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Nano-coated Copper is used for the most applications of Plasma Technology, but also all other materials can be Nano-coated.

The coating is done chemically by etching with NaOH. In the course of the coating process "gaps" occur between the atoms of the outer Copper layer and the Nano-layers, which become the center of energy and information through specific magnetic field interactions. Microscopically small layers are formed on the Copper surface, which in turn consist of small particles that look like wires. Due to their size in the Nano-meter range (extremely small), these are called "Nano-wires". This is why coating is also referred to as Nano-coating. These Nano-layers have the property of growing during the coating process.

No matter if it is about the production of GANS or the use in devices, the Nano-coating belong to the basic component of Plasma Technology.

Do not use Aluminium, Tin, or Lead in any shape or form in your Nano-coating process!

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