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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times November 2018

by Marie

The Soul Focus Group is an initiative from the educational board in the KF SSI Education where the students were asked to participate in the teaching and spreading of knowledge, early in the 1st semester of 2018.

It was planned as a workshop with contributions from students where we looked into the public Soul teachings by Mr. Keshe. Since my wish was to contribute more to the foundation I volunteered as a presenter for the Soul Focus Group. I was already doing a lot of self-studying and the Soul topic was close to my heart.

Since then the Soul Focus group has been a weekly event and the interest for the group has been growing.

How we do it

The Soul Focus Group is based on a list of short videos from Mr. Keshe’s public workshops. In many of the public workshops, there is a distinct part where there are not many questions from the audience. This is what the Soul teaching list is based on. The teaching is then divided into smaller parts depending on the content.

The Soul teaching list contains a direct link to the Public Knowledge Seekers Workshops with Mr. Keshe on YouTube. Since all videos are transcribed by the Keshe Foundation transcribers team it is easy to find the transcript and distribute it in advance to the students. This is our study material together with the Soul teaching list.

During our weekly session, we play these videos one by one, with subtitles and transcriptions turned on. And after a short summary, all students are invited to participate in the discussion about the teachings and what we as individuals have gained from what we heard.

What the soul teachings have brought to the community

The Soul Focus group is a good place for any student to study the knowledge about the Soul. By listening to the unaltered words of Mr. Keshe, everyone can take from the teachings what they like. It is an arena for sharing of knowledge and a place to ask questions and share thoughts that otherwise can be hard to bring to light in public classes.

We are all students on different levels of understanding and we are helping each other out in our comprehension of the knowledge. The group is also a nice place to get to know the other students better.

The List of Soul Teachings gives anyone a structured way to work through the soul teachings from Mr. Keshe. Even if your day is packed, you always have time for 10 minutes of self-study. And you can listen to this 10 minutes over and over again because these teachings contain layers on layers of knowledge. You will hear something new every time. And the teachings are in sequence, that means a video played often refers to previous videos in the list.


The Soul Focus group provides teachings about the Soul easily available for any student at the KF SSI Education. The students can take from it what they need and according to their intelligence (as Mr. Keshe often says). It is a tool to deep dive into the teachings about the Soul and they can be listened to over and over again for deeper understanding.

As Mr. Keshe says: When we read or hear something, that is all we do. When it is understood it is sharing the Soul with the person who gave you the knowledge. That is how you elevate yourself.

So from my perspective, the Soul Focus Group is helping us elevate our own Soul by comprehending the knowledge and by sharing our understanding with the other students.

The Soul Focus Group is scheduled every Monday at 17 CET on Zoom. If you want to participate become a KF SSI Education student and join in.

You are so welcome!