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In this category all information on the topic "What changes will the Universal System bring to humanity" is collected. Mr Keshe has already started to publish information on this topic in the 297th, 298th and 299th Knowledge Seekers Workshops. The 300th KSW, which is already fully transcribed, is filled with information about this topic and also introduces a new series of teachings with the subject of  'The Knowledge of the Universe', which will continue in all further KSWs. The Public Portuguese and Arabic Teachings and the weekly One Nation, One Planet, One Race for World Peace meetings, with Mr Keshe and Carolina Keshe all serve to complement and round off the knowledge. The Universal Council, the KF Transcriber Team and Knowledge Seekers from around the globe are working together to transcribe the teachings and to be published here.

In the categories below you can find and listen to the recordings.

In the One Nation One Planet One Race for World Peace Public Meeting we went through a part of KSW 300 (99th 1N1P1R) and continue in January 2020.

Finished Tanscriptions: 300th KSW, 302rd KSW, 305th KSW, 311th KSW, 2019 12 13 PM Public Teaching in Portuguese


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