Our Eyes: More than a sight

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times November 2018

by Keshe Foundation

240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 6, 2018

All our life we have been hearing the expression “I will believe when I see with my own eyes”. We have evolved ourselves to understand only the visible matter. And because we are all so physical we have to have something to see as output from Keshe Plasma Science and Technology applications for us to believe in what we are doing.

In understanding the totality of the creation of the plasma, from the structure of a neutron, soon we will come to understand we can replicate anything. Now we have a plain canvas which is called neutron plasma. If we understand the totality we are all the creator of the destiny of our own. One thing we never realized is that be it the soul of the man, or be it the creator of the soul of the man, one has to understand the limitation of knowledge. The strength of the universe gives man one limitation; visibility and dimension of physicality bring demise to the present knowledge of the man in the dimension of existence.

But do we really need the hands to create and feel? Why was the eye chosen to see? The physicality of the creation through the eye is much easier than through the hand. “The eye is a path to your soul, why don’t you use the soul through the eye to create what you want? Even be it another soul. Man will understand much faster this way.” The position of the soul and the eye of the man in the dimension of vision can be used to transfer directly the energy of the soul of man to what physicality of man wants to manifest itself or to be manifested for itself. “If somebody tells you about the rib and Adam and Eve I can show you it is much easier through the eye of the man to create the Eve.”

If you were looking to put two hands together in order to create physical matter, then look through the eye of the man. It is again two, the left eye and the right eye. One is gravitational, one is magnetical. If we manage to understand the true work of the eye of the man, then we will understand that we can create anything through our eyes. Yet, there is one important detail to remember. “The eye of the soul does not need the eye of the man. It’s easier to do, it’s much easier to do because first of all you don’t transform so much energy in the dimension of the matter state, but you transfer energy in the dimension of the strength of the soul without interfering with the soul.”

Long-time passengers of Universe have been across this planet and have taken its beauty with them. But they have not taken any plants. They have understood the structure of the strength of the soul of the plants and have replicated it. It is very much that there is no Copper sent and thrown from the Sun on to Earth, but the conditions are created that the Copper lands on Earth and it accepts its condition of being where it is according to the environment that it’s creating.

The man has chosen the physical condition to express the existence of its soul in the condition of the existence of this planet in the solar system and within the galaxy. That extends the life of the man to the life of the universe and not to rotation of this planet around itself. Once we understand how to apply the interaction of the fields, then by the interaction of the fields of the neutron, the plasma neutron, dictates the creation of entity as we like. “Those of you who can reach the level of understanding… even create the, what I call, plasmatic magnetic fields of the soul of the man, even be it yourself. This will come and bring Man to a new dimension of understanding.”