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The way Mr Keshe teaches the Plasma Science encourages the Knowledge Seekers around the World to seek the knowledge for themselves. If ‘seeing is believing’ with plasma technology ‘experimenting is knowing’. No one is asked to believe in any of the teachings but rather to try out for themselves to gain confidence in the correctness of this knowledge. In this way we are all scientists and each one of us has many beautiful stories to tell.

With KF SSI Education there are no quizzes or exams but as Mr Keshe once said to Jon, ‘show me the light and I show you the way’. The teacher is there to teach when students are ready. This knowledge is not theoretical, and it is for us to experiment with for the benefit of the entire planet. If we keep the results and observations of our experiments only to ourselves, they do not benefit anyone but us. We are here to serve and not to be served.


The universal teacher educates us free of charge as in the Universe there is no money - the more you give, the more you receive in return. Plasma is dynamic and so is the knowledge sharing within the KF. Each experiment performed is like a single ray of the Sun, ray of knowledge. The Sun shines equally in all directions and does not discriminate if you are Muslim or Christian, white or black, rich or poor; or what is your education status.

We perceive this knowledge through the lenses of our own understanding. As we often find out, each sentence in every teaching relates to the micro and to the macro scale simultaneously. It is like a ray of knowledge where each one of us diffracts it through the prism of our own understanding. Plasma Scientific Journal is there to capture these reflections of our own experiences and understanding.

Publishing in the Plasma Scientific Journal is a perfect way for sharing your own ideas and experimental results. It is a way for each Knowledge Seeker to shine with their own light of knowledge. Everyone is welcomed to submit their work in any language, free of charge. There are no publication fees for the authors, such as this is the case in the modern scientific world. At the same time, there are no access fees to the readers. With no peer-review process you are unlimited in what you can publish, fearing no rejection for whatever reason. It is your experiments and expertise which counts! Turn your past testimonials into a structured paper for other Knowledge Seekers to benefit from. Every submission is index for easy searching and if you find that somebody already published on a given topic, add your results and observations into it. Together we can build a huge database of plasma knowledge for the benefit of humanity!

Publish with us in three simple steps...


Prepare your work

Firstly, you need to prepare. You can either document the work which has already been done and perhaps even presented by you in the testimonials meeting or on the testimonials website at or you can plan a new experiment. With the later, it is important to formulate the question(s) or problem(s) you are addressing early at the start, that is to have a clear goal in mind. Early sketches and drawings often help to understand the requirements and experimental procedures and may even become handy when publishing your work. As the experiment goes by, try to document its progress by taking detailed notes, pictures or camera recordings. Label all the GANS containers, patches, etc. – memory can be short. Always try to think outside of the box and capture the bigger perspective. Take shots of not only the table where the experiment is set up but also of the entire room and even the environment behind the wall. This will help you to understand the interactions and will help to compare the outcomes when the experiment is repeated. There are different type of publications and you can even publish on a new measurement method, propose a new standard or procedure – not even sky is the limit!


Write your paper

Gather all the notes, pictures and memories and in case of other people’s involvement, interview them and write down their observations. When writing your paper put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Do not assume anything but present everything from the start, explaining every aspect of the experiment which may not be obvious and remember that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. If needed, relate to other peoples’ work by referencing their articles, websites or other openly available resources. Start by downloading the Scientific Plasma Journal template and short guide for authors available through the support site ( Fill in all the sections but remember that every experiment is different and sometimes the suggested structure may need to be slightly altered to suit your case. Once finished, give it to your family member, colleague or neighbour to read and give you feedback on it. If they can understand it, so should other Knowledge Seekers.


Upload and submit

Once finished, upload your Word, OpenOffice or PDF file onto one of the cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega, etc.) or filesharing services (Jumpshare, 4shared, Box, FileDropper, etc.) or even onto Facebook. Go to and from the drop-down menu select Plasma Scientific Journal Submissions and press Go. Through this website you can either submit your work, ask a question or access resources and the FAQs. The submission form is very minimal and you only need to provide your name, surname, email address, title of the paper, its short description and the link to your journal submission. The editorial team will get in touch with you in regards to your submission.

DOWNLOAD: Article Publishing Agreement PDF

DOWNLOAD: Scientific Plasma Journal template and example PDF

DOWNLOAD: Scientific Plasma Journal short-template DOCX

DOWNLOAD: Scientific Plasma Journal short-template ODT


Any questions

Get in touch with us via Author guides, templates and other resources are available through the same link. Drop in sessions for private KF SSI students are being arranged to help you write up your work.

Submit your publication today! Be the Creator and shine for others to see your beauties.