Public letter to USA President Donald J Trump

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The President of United States of America

Your Excellency President Donald J Trump

Following your announcement of last week that you would meet anywhere and anytime, without any preconditions, the nation of Iran would like to invite you to meet with us in Tehran, Iran, anytime in August of 2018.

We invite you and your family to bring your nation goodwill and be our guest to see how we suffer from the wrong decision of world leaders


We would like to offer Americans and their leader the warmest of our nation’s hospitality. With this move and acceptance of this offer, our leaders will have to understand that generosity of peace comes from men of power and not from arrogance of time and position.

In you accepting to come to our nation of peace, you effectively will force our leaders to accept world peace and you and your administration will achieve its goal to encourage both nations of Iran and America to support you in your path to bring Iran in line with United Nations agreements on Nuclear Disarmament.

I make this offer on behalf of the Iranian nation and not on behalf of The Government of Iran, as we did to start the previous peace talks.

As an Iranian leading nuclear scientist and the initiator of the last peace talks in Brussels on the 15 November of 2012 between Iran and United States of America, which led to the 5+1 agreement in private discussions. In that meeting with your officials, by request of His Excellency President Obama, we stopped the thirty-year war between our nations and started a dialog that led to the first steps of talk and peace between our two nations.

Now, you see amendments which are needed to the last agreement reached, maybe you are right, maybe we need to satisfy each other’s sense of insecurity to move both nations to new levels of understanding.

As an Iran national and Iranian nuclear scientist, and a supporter of world peace, and knowing that the Iranian government up to now has never refused any of my initiatives and have taken all steps to see my desire and word to keep Iran within the realms of advanced science and technology, I make you and your nation an offer that cannot be refused and my nation and its leaders will abide by it.

My offer to you and your nation is as follows:

In your visit to Iran, we will open all our nuclear facilities for you personally to visit. This means unconstitutional transparency as I offered the last time, and my government followed it through. We will allow you and your team to choose any site, which you and your national security team would like to visit, to be opened within and during your stay in Iran.

When one sees the truth, one cannot be afraid of the truth. This way we lay aside all your fears of Iran’s capabilities.

At the same time, as a gift for your visit, as is tradition in our culture, we shower you with the most beautiful gifts that not only you personally, but your nation and my nation shall embrace and cannot refuse.

Our gift to your nation, from Iranian scientists, is the biggest gift of all to show our hospitality to the world, and that is we offer ten of your citizens, who have been in a coma for any reason for any length of time, the gift of life with the technology which has been developed by Iranian knowledge and know-how.

Our doctors and scientists from Iran and from Esfahan University and The United States of America, at the same time as you leave your nation to enter Iran, will start the latest proven technology for recovery from coma developed by Iranian scientists.

That by the time of your return to your nation from your visit to Iran and a reciprocal visit of the Iranian leader His Excellency President Rouhani in September to the United States, our scientists jointly will awaken at least 10 Americans and 10 Iranian nationals from the sleep of life in coma using the new plasma space technology.

The gift of life to one man is the biggest gift from one person or nation that one can ever give to another man or a nation. With this gift and hospitality from Iran, we shower both nations of ours with the biggest gift of all, which is the gift of life and trust in our abilities to solidify and strength the arms of peace and the brotherhood of man. No man or even the world leaders cannot refuse such a gift, even if it is offered to one of its nation’s animals, let alone to ten of its citizens.

This offer of the gift of life has no precondition, as was your offer of talk and meeting. Friends meet at each other’s home to greet each other and talk over any difficulties and do not go to stranger’s homes to discuss family affairs. Thus, let us meet at each other’s home and strengthen love and friendship between our two nations.

I, as a senior Iranian nuclear physicist and head of my international organization of Keshe Foundation and with the support of all our Members and developers of the new science of plasma technology, which has made the present nuclear warfare and fears and present tools of war obsolete and has made the gift of comfortable and peaceful coexistence life for every nation and citizen of this planet so reachable, and so We make you this offer with all our love and gratitude.

Let us meet in Iran in August and then in the United States in September, unconditionally and as friends, and let the gift of life come through science and diplomacy and not through arms, destruction and ignorance.

A copy of this offer is transmitted to Iranian officials and government simultaneously, that no nation will be disadvantaged. My government will follow our wishes and make this warm invitation and gift to you and your nation.

I hope, as a wise leader, and then maker and keeper of your honour and word, we both keep to our promises.

Please advise within seven days from the date of receipt of this invitation of your acceptance, so that our nations can prepare themselves for such a momentous and glorious meeting of the family of mankind.

With greatest respect and gratitude,

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Founder and Director of Stichting The Keshe Foundation