Magravs Alkalizer & Energizer

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CE Certified Medical Device Class I



• Bohemian Crystal carafe

• Without filters or spare parts

• Without batteries or other reagents

• The Magravs system is contained in a glass cylinder

• It is the world’s first portable system that energizes and alkalizes water without getting into contact with it and without ever deteriorating.

• Equally works well with other types of glass or plastic container.

• Easily transportable and can as well be used with the carafe directly immerse in a plastic bottle.

• Carafe dimensions: (cm) 28x16x18 Weight: (Kg) 1,2

• Sealed cylinder dimensions (cm) 22x15x5 Weight:(Kg) 0,250


Fill the carafe with water and let the Magravs system act. The system is found at the center of the container in a sealed plastic cylinder which is not openable. Once you’ve left it to act for more or less 24 hours, you will see the PH increase up to +1 level on the PH scale, in comparison to the initial PH of your water. The PH of the water can be measured using a PH meter.

Water only gets into contact with the outer part of the Magravs cylinder. The carafe is made of Bohemian crystal and the cylinder equally works well with other glass or plastic containers.

The cylinder must never be completely immersed in water. The water in the carafe or the bottle must not exceed the sealing cap of the cylinder. After 24 hours, transfer the water to another container and drink 1.5/2 liters of alkaline water per day. Drink the water early in the morning, and half an hour before or two and a half hours after the main meals.

Drinking water energized and alkalized in this way allows our body to become less acidic and absorb more oxygen. Just after a day of drinking this water, it gives wellness and energy to the body.