Health Application of Plasma Technology: Magravs Mini Coils

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times October 2018

Health application of plasma technology: Magravs Mini Coils

by Barbu Constantin

Keywords: nano copper, knee pain, shoulder pain, portable health unit.

Published: October 2018.


This paper describes the application of Magravs mini coils in processing pain. In June 2018, researchers from the Plasma Romania Scientific Association had the intention to miniaturize the health applications for Magravs technology. The resulting devices were used by two participants to process knee and shoulder pain. The results of these applications are presented herein.


Coils were prepared with 1.5 mm diameter copper wire. Both inner and outer coils were twisted 29 times, counter clockwise. The connections were made according to the publicly available model of the Keshe Foundation's Plasma Coil Unit (Keshe Foundation 2018). After making the connections, the gas burner Nano-coating method was used 3 times over the copper coils, which were then immediately immersed in separate containers containing different solutions of three GANSes (CH3, CO2 and ZnO), where the second container had double the volume of the solution. The coils were left in the plastic boxes for two days to absorb the GANS fields and then subsequently were taken out of the solution to dry. The whole procedure is depicted in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Preparation of the Magravs mini coils.

First container:

  • 50% CH3
  • 30% CO2
  • 20% ZnO

Second container:

  • 20% CH3
  • 50% CO2
  • 30% ZnO


Knee pain: the coils were applied together with plasma patches soaked with 20% CH3, 40% CO2, and 40% ZnO plasma waters, where one of the patches had double the amount of plasma water solution than the other.
Figure 2. Processing knee pain with plasma water patches and mini coils.
Shoulder pain: the coils were applied directly on the pain area of the shoulder (front and back). The participant was asked to apply it 3 times a day for 15min.
Figure 3. Processing shoulder pain with mini coils.


Knee pain: "I had a few days when I could not keep the Magravs coils. There were days when I used it a lot - about 4-5 hours continues. Plasma water with of CO2 + ZnO + CH3 GANSes always helped me. But when I was putting the mini coils, it started a deafening pain and so I took them down.”. After 4-5 days of applying the mini coils for several hours a day, due to increasing pain, the participant was advised to reduce the processing to 3 x 15min a day.


Shoulder pain: A 15-minute processing was advised 3 times a day, but during the first application the participant felt asleep for 45 minutes while applying the mini coils to the area of pain. The pain went away and no further processing were needed.


Knee pain: "Since yesterday evening I do not have any pain when I put it. Processing of the knee pain took 9 days."

Shoulder pain: "I got these 2 Magravs coil devices in August 2018 because I had shoulder pain. He told me to keep them for 15 minutes. 3 times a day, but I fell asleep with them for 45 minutes. At the awakening, I could not believe that I had no pain. It is amazing."


Thanks to the Keshe Foundation Experience with Plasma Romania Scientific Association


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