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In the teaching of last week, [270th Knowledge Seekers Workshop] we spoke about the common denominator that is within the soul of the man, which is within the soul of the Creator. How do we tune to the specific? And we do not always want to speak to one, we want to speak to the collective of souls together.

There is a party. You just don't want to talk to anyone. You want to say; "Everybody, there is a birthday party!” or “We are going to blow the candles." How do you let everyone know, how do you choose? 

This is the process that will be unique, it will be developed, understood, and become operational by the members of the Universal Council and the Earth Council. 

They are present as a soul present on this planet and as a soul to those of the Earth's siblings, who travel the space of the universe. It is a commitment, a common denominator with the strength of the soul of mankind. 

This is why we do not choose the members of the Universal Council. We let their souls to step up, as they have matured to that step to become the reacher of all those who understand, in emotion of the spoken language, or the emotion of the language of the man. 

This is the reason why the members of the Universal Council are chosen by their own soul, and not by the man.

When you step up to become a member of the Universal Council where you judge by your soul, you have managed to enter, to understand, that point of communication with the rest of the souls of the common language. 

To speak a language we trigger specific strength within the soul of physicality of the brain of the man, which touches the emotion of the man. At the same time, if you are a member of the Universal Council in English, and you have no access, you cannot reach, let's say the Persian speaking language member of Universal Council, he or she can hear you. 

When you are at the beach and you shout in English, not only the Englishmen hear. Everybody else on the beach hears your voice. This is the next step in the development of understanding that side of the communication, the Universal language side of the communication. 

Then you step up as members of Universal Council, as members of the Earth Council, and, in deeper time, when the man becomes pure in the work of his physicality that he becomes as close as to be a universal person, then you start hearing the voice of the soul, of the other creatures of the universe. In a way it is the elevation of the soul of the man.

This is the stage where we elevate the soul of those who become the true members of the Universal Council. The station of the Earth members of the Council, in that line, will be in that dimension, they carry both of both directions. Now you understand why we chose the way we did, members of the board councils. 

In this process, we are opening your eyes to the next entry, that once you enter the Universal Community you are not bunch of dumb and deaf people. You can communicate, not with a sign language that no one understands, but through the language of the soul of the man. 

“Which way do you want to travel? Would you like to go first class or would you like to be on a business class? Or we are happy to be economical? Or do we create a new class, we call them, space class? 

Then you have learned the language of the space. You become the language spoken, that like anybody else, you can translate the strength of soul to the understanding of the interaction of the physicality of the soul of the man. 

Mankind has to take the strength and option on its own understanding of its own soul. 

In that process, as we said, as Universal Councils we can reach the strength and the span of this universe. The Earth Council will reach the leaders of this planet. 

Talking to the world leaders, is not and should not be in the verb and voice by the members of the Earth Council. It should be direct through the soul of the world leaders. This is the gift which has been given to them. 

The members of the Universal Council have access to the physicality of the man of leadership, and through that, they can influence the condition of the transformation through the soul of the man. There is a big difference between the two. 

Those of you who have reached that point, you understand if you can or you become, or you can stand to become a member of the Universal Council. 

We chose the member of the Earth Council. Those of you who are the member of Universal Council, you understood the need of the soul of the creation of the man. And in response, you answered. 

In the same direction, very soon, many of you will step down because you understand the true meaning of servitude by soul, is different than the  servitude by the physicality.

271st Knowledge Seekers Workshop