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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times January 2019

by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, Founder of Keshe Plasma Science and Technology for Space Applications

Keywords: HSV, HSV-1, HSV-2, dream, emotions, virus, fear, mouth.

Published: January 2019.


The Keshe Foundation introduces new solutions through the teaching and development of the science of plasma technology. Such solutions are simple and harmless to any organism inhabiting this planet. One of the biggest threats to humanity (and to other forms of life) are viruses, and one of the most prevalent one is the herpes simplex virus (HSV). HSV, or herpes, is categorized into 2 types: herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). Statistically, it is estimated that in 2012, over 67% of the World’s population (3709 million people, range: 3440–3878 million) aged 0–49, had a prevalent HSV-1 infection, which usually appears on the mouth, around the lips (Table 1).

An estimated 417 million people aged 15-49 (11%) worldwide have HSV-2 infection1. Most oral and genital herpes infections are asymptomatic (showing no symptoms). Hence, many people are not even aware they carry it. This lifelong condition, like many other viruses known to mankind, is incurable and scientists report its relationship to other health conditions such as Alzheimer (Lövheim H. J., 2015). However, the origin of it and the exact mechanism of its working, as this is also the case with many other viruses, remains a mystery to the modern medicine.

This publication explains the origin of the HSV virus and how it develops in the human body – starts from the soul and the brain through the process of dreaming and ends where it started - in the brain. The role of the skin, which in the understanding of the plasma science is an extension to the human brain, is described. The transition and mutation of the virus occurs as it travels through the digestive system to reach its other end – the anus and genitals. The herpes virus also nests in the hip of the man. Doctors and scientists cannot solve it, as its complexity and mechanisms have never been fully understood. Whatever therapy is applied, the virus eventually comes back. When its energy reaches a tipping point, it releases the energy back into the same layers and one has a flaring of the disease.

In general, herpes is a totality of the disease across the body of the man. This changes the approach and herpes with this new understanding of the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology are manageable, are reversible3. The proposed procedure, which covers the entirety of the body, is proven to be effective and subsequent tests and clinical trials are needed to quantify it further.


Table 1: Global and regional estimates of the number of existing (prevalent) cases of HSV-1 infection in 2012 by age and sex, in millions (percentage of the population with prevalent infection shown in parentheses)2.

One of the biggest menaces to the human race is the herpes virus. The understanding of the modern medicine is that HSV-1 is transmitted by oral-to-oral contact to cause oral herpes, which can include symptoms known as “cold sores” but can also cause genital herpes. HSV-2 is a sexually transmitted infection that causes genital herpes. Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections are lifelong. According to (Davis, 2018), these two viruses have distinctly different DNA, and both cause oral and genital lesions. However, HSV-1 causes about 80% of all oral lesions and only about 20% of genital lesions while HSV-2 causes the reverse (about 80% genital and 20% oral).

Oral herpes infection is mostly asymptomatic, and most people with HSV-1 infection are unaware of it. Symptoms of oral herpes include painful blisters or open sores, called ulcers, in or around the mouth. Sores on the lips are referred to as “cold sores.” Infected person will often experience a tingling, itching, or burning sensation around their mouth, before the appearance of sores. After the first infection, the blisters or ulcers can periodically recur.

The frequency of recurrences varies from person to person. Genital herpes caused by HSV-1 can be asymptomatic or can have mild symptoms that go unrecognized. When symptoms do occur, genital herpes is characterized by one or more genital or anal blisters or ulcers. After a first genital herpes episode, which may be severe, symptoms may recur, but genital herpes caused by HSV-1 usually do not recur often. Herpes infections are most contagious when symptoms are present but can still be transmitted to others in the absence of symptoms. Antiviral medications, such as acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir, are the most effective medications available for people infected with HSV. These can help reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms but cannot cure the infection1.

Figure 1: Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Infection.4

According to the WHO’s website1, “in immunocompromised people, such as those with advanced HIV infection, HSV-1 can have more severe symptoms and more frequent recurrences. Rarely, HSV-1 infection can also lead to more severe complications such as encephalitis or keratitis (eye infection)”. The same report warns pregnant women that “neonatal herpes can occur when an infant is exposed to HSV in the genital tract during delivery. This is a rare condition, occurring in an estimated 10 out of every 100,000 births globally, but can lead to lasting neurologic disability or death.”

Many researchers notice and investigate the causal relationship between the HSV-1 virus and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Work presented in (Bearer, 2013) concludes that the author in their study “… satisfied Koch’s 3rd postulate: the HSV causes Abeta deposition that would in concert with other factors lead to an AD-like pathology”. In June 2015, Swedish scientists in (Lövheim H. J., 2015) concluded that “Among persons with a follow-up time of 6.6 years or more, HSV infection was significantly associated with AD.”

Other works presented similar evidence (Piacentini, 2014), (Lövheim H. J.-G., 2015), (Agostini, 2016) and most recently (Itzhaki, 2018) who points to evidence in literature that apart from AD, HSV is also linked to senile dementia and that “… antiviral treatment causes a dramatic decrease in number of subjects who later develop SD ”. Furthermore, Itzhaki in the same work, concludes that “three indirectly relevant studies deal respectively with schizophrenia, relating to antiviral treatment to target HSV1, with the likelihood that HSV1 is a cause of fibromyalgia (FM), and with FM being associated with later development of SD. Studies on the link between epilepsy, AD and herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) are described also, as are the possible roles of APOE-ε4, HHV6 and HSV1 in epilepsy.” (Itzhaki, 2018).

It is one of the contributions of this publication to explain, from the plasmatic point of view, that HSV virus correlates with increased risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as AD as it appears in the body of the man.

Viruses - the new understanding

The genesis, evolution and the mechanisms of many viruses present on this planet, which trouble humanity, are not currently understood. Viruses are energy packages which have the DNA strength of the body of the man and in that process, they interact with it. The energy packages which have the strength of the soul of the man interact with the DNA of the soul of the man - they are a leech onto the leech (human body) and they become leeching onto the entire structure.

Figure 2: The food tower.

Viruses don’t have physical characteristics, they don’t have physical entity, but they have gravitational-magnetic field strength in part of their composition that matches one of the elements of the amino acid of the man (COHN); or it matches the elements that are connected to it, such as Iron in the blood, or Copper in the muscle, or Carbon, and the virus locks in. Once locked-in, it carries a massive amount of energy as it does not have a physical dimension. Virus in the plasma technology is a package of energy which mankind needs to understand.

In the space, humans will not die much of bacteria and infections, but will die of viruses – the energy packages without physicality. The present science has not managed to handle the simple viruses of this planet - those energy packages which have no physical dimensions to the amino acid, but they carry energies of the amino acid5. This aspect can be explained similarly to the food cup experiment, also known as the Orange Experiment, in which four basic GANSes and their amino-acids are placed around a glass container with water (Fig. 2). In a CO2 GANS production, the combination of materials of the air appears on the surface of the water as the amino acid (COHN), and when put in another tube, it becomes the basis of life. In such food cup, gravitational-magnetic fields are created, which pull down the gravitational-magnetic fields of the essence of the orange, or any other plant or substance, into the water.

When the orange is placed on the top of the cup, the energy of the orange together with its taste is transferred into the water contained by the cup. Because this water has a protein base, it connects to the protein-based body of the man, so it feeds the body with the energy of the substance. In this transfer of the energy of the plasma, one receives all the attributes of the orange - the energy, the taste, the smell, everything.

There is no need for the physicality of the orange, and when one drinks this water, it tastes orange. This confirms the energy transfer through the plasma structure and orange’s amino acids. For example, let’s assume that the Hydrogen of the orange’s amino acid is equal to the Hydrogen in the water of the cup, according to the mixture of the GANSes placed around the container. In the same way, viruses which are like this energy packed information contained in the water of the cup, leech onto human bodies.

To the present world of science, viruses are a menace, for which there is no solution. Any virus, any entity which has a dynamic plasma, has a funnel. Every virus has a dimension of the dynamic plasma - it is a structured energy pack. The plasma structure of the CO2 GANS, or any other, is the same as the plasma of a virus - it has a strength capacity. As a first step, one has to find out what this strength capacity of the virus is. If one can measure its strength, then a system can be developed to work the opposite - gravitational to magnetical - to drain it, to reduce the virus’ strength or one of the factors of the strength in it, which for example, matches into the amino acid Hydrogen strength. With this new understanding all viruses are reversible.

Herpes Simplex Virus - HSV


Herpes originates from the brain of the man. It is caused by the release of the energy from the inner soul of the man touching the invisible memory part of the body of the man. While dreaming, one experiences various emotional states. If the dream is at the strength that endangers one’s life, if the memory of it is at the strength that can jeopardize the life or imprison the physicality, this is an event which one does not want to remember. Therefore, a field force in the balance of the memory of what is not to be remembered, is created. Because it is a dream, it has not manifested, and it remains a part of the operation of the soul of the man.

The energy transfer appears on the part of the body responsible for the verbalization of the unexpressed feeling, which is the lip of the man and this explains why, when one has a very horrible dream, the blister appears on the side of their mouth. This is the beginning of the process. The energy transfer from the source (inner soul and the brain) into the point of destination (the lip) gets captured in the salty environment of the layers of the skin. Think of it as a CO2 box – two plates (one of the higher order) and the energy transfers through the salty water, to create a point of balance at the Carbon field strength to attract the Carbon from its environment.

The full process of the creation of herpes comes from the inner structure (memories in the brain) and this is why it goes back to where it came from. Since it has no memory, it wants the brain to remember the initial horrible event or a nightmare. This is called the heating temperature of a dream. It does not matter where one is in the universe, or on this planet, they get it; because human soul is the creator of it. The dream does not find the physicality at the time when one is awake that their eyes can observe. If in a dream, one gets captured and wants to escape, such frightening situation often wakes them up. The energy of the memory of this dream cannot be memorized by the brain, as it was not observed by the eye, and because in their dream one cannot speak through their mouth which is the point of speaking, this is where the energy transfers6.

If one has a problem with their son, as a man they develop a prostate cancer. The paper titled ALS—A death wish which comes true7, describes yet another process, which directly originates from the soul of the man. ALS is a wish through the soul, which the physicality cannot handle – the ‘termination of contract’.

Similarly, herpes is a condition created by the soul of the man but without the interaction of the physicality. Herpes goes back to where it came from (the brain), so that one remembers the dream, so that it does not happen to them. Now it is understood why herpes damages or interacts at the memory side, because one wants to forget a horrible experience.


Every virus is an energy pack and it needs to be attached to an amino acid. Once it finds the energy in a structure which carries DNA, it can control itself, it can mutate to absorb more. It becomes a cell, a living entity. A virus looks for food to survive, it looks for energy to absorb. When it attaches itself to Mr. COHN8, it links itself either to the Oxygen - because it matches the gravitational field of it; or to the weakest element, which is the Hydrogen. It needs that match/connection, it finds that connection, but how does it enter the body of the man? It needs a weak point, it needs a point of entry.

The lip and the skin

Figure 3: Lip - the entry point of Herpes Simplex Virus.

One of the points of entry for the virus are the lips. Herpes are usually observed in these regions, around the mouth, because this is where the space gap is. In Figure 3, the external part of the skin is marked with D; while C is the internal part, the sausage, the breathing part, the mouth. These two are two different structures. Area marked with B is the weak point in the structure, which can be compared to a woven chain. The same can be observed in Nano-layers – such open spaces, gaps between plasmas. It’s analogous to sewing two different materials together, such as leather and cotton, which cannot be perfectly put together, cannot be fused, because they are two different structures9.

Skin has three layers. Both, the internal part (C) and the external skin (D) have three layers. The bottom layers of each are linked up. But the three, the middle layers of the same salt content, because they carry the blood in the level of balance of it, they have a space gap. The layers are linked up, but they allow for the virus to come into this space gap and in this way, it finds a place to nest. Why herpes is usually observed in the corners of the lips? Because this is where the space gap is continuously fixed to one point, which moves when the mouth closes and opens. These points of flexibility are an entry point for the HSV virus, which then finds a nest. The virus enters into the middle layer of the skin and it stays there9.

HSV is an energy pack which is equal to the energy pack of the amino acid in the middle layer of the skin, which becomes a nesting-ground for the virus. Here we are considering a six-layered structure, not three - there are three layers of the skin and there are three layers of the inner tube. This structure has a gap in which the strength of the memory of the dream, matches the field strength of a virus and becomes its nest. The virus which sits in the middle section of the outer skin, affects its salt content. The change of salt due to the energy transfer creates blisters on the skin. This gap is created by the disorder - the breakup between two sides of the skin. When the blister opens up as the salt content changes, it is like an eruption. The skin erupts, and the gap is created between the two sides of the eruption of the skin. Then another infection that sits in because of the energy level and you have all these what we call the virus of herpes, we call it herpes. Due to the dynamic fluid condition in the mouth, blisters inside the mouth are not as frequent.

This is why herpes of a given strength (HSV-1) appear only at the mouth. If herpes moves inside, it is a different story. The conditions in the mouth are different than in the skin - different acidity of all the enzymes and presence of other elements. Thus, the virus has to mutate to become stronger, that it can survive in these conditions. Through a cut in the internal skin of the oral cavity, the virus can enter the gap of the three layers of the oral mucosa. Some mucous membranes secrete mucus, a thick protective fluid. The function of the membrane is to stop pathogens and dirt from entering the body and to prevent bodily tissues from becoming dehydrated (Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 2018). In order to survive in these conditions, the virus mutates and becomes stronger, it becomes HSV-2. The strength of the herpesvirus-2 is capable of coping with the composite liquids inside the body of the man, whereas the skin was slightly different.

Figure 4: Cross section of skin and mucosa under the microscope: Normal Epidermis and Dermis with Intradermal Nevus (left); Histological section taken from the gastric antrum, showing the mucosa of the stomach (right).

The brain

In the human body, and this holds for all animals, the skin is a part of the brain. It is an extension of the brain. When the HSV virus enters the middle skin, it immediately travels into the brain of the man through the middle skin. Equivalently to the lip, where the layers of the external skin link up with the layers of the internal skin (mucosa), human brain is connected to the skin, but it works in a different dimension link-up. The virus through the middle areas of the skin moves into the brain because it is made of the same, it is the same transformation.

After it moves into the brain, the virus has the strength to sit in the part of the brain responsible for memories, and this is the reason we call it Alzheimer’s due to herpes. This process could be compared to a frequency jammer. Similarly to jamming some radio frequency, the herpes virus has this capability at a particular strength level (in this case at the level of memories) because it came through the middle section, through the membrane of the body of the man. It has the strength which fits into the strength of the memory part, it jams it, and produces what we call Alzheimer's.

As we grow older our brain function changes and under given strength, it matches with the strength of the herpes virus which leads to total blockage. In wireless communication, one intruder is able to block the entire communication channel by jamming the particular frequency. Analogically, this is exactly how HSV works. When the frequency of the source matches the frequency of the jammer, there is no communication. Whatever information sits in the brain becomes inaccessible due to the blocking ‘noise’.

HSV originates from the brain of the man itself. It is the release of the energy from the inner soul of the man touching the invisible memory part of the body of the man. That is why it goes back to where it came from, that's why it affects the memory part.

The digestive system, anus and genitals

Figure 5: Human Digestive System.

Herpes also appears inside the body of the man. It can be observed in different internal areas - at the entrance (oral cavity), esophagus and stomach. All these are made of tissues of different composition and hence one should look for signs of herpes in the opening of the stomach (sphincter), stomach, the small intestine opening (pylorus) and in the opening between the small intestine and the large intestine (ileocecal valve).

When the HSV virus enters the middle layer of the oral mucosa, it is able to travel through the entire digestive system, as mucosa is a mucous membrane that lines the inside of the digestive tract from mouth to anus (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016). Herpes which moved, through the mouth, from the outside skin into the mucosa of the digestive system becomes stronger because it mutated to accommodate to a stronger dynamic system. In this process, the virus gains energy - when it mutates it becomes stronger.

Herpes moves down the middle layer of the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine and the large intestine. It ends in another point, which similarly to the lip has two phases - the phase of the dynamic dimension of the internal organ and the skin of the man - the anus. This is how herpes moves from the mouth directly into the genitals and in doing so, mutates to be stronger. As mentioned in the Background section, HSV-1 causes about 80% of all oral lesions and only about 20% of genital lesions while HSV-2 causes the reverse (about 80% genital and 20% oral).

HSV-2, on the other hand, mostly appears on the reproduction organs of woman or man. One aspect of the structure of these organs – the external skin and the internal tube - are analogues to the lip. It is an interface, a point in which the two triple-layered structures join. What originates from the inner layer of the outer skin, through the space gap, moves inside the tube and one gets herpes on their genitals. The virus can then travel in the opposite direction to HSV-1, but one might not observe it in the mouth10.

The bone structure and the hip

Figure 6: Human Skeletal System. [Source: Pixabay]

Body of the man carries a bone structure, which contains spinal cord, hip, skull and the rest of the skeletal system (Figure 6). Structure and the role of the hip can be compared to the role of the cup in the food cup experiment, explained in the Background section. In that experiment, the energy of the orange was transferred into the water. Up to now, doctors tried to sort out the problem of HSV-2 by using creams. However, in the interaction with the creams (or ointments) and other medicine, the virus moves (and hence mutates) but it cannot be eradicated; symptoms are partially addressed, not the cause.

With the new research which was published recently, one understands, and this supports what was explained years ago, that the hip of the man becomes the cup. The herpes virus nests in the hip of the man. This is why doctors could not solve it. Whatever the therapy and treatment, eventually it comes back. When this cup’s/hip’s energy reaches a critical point, it releases the energy into the same layers it originated from and one has the flaring of the disease.


Herpes virus does not originate from outside, it is the creation of our own soul. The human body is a composite of different GANSes. It is a container filled with GANSes and every substance which enters the body, is transformed into the GANS state. In plasma technology doctors process various health disorders by creating conditions for the transfer of energy. This is done via use of static and dynamic plasma systems. Such systems are ‘fueled’ with different GANSes to create conditions for the transfer of energy. One needs to understand how to create such conditions and what effect this has on the human body.

Doctors and scientists working with the plasma technology, on numerous occasions, demonstrated how this can be achieved. They managed to deplete the salt from the foot of the coma case11. To do so, the urine of the female subject was collected, the GANS of it was created and added into the GANS patches. What was expected to be weeks-long process, was processed within days. Another example of the same principle is the breast cancer case presented in the ‘Cancer solution in exchange for peace’12. To remove Calcium, the seed of that particular cancer, two patches of Calcium GANS in the appropriate ratio were applied. The same principle applies to the removal of other metals from the human body and the same applies to HSV.

To create the correct transfer of energy, firstly the energy of the seed of the problem needs to be recognized. The understanding of this process is analogues to the way homeopathy works – ‘like cures like’.

Thus, to prepare the GANS water for processing herpes, the liquid of herpes itself, when it flares up as blisters, needs to be collected in whatever quantity available and mixed with 50% CO2 and 50% ZnO GaNS13 water. The field strength of the CO2 GANS present in this solution, provides a link with the physicality, while ZnO GANS is a link to the brain and the emotions – the origin of herpes virus.

It is also possible to collect the liquid of herpes and mix it with CO2 GaNS and liquid plasma to make a base GaNS of it. The herpes GANS water can then be used in processing. Every HSV virus is unique in its strength, it is as unique as our fingerprints and hence the liquid plasma of it, is only to be applied on the person of whom it was collected.

The simplest way to process HSV is no to use patches of different ratio, but to apply it on a cotton bud at the point of rupture. Three times a day, for no more than half an hour per session. This creates a fast energy transfer which covers all the affected parts – lips, the entire digestive system, the hip, genitals and the brain. This procedure can be followed for a number of days until the virus is gone. It is worth noting that the herpes processing is not preventative. One can only apply it when the outbreak occurs, when the ‘identity’ of the virus is known.



To date, the origin and the exact mechanism of the herpes simplex virus was never fully understood by the present science. This publication explains these processes in detail. Now we understand from the Alzheimer's, all the way to genitals how herpes interacts and mutates. HSV-1 and HSV-2 are the same, just operate in a different gravitational-magnetic field strength - one is stronger, the other one is weaker. The stronger one is capable of surviving in acidic, enzyme-rich environments, and hence it travels through the middle layer of the mucosa (a membrane that lines various cavities in the body and covers the surface of internal organs) of the digestive system, to reach the anus.

In general, herpes is a totality of the disease across the body of the man and this changes the approach to eradicate it. Herpes with the new understanding of the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology should be able to be managed, should be able to be reversible14. For the first time, the entire process on herpes is understood. Why do we see herpes on some points of the arm or the leg? This relates to the situation in one’s dream or real life, where the skin was physically damaged , punched, compressed. Herpes then manifests in the point of weakness of the middle layer of the skin.

When the virus gets underneath the skin, one can observe some dots which indicate the energy transfer. Herpes, in every level with a new knowledge of the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology, is reversible. By understanding this knowledge, no virus should be a danger to man, even in space15.

Herpes can be transmitted physically - if one carries the same emotion and kisses another person on the same space gap between the skin and the lip - the inner tube - the virus is transferred into the middle layer of their skin, because it already carries a copy of the human DNA. However, it is created internally, through dreaming, by the soul of the man. In a condition of interaction with other salts, a huge pack of energy from the soul of the man is released which cannot find a physical position. This is why isolated people of the jungle, tribes living far from civilization also carry HSV. The trigger can be the dream of a tiger or a lion endangering their life. Thus, one can perceive the herpes virus as one of the outcomes of the adaptation to the changing environment - mutation. In order for our body to mutate, the information, the energy, the new structure, comes directly from the brain. Therefore, for the process to complete, the change needs to find its confirmation in the physicality.

In the case of herpes, the impulse for the change comes through the process of dreaming and emotions associated with it. These emotions get ‘translated’ into the body structure and a virus’ energy is transferred into the lip – responsible for the communication or confirmation of the frightening situation one witnessed in their dream.


The virus, same as our body and any other entity in the Universe, mutates according to the environmental conditions. As it travels, it adapts to the enzymes and acids encountered in its environment and mutates in the same way as the human body mutated throughout centuries to adapt to the changing environmental conditions. It can mutate because of the salinity in the layers it travels within – this can be compared to the GANS making procedure, when the salty water is placed between the two plates and forms an environment for whatever field strength is to manifest in it. Life on Earth started in the salty waters of this planet. In the same way, the human body, via its brain and the different concentration of various salts, created all its organs in order to cope with the surrounding environment. Not only organs such as liver or kidney, but also the color of the eyes or the skin manifests through the same process. The HSV mutates as it travels through the human body and a trigger for it to travel back to where it came from, comes from its nest – the hip. When the virus in the hip reaches a certain energy level it becomes stronger, as compared to its origin; and based on the fundamental law of plasma (the stronger feeds the weaker), the energy transfer is through the skin, in the direction of the brain. The details of the herpes process – the importance of the layers of the skin, their space gap, salt content and other elements is explained in detail in this paper.

Two-thirds of the world population suffer from HSV and up to now its mechanisms were not understood. Now we know it is the creation of the soul of the man. The way every human, through their soul creates various internal structures - muscles, heart, two lungs, intestines and other – it is now understood that herpes is a condition of the soul of the man that releases a huge pack of energy and this seed flowers to become a physical, amino acid-based structure, capable of mutating inside the human body. Not only with HSV but with any virus, one needs to understand how it travels, where it nests and what is their gravitational-magnetic field strength. To eradicate amino acid-based viruses, one can use any of the presently known GANSes, which match in gravitational-magnetic field strength one or more of the amino acid’s elements. Different viruses have different characteristics and operate in a diverse spectrum of fields. Herpes virus, in any shape or form, be it the herpes of Universe or the herpes of planet Zeus, now you can handle it16.


Knowing the origin of the HSV virus, the door to eradicating it using the same mechanism opens. The virus mutates according to the environmental conditions, through the energy transfer, and by introducing the energy of the virus itself into its environment, the new environment drains its energy. This is how its cycle closes and because it manifested in the physicality it eventually ‘mutates out’ of the human body and does not come back. The process involves collecting the liquid from a blister, because the virus continuously mutates and in order for the processing to be effective, the system needs to be tuned into the correct (actual) field strength of the virus – as the virus mutates, one needs to mutate with it. In the Keshe Foundation, viruses are understood as packets of energy, which leech into the structure of the physicality of the matter state of the human body - what we defined as the GANS state of the body of the man.

Man, in space will face more problems with this kind of energy packages, than with anything else. As one travels with the highest speed across the universe, they are touched by many kinds of viruses. The spacecraft itself, in interaction with the different field strengths of the universe - like the way Earth in the interaction with the Sun creates different lights - creates different energy packages. Some of them, might be at the strength of the amino acid or the amino acid strength of the soul of the man. When you come to the new space technology, now that we take human race outside the boundaries of Earth, we have to solve all the problems of the man. Virus is an RNA, without the physical DNA. As an energy pack which maintains its shape, a virus has a DNA of itself which is a memory of itself as a field.

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