How do we spend the summer break?

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times August 2019

by KFSSI Education

August is the summer month that brings us all few moments or relaxation and warmth. It is time to wish all our students happy holidays, hoping for everyone to enjoy the quality time with their families and to recharge the plasma batteries during the summer break. 

It is a time for rest and yet there is no rest in elevating the souls and sharing the knowledge because it is only natural to do it.

KF SSI Education team is not stopping for any season, hour or second from the relentless work of preparing the schedules of teachings for every trimester, making sure you will be welcomed to our classes by our amazing hosts and teachers, being there to offer you the support you need for any knowledge seeker joining the classes. 

We are living in a beautiful time where the plasma technology is discovered, taught and expanded each day. People all over the world are experimenting and seeing the results of plasmatic fields in their applications. 

Become a Knowledge Seeker and join us in September for a wonderful 3rd Trimester of 2019 !