101st Knowledge Seekers Workshop

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101st Knowledge Seekers Workshop February 18th, 2016

Agricultural and Decontamination Blueprint Teaching

Content and timing

00:03:08 Rick Crammond's intro 

00:03:59 One Planet, One Nation, One Race Video 

00:08:38 MK talks about agriculture and decontamination 

00:11:50 Dubai conference April 21-24, 2016 

00:19:36 Dubai conference promotional video 

00:21:08 The solidity of the Kf, not relying on governments for funds, Kf in Holland is giving away Pain Pads and Pain Pens to the public, Certification of health products, 

00:24:15 People making their own products to give away, for their protection, they cannotuse the Kf logo unless they are a licensed distributor 

00:25:55 Earthquake news. Feb 21 to April 18, 2016 first window 

00:40:40 Executive order article shown on screen available here. Actual executive order available here 

00:41:01 USGS Earthquake map shown. Available here 00:44:xx Question about the second sun/twin star 

00:53:00 MK shares a camera to demonstrate what will happen to the continent 

00:57:51 Paying for the April conference 

01:00:00 More earthquake news 

01:05:52 Agriculture presentation from Ghana, Africa. Water pollution is a big problem 01:22:xx Using GANS to work with pollution 

01:33:14 Water analysis document from Africa 

02:05:13 Aquarium presentation from Africa from Benjamin: fish in tank with CO2 GANS are bigger and more active 02:12:xx Tests on growing mushrooms 

02:26:01 Power Point from Africa, agriculture experiment farming potatoes with GANS. 

02:51:22 Mexico corn and wheat report 

03:53:19 Douglas from USA presents two innovations he is using: NWET (nano-coated Water Energizing Tubes) and PWET (Plasma Water Energizing Tubes) 04:06:xx GANS and effects on cantaloupes 

04:21:14 Video explaining the process of working with energizing tubes 

04:30:46 Vernie from the Philippines shows experiments with cantaloupe and rice plants with GANS 

04:48:37 A short video from Germany, shoing a bucket with nano-copper and zinc producing electricity 

04:52:36 Sharing some of Victor Schauberger's knowledge. A recommendation to use copper or bronze tools for planting 

04:58:43 Testimonial from Douglas regarding energy cup for feeding and healing 

05:11:57 Double walled cup for energizing food and water demonstration, a drawing on the energy cup 5:17:xx MK provides more teaching of details of the Cup of Life and pain pens 5:33:xx: Question on use of magnets 

05:39:29 Question on using Kf logos on health cups 

05:41:53 Coil winding machine video from JF Dupont in Canada. Update on manufacturing in Italy, Germany and Japan 

05:52:48 Teaching workshops and costs 

05:57:07 Australian Kf factory video 

06:00:29 Peace Video 

06:04:55 First Universal Community Council, April 21-22, 2016 Dubai Video 

06:07:02 End