The Universal Council Mandate

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UC Mandate header.png
Here you can download the pdf version of the Universal Council Mandate:

The Universal Council Mandate

Universal Guidelines

The soul of the Universal Council member should shine like the light of the creator, to be the source of light for other souls and radiate the light of the beauty of the creator and have and try to reach all attributes of The Soul of The Creator.

In time creatures of the universe shall see the light of the soul of the man and not the physicality of the man.

Members of the Universal Council are chosen by strength of their souls alone in serving the humanity and the universal community and never by others.

The members of the council can't announce themselves as a member of the council unless it is announced and registered under the council’s registrar panel.

No members of the council can ever speak as themselves as being a member of the council to influence their opinion or words, as then if done so, at this point immediately they lose their seat in the council and a new member can stand for the vacant position.

The members of the council shall not be elected but chosen by the soul of the man for it to be able to serve the humanity and as the soul of council members self-select themselves.

The dedication of the soul of the council comes from service through giving from the soul and not by talk or physical actions.

No Member of the council has the right, or can or ever should be, elected by giving their time, money and effort on promoting oneself, as the others see the true soul of the man and his intentions.

Those who try to show that they are better servants of humanity, they do not stand a chance to take a seat in the council.

A Universal Council member cannot nominate a new council member, otherwise they lose their seat in the council.

The Universal Council is here to serve those who live on earth and in space with true intentions and not spoken words.

Once in space and, in due course, men will observe and feel other souls and not its physicality and voice.

Man in space will understand his true value and this council becomes the true representation of the interest of the whole of the souls of the earth both on earth and in space.

There shall be no head of the council elected as the souls through their own position and serving the humanity will find balance to create a balanced council.

There shall be no voting as one sees the truth and feels the real intention of others.

In the council, once one promotes a certain motion for it to establish as effective course for elevation of the souls or collective soul of the race of the planet, or do something for the good of the man, then the other souls will understand and support the motion of the presented case through their intention and support of the soul and not by voting.

The Universal Council is to be the bridge between humanity and the Universal Community.

The Universal Council will be the contact point for all humans and other beings traveling in space or beings visiting planet earth.

The Universal Council is responsible for interaction with the Universal Community (conditions/interface/visitors/ for those already here).

The Universal Council will be the interface between, on how to share on Earth new technologies offered by the Universal Community through open source and free for all.

Overall Structure of the Universal Council


"Our message is very simple, the man himself is part of the Creator, and this is the eventual understanding of the teachings. When you are part of total, you are the total, you carry all the essence of it. It's you who decide to what limit you want the essence to manifest itself. When you stand and look at totality, you have to be impartial to every aspect, be it, the way you've been brought up, the way you were educated, because by being impartial, just look at everything else, you don't need to defend position. And not defending a position you don't spend energy, but you add to the energy because from what you learn. Knowledge, if you ever understood, is sharing part of the Soul of the man who gave you the knowledge.

This is what man has not understood in most of the work of this culture. When you read something from Einstein, when you read something from Edison, when you read something from Tesla, when you read something from da Vinci, when you read it, it's just a reading, but when you understand the reading, you'll receive part of the Soul of the man. That's how you elevated yourself. Reading a knowledge and understanding it, doesn't matter what it is, it's receiving from the Soul of the man because he had so much to give, now you receive it, and then if you can use it, you have elevated yourself to his level. And a lot of people don't understand this. Enlightenment is part of the field of the Universe. It's you who decide how, at what level you get enlightened, and then this is the process of the progress of the maturity of the Soul.”[1]

- M.T. Keshe

As we operate on two levels in parallel - Soul of the Man (Carbon-14) and Soul of Physicality (Carbon-12), the same applies to the structure of the Universal Council. Therefore, what is presented below, presents it from both perspectives to give a better understanding of the structure and operation of the Council.

Structure of the Universal Council

The Council operates and communicates through the strength of the Soul of the Council, which can be visualized in Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. Structure of the Universal Council.png

Universal Council of 12

The rotation of all members,12 councilors and 12 sub councils, leaves in the main 144 councils, is by rotation of the members and will be for the duration of one cycle of man for 1 year. Thus each seat on each council becomes a member on the main council every 1 year which chooses its position by state of the soul and its sincerity of the soul in its group to serve humanity. The rotation of the position is by servitude and not by seat position. Thus a whole race has to become supporter to the soul of their self selected soul that his/her soul promotion leads him/her to be at the seat of the council and then on the main seat of the main council.

Explanation of the Expansion of the Universal Council

The council operates as one circle (Fig. 1 - small circle #1), until it reaches a good number of members with sufficient understanding to form another sub-council. When this happens, a second circle is established (Fig. 1 - small circle #2). When the total number of UC members exceeds 24, a third circle/sub-council can be established, and so on. Members of the new sub-council are not necessary the 12 members that joined last. Formation of a new sub-council may involve rotation of some of the members of the previously established sub-council e.g. UC members from sub-council #1 upon the formation of the second sub-council, can move to sub-council #2 to balance it out in servitude towards humanity. Each circle operates and meets independently but the efforts of all the circles are coordinated through the work of the counselors, who play a role of a bridge, that is to coordinate the efforts of all the 12 sub-councils. Therefore, whatever a given sub-council works on, this is coordinated/communicated through the General Council Assembly, which is made up of the 12 counselors (can be called Coordinators if more appropriate). In that way a request originating from circle #1 through this communication structure, after being discussed in the General Council Assembly can reach, for example, circle #2 (or 3 or 4, etc.) that is able to help in providing the solution. As new members join, the structure of the UC gets constantly replicated. Each circle works independently in delivering solutions but when the need arises, calls for help from other circles. Each sub-council contributes to the portfolio of knowledge and solutions that the Council delivers, so that other sub-councils can benefit from the work of all sub-councils. The scope of the work of the council is further defined in the following subsections of this document.

Implementation of Solutions

Fig. 2. The overall structure and operation of the Council.png

The solutions proposed by the Universal Council are implemented with the help of the Keshe Foundation Core Team, Earth Council(EC), Universal Council supporters (UCs), language communities, Knowledge Seekers, and the Keshe Foundation (KF).

With all of us united together as One Nation, One Planet, One Race, we work together through our souls and our unity manifests the solutions in matter state.

As depicted in Fig. 2, The Universal Council embraces every soul with an abundance of hospitality and servitude. We welcome all wishes arriving from everywhere. They will be processed through the Core Team, Earth Council (EC), Universal Council supporters (UCs), language communities, Knowledge Seekers, and the Keshe Foundation (KF) (outer, green circle); and processed by the UC members involved in the operation of the different Councils (middle, orange circle); and in the future, processed even more through the Soul level communication (inner, dark-blue circle).

Solutions originate from the soul-level operation of the Universal Council (inner, dark-blue circle), materializes at the ‘legislation level’(middle, orange circle), and then are implemented in the appropriate communities (outer, green circle). The manifestation in matter state involves the relevant UC members, Core Team, Earth Council (EC), Universal Council supporters (UCs), language communities, Knowledge Seekers, and the Keshe Foundation (KF). Solutions come from the Keshe Foundation Plasma Science and Technology.

One way to look at Fig. 2 is that each circle represents (going from the inside, outwards):

  1. Soul level (inner, dark blue circle; core operation; line of communication across this planet and with the Universal Community).
  2. Legislation (middle, orange circle; the whole structure and decision making by the UC).
  3. Execution(outer, green circle; bringing in physical solutions; involves Universal Council, Core Team, Earth Council (EC), Universal Council supporters (UCs), language communities, Knowledge Seekers, and the Keshe Foundation (KF).

The purpose of the Universal Council is to unite the entire planet and to form a bridge between the Universal Community and Humanity. The line of communication at the soul level with the Universal Community, is marked with purple line in Fig. 2.

Guidance from the Universal Council - Advisories

Guidance from the Universal Council through establishing a new way of communication and integration for Humanity through the following advisories.

Areas of Operation of the Council

Each sub-council meets and operates independently, dealing with the needs of all souls. The Universal Council is currently operating on these following topics which are;

Topics currently in progress:

  • Universal Council, Global Policies and their Execution
  • Protection of Beings and Global Peace
  • Relations and Communications
  • Creating Abundance
  • Establishing access to Education for Every Individual
  • Access to Reverse Conditions
  • Humanitarian services
  • The Ethos and the Conduct of the Universal Council Charter

Each of the above topics are further explained below. The operation of Universal Council, will extend more in different levels in the near future.

Universal Council, Global Policies and their Execution

Advice from the Universal council on these different points:

Creating a flexible integration on the different topics on global platform Setting up and integrating fair Internal procedures and team logistic Achieving fair and balanced Global Coordination structure Advice from the Universal Council, integration of the Earth council constitution

Earth Council Constitution link:

Protection of Beings and Global Peace

Justice for all beings, establish equality for all life forms.

True purpose of serving citizens is calling up for global Demilitarization.

Redirect and guide global military for peaceful humanitarian services.

No borders and only an ID card with providing name, date, place of birth.

Request mandatory signing of the World Peace treaty by all citizens and visitors before receiving the new ID card.

Relations and Communications

Relations and communications are established peacefully through the presence and interactions of the Universal Councils language members and their and UCs support members and representatives, guiding the Communities with the new Ethos of the Keshe Foundation.

Living in harmony, freedom of travel, equality, and respect of any differences in race, color, and origins present and visiting from Universal Communities.

Creating Abundance

Creating peace through redistribution of all social resources, through hospitality and ensuring an abundance of food, shelter, and establishing a thriving income per individual.

Establishing Access to Education for Every Individual

Through the beauty and experiencing how to serve, more volunteers will be inspired to take part in this process.

Access to Reverse Conditions

Every individual needs to have access to the knowledge of how to reverse any condition through the understanding of the relationship between the soul and physicality as taught by Mr. Keshe.

Testimonials Link:

“You can get rid of all addictions. Doesn't matter what, except one. One addiction, the paymaster, which is embedded in our RNA, is the addiction to reproduce. Because without it we don't exist.

Why the physical anxiety and the detection of its Physical Soul which needs to be satisfied on the physical soul of the body of the Man. And if it cannot satisfy it, it becomes addicted, because the Soul of the body is aware of it but the Soul of Physicality is not aware of it and they try to match. And that matching needs additional energy.

Because it's on the GANS Matter level, so you can subdue it, or you can increase it, by a physical Matter like sugar or a chemical binding. Because it's a rapid release of energy in the structure of the body of the Man.

Within twenty four hours they cannot even stand the smell of it. Because the smell is part of the Emotion of the Man, in the dimension of Physicality and the Soul of Physicality.

You can stop any addiction, but some addictions we cannot stop.”[2]


Humanitarian Services Through the Soul

The Universal Council embraces every soul with an abundance of hospitality and servitude.

In case of imminent disasters in different locations on this Planet or in the Universe, we work through the soul, and elevate humanity in establishing a new understanding of how to sense and communicate with other souls.

This new communication of sensing and connecting to other souls will create opportunity to support souls anywhere on this planet and beyond. With this understanding, we prevent and support instantly, in case of disasters.

Through this new understanding and working through the soul, we will elevate the physicality of the man. Because working in matter state “physicality” means time loss and loss of lives, because transporting and distributing for delivering of aid, food, shelter, medical, and any assistance takes time for deploying. Working through the soul will be beneficial for all souls.

The Ethos and the Conduct of the Universal Council Charter

We are here to serve, not to be served.

Every soul carries the ability of the knowledge between right and wrong. We the Universal Council, through our own conduct will show the path.

“My soul is from the start like a white sheet of paper. That from the very beginning receives it's small tasks and challenges every task (test )as small as it might look the physicality needs to pass through its physical conduct. Trough choice between rights and wrongs.”


How to Create a Wish and Accomplishing this through Your Wishes

Serving Totality in Giving from Your Soul

You are the creator, the benefit of one soul benefits the totality. Try not to get diverted by what is or what was. Create a new reality slowly, exactly how you want it to be and don’t get distracted. Just create in your vision, your creation and slowly build it up, in full trust. Avoid anything, anywhere, and concentrate on what exactly you want. Slowly include the people around you and hold on to this path by paying attention to what isn’t yet in place and adjust your attention slowly to change everything into Beauty. Support your creation you create through this higher frequency and higher field strength. All that was will slowly change into a new state of a higher field strength. But, do not let anything distract you in your path. Go totally blank towards any print or news information from anywhere.

You are the creator of your reality. So, your mind needs to go silent to work through the fields you are generating from your field strength within you as a creator. Keep your surroundings very clean and in a high energy frequency. You can use GANSes and Magravs et cetera, to keep the surrounding fields clean. Keep all disturbing news out of your way. You will create a new reality; YOUR NEW REALITY, which is of a higher field strength. Through this process, you keep adding new field strengths that allow you to remove any negative or any lower frequency. Through your creation, they simply can’t come in or touch the field strength of your NEW positioning.

Through love you are beautiful creators.

- Universal Council

UC Wishes

1.) We wish to elevate the souls of those who have the understanding of right and wrong for them not to inflict any physical or other harm to any children.

We give from our soul and are Present in this wish all souls are elevated in the field strength of understanding right and wrong and work beautiful with this balance.

Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council supporters, and Knowledge Seekers.

We are Present.

Nov 26th, 2019

2.) We create a protective field for the children who are not in a position to defend themselves.

We give from our soul and are Present in this wish children are connected through their field strength to our protective field strength of love and beauty.

Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council supporters, and Knowledge Seekers.

We are Present.

Nov 26th, 2019

3.) We wish to elevate the souls of those who have been victims of abuse to free them from any suffering.

We give from our soul and are Present in this wish we elevate the souls setting them free in happiness and joy.

Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council supporters, and Knowledge Seekers.

We are Present.

Nov 26th, 2019

The Universal Council’s collection of the Wishes from the past two years with contributions of M.T. Keshe, the Core Team, the Earth Council, Universal Council Support members and the Knowledge Seekers and public is presented and published in our wiki.

Link to the full list of UC Wishes online:

The Universal Council in their presence of the level of the soul are creating the understanding for peaceful existence for mankind. Understanding we exist in the present, time has no existence. We are always present serving.

- Universal Council

“The man has come from, He exists, Operate through and He shall return to The light. There's no time and there is no space Man has created time, to give himself existence, and space to have something to exist in it. If you have a single atom in a cubic meter, that plasma will cover the whole cubic meter. God has been the creator of all, And man the converter of some.”


Thank you for your presence and sharing your beauty.

Best Wishes

The Universal Council
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