man.

In this process, number of books we start releasing in what we call Book Number 5 and 6. We don't work in the background, we work directly so in a way whatever those who want to be involved in the what we call the graphics of Book number 4 and those who want to be involved in the patents of the creation of magnetic fields which goes back to the essence of the creation of the Creator. We are opening that door in 2020. I put more time in that as now the Technologies are getting developed and what we call marketed by the Keshe Foundation team.[10]

Cycle To Be Completed By March 2021

It's time to complete the cycle. As I said, by March 2021, I will leave the Keshe Foundation operation totally. And all these things have to be completed by the next 18 months.

Work to complete the full knowledge and technologies that mankind has enough to build on that will not fall in the traps of the past to be controlled by those who called themselves the religious leaders or hold the key to the door of the mosque the church or a synagogue. We open all the doors to complete the knowledge and those who have contributed to us more will appreciate it how this technology will take shape in much, much deeper shape and form now that we have understood and completed most part of the research. This is a part work that has to be completed for mankind to become knowledgeable to enter the final phase of what we call distribution and understanding of the Knowledge that in space we don't become slaves.

As I said many, many times I will not show any magic because the time of magicians in the name according to raise dead to make blind men to see is all over because now we have raised the soul of the man to understand the totality that the physicality is part of this operation and this is what the changes will come. This is what the process will add on to all our knowledge. In the process of the teaching we have to understand teaching will never end. A man who says he knows all of it is the man who knows none of it. Because if he knew knows none, he will not claim. We just share knowledge that's why were called Knowledge Seekers and we invite everyone to come and join and share.[11]

Clinical Trials for Parkinson’s and Brain Diseases

We will announce in the coming time clinical trials which has started with universities for diseases like Parkinson’s all the brain diseases. I have signed an agreement a few days and hopefully within the next week or so as it gets its final shape, we announce the clinical one of largest clinical trial for properly evaluating and developing a patent understanding of the whole process. In the coming time in the space as we cannot take doctors, we have to develop technologies which can diagnose the disease or we go through the balance of the Soul to the Universal Enhancement System that once you go into the system the body enhances to what it had to be to be perfect.[12]

Enhancement System Is A Universal Space System

One of the important points about the Enhancement Unit is that it's a space unit. In the space, we suffer from viruses from the energy packs and this system is set to extract any additional or depleting virus system. The Enhancement Unit is a space technology unit and this is what many of you will come to realize. This is why the system works so beautifully more with the soul of the man than the physicality of the man. The soul of the man is an energy pack independent of amino acids strength in the physical dimension. As I said, step by step in different teachings, I open up the truth about the Universal System, the Enhancement Unit.

This is why the Enhancement Unit, the new system is so vital to be utilized internationally very rapidly because in the dimension of this system we do not interfere so much with the physicality but the system, as it's in the plasma, and is set to the amino acid strength of the man, it keeps steady continuous the same strength so any addition as its stronger in feeding it depletes itself. At the same time, if there is any reduction it gets elevated by the system. So, in a way, the system, the Enhancement Unit, is not as you thought at the beginning you going there and you get Parkinson you get corrected and then you go don't have. The Parkinson comes from the space gap in the energy of what we call emotion of physicality. And the system balances it, and then you see it. You should have understood this when you saw the man standing up after 2 days 3 days using the Enhancement Unit in China.[13]

A System For the Soul of The Man

Without any physiotherapy, without anything else, without actually doing anything by just enhancing the soul, in the system the physicality just followed. The new technology, the new space technology this is what we'll do if you go into the system and you come out of the system with a cancer you go in, you come out without the cancer, is emotional you'll find out it is the soul of the man which sorted out but if you go through the evolution cancer, you're talking about the interaction of the Soul of the man in the dimension of physicality with the soul of the planet to adjust each other that they can accommodate each other that one can live with a changes in the physical dimension of the planet. In the new system, in what we call the Universal System, we consider the soul of the planet in respect to the soul of the man. In that process... what we call [inaudible] will find a position to accommodate each other that it does not lead to the demise of the man.

Now you understand more what is the Universal Systems are set to do. The whole process is not just making you to be better or not the cancer the Universal System in the position of not use will be used for different aspects of the health of the body of the man for feeding the man and the rest.[14]

An Enhancement Unit In Every Corner of The Planet

Very soon in every corner of this planet, you will find an Enhancement Unit people go in to feed, people want something and so on. It will become as normal as anything else and this will take a lot of changes to the human race. This brings us a lot of changes to the human race that we do not to worry about where the food comes from. We do not to worry where the material comes from. We do not to worry where are the shelter comes from. This is part of the same process and we need to go through this phase to become what we call a true human race. People who understand it, people who not only look after their own physicality and their soul to look after the soul of the planet, that in turn collectively we change the planet. And as more and more these systems are launched in the space technology by cleaning up the body of the man. By cleaning up the damage we done to this planet by ourselves and then we will explain to you what mankind has done in the book that you don't even know that we extend the process of what we call the habitation.[15]

Enhancement Unit Is a Copy of The Universe

The new enhanced technology the new Enhancement System is in reality a total system that mankind has to gradually learn to be and to live with. As I was explaining to a number of Knowledge Seekers in the past few weeks, if you look at the shape of the Enhancement Unit, has the shape of the universe. It's not a sphere inside, is oval inside and in so many ways, when you take it by ratio, is a copy of our universe, and, If you look the a central line of the universe creates balances of the energy. When we put man in the upright position, we create the same condition through the soul of the man.

We call it the Womb of the Universe not the womb of the Mother. The Universe is the Womb for all and everything has been created. And when you look at the systems which is planted around it, these are like other universes affecting its work internally. In a way, when you look at the shell of the system is a Unicos collection of different universes creating interacting fields inside and inside this [inaudible] in order to balance it balances the body and the soul of the man. The new Enhancement Systems are replications of the creation of the creator that is why we release the patent, the book on the creation of the magnetic fields and the creation of life in the universe by the Creator.

This process had to be brought to mankind this way that is was in step and gradual steps. When you enter the enhancement unit you will see satellites and at the same time you become part the whole structure. Your soul has to find balance with itself and with the dimension of the universe.

Soon mankind will understand. When we call it a Universal System does not mean it applies to everything, it's a copy of the universe itself. And in that process, the body finds balance in every aspects. When mankind become wise enough and understand looking at it when you sit a man inside it'll be like a solar system in the galaxy of the universe - it will shine on its own as a star.

The new Enhancement Unit is not what you thought the new enhancement unit is a copy a replication of the true life ignition and the start of the life as what we call the God the Creator.

(RC) Sorry we missed that line Mr Keshe. You said the new enhancement unit will.

(MK) will be a copy of exact replica of the universe. It is exactly what we, we expect from the life in the universe. It's a copy of the replication of the creation, where the Creator started the whole life we call Him God we call Him or whatever. But in the patent to be released and in the book to be released in conjunction with the universal system, mankind will come to understand what I have given.

We use the ways of the universe to interact with the ways of the physicality of the man. And in this process we create many, many new conditions many new lives many understanding for the man himself. Thy shalt not steal. You will understand very soon these systems. No one can steal not even from the universe.[16]

Enhancement Unit Is Like a GPS [Global Positioning System] For the Universe

The understanding of the motion of magnetic fields in the space of the universe leads to creation of new lives, and in so many ways we do not have a GPS to know where the position is where we want to go but with the new enhancement units the Technologies which is developed mankind will can position himself anywhere in the universe. We do not need to put satellites everywhere to find where we are, we use the knowledge and the connections of what we have developed to position ourselves in any position in the universe, creation of the motion, creation of life and understanding how life would look in that position, will become part of the work of the Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers and research centres in coming months and days.

We have to understand how did magnetic fields start what is its origin. What led to the creation of fields? Even if there is a Creator we call the God, even if we led ourselves to that path of belief, it has to have a position it has to have a field direction and the question now becomes the situation between egg and sperm. Did the egg and the sperm came first or did the soul of the man first? Or the interaction of the fields of the egg and the sperm led to the creation of the Soul which led to the creation of man. This question sits the same with the Creator. Did the soul of the Creator which led to the creation of the Unicos came from the interaction of the fields. That through those fundamental structure of the field led to the creation of the created - the Soul of the Creator that itself led to the creation of the physicality of the Creator, what we call God, which is the universe we see.

In the coming time, in the books to be released and into what we call way to release it around the world as patent, which is the easiest way to share knowledge for the human race we bring this question to an end. It's not a matter of did the chicken come first for the egg. It's a matter of what led to the creation of the egg or the chicken.

These questions if mankind answers before his step in the Universal, what we call Arena will come to understand that he's equal to all other creatures of the universe that no higher if they understood more, now he understands more that he cannot imagine.[17]

We Enhance The Soul of the Man That He Cannot Be Abused

There is a huge problem in many cultures in African cultures, in Middle Eastern cultures, in parts of what we call South America, in part of Asia that people would not even give a cut of their hair to you because they say you can use it to control us. They believe in what we call Black Magic because they can control and do this and that. Would this have a position in a way that those who understood the access to the soul of the man or do they control the imagination of the man to create what the man wants to see. As I was talking to a friend of ours recently they control people through black magic. But the darkness and the blackness of the magic is the man's lack of understanding of the totality of his own soul.

And then would and can we enhance the soul of the man that he cannot be abused this way who's going to do to you the black magic or the white magic or rainbow magic in the universe and you believe in it because he can do something but he hasn't learned the trick. These are the fundamental questions that we have to answer with the present knowledge and with it, take mankind to the dimension of the new space technology.

In so many ways where does the essence of the soul of the man comes from? And how can some of us get access have access or develop access to a higher order that we can make it magic for those who are in the lower order. How can we set up systems that uses the higher level of the whole structure of the Universal magnetic gravitational fields. Where does mankind lead himself through his soul not through his physicality?[18]

Dancing With Citizens of All Nations And The Universe

We had a very, very interesting what we call encounter in our meeting or in our visit to Istanbul couple of weeks ago. As you know you can join what we call different kind of shows on Bosphorus and the river. We were joined with hundreds of other people, and on this venture, each nationality had a flag on the table. There were the Jewish people, there were the Bulgarians, there were the Chinese, there were the Iranians, there were the Japanese, there were the Saudis, from every culture. Every flag was on the table to show which part of this planet you come from, but all hundreds of them were concentrated on what was there to be a joyful night. It was very interesting very, very interesting thing happened and it was part of I sit as outside observer and look at the conduct of the man.

At the table we were sitting, I was the Iranian I had the flag of Iran. Behind me was a table of Iranians. On the edge of our table, there was a Saudi couple and then joined another Saudi couple with the flags of Saudi Arabia on the table, a space gap of two chairs. And then on the other side were many 6 - 7 rows of Jewish people. When the program started you have to understand there is a subconscious mentality you can’t put the Saudis, the Iranians and the Jews together - there's going to be mayhem. And when the function starts going, and these people are expert they know this is what is the function they emphasize that every nationality comes out dances to their own music sing their own music that it brings a unification or people understand a little bit trying to calm the situation.

But the strangest thing happened is the Saudis felt outcast and they asked to be moved from the room. So the four Saudis moved out because they couldn't sit on the table with the Iranians and there were Jews on the other side. This is the mental lock. This is what is going to happen to the Mankind in space, If you understand the logic behind it. When the music start and the dancing started, the Iranians, the Jews came in on the floor with a flag of Israel. Because there was a lot of them. What I did, I took the Iranian flag and I joined them and I get a flag of Iran in exchange for their flag.

They hesitated. And then they took their flag and they gave a flag and we both kissed the flag. And then the Iranians and the Jews they didn't know anymore. Accidentally one of the Iranians was a beautiful perfect dancer, and the Jews would not let him go. What we saw was mankind loving each other the colour of flag and the beauty of it was they were all eating non-kosher food. And non- halal food and none of them cared. Because they start eating from each other. They start dancing with each other. In the space will have the same position. We need to dance with citizens of the universe. As long as they don't give fear, in us. If they create that fear, mankind will going to space the same way. And those who choose to be outcast will create a problem for themselves.

In space in the dimension of the universe the soul of the man should shine as the example of this planet and the soul of its creatures. In respect to Color, Race, and the path of belief. What we learn is very simple. Would mankind mature so fast to get to that point. Or would mankind still be tormented by those who want to abuse him for his development of his soul. Or would mankind have a fear to go into the system that become equal to the others.[19]

All Souls Are Equal

Very interesting will be, that what happens when we put these system for the world leaders and the Common Man to go in together? Will the soul bow to the other that you are a soul of a king or would the king bow to the soul of the farmer that you feed me - my existence is because of you. Then we understand how we have to behave in the space technology of today anyone is coming up. My words will be understood by mankind very soon.

I am sending a unit to the city of Brussels for the kings to walk in first to lead their Nation. I wonder what excuses they find not to enter it. And one will be gifted to Vatican. I would see if the Holy Father will let his flock in and would they come out as they went in. Remember when we gave the key to the nations to the governments we announced it. As we send these units to the governments, and the world religious leaders, we announce it and is for public to see them how they come out. Would they go in for their illnesses and go in and come out as new men? I wonder who would refuse the gift of the elevation of his soul? The priest or the prisoner, the one whose soul was imprisoned by the priest for centuries.

I wonder if the Islamic leaders will refuse to enter and what excuses they find not to enter. As I said, I'm a good teacher and I know how to work and how to teach. When we gift these systems to the world leaders to the nations the leaders of the nation will have to walk through it first. As I said last time, the days are numbered. Around about 20-25th of January, we will show the first units.

And in February we will get the world leaders to walk in and let’s see. Now you understand why some world leaders are planning their abdication.[20]

Measuring Plasma Fields Through The Emotion

I was explaining to Knowledge Seekers the past few weeks the new enhancement system you see we have to give it to the nurses or the doctors [inaudible] accepting they can do but the systems for those who have elevated to the point that they can use it control it without ever going to the control panel. You have as I said, to move away from gadgets. The best measuring tool is mankind himself. You carry the soul you carry the counterbalance to every other soul. It's you who has to learn. And your emotion, is your detection confirmation it's your it's your monitor.

Once you start working with these GANS, with these plasma systems, with understanding more of you entering into this hopefully KF SSI Education on a weekly basis on what we call to become students to develop new technologies and you start learning each other's language and school of thoughts and knowledge then you will see what is and what is possible, how you can develop. Why don't some of you join together and develop the system for detections of fields in the level of the Soul. I wonder how many of you will join to unravel the secrets of Magrav?

You feel danger you don't go somewhere did you have a danger detector? You feel going somewhere and it feels good did you have a detector? Because you rely on the fields you receive. Mankind has to make that difference from now on he's aware of it he make a decision on it. Even if you put to you can say microhertz. Millihertz. And what does it mean. Kilohertz what does it mean. The higher, higher frequencies you go has mankind understood what it means. The higher frequencies you go, the more you go into materialistic world. Remember what I always said plasma has no frequency.

Plasma has cannot have a frequency because it has nothing to fight to penetrate it floats on the passage of the freedom of the waves of the fields of the universe. When you are a feather in the weather the wind will take you wherever it wants. And the soul of the man the energy of magnetic field of the man is that feather. when you become a car when you become a bird you have resistance then you have to wiggle around it to find a way through it, you flap your wings more.

The process of the transfer of plasmatic field has to come You understand the process of conversion, why does a field reduces in strength. Why do the fields interact in different strength and dimensions. Do you need a detector? Do you have a detector in your soul it says don't go there or it is the field strength of the mother or the father or the friend? Try to if you are looking for a space development of the fields try to understand the strength of the fields. And what does these strength mean to you.? Not to anybody else. As I said, many ,many different colours of red and we can all look at one picture and see each one of us those different colours but we still say it's red but if I measure the red in your eye and the red to the measure of the others, they're never the same because you create different gravitational magnetic fields strength in your blood in the structure of the soul of the man in the structure of the soul of your physicality. You can never see the red colour the same as your child your wife or your friend or another guy looks at the same red.

And this is what we have to understand what does shape means to us what this red means to me because to my soul, to my strength of the circulation of my blood magnetic fields, I see this spectrum of red and this spectrum of red means to me joy, but to another could mean danger. The same colour if you look at we said the beautiful Spanish red we see the Spanish the most gorgeous warming red colour. We have a slight different shade of it. We see in the Chinese flag and the Chinese wear for the wedding. Is a very slight difference not the same and it brings the condition of ruling. [inaudible] that colour with communism. You go to Africa people wear slightly different colour of red and it means mourning. But if you put these three next to each other we see very slight difference with it.

And different people have different emotion with respect to these colours so it's for us to understand is that red we see the soul is it mourning or is it celebrating a marriage or is it celebrating a school of thought of communism. Or is it bringing of the language that's why we created the Universal Council gives us different understanding of by respecting the totality. This is what how we measure there is no tool for measuring the fields of plasma unless what that plasma field means to you from now on. Do you see that way love or do you see it as the hate? Do you see it as a danger or welcome. But it's the soul is about the same strength.

If we stop digitalizing the field strength of the plasma understand the emotion of the field then we have actually achieved what we call universal dimension measurements of all the fields of the universe.

But at the same time, new field's new ways should be how do we create what we call resistors capacitors and different kind of electronic things which we have created we know what their function is in the dimension of the plasma. Where you create the capacitor and where you create the interaction of the fields or you use them as a diode or as any other things or add the resistors or the transistors or any other kind of amplification. What happened with those do those with the fields of the GANS. Do we need electronics or we need plasmatics? New systems coming up. And you can do it with a single GANS it doesn't need to be a [inaudible][21]

MK Answers a Question By a Knowledge Seeker About Christ

Christ was one of the most pleasurable people God ever created. No one knew more about fun than him. He never suffered in a way. And the only time they let him to suffer they put him on the cross - he took his physicality and he ran with it. He never encouraged pain or suffering. This is the chance - what we call the abuse of the clergy. He -- I have a lot of jokes about Christ and his pleasures. He is one of those who chose the path of pleasure and joy to teach than those who took the swords and fought or those who killed in the name of Moses. That was the difference. This guy was just a man of fun and pleasure. He wasn't there to take any roughness. In all whatever you read about him the only time which there is a claim that he suffered when they put him on the cross with two- four nails or three nails on him, is the time when he had to face the fun time is over - now it's better pack it up and go. He never encouraged suffering - this is a made up for the clergy to cash you out.

[inaudible] He enjoyed the most beautiful lifestyle and he enjoyed the most beautiful women at that time. He had lived amongst the richest. You show me in any part of the Bible written or history or [inaudible] that he suffered anywhere. Muhammad did, bless his name. He had to get the sword to get rid of these things. He had to do nothing he just by being a fun man he brought the what we call the pleasure of living. He never took his sword to kill and he never killed anything, he just encouraged being at peace with yourself, enjoy life. And a lot of clergymen from what we call [inaudible] didn’t like it because they couldn't get people to pay for their suffering they created. [inaudible] this is how is abused by clergy.

You go through the whole [inaudible] show me one sentence where he suffered. If everyone would have lived the life Jesus lived this planet would have been one nightclub 24 hours a day. This is the abuse actually the reverse of the truth which is encouraged by the clergy. By those who made him to make to use him to elevate their own and their own pocket.

The gain of the clergy doesn't come by money that comes to the church it comes by the submission of Souls that you are better than me and I am bending in front. You've got to understand if you watch some of these clergymen people go and see them they kiss their hand and they feel powerful that's why they become clergy. The money doesn't count [inaudible] Have we seen the world leaders go and kiss the hand of the Pope? It's the power hunger not the path of the life of the Jesus. I have a very good friend of mine who used to be an ambassador and he says Mehran you should come and watch world leaders when they come and see the Pope they crawl on their hands and knees. Of course the guy feels powerful when he's a world leader bending and he wont [inaudible] Takes the soul of the man with his pocket.

[inaudible] Christ suffered no, never did. The only suffering he went through was where a few nails for a few minutes and when they were gone it brought an end to his physicality and done with it. The fun was over I'm not there anymore.

If you want to understand what suffering is live my life for the past 20 years in the hand of the Belgians. Then you understand how much we suffered.

But suffering was worth it. The king will abdicate. End of kingship.

And so we don't look at suffering as I always said to Caroline this is the path of developing the soul of the man. And I had a beautiful rich life before I accepted this position. And there were some consequences for doing changes so much abuse of this planet and it's Souls. Christ had a beautiful life. I wish I had his life.

Moses killed. Muhammad slaughtered. And Christ got through the love. He loved women and good wine and good friends.

He never suffered. I've seen it because I see in South America a lot of people say they want to suffer to elevate their souls. When you suffer you lose part of your soul because you're stealing from your soul. The soul needs to be elevated not taken from.[22]
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