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The First One Cup One Life works on the white tissues of the lungs and brain.

Don't stop to do the check with Plasma Water from the One Cup One Life. Spraying the body from top to toe and wait 15 minutes. If no reaction of discomfort or pain, or headache appearing or pressure, you are still free of the virus. And do the 10 seconds nose and breathing test. If you can't hold the breath for 10 seconds and the coughing starts, you are most probably infected.

The Second Cup of Life will work on the red tissues of the stomach and down the body.

Therefore we have to make a new Second Cup of Life. You carry on applying the First One Cup One Life application as previously outlined.

Application of the Second Cup of Life is to produce the field strength to stand at the same level as the mutation of the Corona Virus in the red tissues.

Therefore we are producing the Second Cup of Life and the application that starts from under the breast. It will cover the heart tissues downward to the diaphragm, to the complete intestines and the legs. Under no circumstances DO NOT apply to the lungs and DO NOT apply on the head.

Make sure at all times there is no GANS particles present in the water, unless explained differently.


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