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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times April 2019, Mai 2019, June 2019

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We are looking for volunteers to host our Private Teachings in English. This position will be a part time position. Several people will fill this position, sharing hosting duties each week. This allows 2-4 people to share hosting duties each week for our private classes.


  • A recent computer within the last 5 years. Windows 7, 8 or 10 or MacOS 10.9 or later system;
  • Desktop or Laptop computer only. Zoom hosting from tablets or phones not acceptable;
  • The latest version of Zoom installed on the computer;
  • 6-8 GB of RAM or more;
  • 3D graphics card recommended, but not required, most newer systems have them built-in;
  • TWO MONITORS required! (Most systems have HDMI out. You can easily hook up a TV) ;
  • Fast internet speed (Please test your internet speed at and report findings below);
  • Minimum of at least 3-5 Megabit upload and 10 Megabit download. Anything less than this will hinder sharing full screen videos. Optimal is 10 Mbit up SOMbit down or higher. The faster the better!
  • Decent headset required, preferably with noise canceling microphone. (example: Sennheiser PC-151 headset) o Built-in computer microphone is only acceptable as a backup;
  • KFSSI Student ID required;
  • Clear understandable English-speaking voice;
  • Technically proficient in running your computer and operating system with basic operation, troubleshooting and analytic skills;
  • Ability to multitask or willingness to learn: opening and sharing in zoom various file types, pictures, movies and switching between them while listening to teacher & interact as host when needed and keep track of chats.