Oil, Gas, Protein and the Earth

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times January 2019

Author: Mehran Tavakoli Keshe founder of the Keshe Foundation © M. T. Keshe 2000-2014. All rights reserved. Written on 25.4.2014 Published on 5.2014

Keywords: renewable resources, natural processes.

Published: January 2019.


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In the present state of art of science and geological theories, it is considered that all petroleum oils, which are extracted from the inner layers of the Earth, are due to the decomposition of the oils from animals and vegetations, which have died or been imbedded in the layers of the soil of this planet over millions of years.

This theory considers that these remains, be it animal tissue or leaves of trees, as they were buried in the ground or covered by soil, and as these bodies decomposed, then their oil was slowly released into the earth’s solid top section.

It is thought that due to the gravity of the earth, these oils were then sucked and moved into the inner parts of the earth. As these oils warmed and went through the compression and high temperature of the inner layers of the earth, then these oils became as they are today, when extracted from different depths of the earth.

Nowadays, these oils are refined by the oil industry for different applications, the like of petrol for the motor industry, lubrication and so on. This theory could be partially correct, but with the amount of oil and different types of oils which have been found around this planet and the different compositions of them, this theory is no longer acceptable in the light of the new discoveries regarding the

production of new materials from the atmosphere of this planet, which our field tests and laboratories trials demonstrate.

In the research and development of GANS (gases in Nano state, which is a solid state of a gas, at room temperature) of matters and with the process of the conversion of for example CO2 from the gas state to the solid state of its matter state as a GANS, this process of the release of GANS, has simultaneously led to the creation of layers of protein on the surface of the containers, while the CO2 conversion from gas to GANS has been in progress.

These fat layers have been sent to different institutes for nuclear and chemical evaluation, their data will be released in due course. In the same process, it has been observed that low levels of energy are generated and released in the liquids during this process of conversion of gases to GANSes. This leads to the creation of heat, needed for maturing and to allow the conversion of the proteins to lead to the creation of oil, and keeping it in semi-liquid state as it is extracted from the deeper layers of the planet nowadays.

Figure 1: Gans production cell with thick surface layer.

This process of energy release by the conversion of gas matter to GANS releases energy, and the human body uses this same process for its heating, to keep it at about 37° Celsius. In our laboratory tests, which we have observed and used the presence of different elements for the conversion of matter to GANS, and these have led to production of different compositions, thickness and density of the protein on the top layers of the liquids of each test compartment in their test environment.

For example, when less salt is used for the conversion of the matter to GANS, the protein composition is thinner and feels much lighter in texture compared to if we use more compact wiring and for the coating of the wires a more compact matter density Nano material and a more salty environment condition in the different compartments of the test tubes of these systems. This in fact shows that the more dense the matters and metals were in the compartment and the higher the salt concentration in the water, the thicker the protein layers look and feel at the top of each compartment. (Figure 1, 3-5)

On the other hand, in tests done in Fukushima concerning the decontamination of the radioactive contamination of materials like the Fukushima farming soil and water, the person carrying out the test was asked and reported the observation of fat and oil on the top layers of the soil once the GANS materials were introduced into the sample test units. This confirms that protein production occurred during the conversion process with the use of GANS materials in the presence of salt and water in the environment of the test units in the lab and in the soil. Therefore, considering the laboratory tests, and the tests done with the soils from Fukushima, it is clear that different oil compositions developed depending on the salt and metals and minerals in the environment of the conversion in different test compartments. Oil in the inner parts of the earth was and is produced by the same process, and not by the process of the decomposition of plants and animals over millions of years. Therefore, with these tests it can be understood and confirmed that oils which nowadays are extracted from the inner parts of this planet are not and were not produced from the remains of the animals which were roaming the green planes of this planet, or they were not due to the decomposition of the plants on the surface of the earth.

In fact, this planet has changed and produced its oil through and during the conversion of CO2 from gases to GANS state of matter and in the process has released a vast amount of Oxygen in its atmosphere, as has been explained in the other papers by the author. (Figure 2, 3, 4) In other words, even the change of atmosphere from its acidic to oxygen levels has been through the process of conversion of state of matter and in presence of nitrogen and carbon, and hydrogen released and oxygen present has led to creation of protein, and in given condition to creation of amino acid of life on this planet.

Figure 2: Gans production cells with gas bubbles.

Physical and tangible lives are sometimes creating in the universe in different forms through this process and life is not exclusivity of this planet. So the creation and production of different types of oil, be it called light or heavy oil, which is extracted from the bowels of this planet by the oil companies, exist due to the conversion from gas to GANS state of CO2 and other matters and have nothing to do with the present assumptions that the oil comes from the decomposition of the remains of animals and plants millions of years ago.

The truth is that the Earth, even at the present, is still carrying on with the same process, and this is due to its construction and material composition. So even today and every day the Earth is producing large quantities of oil which are naturally sunk into the inner layers of this planet and then in time, these new and ever continuous conversion of different state of mater will lead to the production and storages of different types of oil in the inner sanctum of this planet.

The present increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is causing the natural production of more oil and can be used to produce protein directly from the atmosphere, and this process simultaneously increases the level of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere, as we have shown in our tests.

So by this process, that which is now considered air pollution, can be benefitted from, to enhance the process of the production of different oils with different compositions, without going through millions of years of conversion, as we have demonstrated in our tests in the laboratory and in our field trials.

Thus: the theory that the creations from the past are at the origin of the present oils, is a fallacy and this oil has nothing to do with animals and plants, its formation is a normal and natural process of creation of proteins from the environment of the planet, without the intervention of other entities like animals. In reality, as animals and plants produce protein, the earth itself also produces protein. Due to the process of conversion of CO2 in its atmosphere, and in the presence of metals and salts in different layers of its structure, this has led, is leading and will lead to the production of protein, as has been observed in the lab and different tests in Fukushima in a natural way. In the case of oils which are extracted from the earth, the proteins were produced in the environment, and if they were not absorbed by or attached to another element to become an amino acid as part of plants or animals, then these mostly sunk in the soil of the earth and In the process became non-animal, planet protein.

Next these proteins in liquid condition are collected in the inner sanctum of the planet, and then become further heated and become oils, as they are extracted from the inner part of this planet nowadays.

Therefore the oil industry of today should have no worries that one day the oil will finish, as this oil is produced by the planet, and it simultaneously makes oxygen for man to breathe.

As long as there are salts in the seas and there is CO2 in the atmosphere of this planet, and as long as there are different metals and semi-metals floating in the lakes and the oceans of this planet, these materials, and the process of conversion of CO2 from gas to GANS, in their Nano condition behave like the materials in the test tubes of the laboratory tests. This conversion process releases oxygen into atmosphere, as has been observed in the tests, and simultaneously new proteins are formed, and so there shall never be a shortage of oil in this planet. As man is using more oil and releasing more CO2 in the atmosphere, then as long as the salt lakes and oceans exist, more and more oxygen is released in the atmosphere of this planet.

Figure 3: Gans production cell with thinner surface layer and gas bubbles.

At the same time, in the upper layers of the atmosphere of this planet, there is a continuous production of nitrogen, through the conversion of fields and rays. This creation of matter guarantees a continuous, everlasting production of protein and oil for the future generations of men on this planet.

As has been shown in tests, one can produce oil for the oil industry directly and with little costs and without waiting for millions of years for the process to be completed, by simply replicating this process. This has been demonstrated by the production of GANS of CO2 in the laboratory, and by their positioning in the salty environment of containers, where we can continuously harvest protein and fat, this is a replication of the oil production from the environment on this planet.

In reality one does not need to grow corn and seeds for their sugar and oil content to produce fuel for the industries of today. If the past millions of years of the geological structure of the planet are studied in detail, one will discover that most of the present oil reserves, which are extracted from the earth, are near and below the areas where waters reserves like lakes, salt lakes, seas and oceans used to be on this planet in the past.

Therefore, as the waters of different salt content and other matters in dilution converted the CO2 into the GANS state of its matter, and from a Magrav point of view, brought balance between four natural elements of this planet’s atmosphere and its waters, by creating an environment of Magravs balance of an amino acid (containing hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen), then the Magravs balanced GANS of these elements has led to the creation of Magravs of what is known as protein.

If this molecule of protein with balanced Magravs has managed to attach itself to other molecules or matters in process of its life, it has succeeded to manifest itself as protein in the vegetative form. As it managed to interact with different salts and waters and elements, it led to the creation of water microorganisms and later on fish, which could live in the environment which itself led to their creation.

In turn, as these life forms managed to use the energy of the hydrogen in the moisture rather than in the liquid, they became air breathing entities, needing an organ like a lung for the extraction of energy from the same process, as we see in man.

Figure 4: Gans production cell with thick surface layer and gas bubbles.

In some cases where the protein did not manage to attach itself to other elements, and due to a large and rapid conversion, this led to the production of surplus oils, and after drying of the lakes and seas, these oils were left on the surface of the planet and due to their weight, in duration of time, they sunk in the soil and became buried and heated and became the present oil and gas reserves.

In other words, oil and petroleum can be made and replicated freely and easily using the new understanding of the production of Nano materials and the GANS of the material in the environment of the salt of the liquid. At the same time, we have seen that in the process of the production of protein, gases are released in the liquid of the containers in the laboratories, so if one creates conditions, one can create the right conditions for the release and production of methane and any other gases which man needs. We have demonstrated this in the tests, and published it in the book “The structure of the light” with Raman spectroscopy tests as proof. Also the observation that these gases are extracted from the inner sections of this planet, like the oil, is a confirmation. Thus the gas reserves being near the oil reserves are a natural process in the conversion of CO2 from gas to GANS state in the life of this planet.

Figure 5: Gans production cell with thin oily surface layer.

So the creation of gases and their release in the environment, is part of the same process which leads to the production of GANS and protein, as we observed gas bubbles being released in the same containers. This new technology opens a new era for man’s energy production, which is matter dependent, as is his life which is connected to this planet. Thus there is no need for energy control and oil, as every man can produce his own oil and gas for his energy and life if one needs. Now we need to understand which oil and protein man would like to have, to eat for life energy, or to burn as fuel. In space man in producing CO2 in the spaceship crafts, in the future, his waste of CO2 becomes his food for his energy, by producing protein, and at the same time his source of oxygen production for his life. In space there is no need for life support systems to keep man alive. Man will create his own food and oxygen through the use of simple processes, as we have shown in the laboratories. This way as a race, he can stay alive for thousands of years in deep space without the need for earthly resources.

This is the wisdom of creation, man never understood the process of creation in his planet, and the same process has and will be carried out in the rest of the universe, with the difference that in some cases the molecules will be invisible to the physicality of man’s limited detection Magravs strength systems, due to their balance of Magravs with their environment.

Thus oil has never been from the body of animals as this would have needed much more animals that this planet could ever support, but it has been a nice story to tell the grandchildren, and again we have unraveled another mystery of creation in the universe of man, who still has a limited knowledge of his environment.