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Articles published in the KF Plasma Times in 2018

Each issue of the KF Plasma Times magazine is available in the PDF format from the Keshe Foundation website through this link.



Our Eyes: More than a sight

by Keshe Foundation

240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 6, 2018

All our life we have been hearing the expression “I will believe when I see with my own eyes”. We have evolved ourselves to understand only the visible matter.  And because we are all so physical we have to have something to see as output from Keshe Plasma Science and Technology  applications for us to believe in what we are doing.

In understanding the totality of the creation of the plasma, from the structure of a neutron, soon we will come to understand we can replicate anything. Now we have a plain canvas which is called neutron plasma. If we understand the totality we are all the creator of the destiny of our own. One thing we never realized is that be it the soul of the man, or be it the creator of the soul of the man, one has to understand the limitation of knowledge. The strength of the universe gives man one limitation; visibility and dimension of physicality bring demise to the present knowledge of the man in the dimension of existence.

But do we really need the hands to create and feel? Why was the eye chosen to see? The physicality of the creation through the eye is much easier than through the hand. “The eye is a path to your soul, why don’t you use the soul through the eye to create what you want? Even be it another soul. Man will understand much faster this way.” The position of the soul and the eye of the man in the dimension of vision can be used to transfer directly the energy of the soul of man to what physicality of man wants to manifest itself or to be manifested for itself. “If somebody tells you about the rib and Adam and Eve I can show you it is much easier through the eye of the man to create the Eve.”

If you were looking to put two hands together in order to create physical matter, then look through the eye of the man. It is again two, the left eye and the right eye. One is gravitational, one is magnetical. If we manage to understand the true work of the eye of the man, then we will understand that we can create anything through our eyes. Yet, there is one important detail to remember. “The eye of the soul does not need the eye of the man. It’s easier to do, it’s much easier to do because first of all you don’t transform so much energy in the dimension of the matter state, but you transfer energy in the dimension of the strength of the soul without interfering with the soul.”

Long-time passengers of Universe have been across this planet and have taken its beauty with them. But they have not taken any plants. They have understood the structure of the strength of the soul of the plants and have replicated it. It is very much that there is no Copper sent and thrown from the Sun on to Earth, but the conditions are created that the Copper lands on Earth and it accepts its condition of being where it is according to the environment that it’s creating.

The man has chosen the physical condition to express the existence of its soul in the condition of the existence of this planet in the solar system and within the galaxy. That extends the life of the man to the life of the universe and not to rotation of this planet around itself. Once we understand how to apply the interaction of the fields, then by the interaction of the fields of the neutron, the plasma neutron, dictates the creation of entity as we like. “Those of you who can reach the level of understanding… even create the, what I call, plasmatic magnetic fields of the soul of the man, even be it yourself. This will come and bring Man to a new dimension of understanding.”

The Language of the Universe: Have we forgotten it?

by Keshe Foundation

How does man communicate in the space? What we know as the language of man, known as English, African, Spanish, Japanese or any other is the conversion of the soul of understanding of certain condition into the understanding of the vocabulary or the sound which manifests itself to.

In our body, we have a conversion unit, an inverter unit, which converts everything to one point. From that point, it becomes the language. We have to go to that point before the conversion, before the language and the thoughts are converted.

It is not just the language we must take in consideration, but also the thoughts. We think, we speak, we imagine, we develop, we laugh, we joy within that language. But what is the language before that inversion before we convert the strength of the soul into this language?
“In many of my teachings I refer back and I've said: What do the babies communicate? In what language? They know each other's position; does not matter you bring a Chinese child, bring an English child, bring an Iranian one, bring one from Africa and put them next to each other. Within a few hours, they find their hierarchy, what they like about each other, what they don't like. None of them speaks a language, none of them understands English or French but they understand the vocabulary voice, but between them, they communicate. The communication of the language of the child at birth is the language of the soul of the man.”  Mehran T. Keshe
We all know it and yet we are all looking for this mysterious way how the souls communicate. At birth there is no language, but you put babies next to each other you see their reactions, their hierarchy, what they enjoy about each other, do they like to touch each other? Man comes to understand his soul has a strength and it's understood, but the physicality of another. This is the basic before the conversion, before we put the inverter of the language into it. This is the language of the man’s soul.

Many people at birth or prior to birth they have blue eyes. Why? We see them going through ages and then the color of the eye changes from blue in the age of two, three, four… This is the transformation of the soul, the strength of the soul through the eye of the man, the color blue.

At a certain point when we die in many cases, you can see the soul of the man back through the eye of the man with the color blue. We relate this to the understanding of the soul at the level of the planet Earth at the creation of this planet. If you put a fish, a chicken, a man, a dog, a horse, a baby at just prior to point of birth do they all understand the same language? Because they all carry the same soul, nothing has tampered with its purity.

Where do we see the soul of the man in respect to the soul of the Earth? Are we aware at the level of the solar strength about the feeling of the planet? Does the soul of the planet, does the soul of the solar system and the galaxy speak to our soul?  Do we become aware and when there is something strange happening in distance, but we have come to ignore it? Do we have to create and understand a new dimension in the understanding of the language of the universe which is within our soul as we have been created out of it; it cannot be any other.

This will become the main point for those who call themselves travelers of the space. In what language do you speak to the man from planet Zeus, as he will not know French or English or Farsi or Arabic or German or any of the languages we use on Earth. The Universal Community speaks and communicates with each other. All of us know this language because we were born with it, but we forgot.

We come back to the point of understanding where we ask ourselves: do we need to learn a new language? As we become the men of a space we need to understand we already know this language. “It is not our mother tongue, it is our universal tongue.”  When the man becomes aware of the condition of the space travels within the plasma of the universe, when the man does not need the dimension of physicality then man will start to speak the language of the space, the language of the soul of the space. 

When we experience interruptions during live transmissions, during phone conversations it give us the reason to think and go back to remember how we communicated in the first days of our lives on this planet? We could feel everything. We did not have the eyes to see but we knew we are in the hands of someone, we knew that physically we are getting handled. Somebody is hugging and kissing and doing what is needed for us.

The soul of the animals becomes aware at a point of birth because they have to see and to recognize their environment immediately as their life depends on it. The language of the soul expands or does the language of the soul become converter into this space of dimension? Do we have the same thing in our dimension of the soul in respect to our environment?

We say now this language is no use here, I have converted it.

There is a passage between the two chambers of the heart that at the point of inception, at birth it switches to it. The first time you breathe the air in, it closes. Is that second switching over of the physicality to the handover of the switch or the soul of the man connecting the physical dimension into the life of the man or the soul of the man?

Has our body made that switch and is built into it or is it just that the blood flow changes with us as are we being born and separated from the mother's heart?

Figure 1. The totality of the language of the universe.

Understanding the language of the soul and for all of us knowing it becomes one of the cornerstones of the knowledge of the space. It is as when you are walking into the Spanish bar and you only speak Arabic. It does not matter what hand figures you make, it is not understood. You smile, they reply. You shout, they shout back. Our soul, when we become part of the man of space, we will have this problem for our physicality. We have to understand the dimension of physicality we are born in.

We look at the manifestation of the man at the point of birth but in the dimension of the universe, we look at the manifestation of the man at the completion of the main brain which the soul of man established.

It is mature. Man recognizes the environment he can respond to it, can grow according to it, it reflects and indicates what he likes within it. It is time for us to go back to the point of birth and find the communication language we were born with and we forgot. That language becomes the lower level in understanding the language of the universe and the galaxies and beyond. 

In earlier teachings Mehran T. Keshe used to draw the spiral expanding from the center out, the same goes with the language of the universe there is no difference.  It is all the same principle.

Figure 2. The totality of the language of the universe with field strengths.

If you look at the whole structure this is still the same. (Figure 1) If you look at the totality of the language of the universe man's language is (1), galaxy’s soul language is (2), the universe is (3), Unicos in different strengths is (4) and the soul of the Creator (5).

Everything from it is created according to their strength. But if you look they are all contained on the same line, it is a common denominator of the strength. As much as it communicates out, it receives back in the strength of the soul of the creator; non-tangibility, but in the dimension of the field strength of the universe. (Figure 2)

Man does not need to learn a new language to become a passenger to the universe. When we put a man in the plasma of the universe and we create in our spaceship the dimension of the plasma according to the neutron energy level of the plasma, our souls speak the same strength; our soul has the same strength and thoughts. (Figure 3)

Would it be surprising if you meet a man or a creature from another planet who works on this dimension and you know its language because he speaks the same as you?

Figure 3. Souls in a spaceship travelling the span of the universe are speaking the same strength.

You communicate at the strength of the galaxy and then maybe you have to learn something from the strength of the universe if you don't understand this language. “Then you have to go to inner yourself to find the strength that - the higher - that he is made of, he can communicate with and what you can convert his to yours that you can understand him”.

The other point comes when we come to these dimensions, would we see the people of other dimensions?

Would we observe them not seeing with the eye of the man, but seeing in observation of the soul of the man?

If we start measuring the strength of the emotion of the man, we will see many scientists have gone to that point, they are testing and are developing tools and methods to test. This will help to see the reaction, to measure the wave in what is now called the frequency, because the wave of the soul in interaction with the material status of the brain of the man needs penetration and that penetration is known as a frequency or Hertz.

We measure the strength of the field. In the totality of the knowledge of physics, this is the gravitational magnetic field strength when it hits a block. It can be the brain of the man, a copper wire, or any material, it has to penetrate as it cannot go through it. Then it has to find a way to go.

At a specific strength, the magnetic gravitational field can get through various mediums and present science calls it the frequency or wavelength. Scientists are increasingly developing ways to measure their emotion, their feeling, their response.

What will be the first message you would like to communicate using the language of the universe?

242nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, September 20th, 2018

Listen, Research, and Understand!

by Keshe Foundation

Keshe Plasma Science and Technology is a new science with yet vast unexplored terrain. It applies to any process and any living being on Earth and beyond. It follows the natural way of Creation opening countless solutions to our complicated lives.

Everyone is excited to start the experiments that will step by step take us to the understanding of the works of Unicos. But along the way, we will meet many challenges. One of them is the preparation stage. What does this mean you might ask?

As with any other sciences humans experienced, there is an initial step which requires research, investigation, learning about the process before applying it in practice.

With this said, the scientist within you has to understand what is the purpose of the experiment, what are you using it for, where you are placing it, what you are the elements and configurations you are playing with and what is the reason you are using anything in any shape or form. In current society, we have easy access to a lot of materials, but before one starts using them, one must understand what they do. 
“Some of you used Lead (Pb) GANS on your coils and some of you use in your beads and you try, it’s heavier, attracts energy and you have it. But you have to understand lead has an affinity in the strength to Zinc (Zn). And it touches your emotion.”
As Mehran Tavakoli Keshe explained in the 240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop on September 6th, 2018, the affinity of Lead to Zinc is in a plasmatic magnetic field strength, not in any other direction. When using lead in your coils or in your beads, or somewhere in the house, one has to understand, it has strengths and affinity to absorb more gravitational, therefore it will affect one’s emotion. If someone feels depressed or has the ability to be depressed, the Lead will affect that person emotionally, although it does not affect the others which do not have this inclination towards depression. If someone is psychologically not stable, Lead affects that person, although it does not affect the rest of the humanity. The Earth is full of Lead everywhere. If it would influence on every being inhabiting this planet, we will all feel its effects. The condition of psychological instability allows Lead to influence one’s state of being.
“You have to see what it does to you. If you are a schizophrenic you call it, or you are of those beautiful people, it might affect one of the souls within you which then affects your characteristics in that dimension, not the other souls. So, if you play with Iodine (I) or you use another fancy element titanium, or whatever and you feel... affects you, you have to find out how, in what strength. It interacts with Magnesium (Mg), […] if it makes you tired physically affects connections between the Zinc and Magnesium. “
When you have done your research and understand the interactions on the plasmatic field strength level, then you do not use those elements that you know it will have unwanted effects on you. This preparation step brings with it the understanding of the totality of this new science.

Know what you want to use the elements for and understand what effect to expect from it because it might just not give you the effect you are looking for. “You might have understood the need of it for that place not to be but you’re forcing it to place it. “

Listen, research, and understand! And if you do not find your answers, the PUBLIC TEACHING IN ENGLISH - KNOWLEDGE SEEKERS WORKSHOP are live for you every Thursday at 09:00 CET for your questions to be addressed and answered.





240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 6th, 2018


Invitation to the Keshe Foundation

The Keshe Foundation is a scientific organization developing revolutionary technologies for space travel, health, energy, food, agriculture, animals, fauna and flora, forestry, environment, decontamination, and disaster recovery. This new Plasma Science and Technology is currently under development in many countries across our planet to provide affordable and simple solutions to many local problems. Many have seen beneficial results from the application of the Plasma Science and Technology developed by the Keshe Foundation and you are encouraged to learn more about it.

If you would like to learn about the new Plasma Science based solutions to many problems or difficulties you may have in the above-mentioned areas, you are invited to visit the following website links:

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A simple hug: the lie detector 

by Keshe Foundation 

242nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 20th, 2018

Figure 1. Fields are circular, although the back is flat, the energy flows beyond it.
When looking at the structure of the spinal cord, we understand how the energy flows. This can be applied to animals, trees, plants, marine creatures. The spinal cord of a human is the central column field. We can see one half of it as the physicality which is us on the front side. Your soul has put dimension physicality of the brain and you created the body head to toe.  But what about the back side of the human body? Why did we decide to have a flat back and different shape in the front? When we talk about forces and energy in the universe we must look at the spinal cord and the dimension of it. In making a coil the field does not run on one side, but circularly all around it.  If you look at the brain and the spine, when the fields are directed it creates the face, the breast, the organs, the abdomen, the legs. However, the fields are circular, although the back is flat, the energy flows beyond it. (Figure 1) One side gains - one side gives.  
“If you want to understand it ask your lover to hold you and cuddle you from the back and see what fields you absorb about yourself. Do the same in reverse hold your lover from the back in essence of understanding the field and then you see what you feel. Then you understand what man has been missing. You have to accept the status of love which means giving. How much I give, what is received? You think they think what you think, and you can think what they think. They can lie to you with their lips, but when you hold them in the back you see right through them; because your field you absorb differently. They can tell you they love you and you feel the love. We accept who holds us. We have no eyes behind our back, we do not trust anyone to reach us from the back, we panic if someone walks behind our back, but we allow our lover to hold us in the back, to cuddle us. It is very strange if you want to know the lie you hold your lover and ask the question you receive because what you hold in the front in your hands and what you feel through your heart is a totally different thing, is wrong. You know you have been told a lie.”
It is the best detector of the energy of the man in the direction of the physicality not the soul of the man. You complete another circle which does not exist when you hold somebody.
“You can inspire souls, I used to do that with my children, I hold their ear next to my ear and I said listen to what I tell you and I can tell you through my ear which is my soul to your soul, head to head, ear to ear  you feel them, you understand them. You complete the twin souls in one to each other. You put your head and your child's head with the ears next to each other, you have his soul there. It is the most beautiful experience if you are a parent. You do not need to say a thing, you feel it, you know it.”

Plasma 101: 129 Tesla Explained 

by Keshe Foundation

The Keshe Plasma Science and Technology is studying and applying the natural field forces of magnetic and gravitational strengths.

There is a measuring system for the magnetic field strength that applies to the strength of the human brain interactions internally, it applies to the fields from the Sun to the Earth, it applies to everything in this Universe or in the Unicos which outputs the values in Tesla.

The Tesla (marked with the symbol “T”) is a derived unit of the magnetic field strength in the  International System of Units. The unit was set up during the General Conference on Weights and Measures in 1960 and named in the honor of Nikola Tesla.

But together with the Magnetic field strength, we have the reversal of Tesla, researched by Prof. Dr. Ing. Konstantin Meyl and this is the gravitational field.  One cannot exist without the other.

We can measure even the strength of our soul in Tesla. If one goes to the depth of understanding to know that there is a magnetic field radius from the soul of the man at a given strength that in respect to the environment where the soul has manifested itself, in his interaction with this environment, one creates the transition of position – the brain of the man. In that process, Man develops his own fields that in interaction with the physicality matter condition of the position it creates the physicality of the body of the man.

Our souls have a Tesla strength. Even the wave at a given strength which becomes emotion, laughter, joy has a strength that can be measured in Tesla.

The soul of the man is a fraction of the soul of the planet in Tesla strength, the soul of this planet in respect to the solar system or the Sun and the Sun in respect to the galaxy and the galaxy in respect to the central line of the universe all have their own strengths in Tesla.

Through the project funded by the 100 Tesla Multi-Shot Program, a joint initiative of the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy's Office of Basic Energy Sciences, the scientists in Los Alamos have created in a three-second span on Friday, August 19th, 2011 a 97.4 Tesla magnetic field — the highest non-destructive magnetic field in the world.

When we are in the material state we have complexity. At the time the matter is opened to reach the plasma the way Keshe Foundation researchers did in Desenzano on October 2014, 129 Tesla is nothing.

The 129 Tesla was not achieved over a flip of a finger. It was a live presentation over 3-4 weeks during which it was jumping around 20 - 21 Tesla, then it passed 25 Tesla, then it passed 100 Tesla and it built it up to 129 Tesla. The measurements were done using specifically designed sensors, which were later sent to the laboratories in Switzerland for the manufacturers to test. A full-scale report comes back showing that the sensors are in perfect condition and the 129 Tesla measurements are correct.


How was the setup done to achieve such results?

System 1 was placed on one side. System 2 was in the middle and the System 3 was covered in another side of the research laboratory. All three systems have star formation configurations.

The plasma from the GANS materials created a field. System 3 was covered by the balanced magnetic field shields which means everything was at the weakest, it absorbed most of it. System 1 is feeding System 3 via System 2, and System 3 is returning to System 1 via System 2, creating an infinite loop plasma field flow. The more System 1 fed, the less System 3 was returning back to it. System 1 was feeding more because System 3, having the blanket with the plasma heartbeat inside was absorbing almost everything, dissipating very little out.  This was awareness of existence because the internal field could detect the magnetical of System 3 according to the gravitation of System 1.

System 1 to System 3 was Tesla; System 3 to System 1 was Meyl. The detecting sensors were placed on one side and the other of System 2 to observe the motion of the field. The entire setup used only 4 motors, on a total consumption of 12 Watt just to rotate the star formations and a plasma emission was created as it was needed. System 2 and 3 had partially components from the Iranian reactors and each one had reactors inside.
“It was very interesting when we were running these tests… this (on the ceiling) is part of the… it's in the building and we had fluorescent lights and at nights we used to stand and watch because there were so many fields that the fields of the plasma used to bring the lights on, used to… you know you go to the North Pole to see Aurora we had our own show every night… in the lab. 
We used to switch up and wait for it because it cannot come on if there was no field, and after a while when the fields… we switched everything else and the field was there and is… it dies off.
We stand there a few minutes and then that's it, we used to go. It was what we called late night sky show. This is the same principle as Tesla, we know when it shows the fluorescent light in the magnetic field, now we had it… it was beautiful to see it every night before we switch off and if one day it wouldn’t do we’d say ‘…we didn't do good enough, we didn’t create enough plasma.’ ”

The power of plasma was discovered through the new materials – GANS. When replacing the GANS with the neutron plasma anyone can achieve lift in the flight systems.   

242nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, September 20th, 2018

The Soul Focus Group

by Marie

The Soul Focus Group is an initiative from the educational board in the KF SSI Education where the students were asked to participate in the teaching and spreading of knowledge, early in the 1st semester of 2018.

It was planned as a workshop with contributions from students where we looked into the public Soul teachings by Mr. Keshe. Since my wish was to contribute more to the foundation I volunteered as a presenter for the Soul Focus Group. I was already doing a lot of self-studying and the Soul topic was close to my heart.

Since then the Soul Focus group has been a weekly event and the interest for the group has been growing.

How we do it

The Soul Focus Group is based on a list of short videos from Mr. Keshe’s public workshops. In many of the public workshops, there is a distinct part where there are not many questions from the audience. This is what the Soul teaching list is based on. The teaching is then divided into smaller parts depending on the content.

The Soul teaching list contains a direct link to the Public Knowledge Seekers Workshops with Mr. Keshe on YouTube. Since all videos are transcribed by the Keshe Foundation transcribers team it is easy to find the transcript and distribute it in advance to the students. This is our study material together with the Soul teaching list.

During our weekly session, we play these videos one by one, with subtitles and transcriptions turned on. And after a short summary, all students are invited to participate in the discussion about the teachings and what we as individuals have gained from what we heard.

What the soul teachings have brought to the community

The Soul Focus group is a good place for any student to study the knowledge about the Soul. By listening to the unaltered words of Mr. Keshe, everyone can take from the teachings what they like. It is an arena for sharing of knowledge and a place to ask questions and share thoughts that otherwise can be hard to bring to light in public classes.

We are all students on different levels of understanding and we are helping each other out in our comprehension of the knowledge. The group is also a nice place to get to know the other students better.

The List of Soul Teachings gives anyone a structured way to work through the soul teachings from Mr. Keshe. Even if your day is packed, you always have time for 10 minutes of self-study. And you can listen to this 10 minutes over and over again because these teachings contain layers on layers of knowledge. You will hear something new every time. And the teachings are in sequence, that means a video played often refers to previous videos in the list.


The Soul Focus group provides teachings about the Soul easily available for any student at the KF SSI Education.  The students can take from it what they need and according to their intelligence (as Mr. Keshe often says). It is a tool to deep dive into the teachings about the Soul and they can be listened to over and over again for deeper understanding.

As Mr. Keshe says: When we read or hear something, that is all we do. When it is understood it is sharing the Soul with the person who gave you the knowledge. That is how you elevate yourself.

So from my perspective, the Soul Focus Group is helping us elevate our own Soul by comprehending the knowledge and by sharing our understanding with the other students.

The Soul Focus Group is scheduled every Monday at 17 CET on Zoom. If you want to participate become a KF SSI Education student and join in. 

You are so welcome!

Achieve peace through testimonials

by Keshe Foundation

This article brings forward the messages that Mr. Keshe delivered through 245th and 246th Public Teaching.

Achieve peace through testimonials. Interact through testimonials and scientific trials. Ask yourself: "Do I do enough each day to change the humanity?" How many of you are really committed to doing it? 

A lot of you are even afraid to tell anyone you know about the Keshe Foundation because they have tinted us with so much that they think they won. The only thing is, we are strong enough and we have the knowledge which can bring the change.  What may be lacking is being proud of this process.

We have gone through a very heavy battle but the battle is over because they used all the ammunition. They have nothing else to fire. The way we will handle it from now on, in interacting with governments, with politicians, with diplomats, with the economic situation, with people in need, will change the course of humanity.

Knowledge gives that chance for peace. We had to prove the technology. We had to prove the strength of the technology that with it we could attract and interact with nations. We reached that point. Now is the time of interaction. Do not only teach the technology. Show the beauty of technology by spending your time sending different cases, which are available in testimonials and scientific trials, across the internet to every person, every minister, every chatroom that you have access to. Do this every day, 20 minutes per day.

Mankind will take this technology through a strength of its health application because we are all fearful of pain, death, blindness and everything else. The fear of demise can be taken away by presenting the beauty of this technology.

We do not die. We just arrive at the airport where we have to change the environment. We call it transmutation of elements, in a way, is the transmutation of the soul of the man to change the physicality of this dimension to another. Another manifestation. When you change silver to gold, you have not lost anything. You just have a new dimension. Like the soul of the man elevates to the value of the gold.

This transition, the beauty of it, how the man handles his physical life with the new knowledge to reach that point of transition with less pain, is what man always has feared - illnesses - and if we can show to humanity that this transition can be beautiful without pain and it can be short or at least can be shorted, every man will take the trip of life. 

This is the job of Universal Council, Earth Council and every person who listens to these teachings. It is a wakeup call. Can I give enough that I can take back enough? No president has ever lived over his term and no king has been a king for centuries. They all die and they or their families all have diseases. Now is time to show that there is a chance. It does not cost much. We are not selling it. We are gifting it. It is time for peace and peace has to come through the knowledge. We will stop the weapons when we understand that the only weapon in not stopping these wars is us in not sharing the knowledge and the beauty of it. 

It is time to spend 20 minutes of your time per day sending testimonials and scientific cases published by Keshe Foundation across the Internet if you are here to volunteer for peace. Besides health, the key to support the governments is also agriculture. Scientific cases help national food security with better harvest and quality of it. Soon we will publish many new discoveries. Send them across. Every day.

The question every knowledge-seeker should ask him/herself each day: "Do I do enough each day to change the course of humanity and bring the peace?" How many of us have spent 20 minutes each day or at least once per week sending the information about Keshe Foundation across the internet? How many are committed to doing it? We want peace, we want everything else, we want a knowledge but we are not prepared to work for it. As long as it is for your benefit and you can see it.

Go outside at night and look at the planets and stars. You see many planets and stars. Lot of you know that Earth has a soul. So does the star. How many of you can see the soul of planets and stars? Stand in front of your partner, child or pet. Do you see or feel their soul? We do not play magic. This is where we lost it. We lost the ability to see with the soul. Man will have a hard time in space if he tries to just look what he can see with his eyes because some of the souls have no physicality at the field strength of the man.

Would we come up with soul vision like we have night vision glasses?  We need to elevate. We have the tools. The souls when they commit themselves, they do it. When my soul decides, it becomes my wish. Send testimonials and every published scientific case or trial daily.  Let everyone know about it. 

You have to give to receive more.

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Increasingly, the back pain is one of the concerns of this century. In everyday life, the spine is under tremendous stress and pressure. It is therefore not surprising that lumbar pain, also known as back pain, is one of the main causes people suffer from. A recent study was done by American and Australian researchers on the subject. By analyzing the statistics of 187 countries, they found that about one-tenth (9.4%) of the world's population, were suffering from this condition. People with back pain for more than 3 months are considered to have chronic back pain. In most cases, the back pain is mechanical, however, for about 1 in 20 persons, the pain is of inflammatory origin. Affected people can wait up to 10 years or more before the cause of their sufferance is properly diagnosed.

Keshe Foundation Manufacturing had the idea to develop a new product to address this widespread problem. By combining the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology with the knowledge from specialists in the field of health, we are pleased to present you the PLASMA SEAT PAD.

The PLASMA SEAT PAD generates its own magnetic-gravitational plasma fields which are directed to the point of pain to relive it. It has no moving parts or batteries, making it a lightweight, durable, portable, and versatile product. Using the carry-on bag provided in the package, you can take it anywhere!  Due to its ergonomic design, the PLASMA SEAT PAD adapts to any type of chair or seat, for you to now enjoy very quickly the comfort and the pain relief. The PLASMA SEAT PAD can be used as a whole or it can be used per components that are easily attachable with Velcro bands. The fixing straps on the side help to secure the PLASMA SEAT PAD on your preferred seat.

Are you a mother standing in her feet all day, carrying all the heaving baggage for your baby, and knows the lower back pain? Are you an office clerk that spends all day in the same static posture on that office chair? Are you a driver spending hours and hours behind the steering wheel, on seats that do not support the natural curve of your back? Or you have lovely grandparents feeling the fingerprint of life left on their tired bodies.

If you suffer every day from that horrendous back pain, take a rest on the PLASMA SEAT PAD!


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Rising interests in plasma science classes among Kenya’s gĩkũyũ rural communities show the need for teaching in native languages across the world

by Gatua wa Mbũgwa, Ph.D. (Gĩkũyũ Universal Council Member)

The increasingly rising number of participants in Plasma Science classes among the Gĩkũyũ rural communities of Kenya shows there is a need for sharing the new scientific knowledge in native languages not only in Kenya but globally as well. 


Plasma Science classes were first offered in Kenya in 2016 with only a few people initially showing interest. Learning interests significantly began to rise when these classes were first conducted publicly among the Gĩkũyũ rural communities of central Kenya from January 2018.

These classes are offered at no cost to participants, except perhaps their transportation cost and related expenses. Numbers of participants in Plasma Science classes for the Gĩkũyũ rural communities have increased over time from the initial 14 participants in the first session to reach over 300 that now attend each weekly session. A considerable number of participants also come from distant towns, cities, and other locations and include people who speak not only the Gĩkũyũ language but also other Kenyan native languages as well.

The renowned Iranian-born Nuclear Engineer who developed Keshe Plasma Science and Technology, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, was first to discover the location of gravity. This discovery brought a completely new understanding of science and how matters are created in the universe. Mr. Keshe has published three books, The Universal Order of Creation of Matters, The Structure of the Light, and The Origins of the Universe, among other notable publications.

All his published works form the basis for teaching and learning Plasma Science that is now widely taught globally. Plasma Science is not only transforming lives in Kenya but globally as well. Basically, a spaceship science, it is applied in agriculture, health, Nanotechnology, the creation of materials, and information technology, among other scientific fields. By totally understanding how plants absorb carbon from the atmosphere, for example, Mr. Keshe designed technology that replicates a plant’s leaf for the effective capture of CO2 and other atmospheric gases in their Nano states (GANS).

A gas in Nano state, according to Mr. Keshe, is a new state of matter, where a gas molecule that becomes Nano of itself, appears as a solid state of matter (Keshe, MT, 2011. The Structure of the Light).

It is especially this GANS capture technology and application and the positive impacts of the captured GANS on both agriculture and human health that has generated wide acceptance of Plasma Science learning among the Gĩkũyũ rural communities of Kenya. GANS and their liquid plasmas are used to enhance human health and agriculture production. Common conditons such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, vision problems, viral and bacterial imbalances, septic wounds and various body pains and swellings have been successfully processed and health of those affected enhanced. In addition, field experiments have shown improved crop health and enhanced agricultural productivity.

Of particular importance to the Gĩkũyũ rural communities’ Plasma Science class participants is that they are taught all the methods and steps needed for capturing various GANSes from the environment using hands-on methods that allow them to learn by doing.

These methods include nanocoating process and the proper making of copper wire coils for effective GANS capture. Class participants have therefore acquired practical knowledge of capturing and using various important GANSes and their amino acids.

They have also learned about the power of their own souls as well as the Keshe Foundation Ethos: “We are here to serve, and not to be served.”

The Gĩkũyũ language has also benefitted greatly as Plasma Science has brought new concepts and scientific words that are continually added to the language terminologies. For example, the new Gĩkũyũ word for GANS (Gases in Nano Solid State) is MĨMŨMŨ (Mĩrukĩ Mĩtuĩku Mũtuutu Mũmingiri), while the new Gĩkũyũ term for Plasma Science is “Ũthimũri wa Gĩkama.”

As the teacher of Plasma Science classes in Kenya, the author has learned that by freely sharing the acquired Plasma Science knowledge with participants, the teacher continually gains deeper insights the more he freely shares. This is consistent with Mr. Keshe’s teaching – “the more we give, the more we receive.”

The teaching methods used in Kenya can easily be replicated anywhere in the world. These methods can also be improved and developed further to include distant participants. For example, with high-quality recording equipment, computers, and projectors, participants from any location in the world could join the classes through the internet, thus making such classes more available to the general public both at the time of teaching and thereafter.

In sum, the simplicity in capturing and using GANS, the GANS effective impacts on both human health and enhanced agricultural productivity, learning in one’s own language, and the sharing of Plasma Science knowledge freely without cost to participants have all contributed to the increased Plasma Science learning interests and rising number of class participants among Kenya’s Gĩkũyũ rural communities.

The following figures show increasing attendance and some of the Gĩkũyũ rural community participants’ learning activities.

Fig. 1: Plasma Science class participants in January 2018
Fig. 2: Plasma Science class participants coiling copper wires by hand in February 2018
Fig. 3. Kenya Plasma Science participants sharing CO2 liquid plasma in their classroom in May 2018 (they make and share about 1,000 liters of liquid plasma every week). 
Fig. 4: Kenya Plasma Science class participants in July 2018.
Fig. 5: Kenya Plasma Science class participants in September 2018.
Fig. 6: Kenya Plasma Science class participants learning about nanocoating outside the classroom in October 2018.

Efficient Water Purification System Using GANS

by Mosfeq Rashid

Plasma in Agriculture: Cultivation of corn for experimental purposes 

Calarasi county, Romania, June - August 2018

by Barbu Constantin, Scientific Association Plasma Romania

Plasma energy in my car

by F.B. – Mon, June 05th 2017 France

Hi, free energy friends!

Since the end of September 2015, I have made in my car 2 CO2 Gans balls. After some days I noticed already a more economic use of my car. The longer it is in my car, the more economic. I drive on Highways now 300-400 km more and on second roads 200-300 km more. 

In Germany, in October 2015 I was involved in an accident on the highway. Cars were bumped into other cars, next-in front and behind me and I thought: "I do not want that my car breaks down" and from that moment my car took me over "danced" through all the broken cars, it was as a dream and about 300 m later I noticed that the impossible is possible. 

Thank you plasma energy!

ABC of publishing in Plasma Scientific Journal


A. Prepare your work

Firstly, you need to prepare. You can either document the work which has already been done and perhaps even presented by you in the testimonials meeting or website, or you can plan a new experiment. You should always be clear on what you are trying to achieve and document everything as you go (label and take pictures).

B. Write your paper

Gather all the notes and pictures together and when writing your paper put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Do not assume anything but present everything from the start, explaining every aspect of the experiment, which may not be obvious, and remember that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If needed, relate to other peoples’ work by referencing their articles, websites or other openly available resources. Start by downloading the Scientific Plasma Journal template and short guide for authors available at 

C. Upload and submit

Once finished, upload your Word, OpenOffice or PDF file onto one of the cloud or filesharing services, or even onto Facebook. Go to and from the drop-down menu select Plasma Scientific Journal Submissions and press Go. Through this website, you can either submit your work, ask a question or access resources and the FAQs. 

Any question? Get in touch with us via

The full version of this article, author guide, and templates also available at  

Submit your publication today! Be the Creator and shine for others to see your beauties.

Looking forward to receiving the questions daily:

Winter special



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Know your environment: Kiri Tree Experiment

be Keshe Foundation

Paulownia is known in Japanese as Kiri (桐), specifically referring to P. tomentosa; it is also known as the "princess tree". It was once customary to plant a Paulownia tree when a baby girl was born, and then to make it into a dresser as a wedding present when she married. Its wood is very light, fine-grained, and warp-resistant. It is the fastest-growing hardwood.

In China, it is popular for roadside planting and as an ornamental tree. Paulownia needs much light and does not like high water tables. Paulownia that is grown on plantations generally has widely spaced growth rings, meaning that it is soft and of little value; wood with close growth rings is harder and of higher value. It is important in China, Korea, and Japan for making the soundboards of stringed musical instruments such as the guqin, guzheng, pipa, koto, and gayageum. 

Kiri tree is also used in Chinese agroforestry systems because it grows fast, its wood is light but strong, its flowers are rich in nectar, its leaves make good fodder for farm animals, it is deep-rooting, and it is late-leafing and its canopy is quite sparse so that crops below it gets both light enough to grow and shelter. Paulownia is extremely fast growing; up to 20 feet in one year when young. Some species of plantation Paulownia can be harvested for saw timber in as little as five years. Once the trees are harvested, they regenerate from their existing root systems, earning them the name of the "Phoenix tree". (

Why are we mentioning this tree you might ask? The Keshe Foundation Research Centers are relentlessly experimenting the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology. One of such research was done on the Kiri tree. As Mehran Keshe is walking us through this experiment he starts by mentioning that “this is what the reality is going to face mankind in space…”. What we believed is impossible, “now has become a possibility!”

In the image shared with us during the 238th Knowledge Seekers Workshop on August 23, 2018, we can see highlighted by the pink rectangles one large tree on the right and a second smaller tree.  

The growth of the larger tree impressive. The week before it was measured at 184 centimeters, to be already at 200 centimeters in the week to follow. “These two plants were planted at the same time they were two years old when they were planted and the only difference between these is if you look, very simple thing: a new combination of the creation of an environment. We didn't change anything. We just created a new environment.” 

Planted at very few meters distance from each other, the larger plant is growing approximately 15+ centimeter in a week. The smaller plant, although the same age, planted at the same time, is registered a much slower growth rate. What we have was changed? Nothing but the environment condition.

The blue circles highlight the reactors placed on and around the plant. The specific content of these spheres allows the tree to achieve its height in 1-2 years’ time. In the vicinity, the team has another 30 similar trees, all planted at the same time, on the 15th of May 2018 together with the two shown in the picture. The trees were allowed to adjust to the environment where they were planted and on the 15th of June 2018, the new environmental condition created by the reactors was introduced. 60 days later the difference is noticeable. It’s not just about the number of leaves. As we have arms and legs, the plant’s leaves can be considered as the limbs of the plant.


It is also about the thickness of the stem of the tree, which is currently 3-4 times bigger than the rest of the trees in this Kiri plantation.  There are 16 Kiri trees as a control field, 20 meters distance from the observed point. After taking the markers from these 16 trees the data is confirmed that the Kiri tree with the changed environment, imposed by the plasma spheres is significantly larger. 

Observing the evolution of the experiment we are reminded that these conditions are following us all the way in space. Originating from Earth we are accustomed to Earth’s conditions. However, when traveling in the deep space we will encounter many more environments, each with their specific environmental condition. So then, when we land in a new environment, in a new condition, how will we handle it? Even is we will acquire a new set of arms or legs, our soul will stay the same, unchanged.  “The new condition of environment forces new dimensions. The soul of the plant has not changed, it's the same soul.”

We will manage to manifest ourselves according to the environments we will appear in. 

“When the Earth was in a different distance position from the Sun when gravitational fields were not the same as what is now, dinosaurs could be created. You can see how it is, how it's been done. Gravitational fields of the Sun has been pushed back with the new dimension course. So, the plant is allowed to grow taller. Are we going to follow and keep on hanging new balls with the new mixtures on different height as the tree grows that they still be pushed the field forces of the Sun on this plant further out? This plant in 15 years is supposed to be around 18 meters high, but the way is going in 50 weeks will be around about half that height.”

The fact that the plant has more leaves, bigger leaves, doesn’t make it immune to environmental conditions as the frost or cold and it is prone to loss of leaves during the winter. It will be interesting to observe its development during the winter season if the leaves will stay alive and the plant will keep growing. 

“Then you'll see how we react to new environments as we arrive: change the name and that plant to a man. New environment, new conditions. These are what the Keshe Foundation Research Centers are coming up with. We see, now we are going further: how will it go? What about in introduction of the neutron's energy diversity of the field forces into the whole instruction and then what will happen if we increase the field forces to beyond this level would we grow 10 times faster? Would we have the transition of time from one to another? What will happen if we come to the point that we have to introduce new environments?” 

“That plant is the same as the other one but how come with a change of environment different magnetic gravitational field forces manifesting itself in this way? What about if you land and you will be the same size as you land but because of the stronger soul you carry coming from a mixture of the soul of the planet Earth with the Hydrogen, Nitrogen and the rest what's going to happen? You grow faster! Do you become the creator, do you start to dominate? […] or do become humble enough to teach the others to become like you? The solar strength does not allow this. What about if you bring that plant, which is another stranger from the planet would you enter your spaceship? And then he starts growing bigger than you in the spaceship because now you change his environment. How are you going to handle him?”

As Mehran Keshe say, this is what we will have to face, it is not a theory anymore, it is a reality. 

“This is what the mankind has to face with a new dimension of Science, new Plasma Technology which takes Man into the plasma of the universe. Now you understand why we endeavor to go into a spaceship with our dimension. There is no construction, there is no fixed bolts and nuts and that's it. Because let's say you come into the span of the universe where the field forces match the human body and you grow to 20 meters. The ceiling height was not put more than 3.7 meters. What do you do, you curl up? Now you understand why the new dimensions of the space technology carry every aspect of covering mankind in the space. Not just for mankind, this is the knowledge of the universe.” 


And it’s not about a growth over years, it’s about a rapid development. The Kiri tree subjected to this experiment is currently growing at a rate of 2-3 centimeters per day. It is not only in height but in thickness as well. Estimations are if left to grow, in 10 years’ time it can cover the half of the current parcel. And the questions that arise are, how will it reproduce, because it will not match the other ones around it, it has changed its genes and its condition. The research team has changed the environment condition for the tree, introducing to it the new possible structure. 

“We introduce ourselves we take ourselves into the elements of the universe and then what's going to happen to us? What about our physical structure grows, but our organs don't internally? Because the field strength supports different dimension of containment but not what is contained. Would you like to be a little brain inside a huge body that is trying to control it? These are the facts which the new knowledge, new science forces us to do we have no choice. We think it's a plant, is as much alive as you and me. It has a soul it's aware of its existence and is aware of his environment. And it's allowed with a new condition to create a new dimension. This is a prelude to what's going to happen to mankind in space.”

During the experiment, no liquid plasma and not a drop of GANSes was used in the watering of the plant.

“We have just enforced a new environment. This is on one planet and the small one on the other. This is the dimension of the science which we have to face as a human race. It's opposite to what we've been taught, it's opposite to what we've been brought up in the world of science, in the world of technology, in the world of understanding the whole knowledge of mankind. Where does mankind go? How far mankind is prepared to accept the new changes or what shall we do when we reach this point? Is mankind ready for the new science where a plant being... just changing the environment in growing happily around about 25-30 centimeter now stands 2 meters high, by just introduction of new plasma, new plasma environment. The change, the dimension of the change is huge.”

238th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - August 23, 2018

Plasma 101: Glyphosate link to living beings

by Keshe Foundation

Glyphosate (IUPAC name: N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. Farmers quickly adopted glyphosate for agricultural weed control, especially after Monsanto introduced glyphosate-resistant Roundup Ready crops, enabling farmers to kill weeds without killing their crops. In 2007, glyphosate was the most used herbicide in the United States' agricultural sector and the second-most used (after 2,4-D) in home and garden, government and industry, and commercial applications. From the late 1970s to 2016, there was a 100-fold increase in the frequency and volume of application of glyphosate-based herbicides (GBHs) worldwide, with further increases expected in the future.

Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide meaning it will kill most plants. It prevents the plants from making certain proteins that are needed for plant growth.

While glyphosate and formulations such as Roundup have been approved by regulatory bodies worldwide, concerns about their effects on humans and the environment persist and have grown as the global usage of glyphosate increases. A number of regulatory and scholarly reviews have evaluated the relative toxicity of glyphosate as an herbicide. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment toxicology review in 2013 found that "the available data is contradictory and far from being convincing" with regard to correlations between exposure to glyphosate formulations and risk of various cancers, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). A meta-analysis published in 2014 identified an increased risk of NHL in workers exposed to glyphosate formulations. In March 2015, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer classified glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic in humans" (category 2A) based on epidemiological studies, animal studies, and in vitro studies. (,(

Furthermore, this chemical is endangering the colonies of bees, which play an important role in nature’s balance. (

During the Questions & Answers section of 237th Knowledge Seekers Workshop on August 16, 2018, a topic related to glyphosate was addressed to the founder of Keshe Plasma Science and Technology, Mehran T. Keshe.

Considering the widespread of this substance and its extensive use in the agriculture industry, traces of the chemical are commonly present in the food people are ingesting every day. From the water, the fresh fruits and vegetables, to the processed food as simple bread or the cereals children are used having for breakfast.

The teaching which followed has helped us understand how to observe the structure of the chemical substances in relation to the structure of a living being DNA, in order to understand why that particular substance can easily interact and link to the living body. 

The first step that we have been taught was to first analyze the data we can access. By that, it means looking at the chemical composition and structure of the glyphosate compared with the chemical composition and structure of the building blocks of a living body (in this example we look at the DNA which is broken down to amino acids).


Why glyphosate might cause a modification in the living body, such as abnormal growth of cells?

In the DNA helix structure, we have the elements Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Phosphorus. Looking at the structure of glyphosate, it carries the amino acid backbone, which is the Phosphor (P), and this is what makes it dangerous. 

“The spiral shape of the DNA is because of the spacing of the Phosphor”. Because the glyphosate interacts with the helix shape of the DNA in a way that it changes its position because of the interaction of the fields. 

“If you look at it the spinal space of the amino acid is a protein carrier, so you have a protein in there. Nitrogen (N) of the protein, the Hydrogen (H) of the protein, the Oxygen (O) is there. What is left is a Carbon (C) and if you look at… the shape of the structure it's very easy. You see the interaction of the fields themselves create the Carbon. So, this is a copy of the amino acid by field interaction. That's why it's so lethal. It interacts because it mimics amino acid, it mimics DNA, so DNA takes as part of it, so it opens it up. The shape of the helix changes and that's why it's so dangerous… As knowledge seekers, you should be able to read this very, very easy.”

You have five Oxygens, you have four Hydrogens you have one Nitrogen so all you need is the conversion field forces of one Oxygen or conversion field forces of two Oxygen to create field force of a Carbon then you have a full amino acid which is a backbone of the DNA and then you have the spinal cord balance of the DNA helix condition which gives you the Phosphor. That's it Voila!”

“There is a way you can change it. If it is in the waters you can change it very simple you can transfer that, you can change the bond”

One of the options is introducing the CO2 GANS fields in the system. All you need to do is to add the CO2 GANS water, even one drop of CO2 GANS is enough to break the change and what will be left is the Phosphor, which is needed and can become a positive structure in the body of a living organism. In the human body, the Phosphor can change into Sulfur and become part of the immune system. As such “the Phosphor becomes a backbone of the structure of the physical existence “. What was before a menace can now help to strengthen the amino acid chain.

The knowledge seekers interested in studying and researching further on the effects of CO2 GANS in the reduction of glyphosate negative interaction, turning it into a positive influence, are encouraged to send their methods and procedures as a submission into the Keshe Plasma Scientific Journal. 


“It can be used as a huge benefit to humanity. If you can release the phosphor which is one of the most needed elements in the body of the man. There is nothing more needed in the body than Phosphor. When you eat food and you eat the wrong food forever your body is converting the elements into Phosphor to guarantee the existence and continuity of the DNA. Every cell, every DNA cell needs that energy of the Phosphor. And most of the work of the body of the man to keep the physicality of the man and its DNA is converting elements continuously to Phosphor. Because every cell, every DNA when you see has Phosphor in… DNA phosphor has a cycle of life - one year, six months, two months - it has to be replaced where does it come from unless the body converts it. Most of the conversion comes in the thyroid glands and it comes in thymus because it uses a lot of energy of the B12 to convert to keep Phosphor always available for every single… every single cell which is produced carries the DNA, has the whole… helix that draws Phosphor… That Phosphor has a lifetime has to be changed; it loses its power.  It needs to be continuously replaced; so, when you have this phosphor the time when it comes to be replaced, this takes his place and then it creates cancer. What you call cancer but it actually is what we put in there ourselves in one of the things needed. If you break it up now you have a bigger source for the healthy life. You can change this poison to one of the biggest benefits of mankind”

237th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - August 16, 2018

Updates from Arizona Research Center 

by Jon Bliven

Many new tests are proceeding at our facility. Our spaceship testing has expanded to bring “scaffolding” to include additional reactors and structures. The neutron experiments we believe are going very well and we are anxious to bring these together with the newly created soul of the spacecraft. 

We continue to bring new understandings even with our tests that show no results. We are committed to supporting the initiative requested by Mr. Keshe to help support 10 coma patients in the US to kick-start peace initiatives. Finding people who are willing to experience something different to bring people out of the coma state is challenging. We have attempted to go through the hospital structures in our area with little results. It is for this reason that I ask fellow supporters to assist the locating of candidates along with us. Please find the attached information available for use in locating candidates: 

The Keshe Foundation has recently shown very amazing results with the use of plasma technology to awaken coma patients and put them on the road to recovery. The foundation recently decided to offer FREE support to any coma patients willing to try the technology. The processes are non-invasive and can do no harm as we use external patches and headgear to wake-up the patients. The results so far have been remarkable, and the foundation is willing to go into greater depth should doctors wish to learn about this option. The reason for the foundation's desire to assist is that it is hoped that by showing the willingness of an Iranian scientist’s commitment to helping others lives of United States citizens the peace talks with Iran can be fruitful. It is being offered as a gesture of the commitment by the foundation to peace on this planet. For the first 10 patients, the foundation will provide the tools and instructions to balance the energy fields of the body. At any time in the process the doctors or families do not want to continue we will move on to other patients. I can share the work of the foundation if you wish and share other breakthroughs the foundation is working on. Please share this with those who have lost hope as well as those looking for solutions. 

Contact us at:

Hemoglobin GANS and the creation of life

by Keshe Foundation in collaboration with Plasma Laurentides 

Jon B.: Are we able to elevate our soul and our RNA structure by consuming the waters of the CH3?

Mehran T. Keshe: How did you make it? You have not brought in the element of the soul of the physicality. You created the amino acid and I see you put that rusty nail here. And that rusty nail gave you what I call the color of the blood dripping from the nail. 

Figure 1

How many of you ever collected this? Now you have collected the amino acid, the soul plasma of the amino acid of the DNA of the Man. This is the original DNA, position of it fixed to the body of the Man. 

Jon B.: So, then the waters of the Hemoglobin would revert the body back to its original state?

Mehran T. Keshe: Have you considered a soul? All the teachings we said, every blood cell is taxi destination. And you go into the structure of the body of the man, the femur makes most of the red blood cells, which with it carries the totality of the Soul of the Physicality. Now [in the GANS capturing reactor] you have become the femur. Creating through same process the sugar - CH3 - what have you done? You nourish it.  You give it the energy. You have a surplus hydrogen one needs to give to hemoglobin. You have the Zinc plate, you have the Copper plate and in that process what you have created partially to the interaction: Potassium and Calcium. And in the same process, if you understood, you have created the free plasma condition which can take any shape. Becomes the RNA to the whole lot. Those of you who think you can just use hemoglobin if you haven't created the soul for it, how do you expect it to work?

Do I need to load it with the fields of the copper to build up a torn tissue rapidly or do I need to feed it, extend it with the fields of the Zinc to improve psychological condition? The whole process of understanding creation of life has to be understood that you cannot just create physicality and dimension of DNA. We have to create the dimension of the transfer of the knowledge information that DNA through this dictate and interacts, not by itself. 

It has no dimension to create that condition. It needs a soul. And then if your soul of the tip of your finger changes according to the soul of your totality then you can give the message. There should be no more war with this knowledge today. “


The setup additionally creates a free plasma in between the 2 plates – the free plasma is the soul. And the creation of the soul in the setup enables us to communicate from soul to soul.

  1. Rusty nail;
  2. Nanocoated Copper plate;
  3. Zinc plate;
  4. Condition of Neutron energy;
  5. CH3

In Figure 2 and Figure 3 you see the water container (blue). The pin is put always in different positions but now you’re positioning your pin (1) in the center. The zinc plate (3) and the nanocoated copper plate (2) are added to the system. You created the condition of neutron energy (4). Then you created the condition with a direct positioning of CH3 (5) Now you see the position with a continuous existence of the continuous existence of the amino acid.

Figure 2 - Top view. Figure 3 - Side view

 You will see the formation of amino acids in the form of DNA, P (phosphor) will appear by itself as a Magrav field, if you get it right in positioning. All this you have as fields and they will, in their freedom, follow the process of interaction to create the soul.

This process is based on Zinc, the element that, when it is sufficiently inside the body, it satisfies and pacifies the emotional center. On the other hand – when Zinc is missing – aggressiveness and war result. The lack of sufficient Zinc in the totality of the structure on the planet Earth is a major problem that needs solution.

The free neutron created is linked to Zinc and it will interact with any soul – bringing balance, it satisfies the peacefulness.

Amino acids (C-O-H-N) with the participation of Iron and Cobalt create hemoglobin (for plants it is Iron with Magnesium). Hemoglobin, in the presence of Copper and Zinc, creates the physicality and emotion; the blood can now fuel the physicality as well as the emotion. 

Everything together interacting with Calcium and Potassium builds the structure.

Figure 4.

In this table we show the main components of the human body, we see C-O-H-N with the oligo-elements (trace elements) Iron, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, and Iodine. The Iodine is present when emotions are shown in the physical matter (brain). 

Every change on the soul level will result in corresponding physical changes. By playing with elements we can make the earth a happy planet; just by choosing the good element.

239th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - August 30, 2018

What would you do?


“There is a progressive understanding of this technology that in the space we need to create a space that man can be safe. Man can live within the environment that peace in space has to be the peace of mind.” Life is many times challenging us with different events. Expected or unexpected, we are facing critical decision-making moments. One of such series of events is presented in the 240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop on September 6th, 2018. If you would be directly involved in comparable situation, what would you do? How do you feel about it?

It involves emotion, it involves the use of the technology. All of us knowledge seekers have made the Nanomaterials, GANS, GANS water, patches and have seen results in many ways. During this exercise the characters are assigned to members in the Knowledge Seekers audience. We thank them for being able to enter the character’s role and answer what would they do. In the order of appearance, they are: 

  • The Daughter 35 years old woman
  • 50-60 years old Mother of the 35 years old woman
  • The Doctor, specialist in a mental institute
  • The General Practitioner
  • The Pharmacist
  • The Stranger on the street
  • The Husband of the Stranger on the street

The Mother has tolerated her Daughters’ condition with 30 years of epileptic attacks. First attack happened when she was 5 years old and since then they have tried different ways to improve her situation. The doctor has the entire medical history of the woman, he monitored her for 20 years as a senior consultant in one of the leading hospitals for psychiatric treatments in the country. According to the doctor’s order there is a combination of medications on a daily basis, approximately 20 tablets a day that the 35 years old woman has to take to control the seizures. When the Daughter is asked how she feels to take so many tablets a day just to control her brain, the answer was “Not so good”. When the Mother was asked about the feeling when forcing her Daughter taking this medication she answered, “It is very hard to make her take all these tablets”. The Doctor was asked how he feels to give 20 mental controlling medicine to his patient, as a professor. “That is all the understanding that I have that is in my tool kit, that is all I can do to help her”. When calculating 20 tablets per day 365 days in a year, that makes 7.300 tablets per year. She has taken these tablets for minimum 20 years. It sums up to 146.000 tablets up to present time. One of the tablets, since they are specially made tablets, costs about 40 EUR per piece. The General Practitioner is writing weekly the prescription for the 140 tablets. How does he feel? “Very bad. The problem is in the interaction of the medicine, the interactions between the tablets is not fully known”. The Pharmacist is selling these tablets to the woman every week. How does he feel having a regular income from this case? Even with a 30% markup, it would make one chemist very rich. 

With these 20 tablets that control 30-40 epileptic attacks in a day they have managed to bring it down to 4-5. Even with the medical treatment the Daughter is still having 4-5 massive seizures. One day, the Mother and the Daughter were crossing the road on a zebra crossing, a moment when one of the seizures starts. People in the area who are seeing the event are local people that already know the situation of the 35 years old woman. One Stranger on the street that is not from that region walks by and at once rushes over checking what can she aid with. Coincidentally the Stranger on the street knows someone that has the knowledge to help this Daughter to get help, to get better. Her Husband is a man from Africa that knows some natural ways to help the woman. The Stranger from the street walks home to her Husband, presents the situation and asks if he would help. He would definitely help. If he would decide not to help, his consciousness would never let him be at peace. 


To help the woman, he will have to buy certain things to make the ways of changing her condition. He would have to ask the family to supply these things for him to go ahead. Comparative to the amount they pay for current tablets in a day, would he ask 1500 EUR for almost 20 different systems that have to be built. If there are no other ways, he would ask for it. Continuing the story, the Husband of the Stranger on the street manages to get the 35 years old Daughter out of her condition, to remove all the epileptic attacks, not needing anymore medicine. The Doctor is OK with the fact that the woman is now good, but he would investigate the method applied, being a bit reticent. The General Practitioner, being daily in contact with the man from Africa, the Husband, he would keep the Doctor informed on the process and progress. 

The 35 years old woman is now able to get a job, to function normally in the society and to be surrounded by people. She would have no more seizures and would take only one tablet a day to remove the side effects of all the tablets which were given to her in the past 20 years. The Mother is expressing her happiness for her Daughter success and gratitude to the Husband of the Stranger on the street. The Mother would of course prefer that her Daughter does not take any tablet at all. Given that in 4 months so much has improved compared with the 30 years of hospitalization and taking care of her Daughter she feels very relieved. The Mother is not considering the African man as a fraud because he recovered successfully her Daughter and that 1500 EUR was a small price to pay to bring her Daughter to a normal life. 


Understanding that the method applied was not medical, it was a natural process there are two questions addressed:

  1. Is it fraud if somebody pays you for systems that they confirm they received, and the scientists and the nation confirm a breakthrough, saving millions a year for the country?
  2. In a Western nation in Europe is the police allowed to falsify evidence, documents and get away with it; to submit false documents in the court and get accepted?

The ABC of publishing in the Plasma Scientific Journal

by Pete W., KF Plasma Scientific Journal Team    

The way nuclear engineer Mehran T. Keshe teaches the Plasma Science encourages the Knowledge Seekers around the World to seek the knowledge for themselves. If ‘seeing is believing’ with plasma technology ‘experimenting is knowing’. No one is asked to believe in any of the teachings but rather to try out for themselves to gain confidence in the correctness of this knowledge. In this way, we are all scientists and each one of us has many beautiful stories to tell. 

With KF SSI Education there are no quizzes or exams but as Mr. Keshe once said to Jon, ‘show me the light and I show you the way’. The teacher is there to teach when students are ready. This knowledge is not theoretical, and it is for us to experiment with for the benefit of the entire planet. If we keep the results and observations of our experiments only to ourselves, they do not benefit anyone but us. We are here to serve and not to be served.

The universal teacher educates us free of charge as in the Universe there is no money - the more you give, the more you receive in return. Plasma is dynamic and so is the knowledge sharing within the Keshe Foundation. Each experiment performed is like a single ray of the Sun, ray of knowledge. The Sun shines equally in all directions and does not discriminate if you are Muslim or Christian, white or black, rich or poor; or what is your education status. 

We perceive this knowledge through the lenses of our own understanding. As we often find out, each sentence in every teaching relates to the micro and to the macro scale simultaneously. It is like a ray of knowledge where each one of us diffracts it through the prism of our own understanding. Plasma Scientific Journal is there to capture these reflections of our own experiences and understanding.

Publishing in the Plasma Scientific Journal is a perfect way of sharing your own ideas and experimental results. It is a way for each Knowledge Seeker to shine with their own light of knowledge. Everyone is welcomed to submit their work in any language, free of charge. There are no publication fees for the authors, such as this is the case in the modern scientific world. At the same time, there are no access fees to the readers. With no peer-review process, you are unlimited in what you can publish, fearing no rejection for whatever reason. It is your experiments and expertise which counts! Turn your past testimonials into a structured paper for other Knowledge Seekers to benefit from. Every submission is indexed for easy searching and if you find that somebody already published on a given topic, add your results and observations into it. Together we can build a huge database of plasma knowledge for the benefit of humanity! 


Firstly, you need to prepare. You can either document the work which has already been done and perhaps even presented by you in the testimonials meeting or on the testimonials website at or you can plan a new experiment. With the later, it is important to formulate the question(s) or problem(s) you are addressing early at the start, that is to have a clear goal in mind. Early sketches and drawings often help to understand the requirements and experimental procedures and may even become handy when publishing your work. As the experiment goes by, try to document its progress by taking detailed notes, pictures or camera recordings. Label all the GANS containers, patches, etc. – memory can be short. Always try to think outside of the box and capture the bigger perspective. Take shots of not only the table where the experiment is set up but also of the entire room and even the environment behind the wall. This will help you to understand the interactions and will help to compare the outcomes when the experiment is repeated. There are different type of publications and you can even publish on a new measurement method, propose a new standard or procedure – not even sky is the limit!


Gather all the notes, pictures and memories and in the case of other people’s involvement, interview them and write down their observations. When writing your paper put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Do not assume anything but present everything from the start, explaining every aspect of the experiment which may not be obvious and remember that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. If needed, relate to other peoples’ work by referencing their articles, websites or other openly available resources. Start by downloading the Scientific Plasma Journal template and short guide for authors available at ( Fill in all the sections but remember that every experiment is different and sometimes the suggested structure may need to be slightly altered to suit your case. Once finished, give it to your family member, colleague or neighbor to read and give you feedback on it. If they can understand it, so should other Knowledge Seekers.


Once finished, upload your Word, OpenOffice or PDF file onto one of the cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega, etc.) or filesharing services (Jumpshare, 4shared, Box, FileDropper, etc.) or even onto Facebook. Go to and from the drop-down menu select Plasma Scientific Journal Submissions and press Go. Through this website, you can either submit your work, ask a question or access resources and the FAQs. The submission form is very minimal, and you only need to provide your name, surname, email address, the title of the paper, its short description and the link to your journal submission. The editorial team will get in touch with you in regard to your submission.


Author guides, templates, and other resources are available through the same link. Drop in sessions for private KF SSI students are being arranged to help you write up your work.


 Any question? Get in touch with us via 

French and Romanian languages joined forces


On Fri, 17 Aug 2018, we have joined forces of two language communities: French speaking community and Romanian speaking community. We have both been involved in teaching, experimenting and expanding the Plasma Science and Technology taught by the Keshe Foundation. Since this was happening in our native languages, the groups were limited on possibilities. This has led to the joining of the groups into one meeting with the purpose of cross-language knowledge transfer.

The participants from both French and Romanian groups were very excited and have used this time to expand their knowledge. 

Fred E.: “The teaching session where we were invited by the Romanians was really rich in discoveries! For 3 years they have used this technology in their agriculture and the results are stunning. I was very moved during the session to see how the Romanian people have united to discover, learn, practice and teach plasma science.” Fred Erique mentions while expressing the desire to see the same drive in the French community as well.

“As Mr Keshe said, the countries previously considered poor are going to make incredible progresses. The countries so far industrialized will be the most archaic...

There are some photos of the extraordinary results in agriculture obtained by Romanians through their use of Plasma, considering they had 3 months of nonstop rain and went directly to 50 degrees Celsius. Thanks to them for sharing. Their advancement in Plasma Technology is the result of intensive research.”

How did you come to the idea of merging the French and Romanian communities?

Fred E. “I was happy because we have many things to learn from each other and the topic was very attractive. It was about Plasmaculture. Most of the Romanians speak French and they are used to join our public Zoom meetings and one day they invited us to a special meeting to discuss about “plasma protection system for agriculture”. I was very excited about it because we don’t have any information about using Plasma in agriculture, so it was a good point to start.”

What was your overall impression about the session?

Fred E.: “This was awesome! Fantastic! We learned a lot of things and it was very, very interesting. I was very impressed because all the nations were getting to the same goal. It was very interactive, and a lot of Romanian participants had something to share. They showed us some pictures of huge sunflowers – bigger than people – tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and many more, all of impressive sizes. So, they taught us many ways to practice Plasmaculture. They taught us that in autumn we can put CH3 GANS water into the soil and when the spring comes, we can create ash by burning all the dry leaves and branches and mix that ash with CO2 GANS water and pour it into the soil, at the root of the plants. “

You, as a reader, might ask yourself: what is the reason of all of this? The purpose of CH3 GANS water is to energize the soil. Since old times and up to today, burning the soil before cultivating it or immediately after removing the crops was a proven practice as an effective soil fertilizer. The addition of CO2 GANS water will enhance the fields of this natural fertilizer, it encapsulates the information of this nutrient, and helps radiating it on a larger surface. This will provide better nourishment to the plants for a longer period and, at the same time, it does not negatively disrupt the soil composition. 

Fred E.: “They also taught us to keep the seeds of the plants in CO2 GANS water for 24-48h to restore them to their natural genome. When creating the GANSes, we were advised to use magnesium salt (MgCl) in the mix of salts because magnesium is at the base of the structure of the plants. Then use these GANSes - CO2, ZnO and CH3 - in containers with plastic caps and put them near the root and top of the plant. “

CO2 GANS water helps the plant to be more robust and thicker while CH3 GANS water helps the plant to grow higher.

Fred E.: “We have learned to prepare plasma water for watering the plants once a week. And since then, I have started applying all this knowledge in my own garden.”

Plasma water for watering the plants can be prepared into a large barrel in which regular water is placed. There can be added containers with CH3 and CO2 GANS inside the barrel for the water to memorize the plasma fields’ strength.

Are there more meetings planned in the future? What topics would you like to approach?

Fred E. Yes, we will have the next meeting in October. Most likely we will continue the Plasmaculture topic.

" I am happy and grateful for the opportunity of attending such meetings. I think there are many more people who apply Plasma Technology in agriculture, health, transport and so on. I wish all of us to share experiences and achievements at our next meetings. Thank you, Mr. Keshe, my colleagues from the Romanian and French groups and to all knowledge seekers!" - Giani B.

"Your vitality, your wish of sharing gave the gift of a great deep joy to share, experience and get enlightened. Thank you infinitely!" - Christiane L.

"It was an interesting meeting and we should continue on this path because that meeting was just the introduction and much more information could be added by both sides." - Stefan  S.

"I was delighted to attend this interesting meeting and I am eager to participate at our next meetings which will take place soon." - Adrian F.

"Great knowledge exchange, lots of interesting things to share, many beautiful souls to gather - this is how I describe our meeting. And this will continue because it’s a great opportunity to grow as individuals and as groups. This is how you discover you are part of something bigger than yourself and this is how you remove all borders between the people around mother Earth. Thanks to everyone for sharing the knowledge, the experiments and the ideas!" - Marius P.

"It was a meeting with a lot of goodwill and a special interest for me, personally, and I was delighted to introduce the agricultural experiment in French language, which I have not spoken for about 25 years! Several topics were discussed, and as a result, I remained impressed by the fact that studying Plasma Science and its applications is not limited by any barrier. Neither living in different countries nor speaking different languages nor the fact that each of us has studies in different fields - anyone can study the Plasma and can share knowledge for the benefit of all mankind!" - Radii B. 

Pain Relief Pen


CE Certified Class I Medical Device

After years of study in plasmatic fields and its applications to the human body through its flows of energies, Keshe Foundation introduces you today the Pain Pen.

The pain pen is what you need if you suffer from: 

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscular pain
  • Sprains strains
  • Tendinitis
  • Wrist pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Back pain 
  • Knee pain 

Available on:

The Pain Pen is the cost-effective innovation for pain relief, successfully proven, it emits plasma fields that penetrate up to 3cm below the skin, helping to bring the body back to its balance. How? 

By using Plasma technology, which is based on magnetic-gravitational field interaction, directly working on the flows of energy that contribute to relieving the pain in your body.

You just have to apply the tip of the pen on the affected areas for 30-40 seconds per treatment, up to 5 times a day. The fields will be in a balance situation and so the body.


The pain pen has no moving parts or batteries, it’s lightweight, durable, portable and versatile, you can carry it all day in a shirt pocket or purse, bags, and you can also use it over clothing. 

Hand wash the pen with water and soft soap and make sure to keep it away from meta or sources of electromagnetism like radios, TVs, cellphone or computers.

The pain pen should not be applied to certain parts of your body as:

  • The eyes and/or regions around the eyes
  • Chest area over the heart
  • The front of the throat
  • Neurological part of the skull (the brain)
  • Internal organs
  • Infections
  • Patients who are running a fever (high temperature)
  • Open wounds
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • In areas of metal and electrical implants/devices and Pacemakers

With the Pain pen, start to bring back your body to its balance and relief your pain. At the same time, you will save money from your usual pain reliefs habits for a natural, durable and easy one. 

So, wait no more and grab your Pain Pen, your body will thank you.

Health application of plasma technology: Magravs Mini Coils

by Barbu Constantin

The impact of CH3-GANS on the ph-level of tap water measured inside plasmatic fields, created by a plasma ball unit

by Klaus Priller, Herbert Bloder, S.P.

Applications of plasma technology: Diabetes

by KF China

Burns Mitigation with CO2 Liquid Plasma


While living at Carmen Ferrera, she and her parents were refugees from Cuba. As a matter of perspective, Carmen’s parents were once invited to Raule Castro’s wedding shortly after the takeover of Cuba by the Fidel Castro. They obviously refuse to go and became on the bad side of Fidel. She later in life became an important business executive for UPS. Yes UPS, the shipping company we all so love when they bring packages to our doorstep.

As Barbara and I resided in Carmen’s house she became aware of the Keshe water I had produced prior to coming to her house. Some three weeks prior to the main incident she had burned herself on her stove, the kind that you don’t see or feel the burners, was still very hot from a recent cook. She had bent down to give something with her right hand to her cat and at the same time leaned on the stove with her left arm to be able to pull herself back up. Being a little older at that age we seek any possible advantage to pull ourselves up. As you can imagine when she realizes, that stove was still hot it was too late. Before she was able to react to the flesh underneath her arm was severely compromised.

Some four hours later we returned from working at our new house, actually, it was very old and needed a lot of renovation. A total makeover. Upon seeing her in pain and the two-and-a-half-inch diameter damage on the underside of her arm I thought and told her that I had some water that will mitigate that burning feeling. We applied the water on her gauze that she had originally put on her arm to protect it. Though it could not reverse the four hours of damage that the initial burn had created it gave quick relief. At the time I had no idea how much it had done.


Some three weeks later she was cooking a large pot of old chicken eggs that were going to the pigs. After the water came to a boil for thirty minutes she attempted to lift the pot to drain it. Unfortunately, it bumped against the edge and spilled boiling water towards her. As she tried to avoid the water the right leg she was pushing off receive the boiling water. Being in excruciating pain, though she is as tuff as nails, she pulled her slacks off of her immediately she said. Seeing the beginnings of her skin blistering she called us to ask if she could use our water. Barbara immediately told her “Yes, of course!”.

Three hours later we return to find her in shorts and she proudly indicated that the water had worked and showed us a reddish mark on her leg the size and shape of the State of Illinois. She began to slap the area with her hand to indicate that there was no pain left and the damage had been reduced to only a red mark on her skin. The redness eventually went away in two to three weeks. The initial event on her arm is still visible as a dark area. Those four hours of continuing damage could not be reversed.

Some four weeks later I interview her to make sure that the details were correct, and to be assured that there was no misunderstanding of the event. She was wearing a pair of light slacks that would absorb instantly any water applied to it. This would give full penetration of the boiling water. Ooouch.


She had dipped the gauze in the CO2 GANS liquid plasma water and applied it to the burnt area of the leg. By the time she overcame the awkwardness of the installation, the pain had been dissipated to the point that she could touch her leg once more. She estimated that to be five to ten minutes. The water had felt cool to the touch and started to pull the heat out of the skin instantly upon contact. She had kept the gauze on her leg for more than three hours to make sure that the water could give all its healing properties.

This is all the fact as close as the truth I can ascertain. I got the idea when a Keshe French student had indicated that he had put the same water on a sunburn and had had great results. That’s where I understood that it could help with Carmen’s burn on the first incident. Her initiative for the second event was all hers. My only regret is that we did not take any before and after pictures of the incident to make a visual record. At the same time, it would be embarrassing to ask a 70-year-old woman to pull up her skirt so that I could take a picture of her beautiful leg.

I could only hope that every family in the world could understand this principle of the power of the liquid plasma waters and incorporated in their daily lives. Upon sharing this above story to my sister, she reminded me of when my younger brother was three to five or so. He had pulled a pot off the stove of boiling water onto himself and the water had burned his head and face. He bearded the scars of the damage for quite some time. In the remembrance of him and his incident, I would wish that every mother could have the maturity to act in such a way that could turn such an incident into a more pleasant memory.

Lots of Love, Jacques Varin - Tue December 13th

Any Questions


Message from Mr. Keshe to all knowledge seekers, teachers, hosts: 

From now on, we start collecting questions that students would like to ask Mr. Keshe in Public Teachings on Thursday. 

Please send such questions to email address with the subject "Questions for Mr. Keshe". The team behind this address will collect them and keep the list prepared for Public Teachings whenever Mr. Keshe opens Q&A part. 

Hosts and teachers from all language communities, please start collecting these questions in all private and public teaching sessions and send them after each session to with the subject "Questions for Mr. Keshe".

The host/moderator or Mr. Keshe himself will sometimes pick the questions related to the current topic only and sometimes randomly no matter the topic. 

From now on, we all collect questions in advance at the point of inception. We do not let questions to be forgotten. We all take care that each teaching session ends up with the questions written down and sent as the partial result of the study or research work done. 

Besides questions, same way we actively take care that daily gets new articles - at least wiki article title and then somebody later gets assigned to write the body - because what we study must be sooner or later broken down to wiki articles. This shall be the result of our collective work leaving knowledge structured for individuals and generations joining education later on.

Take it as a new initiative to spread this knowledge among us.


Looking forward to receiving the questions daily:

Books advert




Peace Blueprint for Humanity

1 Year Anniversary 2 august 2017 – 2 august 2018


28th of June 2017 is the day when the Peace Blueprint was publicly announced. 

“The Keshe Foundation calls upon all members of all groups and individuals to attend and take their position in the cycle of peace movement, which has been taken shape in the past years by the actions and science which has been given as a gift by all members of the Foundation to humanity for the advancement of science and through it, for the creation of the right environment for peace on this planet.

Please call on all those, whom you know and have access to internet or social media and governments and all groups of society to listen and join the 178th Knowledge Seekers Workshop to be held on Thursday 29th of Jun 2017 and to be known as the 'Blueprint for peace for humanity".

The Keshe Foundation invites all members of The Universal Council, The Earth Council and The Core team to be present in this presentation.

The time and the place for the world peace is upon humanity and is the duty of every man on Earth to take the responsibility of making sure that this cycle of peace movement through application of new technology can guarantee the peace on earth that brings about to make all nations as one nation and all to become part of ever lasting peace on this blue planet.

My Fellow men, I have done what has been possible to share the knowledge of Universe and creation of peace amongst the race of the Man as has been destined for the race of the Man and on equal measures in the past years, now I call on all your souls to join the soul of the creator to initiate and encourage the leaders of the Man to become men of peace and SIGN the humanity to the lasting peace on the Earth and start the beginning of and the Signing of humanity to final acts needed to bring about ever lasting peace on this Earth of the Man.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, World citizen and founder of the Keshe Foundation”

Following the announcement, nuclear engineer Mehran T. Keshe has held a marathon of Peace Public Teachings – Knowledge Seekers Workshops, published on the Keshe Foundation Youtube Channel, in the playlist Blueprint for Peace for Humanity, which concluded with humanity signing itself to peace as of 2nd of August 2017. 

The one-year anniversary from the signing all nations to peace has been held on 2nd of August 2018, hosted by the Universal Council during the 235th Knowledge Seekers Workshop.

“It’s not easy, it’s been a rough ride but it’s worth it and we sit and look at many changes especially since last year and many developments that the soul of man collectively has decided on the path of peace. If you go back last year when we were having these thoughts of setting up the Universal Council and the World Peace Treaty and 1Nation1Planet1Race we had heavy burdens loaded on humanity”

For the full recording of the celebration please follow the link:
"It’s amazing how everything is evolving outside and inside of us, since the Signature of Peace Treaty last year. All the knowledge seekers in diverse areas, have advanced of one, or of several steps towards the opening of global and globalizing consciousness. We take confidence of our responsibilities, understanding that the evolution is carried out individually, and then to fuse it with other ones, which are our mirrors. Up to the moment we have advanced as broken mirrors, thinking that we were the best and the strongest in an absurd competition, today we understand that we need to fix that broken mirror to transform it into ONE and to shine all-together. Often, we meet rejections and be criticized and that pushes us to go beyond the radar screen, breath the pure plasma to raise ourselves again, to make it circulate in us and in our rounding to shine ever more, and to illuminate our environment with our example and our interior peace, increasingly requested by so many changes of positions. Any innovative idea, which escapes from the manipulative agenda, seems to be initially ridiculous, passing then as dangerous, turning finally in evident. With 300.000.000 students of the Keshe Foundation we are entering in this last phase, waking up many friends, especially in the countries with more needs and that are accepting this force of the liberating plasma science, the best way to give the example and the evident vision, allowing so many people to be inspired. The biggest force, is the power of love and the humility of those beings who transmit it unconditionally. It’s wonderful to assist in this planetary awakening, taking awareness of our enormous power, that guides us to join our Universal friends."
- Ursula, Spanish Universal Council Member
"It is encouraging to notice that the number of people that know about Keshe Foundation technology has grown in the Bengali speaking communities and many communities across the planet.  It is equally rewarding to see that this built through the use of health-related application as more than 4000 people have benefitted from it near the area I located in Bangladesh.  This effect is not restricted to the local area of operation because some people have taken some these solutions to the villages many kilometers away.  One of the interesting effects is that a few of the people are attending our weekly Bengali public teaching after seeing the KF technology benefits directly.  A number of these people are from the younger generation, and they are using Pain Pens in playing fields, for example.  We are looking forward to expanding the awareness through education, more use of the technology, and the students spreading KF knowledge not only through the word but also their action.  We are beginning to see the ethos of Keshe Foundation taking root as the process evolves."
- Mosfeq, Bengali Universal Council Member
"It was a great pleasure to take part in the 1st anniversary of the signing of the World Peace Treaty (WPT). Last year, a month-long Blueprint for Peace for Humanity ended up with all the World languages’ representatives signing the WPT. The Polish-speaking community sent a countless number of invitations to the Polish president and the prime minister, without getting any replies. What was ignored by people at power, was delivered by the Soul of the Polish-speaking community. Since then many international conflicts have been resolved or prevented - such as the one in Togo. Confirmation of our wish for Peace found its reflection in the Physicality and it’s for us to realize that it was us who collectively made this happen. Politicians around the World have started admitting that war is too expensive.
China, North Korea and USA are finding their ways to work together despite their differences. Now the time has come for the entire World to realize that we are all made in the image of the Creator. There are no better and worst, or higher and lower, we are alike and the key to our peaceful coexistence lies in acceptance through education. Instead of focusing on the past, we should look at the future which needs to be just for every being on this Planet. At the same time, we should always remember that peace inside means peace outside. How can we thrive in the emotion of Peace if even at home we battle? The journey to Peace starts within us through the understanding of our own Soul. The thrill and the joy of signing the WPT are still present in our Souls. I can remember, like if it was yesterday, the feeling of unity with the Souls of other languages. A common field strength which spreads across the Planet has united us into One Nation, One Planet, One Race."
- Pete, Polish Universal Council Member
"It is Amazing to witness how we progress with our understanding of this new way of thinking. Everything making more sense as the time goes by.  Like Mr. Keshe always said, “The knowledge I am passing to you it like a puzzle and one day you will be able to put all the pieces together and all will make sense “. 
Mr. Keshe is teaching directly to our Souls persistently over the past years and we are slowly gradually maturing and integrating a new way be. He has been given us consistent support over the past years to creating as we speak the “Condition” to a new World That has one common wish, ours wish: Peace and Balance. As Mr. Keshe always told us, when the time is right, as the Universe is all about precision timing, will be only  one outcome:  The Elevation of the all Souls, happening effortless with no thinking, with the strong common feeling of connection between all of us. That moment is happening now."
- Stefania, Italian Universal Council Member
"I can remember we were sitting for hours and hours preparing the presentation for the first world peace anniversary. We started preparing this presentation weeks ago, then there were only days and suddenly only some hours left. Finally, we ran out of time. So, we had only one possibility: finishing the presentation just in time, you know sleeping is overvalued! ;-) And indeed, after an approximately ten-hour shift (=zoom meeting) we handed in our presentation and it was amazing! 
We were sticking to this last meeting nearly all the time, some were coming into the meeting, others were going out of the meeting, in the meantime the technically talented people were putting the content in and formatting the presentation, while others were handing their content in. Then the organizationally talented people were structuring and restructuring the whole presentation. After this the creative people came up with new ideas what else should be mentioned in the presentation. The visually oriented people made sure the presentation was easily understood and was optically well received. And the legal experts checked if all the pictures had no copyrights. At the end the grammar and spelling experts were doing their jobs. 
After describing the last preparation meeting for the first world peace anniversary what do I want to share? I want to share this spirit, this soul of all the Universal Council members who were working together for one aim: making a joyful world peace anniversary happen. We were a group of all different cultures, from different parts of the world, from different time zones, from different backgrounds working together to reach our aim. And although it was exhausting and we all were tired we really enjoyed working together and enjoyed creating the presentation for the first world peace anniversary because we felt as being one, one soul, one Universal Council!"
- Caroline, German Universal Council Member
"The one-year celebration of the signing of all countries into Peace was a beautiful reminder of what is to come, and a lot of positive changes has already taken place in the world. The peace between South and North Korea is one. I read an article about a mother that meet her son for the first time in 68 years and their love and joy was incredible and could be felt. The peace process is so important on so many levels and we are all important contributors to it.
Every Soul on this planet is a contributor to World Peace and every one of us is encouraged to bring the necessary inner Peace, balanced Soul, balanced emotions and balanced physical life. When we live our lives with correct conduct and we implement the ethos of the Keshe Foundation which is:” We are here to serve, not to be served” the power of our own Soul is released, and we will find that we are all connected. Then we can live together in Peace across the world as one united Humanity and we will all be proud ambassadors of Earth in the spans of the Universe and Humanity will be known as a peaceful race.
The process of bringing World Peace is the main purpose of the Universal Council and our wishes bring Humanity closer to Peace day by day. Let’s live at Peace and wish for Peace and we will achieve Peace, World Peace."
- Marie, Norwegian Universal Council Member
"On August 2, 2018, we, the Universal Council members, celebrated the first anniversary of humanity’s signing itself to peace. Exactly one year earlier, we had come together as Universal Council Language Members to sign all the nations of the world to peace. As far as I know, this was the very first time in the history of the world that a group of ordinary people had united through their souls and taken action to make global peace a reality. That, by itself, was a major achievement of the Universal Council. But more importantly, our united souls have since worked both separately and together to elevate all human souls to accept peace and live in a new world without wars – One Nation, One Planet, One Race (1N1P1R), a world that is perpetually peaceful and knowledgeable enough to travel the spans of the universe. Over the last one year, we have actively joined our souls to not only wish for peace in problem areas of the world, but to also elevate the souls of all the people who live in such problem areas, including those who deny others peace in those areas. In so doing, we have continually learned to give in all directions, like the sun. Through loving and giving from our souls, we have, slowly but surely, found the right path of joining other universal communities in everlasting peace, everywhere. It is this path, and how to master its treading that I mostly had in mind and soul as we celebrated the first anniversary of humanity’s signing itself to peace."
- Gatua, Gikuyu Universal Council Member
"My everyday soul peace engagement, is present in my mind. The 2nd of August anniversary was a confirmation of that present commitment of joy that expands my breath and heart to future confirming the past and vice-versa. In Zero-time peace action, emotion and thought, we guarantee the creation of eternity in peace in our reality. This one way of the path to peace with joy and happiness feeling is my favorite and my commemoration!"
- Rui, Portuguese Universal Council Member
"I express my gratitude to Mr. Keshe, the universal teacher, as his wish is to achieve World Peace on this planet for all souls. My gratitude to all the knowledge seekers, Core Team, Earth Council and Universal Council members, support UC members. Through understanding and applying the knowledge delivered by Mr. Keshe we have started the journey for Peace not only for mankind but also for all souls present on this planet. This is the first time ever that mankind has committed themselves to Peace. How? - you ask. Simply by first signing themselves under the Peace treaty - which is available on the Keshe Foundation website. This is an amazing journey for all of us as we are elevating so many souls around the planet. I say souls, as we are not only touching humanity but also the planet, the animals and all souls. We are changing the course of all existence and this through applying this knowledge by individuals and through freely teaching and sharing. This is the change we have started, to share freely without withholding knowledge. You can find these achievements in our wishes and compare these with what you observe around the World - what is changing and what is in the course of change. The intent of these wishes is to elevate the hyperactive children, by giving freely from our souls to elevate them. One can find the deeper understanding of it, in our universal council charter. Vast majority worldwide have started working on a Peace platform and the first anniversary of the signing of the World Peace Treaty was a milestone for all and a new beginning. My wish, as a universal council member, is world peace."
- Carolina, Dutch Universal Council Member
"Mr. Keshe once said to me “Don’t look for Physical Outcome”. It took me a while to understand this. I am amazed how by stop trying so hard and allowing for our essence to flow. Life shows itself to us in its perfection. We can never slow down or make events go faster in the Universe. It works like a clock, we never gain anything, or lose anything. Three years ago, as much as I knew, and I thought I knew a lot, I was looking through a window that carries with it sadness, frustration and impatience, then, with Mr. Keshe’s teaching. I moved from that window to a window that sees the world as a tapestry that its beauty is unfolding, by days, minutes, and second. Now I don’t remember the last time I had been sad, frustrated or impatience, an interesting phenomenon is I no longer encounter sad, impatience, frustrated people either.
I remember in Rome Mr. Keshe told me I have so much expectation of my soul, Again I had no idea what he was talking about, Now I understand what he meant. 
I have no expectation now. Interesting enough when I wish or ah for something, not like a demand but more like oh, like IT WOULD BE NICE IF THIS COULD HAPPEN, suddenly and unexpectedly it shows up at the right time.
When I said we never gain anything or lose anything, is like this: if you imagine a circle 5 meter diameter, and that circle is you, from the time you are born until you leave this planet, The content changes (our content never changes because it has been there in its perfection) or in a correct way you didn’t see the content in a correct way. If your 5-meter diameter had ugliness and now is all beauty. The ugliness wasn’t even there. It is all beauty, but you were looking at the wrong window, now you moved to the right window. The ugliness wasn’t real, this applies to our all people and to our planet, and everything in the universe, is all beauty, Our SOULS are beauty. Mr. Keshe is teaching us to see the beauty in Our Soul, to go back to who we really are. We created all the ugliness and we were all looking through a wrong window. Most importantly, as we all noticed from last year to this year when we celebrated our anniversary. We see all the world with more peace, love and compassion, because it has been there, and we just move the curtains and it is contagious too. The Love we carry within us is so bright and once it is turned on it engulfs everything. Now you understand when I said, “We never gain anything or lose anything.”. 
The Universe is complete and perfect. Mr. Keshe is teaching us to see it and start noticing its perfection. And every day more and more people see the perfection in our planet, in ourselves and everything around us. 
The world we are heading is that world that has been there with its beauty and miracles that flows with no mistake. We all will be shocked when we look back how we look at our 5-meter content that never changes, but we just see it the way it has always been. 
- Azar, Farsi Universal Council Member
"On August 2, 2018 we celebrated the first anniversary of the signing of the World Peace Treaty.
We also celebrated on the same day the birthday of Mr. Keshe whom we will never thank enough for his dedication and his infallible love for humanity.
We had a very nice "marathon" to prepare a presentation to show the progress of the work of the Universal Council on their achievements. What I saw that day was a tremendous wave of preparation and consolidation of achievements. A beautiful synthesis was made thanks to a magnificent enthusiasm of the teams to allow us to answer present on behalf of our language communities.
What is certain is that the deployment of peace is launched for the entire planet. We have witnessed many concrete examples from around the world. We, the Universal Council, have learned and grown up with the teaching of Mr. Keshe, to serve our communities. Many initiatives are in place and others are in preparation.
Arabic community has a weak signal joining currently and she will be with us very soon!
The members of the Universal Council, with their unconditional love, with their Soul and commitment, are dedicated to serving and meeting the needs of the One Nation. The present world is a challenge and a beautiful challenge that nothing will stop us to serve Love, Happiness, Justice and the Life of the Planet and all living beings.
Please, JOIN us to build ALL together a better future for the Earth and for the Universe, a future which we have started!"
- Jamila, UC Arabic

Gift of Life: 60 Coma Cases


This year on 2nd of August we have celebrated 60-man years on Earth for the director and founder of the Keshe Foundation, nuclear engineer Mehran T. Keshe. 

Taking us by surprise, instead of expecting a gift, Mr. Keshe has made the most beautiful gift towards humanity. On his 60th anniversary of life he has offered the nations the GIFT OF LIFE. The promise to bring up from coma 60 cases, with full support towards recovery to enjoy their lives together with the loved ones.

Read below to learn more about the message Mehran Keshe is sending to humanity, calling us all to join for peace. The full announcement can be accessed on YouTube in the 235th Knowledge Seekers Workshop.


“We invite the president of the United States, from the Iranian nation to Tehran. Let’s see what happens this time. The last time when we talked about peace, within 14 days we saw the foreign secretary of the United States in the port of Iran. Unfortunately, the accident, but at the end we saw the solution. So as the Iranian nation we invite you to Tehran. No precondition. At the same time, this is a call from the Iranian nation, not the government. We talk about peace openly and with no precondition. I know the American government and the officials are in the background listening, I know the Chinese ambassadors and the Chinese government are on the line listening. My call goes not to meet in Singapore, not to meet in another port, but to meet in Tehran. This way we solve the problem for good. 

[…]  I have asked the Keshe Foundation Core Team, the Earth Council and the Universal Council to start making arrangement for encouragement and unification and start of the peace at this level[…]

The Gift is as such:  Today is the 60th birthday of my life. We divide that equally, and that is... today we offer 10 Americans the gift of life. We are looking for 10 Americans who are in coma, been in coma irrespective of time 5 years, 10 years, 2 years... to give their life back to them within 30 days. It's the responsibility of American Keshe Foundation to find the 10 and the gift will be given by the Iranians to the Americans by the knowledge which came from Iran. […] 

So, in that respect, the Keshe Foundation Arizona will provide all the facilities, all the systems and equipment to support, to give life back to 10 Americans, unconditional, military, private, old, young... it's for the American Keshe Foundation to find and the gift will be given. I supervise the whole process, individually for each case as we did in the case of Naomi. If you look at the pictures of Naomi, a year ago, two years ago, on 6th, 7th of July 2016 and we see her picture, a video which provided for us, or provided to us by Giovanni… this is two years ago, no life in the body. (

And then we received this today, or yesterday from Giovanni to be released, for the celebration of today, 2 years on. And when you see this video, when you see this picture of Naomi, the one which has been provided yesterday by the family, you see the life.( […]


This is gift of life. Many fathers in America, many mothers and parents and children are waiting for this. Small kiss for those who’ve been in the land of coma. We charge nothing, it’s a free gift from the Keshe Foundation worldwide to all the people. This is the gift from Iran to the Americans in and for the steps the American President has taken. In Iran we have a tradition, we welcome people of peace with a gift. And this time we give the gift, 10 lives, 10 American lives. You choose. […]

It cannot be one way. It has to be equal. We offer the same 10 coma patients in Tehran, in Iran. Doctor Azar has accepted to return to Iran to see the transition. To see, to overlook, to watch, that the ten patients’ seats. The Earth Council member of the Keshe Foundation, doctor Parviz has accepted to support. So, if you are Iranian, find us ten lives. A life in America is equal to Iran. 

We cannot just be one sided and just look at one thing. We have to look at the people who supported and brought this position of world disarmament with strength and power and that’s China. In China, we do the same. We offer ten coma patients back to life. Unconditionally. A number have been found as we’ve been working on this for some times. 

So that makes it 30 lives across East, West and Middle East. It’s the responsibility of the Keshe Foundation supporters to find. Caroline and I we would like to thank the government of Italy to support us, to protect us for past years. I have mentioned and asked Giovanni that we give the gift of life to 5 Italians. […]

We have developed a rapid way to reverse coma and I think if we can show that we can give life to a man or a woman or a child we can give a new life to humanity and start fresh with peace. When you see a child moving out of coma it gives you a lot of peace. I will see man comes out of this obscurity of fighting and war after centuries and thousands of years. It’ll give the man a new hope. 

On the other hand, we have to be correct and, in that process, we are left with about 25 more lives. We accept anywhere on this planet.  Whoever would like to give the gift of life back to the loved ones.  

In so many ways we will announce a number to one of the smallest nations islands in the next few days. A gift of life to the members of that nation. […]

In a way, no president, no ambassador, can refuse the gift of life, unless he’s not human. In so many ways, 60 lives should be the sign of peace, the time of change. […] In Chinese there is a say, there is a cycle of 60 years and a new life starts. Let that 60 years be today. 


In so many ways we live to serve, and we live to serve peace and humanity. We are not talking as if and so, we’re talking with a lot of strength as we can, and we do. I asked all the members of the Keshe Foundation, all the people who will listen to these teachings: Find 60 men, children, adults, even if you have an animal in coma, it’s still a soul, we’ll give the life back. It’s my gift to humanity and we have shown it twice that we can do, the evidence is well in front of us. And in so many ways, as the president of the United States said, no preconditions. Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, white, black, yellow, Chinese, American, Iranian, Russians, any one of them. 

There is a very important point to remember and that is, in every law of the nations, in all the nations of this planet, there is one common law. And that says you can do to yourself whatever you like in your home. We did this with the first coma patient. And we did this in so many ways with Naomi. If the officials and doctors refuse to take up the call, as it is not an intrusive, an invasive process it’s the creation of the field within the boundary of the body of the man, you can take your patient home. And we offer it openly. I guarantee one thing. I give life back to every single 60 persons. The extent of recovery, the stages of recovery, the loss of memory. We look at the conditions and if and when we accept the conditions we take over, we proceed. 


Even part of brain missing, no problem, I’ve done that before. You need a pinhead part of the brain to put within it the whole operation of the body of the man. The size of the brain of the man is too big and useless. We can get them walking, we can get them talking, we can get them the joy of life. 

[…] Those of you who are listening start searching for the Americans, for the Iranians, and Chinese and Italians who the loved ones for years have been sitting looking at the body with no emotion. We give life back to them. It’s your responsibility, not mine. Finding them is your job, giving life back is my job and I keep to my promise. Exclusion. State of Belgium does not operate under this condition. We accept no Belgium citizen or residents to be included in this part. The exclusion comes up of their own doing and the love we have for the community not to be damaged any further. The whole process of giving life, will be live. As we receive the requests and as the families would like to agree to be identified or to be known, we’ll release. If those who want to be kept anonymous, not to have the intrusion, we respect that too. We are not here for fame, we are here for peace, we are here to create the condition of peace. And peace needs a lot of strength, a lot of correct conduct, and a lot of guts. And I have all of it. The knowledge is a knowledge of the Universe and our power sits with the power of the totality of the man. Keshe Foundation European Research center will provide every single system needed for Iran. Keshe Foundation Arizona will support the United States and Southern America. In China, in our research centers in Shenzhen we support the whole of Chinese project. And for rest of the world, collectively from the centers we have and the position we have in Nigeria and in Kenya we support any African request. […]

We come to the nation with the power of science to give life.”

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Director and Founder of Keshe Foundation

235th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Gift of comfortable and peaceful coexistence Iran-USA


As Mehran T. Keshe has announced on 2nd of August 2018, together with the Earth Council of the Keshe Foundation a letter was drafted, signed and sent to the President of United States of America, His Excellency President Donald J Trump, as well to the embassy of Iran and multiple other embassies around the world. 

In the letter Mehran T. Keshe extends an invitation on behalf of the nation of Iran for the meeting with Donald Trump, to reach an agreement for world peace. 

“Following your announcement of last week that you would meet anywhere and anytime, without any preconditions, the nation of Iran would like to invite you to meet with us in Tehran, Iran, anytime in August of 2018.”

“As an Iranian leading nuclear scientist and the initiator of the last peace talks in Brussels on the 15 November of 2012 between Iran and United States of America, which led to the 5+1 agreement in private discussions. In that meeting with your officials, by request of His Excellency President Obama, we stopped the thirty-year war between our nations and started a dialog that led to the first steps of talk and peace between our two nations.

Now, you see amendments which are needed to the last agreement reached, maybe you are right, maybe we need to satisfy each other’s sense of insecurity to move both nations to new levels of understanding.”
“My offer to you and your nation is as follows:
In your visit to Iran, we will open all our nuclear facilities for you personally to visit. This means unconstitutional transparency as I offered the last time, and my government followed it through. We will allow you and your team to choose any site, which you and your national security team would like to visit, to be opened within and during your stay in Iran.
When one sees the truth, one cannot be afraid of the truth. This way we lay aside all your fears of Iran’s capabilities.”
“That by the time of your return to your nation from your visit to Iran and a reciprocal visit of the Iranian leader His Excellency President Rouhani in September to the United States, our scientists jointly will awaken at least 10 Americans and 10 Iranian nationals from the sleep of life in coma using the new plasma space technology.

The gift of life to one man is the biggest gift from one person or nation that one can ever give to another man or a nation. With this gift and hospitality from Iran, we shower both nations of ours with the biggest gift of all, which is the gift of life and trust in our abilities to solidify and strength the arms of peace and the brotherhood of man. No man or even the world leaders cannot refuse such a gift, even if it is offered to one of its nation’s animals, let alone to ten of its citizens.”

Find the full letter on the Keshe Foundation Website: 

Download and share it with your nation!

A joyful event in Italy


With great happiness we have been invited and participated to a wonderful event on 18th of August 2018. Our colleague from Keshe Foundation Manufacturing Italy has joined his life with the loved one, with the promise of a long and fruitful relationship. 

Giuseppe and Graziana have both said YES! to each other in front of their family, in front of their colleagues and friends, and nonetheless, in front of all the souls watching over from the Universal Community. 

The event was seamlessly planned until the last bit. It was joyful, fun and filled with love that melted all our hearts. 

We wish the newly wedded couple a wonderful journey in life together, to live within the ethos of the Universe and to cherish their souls as one. 

Within all the excitement and emotions, before leaving for their honeymoon vacation, Giuseppe has raised our curiosity with the promise of new and interesting developments starting with this Autumn from the Keshe Foundation Manufacturing Italy team. Let’s follow them for more updates!

Robert and Caroline Balanda share their plasma balancing experience


Keshe Foundation is advancing steadily in the Research and Development of the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology. Knowledge seekers all around the world are applying the known methods with wonderful results. 

One of the multiple cases has recently been presented in the 234th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, 1h57min, held on July 26th, 2018.  

"In so many ways it shows how now we start travelling around the world to use the knowledge of the plasma technology and it's amazing what it does. This is done by one of the, what I call, biggest supporters, one of the distributors of the Keshe Foundation Australia and the market which it supports and there are, the voice you hear is the voice of Mr. Richard Presser and he's interviewing these two-beautiful people, the couple... And listen to it I think it brings you a lot of things in totality how the knowledge is used by knowledgeable people who understand the technology in totality." said Mehran T. Keshe, right before the interview was played for the audience. 

The almost 12 minutes long video is presenting the story of a couple that found themselves in front of difficult life decisions after being diagnosed with severe cancers.  They had the choice of walking the old ways and reverting to the common medicine methods or going forward with plasma applications developed with the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology. 

“April of 2018 Robert and Caroline Balanda went to Brazil for some healing work. Some months prior Caroline had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer which led to the mastectomy of her left breast.” Richard Presser is mentioning in the introduction. He continues “She chose to not have chemotherapy and radiation therapy but elected for treatment using the plasma healing technology from the Keshe Foundation and other complementary modalities provided by a healing team in Brazil.”

“We had a fabulous time,” Robert says, “We met two colorful entertaining demonstrative women they gave us wonderful healthcare treatment. It was a great experience, I'd recommend it.” 

“For me, it was about assuring ourselves of a healthy future, and longevity, and actually making sure nothing would step in the way of that again. If you don't know my husband had cancer and I had so much compassion for him for all, that I ended up with it - in the breast triple negative which is a very, very hard cancer to get rid of, but I'm free.” Caroline continued. Like his wife, Robert has been facing health problems of his own “three and a half years ago I had a double hip replacement.

That all went well but being so many hours under the knife had brought on a major mental health event, saw me as a become a resident of mental health hospital for a few months and then a day patient for a few months and then after that experience I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Got over terminal cancer, free of that, hips are fine now, but I was left with a loss of… major loss of cognitive functions so I had to… to retire from my profession and retire some years earlier, so I was no longer capable of practicing my profession. So, the reason for going to Brazil was to get some backup health treatment, some alternative health treatment to, you know, support us we were free if I was free of cancer so was Carolyn and to confirm that and support that and also a hope that I might be able to improve my cognitive functions. Well, we've maintained the position being free of cancer, both of us, the tests we had while we were there and after in towards the end of it and they confirm we're still free, completely free of cancer, but I've also improved my cognitive functions.” After almost a month spent in Brazil with the medical team that has supported them, Caroline and Robert have decided to continue the research and learning about the new Keshe Plasma Science and Technology, sharing with everyone their positive feedback and experience.  

“Now that we're back we continue it and we will always continue it because we never want to go back to that horrific time that we went through and came through together. And I think we are both sitting here saying: This is a miracle! We did it! you know, and I just think there's great hope for the world. I think this… that Mr. Keshe is teaching us, it’s expanding all around the world and a lot of people are adding to it all the time including ourselves.

We go now to classes and we learn how to make our plasma and we're putting it in our house and our gardens and altering the environment that we live in that could contribute to cancer.

And the things that we're doing will also help overcome any of the EMF fields and will also create an energy that is conducive for the body to thrive in and that's what I'm focused on that's what I went over to there to learn about and the girls gave me a lot of information about that and I'm very grateful. And I'm so glad about that because we've seen a lot of people sick around us who are coming to us and saying well such-and-such died of what you guys got how come you're alive and we have something to share now” Caroline shared during the interview.

“I believe we're in a changing world I believe this technology is all around us if we look for it it's not easy you've got to decide to get in there and do it […] I think we owe it to our families I think we owe it to our partners that we stay healthy […] Thank You Mr. Keshe we would not most probably be here without you”

For the full interview, please see from in the YouTube recording:

Visit our Australian distributor Richard Presser’s website here: 


Magravs Plasma Products

Blackburn North, VIC 3130


+61 3 9021 6920


Processing Teaching Materials


Since its inception, The Keshe Foundation is aiming to spread the new knowledge around the globe. Its founder, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, was aware in the early stages that without proper knowledge transfer there will be no wide adoption of new science and technology. Part of his time is still devoted to teaching. 

Teachings were conducted in many ways until the crucial point years ago which led to the launch of weekly online public teachings. Since then online teachings did not stop but only expanded.

He thought us to expand the process into all the languages as fast as possible overcoming the last communication barrier that humanity faces on this planet whenever the knowledge needs to spread fast around. He started international public teachings for Spanish, Chinese and many other language communities. The road was paved. One of the next greatest milestones was the establishment of "KF SSI Education" which took the role of further developments implementing founder's initial vision. Besides expansion of public teachings into many languages, it gave birth to private teachings and years later to special more directed study programs. 

All these programs are daily producing gigabytes of valuable recordings which are not to be sitting there just for archiving purpose proving the history but to be watched, analyzed, thoroughly studied as many times as possible. Yes, one time is not enough. Find out why!


For the benefit of those joining us in recent time, one thing needs to be pointed out. These recordings contain hours of precious teachings delivered by the founder himself - one of the greatest scientists this planet ever had. He delivered months of teachings, minimum two times three hours per day.  And yet another advice: do not limit yourself to how many times you watch each of his teachings. It is a never-ending process. Coming back to the same teaching with a different level of maturity may reward you with discovering the next layer of understanding necessary to make further progress.

And this is the reason why we all need to join the efforts and with proper processing of all teaching materials bringing them to the next level of usability speeding up the learning process for the whole planet.

Majority of the teachings were initially held in the English language. With time the programs and the language communities have grown, reaching to present day on a total of over 8000 hours of teachings all directly or indirectly related to the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology, spanned over 3000 recordings. Given the increased number of hours and video files, keeping up with where to start and what to listen first has become a very difficult task for the new knowledge seekers. We are all approaching the teaching platform with different level of knowledge and intention what to learn.

The Keshe Foundation needs your help to offer an easier, better way of accessing the information for anyone interested to learn more, to discover the beauty of the new science for humanity. The new science which will bring long awaiting peace on Earth and the union of the Soul of the Man with the Universal Community. 


Besides known efforts adding subtitles in all the languages to all recordings, we have now started also the Indexing Campaign. What would that mean? How can you contribute? 

Indexes will bring the compartmentalization of all recordings creating timestamps in all teachings to define (by MP4 standard format) the chapters of each recording. Such timestamps enable us to jump fast to the desired topic and continue watching the recording saving on precious time, staying more focused on the study topic itself. 

These indexes will also enrich or refine search engine results, once Google-like search becomes available as planned for one of the future replacements of current education site. There are many ways how to create the index. It can be created as part of the study process or by intentional fast reviewing of recording.

Subtitles can be used as well for faster pinpointing of the topics. Not to guess how to name the certain topic, KF SSI Education has made available the initial list of topics that have appeared in the teachings so far and shall be continued to be identified unique way. The list can be found at the following link altogether with the indexing instructions available as video tutorial

Anyone can contribute. Do it from home, a cafe bar, even from the bench in the park by listening on your mobile device, writing down the timestamp as "HH:MM:SS” where topic begins, identifying its name from the list made available. This is it! The list of timestamps + topic per each recording. It can be entered as text into your computer or written on the paper, simply scanned or photo’d. However, done, in the end, please send such index to with the strict name of the recording file it belongs to. Your index will be processed by KF SSI Education and appear in future releases of education site. The overall progress of this campaign will be possible to follow up initially on and later on websites of KF SSI Education.

Magravs Alkalizer & Energizer

CE Certified Medical Device Class I



• Bohemian Crystal carafe

• Without filters or spare parts

• Without batteries or other reagents

• The Magravs system is contained in a glass cylinder

• It is the world’s first portable system that energizes and alkalizes water without getting into contact with it and without ever deteriorating.

• Equally works well with other types of glass or plastic container.

• Easily transportable and can as well be used with the carafe directly immerse in a plastic bottle.

• Carafe dimensions: (cm) 28x16x18 Weight: (Kg) 1,2

• Sealed cylinder dimensions (cm) 22x15x5 Weight:(Kg) 0,250


Fill the carafe with water and let the Magravs system act. The system is found at the center of the container in a sealed plastic cylinder which is not openable. Once you’ve left it to act for more or less 24 hours, you will see the PH increase up to +1 level on the PH scale, in comparison to the initial PH of your water. The PH of the water can be measured using a PH meter.

Water only gets into contact with the outer part of the Magravs cylinder. The carafe is made of Bohemian crystal and the cylinder equally works well with other glass or plastic containers.

The cylinder must never be completely immersed in water. The water in the carafe or the bottle must not exceed the sealing cap of the cylinder. After 24 hours, transfer the water to another container and drink 1.5/2 liters of alkaline water per day. Drink the water early in the morning, and half an hour before or two and a half hours after the main meals.

Drinking water energized and alkalized in this way allows our body to become less acidic and absorb more oxygen. Just after a day of drinking this water, it gives wellness and energy to the body.

German speaking community united!


In August 2018, German speaking Knowledge seekers decided to join and rename the Keshe Foundation Austria to Keshe Foundation Deutschsprachig, which stands for Keshe Foundation German language. This happened during an official general assembly of the association, where this decision was accepted in an online voting unanimously. 


Keshe Foundation Knowledge seekers stated, that they have a “home” now and they immediately started setting up different project groups. The president of the Keshe Foundation Deutschsprachig, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, stated that this movement is in line with the strategies of the Universal Council and gave his approval for the change. 

One of the first projects was the creation of a general leaflet, which contains a brief introduction to the Keshe Foundation and information on how to join Keshe Foundation Deutschsprachig. Furthermore, the leaflet defines the common aim, which is world peace. 

The initial number of copies of the leaflet is 5000 and is currently being spread around the area of Germany, Switzerland, Austria as well as in areas around the world, where German speaking people are living. The printing costs of the leaflet are financed by the Knowledge seekers.

The Keshe Foundation Deutschsprachig is motivated to develop strategies, which are in line with the ethos of the Keshe Foundation and which support the German speaking and other areas around the world. The Keshe Foundation Deutschsprachig is furthermore looking forward, working closely together with all local Keshe Foundations and is ready to implement the strategies of the Keshe Foundation, the Universal Council and the Earth Council.


Fukushima Decontamination Solution as a Gift for Humanity

© M. T. Keshe 2000-2018. All rights reserved.

Plasma Applications In Agriculture

by Gatua Wa Mbugwa, Ph.D.


by Gatua Wa Mbugwa

Better sleep patterns after using patches


"When I had my pain in the back, in the hip, because I covered the whole body, so from the back, basis of the back to the neck and in front the same. And I have seen that normally in the earlier years it was always the same thing; the older you get it’s quite normal that you have to go up one time in the night to go to the toilet.  

So, then you can’t sleep anymore the whole night. Your sleep is interrupted, you have to get up. And then I worked with the GANS patches and I felt I do not go to the toilet in the night anymore.  But then I have maybe one year I didn’t need to do anything, and I felt that it was coming back a little bit. So again, once in the night I had to go up and after I put these GANS patches on my back and in front. 

I realized again I can sleep the whole night without getting up. The sleep is not more interrupted, and I can sleep the whole night without having to get up one single time." - From P.S. 

Host Wanted for private teachings in English


We are looking for volunteers to host our private English classes. This position will be a part time position. Several people will fill this position, sharing hosting duties each week. This allows 2-4 people to share hosting duties each week for our private classes. 


  • A recent computer within the last 5 years. Windows 7, 8 or 10 or MacOS 10.9 or later system;
  • Desktop or Laptop computer only. Zoom hosting from tablets or phones not acceptable; 
  • The latest version of Zoom installed on the computer;
  • 6-8 gigs ram or more;
  • 3D graphics card recommended, but not required, most newer systems have them built-in;
  • TWO MONITORS required. (Most systems have HDMI out. You can easily hook up a TV) ;
  • Fast internet speed (Please test your internet speed at and report findings below);
  • Minimum of at least 3-5 Megabit upload and 10 Megabit download. Anything less than this will hinder sharing full screen videos. Optimal is 10 Mbit up 50Mbit down or higher. The faster the better!
  • Decent headset required, preferably with noise canceling microphone. (example: Sennheiser PC-151 headset) o Built-in computer microphone is only acceptable as a backup; 
  • KFSSI Student ID required; 
  • Clear understandable English-speaking voice 
  • Technically proficient in running your computer and operating system with basic operation, troubleshooting and analytic skills;
  • Ability to multitask or willingness to learn: opening and sharing in zoom various file types, pictures, movies and switching between them while listening to teacher & interact as host when needed and keep track of chats. 
Please e-mail to:

Books advert




I finally understood the meaning of my existence

by Giuseppe Lanotte, Keshe Foundation Manufacturing Italy

“After recovering from an 8 months coma caused by a bad car accident, I finally understood the meaning of my existence”

Sorry, I have not yet presented myself. I am Giuseppe Lanotte, factory manager of the Keshe Foundation Italy where today represents an international reference point for the development of new scientific knowledge, technologies and solutions to the main global problems such as famine, lack of water, lack of electricity, climate change and diseases.

Before joining the Foundation, I have always promised to myself that i wanted to do something big and essential for humanity to payback the miracle I have received. I never thought I could be so deeply involved in something that really is changing the history.

When I first came into the foundation for obvious reasons in 2016, I immediately felt a sense of love and welcomed from Mr. Keshe, Caroline and the rest of the team who patiently taught me how to take the first steps.

I was never treated and never felt like a normal employee, but part of a big family going to the same direction.


One thing that mostly left me speechless is that Mr. Keshe, prefers to have lunch break with his team without creating the wall between employee and employer. All these aspects contribute to making the workplace positive and increasing productivity, with beneficial consequences for the whole team.

In the hot summer of 2017, I was put at the helm of this spaceship flanked by Giovanni Lapadula and Raffaele Patella and since then, we never stopped thinking, solving, studying, and producing what is best for humanity most of which concern our health which I think it is the most urgent sector to solve on the planet.

Every day we imagine, we think of people, and we develop the ideas that seems best and combine plasma technology with daily use products such as: Plasma Eye and Migraine Masks, Plasma Insoles, Plasma T-Shirts, Plasma Hand Soap, the Magrav Alkalizer and Energizer, and soon we will also offer new solutions in the organic and vegan sector like shampoo and gel sanitizing which will join the historical and timeless Pain Pen and Pain Pad.

As initially implied, this is not about selling products and waiting for a compensation, but it is about changing the life of humanity, the world, and its history, and this gratifies us. Entering people's homes changing the fields around the environment with our products and knowing that who is using them is receiving benefits is for us the best compensation ever.

This technology, is great even now that is still at the beginning and we can only imagine what will come next considering that this technology represents a radical development for broad-spectrum well-being and that the interlocutor to whom we address is always the same: The whole world.

Updates from Chinese research team

M T KESHE, Thursday, 19th of July 2018

Harmonize the fields as One Planet, One Nation, One Race

On 14th of July an important message from Mehran T. Keshe was sent to all Knowledge Seekers around the world: 
“Would like to ask for all those around the world who have a dynamic star formation to run them from Monday 6 AM CST (China Standard Time) UTC+8 or from 00:00 CEST which is exact midnight between Sunday and Monday [16th of July] by time in Rome, Italy. 
We are going for the test of space lift and motion in China from that time and need to harmonize the fields. This will be like when we stopped the motor in Italy and when we achieved 129 Tesla.  We need the collective consciousness of the mankind of the change to come. And that we collectively make the effort and support Chinese team.”
Every team has put their star formations in function at exactly same time and keeps them active since, with one purpose: joining their souls as one nation to bring advancement to human race. There are many ways you can step in as well, to harmonize the fields and embrace the change to come. With a star formation reactors system or with the soul interaction.


Your intention, thoughts and love will elevate the soul of Man and together we will soon greet peacefully and in the ethos of Universal Community our friends from outer space.

Continuing the project, on 19th of July 2018 a live broadcast for the progress of the Chinese Keshe Foundation Research team has been shown, as a result of the collective consciousness. 
“We are proud to announce that Keshe Foundation China spaceship team has managed to achieve plasma ignition and creation of motion of internal systems through free plasma production. We are recording voices of the system in trying to communicate.”
Thank you for all your support and collective work!

Updates from Arizona

by Jon Bliven

In Arizona it seems like the pace of activity has sped up. With each passing day our testing and understandings are stretched further. We have so many spinning reactors going at our factory that if you did not know what we are doing one might think we were nuts. Our belief in the technology and the work of the foundation keeps us moving continually forward. We have had a primary focus on trying different ways to capture or hold on to a neutron and then have that neutron interface with the reactors to open up the plasma field. This is how we are working to create a spaceship.

In addition to creating the free neutron we have been doing many experiments to create the crystallization structure with various GANS. This is where the salt-water environment is important in that much like a small cell the GANS can begin a growth of a crystal structure. Even within this structure of the various GANS, there are many forms crystal structures can take place and we hope in the future we can understand this better. The crystal structure even in the Nano state allows for the creator to infuse the material with a memory. 

We must remember that the water also can carry a memory also. We have created a carbon GANS with a crystalline structure and we have learned that this will be very useful with tomorrow’s future communications. In the 231th knowledge seekers workshop, starting around 57 minutes we talk about the work we are doing. A little further along Mehran T. Keshe states:

“This goes back to understanding the structure of the amino acids, where we talk about the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen where oxygen is the gravitational field holding things together, where hydrogen is the energy supplier, nitrogen is bringing of the whole structure to be able to transfer, and carbon is the link of the connections between all the elements. So if you go back in understanding this and understanding that if you have, as you said the amino acid or the amino acid of the physicality of the man added to this process then  existence and the presence of the carbon crystals is part of the communication lines between the captain and the man who controls and the energy production. The existence of these crystals initially and from the beginning was set out for this effect. …. Carbon crystals is the current connection between the cells. … It is the remote-control connection and it is instantaneous.   …. These carbon crystals in the plasma condition are…. part of your Zero-time communication.
We also started looking into water purification devices using plasma balls to structure the memory of the water as well as purify the waters. We used plasma balls configured in a double starship configuration to restructure and energize the water. Preliminary testing looks encouraging, but we still have a way to go. See video here of our test model, and a second one, where we increase the surface tension of the water to allow a copper wire to float on the top of the water.

It is interesting to note that all our GANS that we created also has this surface tension to float a small wire. This helps validate the addition and benefits of adding CO2 GANS water to assist river water.

When the surface tension of the water is increased the water can allow the healing energies of the sun and the atmosphere to oxygenate the water and the memory of the water helps assist other molecules in the river to also change. 

We know that there are many ways coming forward with the technology to correct many challenges facing our world. It is our hope that we can best use the technology to create the best solutions that will be of the biggest benefit for all. The spaceship will open many doors and we continue to actively pursue a solution. 

End of 2nd Trimester

27th July 2018

A big THANK YOU to all you wonderful Knowledge Seekers around the World!

  • We have come far – with many ups and downs.
  • We achieved more awareness - to what global peace really means to us.
  • We found love & friendship - towards each other and ourselves.
  • We are on the road to discovering our Souls and our connection to everything around us.
  • We support and encourage each other in our studies & experiments.
  • We realize that we are still learning: to accept each other, evolve our Souls and forgive mistakes.

THANK YOU to all beautiful students of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute.

We can be proud of ourselves and all we have given during this last trimester, “like a single cell within an even bigger entity” we achieved so much:

  • The numbers of students who became class teachers in different languages has increased.
  • The numbers of active and acknowledged workshop teachers have increased.
  • The distribution team is being looked after and been given advise beautifully.
  • Dedicated transcribers & translators have given their time and love to spread the knowledge.
  • Knowledge Seekers have been sharing their amazing experiences and testimonials.
  • New students found their courage to speak and get involved in many tasks.
  • Presentations to help Understanding Plasma Science were wonderfully created.
  • Public & private classes were held every week by amazing teachers in: Bengali, English, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish and Spanish. Plus, many other workshops took place in additional languages.
  • Video presentations were beautifully created to deepen the understanding of knowledge.
  • Hosting & co-hosting, weekly scheduling, background IT, management team, administration, public relationship, manufacturing and development projects have been working on improving a smoother flow.  

“We are all here to serve” – it takes time to learn but we are successful at the end! So please use the trimester break to let the seed of acquired knowledge sink in – and let it come to blossom in our next trimester. 

We are the KESHE Foundation – let’s add to it and see what this flower can grow into. Much love & light over to everyone! See you in a bit!


The Keshe Foundation offers its space health technology


One of the aims of the Keshe Foundation is to enable Mankind to travel and survive into Deep Space. A major part of any space program is concerned with maintaining a good health condition of passengers. The passengers of future interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic space travels cannot be left for months and years without means to restore health eventually damaged by illnesses or accidents. 

Due to the limited transportable volume of cargo and personnel on spaceships, it will be not practical to use conventional health care methods, which require a large number teams of specialized medical doctors and assistants, along with special equipment and inventories of diagnostic apparatus, surgical equipment and thousands of kinds of medicines in form of liquids, injections and tablets. 

Therefore, the Keshe Foundation has set-out to develop, produce and test new systems to understand and bring forward a new science for recovery from of all ailments through one common system, which system operates in a similar manner to the operation of the human body that in the future one system can be used aboard these crafts to retrieve man of space from various ailments.

Plasma Ball Unit is now available


The development of Keshe Plasma devices and improvement of existing devices has resulted in many different plasma device types within the Keshe Foundation inventory. One of these devices is the Plasma Ball Unit (PBU). The PBU mainly consists of several spheres (balls), which are mounted on motors (dynamic systems) and therefore rotate at certain speeds. Inside the balls, different types of GANSes in different physical states (liquid, paste, dry powder) can be placed. A combination of different types of GANSes (field spectra) is used and concentrated in order to balance the fields and further the matter (e.g. from within the organs) of the body of a human being or an animal. 

The Plasma Ball Unit is built out of high quality materials and can be utilized very flexibly. By the use of articulated arms, mounted on a castored* frame assembly, every shielded motor can be moved freely in all directions, therefore, a lot of formations can be applied in a way to include every part of the body, and create different types of concentrated fields (which formations were developed by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and a number of well-known Knowledge Seekers). Materials used for the PBU are laser cut and powder coated stainless steel for the base-frame, on which are fixed three stainless steel sockets for the carbon fiber rods. On these vertical carbon fiber rods are mounted the articulated carbon fiber arms, which can be moved freely.

At one castored frame, maximum 8 articulated arms can be mounted, and two additional frames can be placed opposite each other, and be connected by 2.5m carbon fiber rods to move several articulated arms along a lying body. Furthermore, supplementary castored frames are available too, on which can be mounted articulated arms, as well as a controller for 8 motors.


The plasmatic fields inside the Plasma Ball Unit are well-known and frequently used as a basic environment for processing and further focusing on specific parts of the body of a human being or an animal. Furthermore, the created fields support heavily to connect with the soul of the people inside the unit and therefore gives a boost in processing for all people involved, therefore the unit can also be seen as a training unit for space technology. The way how to use the Plasma Ball Unit and protocols for specific cases can be developed in the medical teaching of the Keshe Foundation (to apply, write an email to 

The Plasma Ball Unit is CE certified Medical Type I and is delivered as a kit. Most of the components are pre-assembled; assembling the unit takes maximum 15 minutes. For further questions or tailor-made solutions please contact the team of Keshe Foundation.



*Castored = provided with castor wheels

Castor wheel = A wheel that can pivot but is not intended to govern the driving direction

Manufacturing Austria under

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe celebrating 60 Man years on Earth


KF Poland: A beautiful journey of knowledge exchange 

by the teachers of the Keshe Foundation Poland


The Keshe Foundation Poland was informally established by Paweł and Marcin in December/January of 2015/2016. Since then the team has grown and now includes three teachers and tens of private students. Based on the momentum of publicity about Ing. Mehran Keshe's teachings and the simultaneous release of the Magrav blueprint for humanity, a group of people looking for confirmation of the veracity of their thinking and implementation of this device, very quickly gathered together. Initially, the exchange of views and presentation of the different implementations and understandings of the blueprint started amongst the group of 15 Knowledge Seekers via the Google Hangouts platform. After some time, thanks to the Keshe Foundation, we discovered the Zoom platform, which has broadened our presentation and educational abilities. At the same time, we started inviting some wonderful people from the circles of the Keshe Foundation, who in a beautiful and open way presented their understanding and showed that this knowledge is known and recognized internationally amongst different cultures. 

Thanks to the support of many Knowledge Seekers, we understood that behind the Magrav unit sits a very deep understanding of the creation and transmutation of fields, and hence the first Magravs from leaves and roots were assembled. This understanding and the open sharing of knowledge by the Foundation highlighted the lack and the need for translations, so that the physicality of those who do not understand English could enjoy the beauty of such wonderful knowledge. As a result, we started to work on forming a group of translators and correctors. This group of 6-10 people continues to work work with great dedication and concern for others, by regularly releasing translations and transcriptions which support our weekly teachings, website and other areas. Thanks to the openness of the Foundation and its support on many levels, we reached a point where we found strength and courage to become a part of its educational team. This was somehow a result of the open invitation issued by the KF to all those who wanted to become a part of it, during one of the Knowledge Seekers Workshops. Since then a beautiful journey of knowledge exchange started via the Zoom platform provided by the KF, for which we are extremely grateful. 

The team is focused on a number of initiatives to facilitate free sharing of the Plasma Science, some of which are presented in this article. At the core sit both online and face-to-face teachings backed up by online presence through our website and Facebook pages. Our mission is to spread the knowledge unconditionally and help others gain easy access to the original educational materials through the effort of translations, video transcriptions and provision of a website. We are very pleased and honored to be part of the Keshe Foundation family in the great mission of bringing Peace to this planet and taking man into the space. 


The team of students, teachers and other Knowledge Seekers meets twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays at 21:00 CET, in the public teachings (zoom id: 756-427-144). Teachings typically last 2 hours and discussions are mostly based around the translation of fragments of the recent Knowledge Seekers Workshops by Mr Keshe. Recordings of these sessions are typically available on the following day through the official KFSSI channel on Youtube under the Public Teachings in Polish – Nauki publiczne w języku polskim playlist. Translated material that is a subject of each teaching, is also made available through the KFSSI Polska Youtube channel which contains a number of playlists.

Private teaching take place on Mondays, 21:00 CET on zoom id 949-559-976. In these sessions we follow the same style of teaching, by firstly presenting a subtitled part of a selected private teaching by Mr. Keshe and then discussing fragments of the teaching. Recordings of these meetings are available online to the registered students through the Keshe Foundation education portal.

Affiliated group of experienced Knowledge Seekers runs regular public meetings during which Knowledge Seekers provide testimonials, exchange ideas and experiences. If you struggle to understand some basic concepts or need practical advice on how to nano-coat various materials or produce certain GANSes or plasma devices, Technologia Plazmowa meets every Friday at 22:00 CET (zoom id: 933-933-9399).

Plasma Consultation sessions are also available on demand to the public - after sending an expression of interest to These sessions run every Wednesday between 21:00-23:00 CET (zoom id: 971-575-7040).

Teachers of the Polish group also collaborate in the private and public teachings in English.

Workshops and Conferences

The first Polish conference on Keshe’s Plasma Technology took place in April 2017 in Skaryszew, Poland. Attended by over 140 participants this event attracted substantial attention and was very well received. Organized in-line with the ethos of the KF family, the 3-day participation in the conference was fairly inexpensive (around 40 euros in total). Each participant received singing and round magnets, small amounts of CO2, CuO and CH3 GANSes and promotional materials (cup, pen, stickers) in their participant’s pack. All income generated through this event (nearly 2000 euros) was transferred to the Keshe Foundation to support the development of the research Centre in Ghana. During these 3 days Keshe Foundation students and teachers gave talks and presentations on various topics related to the Plasma Technology. Plasma coil units and other plasma devices were available free of charge for conference participants to use across all three days. On the last day participants were presented with a freshly released, subtitled video of the Cancer solution in exchange for peace, which received a lot of interest. Some recordings from the conference are available online on the KFSSI Polska Youtube channel.

Public engagement activities in Poland continue in the form of face-to-face workshops. To date, the team of accredited teachers successfully run two workshops - both took place in 2018 in Gdynia, Poland. We appreciate that for many people this technology remains a mystery as it is silenced by the national media. Therefore, it is crucial to reach out to people and teach them the very basics of the Plasma Science. Nano-coating, GANS production and practical applications of this technology were at the core of both workshops. Detailed presentation of their programmed took place in the 46th One Nation One Planet One Race for World Peace. All thought in the atmosphere of correct ethos, emphasizing the role of emotions and intentions in this technology. The family of Knowledge Seekers is growing faster than ever!

Blueprint for peace

The blueprint for peace for humanity was a turning point for the whole of the humanity. During that month of everyday teachings, we all went deeper in the field strength towards the direction of our Soul and the Soul of the planet Earth. A new understanding, huge amount of knowledge and a tremendous effort to unite the entire planet opened the gates of Peace. We felt that not a single Polish speaking person should miss out on this opportunity and throughout the month of July, on daily basis without missing a single day, the team of Knowledge Seekers presented summaries of AM and PM teachings and subtitled portions of their recordings. The blueprint month finished with the signing of the World Peace Treaty. Countless number of invitations for this event were sent to the Polish president and prime minister. Soon after the blueprint was over, the Earth Council released The Constitution of the Blue Planet Earth now available in many different languages, including Polish. This month we celebrate the first anniversary of the signing of the World Peace Treaty by all the languages of the planet Earth. The collective first steps to reach out to the Universal Community were made exactly 1 year ago and we can observe huge changes around us. The amount of violence and new conflicts dropped down significantly, and many world leaders realized the power of this technology and the benefits of Peace. 

Social media

Keshe Foundation Poland is present on social media mainly through the Facebook platform. The official Keshe Foundation page for this language is called the Keshe Fundacja Polska (KF Polish official). By joining this group you will get the latest updates in the areas of teachings, workshops and YouTube recordings, as well the ability to participate in discussions and to add to the knowledge.  



The health team in Poland now has one medical doctor and one naturopath with further doctors’ applications pending. Doctors who need supplies of various GANSes, but lack time or expertise to produce them, are supplied by the students. One of the private students has even donated a Plasma Coil Unit for the doctor to use in their practice. Medical research continues in different directions, outcomes of which will soon be presented in the KF Plasma Scientific Journal.


Last year was plentiful in many events related to plasma technology, which positioned us and focused our efforts on several new strands of work. Nevertheless, the perspective of using plasma technology in agriculture was not pushed aside completely. In 2017, many people throughout the country spilled plasma water into water tanks, rivers, ponds and lakes, which certainly influenced not only the nearby crops but also the entire environment. There were also some interesting experiments and observations, the first of which is a cherry tree which, due to the late frosts, completely dropped its flowers. After spraying the plant and thorough watering of its root system with CO2 plasma water, the tree blossomed again and consequently gave fruits. Pictures of this tree are available here.

At the same time, due to frost, damage was made to a blackcurrant plantation. The owner of the field stated that due to its age the whole plantation was suitable for liquidation. Containers with plasma water were dug into the ground in the field. However, this action was taken too late for the currant to bloom again. As it turned out, at the end of the season the owner of the plantation stated that the plants are strong and healthy enough to keep growing for several consecutive seasons. In 2018, the currant bloomed beautifully and gave a large yield. However, due to the low cost of fruit purchase and low profitability of the harvest, the fruits were not picked up. Currently, farmers strike in Poland due to the low profitability of soft fruit harvest.

Another example was the cultivation of maize on one of the fields in the Lublin region. One farmer dug 7 bottles of liquid plasma into one of his fields (6 in a circle and one centrally in the middle) on a growing corn plantation. After a few weeks, the corn inside the circle was about 20 cm lower than the remaining part of the plantation, but by the time of harvest it levelled in height to the rest of the sown maize. Interestingly, just before the harvest, a herd of wild boars entered the field trampling and eating all the crops. However, inside the area where the bottles with liquid plasma were dug in and about 10 m around it, the corn remained untouched. Does this sound familiar? This is somewhat reminiscent of the plasma bubble around Tom Salas’ garden in Dominican Republic. 

Arrangements are made for next year to use the plasma technology for the cultivation of hemp plants. A report from this initiative will be made next year. 


A few months after the Magrav blueprint, in a small but open circle, we came to an understanding, that emotions and its functioning is an amazing educational and creative tool, so we started to work with it, carrying out a number of interesting experiments. Our openness in sharing with each other without hiding anything, every element of the new understanding, led us to the position in which we started to work with non-tangible reactors. This allowed us to touch on - in the way not yet understood by us entirely - new, different capabilities that are fully explained in a scientific and logical way through the work of magnetic plasma fields. This in turn allowed us to observe the next stages of the development of the structure of emotions and building confidence in ourselves, by ourselves - what we later called the banking process. Thanks to this process of increasing the plasmatic current and the simultaneous development of knowledge by the greatest teacher of all time – Mehran T. Keshe; we started to work with others, educating each other both in physicality as well as in the dimension of the fields, heading more towards the understanding of the working of the fields. This experiment showed us that knowledge/understanding is a field strength of emotions and in its propagation factors such as time and space do not matter. Thanks to this understanding, in May this year, we decided to start a new project, which we called the School of Emotions. In this school, we learn from each other different relations between the fields by discovering and differentiating between the work of different non-tangible reactors. This is done non-verbally through the system of non-tangible, spinning star formations. This project aims to recognize and gain a greater understanding of the creation by working through the dimensions of our miraculous bodies and its dimension of the magnetic field strength. The project is completely free, open to everyone with meetings taking place biweekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 22:00 CET on the Zoom platform (zoom id: 834-224-6046).

Future initiatives

The unconditional serving continues in the aforementioned areas and flowers in other, such as the keshe Foundation wiki. The translation of the wiki into Polish started recently and volunteers to help in this and other efforts are always more than welcomed. Whether you are familiar with the English language or not we could use any help in many different areas, including but not limited to graphics design, proofreading, social medial posting, etc. You can reach us either through the Universal Council representative’s email Further workshops and conferences are also being planned and organized, with the next workshop taking place on Saturday 8th of September - venue to be decided.

Gravitational Magnetic Battery

ALS – A death wish that comes true

This paper was written and published by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, founder of the Keshe Foundation, on 25.9.2013. 

The pleasure of transcribing M.T. Keshe' s teachings

by Doug MacDonald

One of the ways Mr. Keshe delivers his teachings to the world is through the Knowledge Seekers Workshops. He speaks, without a script, directly from his Soul.

In doing so, he has fast tracked mankind's understanding of every aspect of his existence, many thousands of years ahead of what we thought we knew. Each spoken word in these workshops is a valuable gem, serving to collectively bring enlightenment to humanity, knowingly or unknowingly. It's Soul to Soul communication, at its best.

The most amazing thing, to me, about transcribing and editing these subtitles, is realizing the deep connection that occurs between all Knowledge Seeker's involved in this process, on a Soul level. Transcribing subtitles is exactly like weaving a beautiful Persian Rug. Every single knot (sound bite) has to be carefully tied into the base fabric (the video recording). It takes time, patience and extraordinary concentration to keep every knot in correct color and position. The end result is a priceless and beautiful creation for the pleasure of future generations. It's is a very fine art, indeed. No amount of value can be placed upon this work. It is priceless service.

It comes from a deep desire within to help others understand the true beauty of giving enlightenment unconditionally, without desire for return. But the amazing reward, that comes as a result, is ever more enlightenment. Which is the only true reward in creation.

Transcribing subtitles is not everyone's cup of tea, but I humbly recommend giving it a go, if you feel inclined. The more, the merrier. There are thousands of hours of recorded teachings still remaining to be worked on and only a relatively few dedicated Souls, at the moment, doing this important service.

A special thanks to all the team who have welcomed me so warmly into their midst. And I'm here to stay.

For those willing to join the transcribers team, please e-mail us at:

Private teachings

Private Teaching are currently held at 2pm & 5pm CEST (Central European Summertime) 

Topics during this 2nd semester included for example 

  • Basic introduction series to Plasma Technology,
  • Soul teaching series, 
  • Training classes for future teachers, 
  • Playing with Plasma Fields 

and many more. 

Existing class recordings of Mr Keshe are being reviewed and new ways of understanding the Plasma Technology are being discussed during class. 

Experiments and experiences are being shared between students via private student chats. 


To apply as a student please use the following link:

Summer challenge




Updates from Arizona Research Center

by Jon Bliven
Is the finish line really the start line? As we inch even closer to showing the spaceship the question for many is what now? For years the foundation has built its roots as a space foundation dedicated to bringing about peace on Earth.

The road to completion has been bumpy and filled with both doubters and supporters. With the newly released information it is inevitable that the spaceship will be brought to birth. There are many that are pushing the boundaries to test and understand the new knowledge that has been shared freely and openly. The showing of the ship will only open the door to education and training of a new generation of explorers.

During the month of June there have been a couple of workshops that have opened the doors wide open for those who have been following the teachings and can put the pieces together. The teachings on the 228th Knowledge Seekers Workshop helped a lot of people truly grasp the concept of how we can pull the neutron from the plasma and use it for opening up the light to create the spaceship. 

A plasmatic light ship utilizing nano crystalline structures linked to the pilot and crew. The ship becomes a living entity which only those of a similar vibration can enter. The concept of trying to weaponize them for war will not work for these type of craft. 

That does not however leave them vulnerable in space as they will have cloaking and a powerful force field giving them an advantage over other craft. 

I get a lot of questions about the generator with many people asking when it will be made available. For those following along with the work of the foundation and the events of the world it has been a momentous effort on the part of Mr. Keshe and those around the foundation to reach the levels we have and keeping the majority of the foundation out of harms’ way. 


There are many strong factions on and off earth that have not wanted things to change on this planet. The grip of power was very strong reaching almost every area of our lives. Not only was it important that the technology come out but that it come out in a way that the public could embrace it as part of the new way forward. Time after time Mr. Keshe had to stand firm in his decision to make sure the foundation of understanding was strong enough and diverse enough that one person or one country could not continue the old game of hide and seek. 

We all had to wait while wars and deception continued to play out and leaders turned a blind eye to the crimes at the highest level. The games of distraction and manipulation are reaching an end and soon people will have other choices to make in their lives. The reason for the release of the spaceship first is because with it you will get everything.

It will create a myriad of new products and innovations that will cut across every industry and affect every nation. The information taught allows us to tap into it all. The beauty of it is that it is not restricted to only the wealthy as all have an equal opportunity to change their live and that of their communities.


So it should now become clear that the finish line of the spacecraft is just the beginning. It is the start of moving away from the old paradigms that have enslaved the population of earth for the benefit of a few, and to move to a system where all can begin to thrive. It will take a lot to open the factories and cities of tomorrow while assisting a population that has spent a lifetime believing that there was never more than what they had in front of them.

Countries that have been devastated by war and years of abuse and corruption will need to be healed and the task is great. The good thing is that the technology is such that it can rapidly change things to bring about a new energy of hope and love for all. For those who have been imagining the cities of the future the tools and the resources will be made available that great projects can come forward. 

The template that China has built can now be expanded to incorporate the tools birthed from the spaceships. If you have retired your old working clothes it may be time to think of some new ones, perhaps a star trek suit?

Plasma students win first prizes in Romania

Keshe Foundation is happy to inform that on the 9th of June 2018, four plasma students in Romania won the first prize, out of students from many schools in the Minitehnicus County Contest in Petrosani, Romania.
The group of plasma students, led by a physics teachers Cindea Nicoleta and Giani Marin Boia, made a detailed presentation of several forms of plasma technology, including GANS, coil winding and using a volt meter to demonstrate power in the MAGRAV battery.

A Grade 5 student, D. I., won 1st Prize for his Gravitational Magnetic Battery experiment

which followed a study conducted by his physics teacher and researchers from the study group Plasma Hunedoara. 

The Nano Team consisting of three young knowledge seekers known as "O.D.A." in the ninth grade at the Technical College ‘CONSTANTIN BRANCUSI' in Petrila, won 1st Prize in the video section of the contest. 

Attendance was over expectations, with 49 students and 10 teachers, and works were presented from numerous participating schools. The students presented practical works performed within the circle of the Children's Club in Petrosani in front of the 10 teachers.

The award comes from eTwinning, a community for schools in Europe. More than 1.200 schools in Europe have been awarded the "eTwinning school certificate" in 2018-2019, and the technical college Petrila is among 60 schools in Romania that have obtained this European title.

Thanks to Keshe Foundation, Keshe Romania Technology Development Group and Plasma Romania Science Association for the development of Keshe Technology in this community, inspiring the upcoming young scientists presenting this innovative plasma technology to the world.

Many thanks to Barbu Constantin and Keshe Foundation Romania for providing this information. We look forward to further developments!


One Soul Plasma T-shirt

  • Composite star formation creates plasma field interactions 
  • Keeps the chakras in the correct positions
  • Balances body, emotion & soul
  • Special plasma formula

One Soul Plasma T-Shirt is the result of a long period of study in the field of integrated Keshe Plasma Technology with ancient knowledge. It has the purpose of keeping the chakras in the correct positions and dimensions. The front GANS embedded symbols transmit the specific connotations and all the peculiarities, while the two back GANS embedded bands interact with the front symbols and create a calibrated plasma field. This calibrated field, however, interacts with the Magrav field of the Sun and the Earth and this creates a spin that has an upward direction, the one that the Tibetans call Kundalini.

The One Soul T-Shirt is able to balance your mind, soul and body. In the same time it allows you to have an excellent starting point for mediation, therefore, to have more easily states of higher consciousness otherwise difficult to reach.

229th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Available on:

Fabio's Memorial


With this technology, Naomi was out of coma after three months.

by Emanuel

Two years ago July, 21 year old Naomi had a car accident in which sadly her partner died. The car accident was so severe that she barely survived.

Naomi was urgently rushed to Bari Hospital in Italy. We talked about this accident with Emanuel Spiteri from the Keshe Foundation, Malta. He told us how Naomi had been in a coma “due to this car accident.”
“Naomi was taken to hospital and ended up in a coma. She had about 20 fractures throughout her body, a damaged spine, severe brain damage and other damaged organs. It was discovered later, that her brain was without oxygen, for about 15-20 minutes. "
The pain in Naomi’s body was so severe that her heart was beating faster than normal. This severely threatened Naomi’s survival. "Because of the pain, her heart rate was elevated to 130 beats per minute and peaked at over 180 beats per minute, continuing constantly day and night.”   The doctors started to lose hope.   
"The doctors said they could not give her pain killers to lower her heart rate because it would poison her. The only possibility for survival was that her heartrate would return to normal, once the pain stops after the bones are knitting together."  
She was in such a serious condition, that doctors told her father Giovanni, to start preparing for the loss of his daughter.
” The Doctors also told Giovanni that even with all the medicine available, there was no chance that Naomi could make it.”  
At this point psychotherapy was offered to him, in preparation for the imminent death of his daughter.  Naomi was in fact placed in a room which was used for patients who had no chance of recovery. Giovanni sought a possible solution from the Keshe Foundation Plasma Technology.  
"Giovanni now was the last man standing in for her, and he chose to use this new technology, which was suggested to him by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, the Founder of the Keshe Foundation. So Giovanni tried to find a way to relieve his daughter’s pain until the bones start knitting together. "
Naomi’s father used the technology known as Keshe Plasma Science Technology and it started taking effect within 45 minutes of application.

"To reduce the pain, her father prepared two blankets and placed them on top of each other with patient’s (pelvis area) between. Inside these blankets (inflatable mattresses) he put 2 litres of liquid plasma water “ and the pain stopped completely within just 45 minutes of application of this technology. He also made a helmet filled with this plasma water to stop pain in her head.

With this technology, Naomi was out of the coma in 3 months and today she is alive. What we did not mention is that Malta is part of the Keshe Foundation, and is now saving lives like Naomi’s with their technology.
"The Keshe Foundation made a call to all Governments worldwide to bring their scientists, in order to learn and demonstrate the power of this technology to their nations. Beyond this, we wish for the Maltese doctors and scientists to learn about this technology and put it to good use.
We also wish for the teachings of this technology to be included in our education system, and we wish for our authorities to investigate and learn more about this technology. If this technology can be further implemented in Malta, the Foundation believes that many lives will be saved.” 
This was originally written by which is the website for the Maltese TV programme Xarabank.

Romanian team building on M.T. Keshe Plasma Technology related topics

Keshe Foundation Romania researchers and colleagues met for a few days, between 12 and 15 April 2018, in Bran, Romania.

The purpose of the meeting was to get to know each other in person and to share the ideas of various plasma devices that were built by some of us. We wanted to build an effective communication bridge between researchers, teachers, students and colleagues. Also, among us there was a physician who worked on the understanding of universal phenomena by studying the interactions of different plasma fields.

As planned, we spent an entire day testing the various devices that were created either individually or in groups and we have seen the results in balancing our energies. Overall, the applications we experimented created a state of balance, inner peace and well-being to every one of us. 

We were 20 people who have been studying Keshe Plasma Technology for at least one year. Also, there was a therapist among us who hadn’t have any knowledge about our field of activity and he was very enthusiastic about our group and the results we had by studying and applying this technology. The therapist was able to quantify the influence of plasma devices on us through his measuring equipment and procedures. His conclusion was the devices had an immediate and obvious well-being effect.

We were all able to notice a general state of calm and harmony throughout these days, although there were many different personalities there who have met for the first time. This effect probably appeared due to the density and diversity of the plasma devices there. At the same time, those present shown enthusiasm and curiosity of analyzing and interacting with all the devices there.

Also, we had the privilege of watching the teachings shared in the “Spaceship Blueprint Open Day” together, as a group, and we have created plans for the future for studying, understanding and applying plasma science.



Making plasmatic fields visible and measurable

by Christian Böttgenbach, Student at KF SSI Education, Feb 2018

Changing the world

by Francesco Pandolfi Balbi

I am Francesco, official distributor of the Keshe Foundation in Italy. Being a distributor for the Keshe Foundation is becoming increasingly satisfying, especially thanks to the new management, which, although with difficulty, has made the Foundation a more reliable and promising structure than ever before.

In particular, waiting time for the delivery of products have improved considerably, even if, due to my economic issues, I decided to use my courier to collect the goods directly at the factory. Now waiting 2/3 months to receive goods are a distant memory. If there are problems related to production or lack of raw material, even in that case i never waited more than 15/20 days.

I also see enormously improved communication between the Italian Keshe Foundation Team and us distributors, and often even directly with our customers. Feedback and problem solving are available almost in real time thanks to the new chat group, in which all the Italian distributors have been included and from which we constantly receive updates and news regarding the activities and commercial news.

A positive note, which for me as distributor is very important, concerns the production and creation of new devices, and all CE certified, that have been in production for a few months, which fully embody the approach we have always preferred: simple and above all related to well-being. I have heard that soon we will also have the pleasure of seeing organic and vegan solutions among the products, and this makes me particularly enthusiastic and positive.

Distributing for the Keshe Foundation is not for those who sell for large profits: margins are still modest (but they are growing) and there is still a need for a dose of enthusiasm that 'the seller of everything' in my opinion will never have. 

Instead, an approach to beautiful, romantic and peaceful life is necessary, and above all, for the common good. 

We are waiting for the generator ... Alright, we'll wait! I am sure that the team will be able to put it on the market soon and that will be only the first of a long series of innovations that will forever change the reality of our beautiful planet. That is what, in my opinion, must be well understood by the market:
The Keshe Foundation is not only about 'the generator', but is mostly about changing the world.
Keshe Foundation Store:

The KFWiki is growing


More and more language groups have been created, and now are taking over their own language resources.

The Wiki supports all people around this world who are learning about and adopting Keshe Plasma Technologies. The main wiki content is compressed and summarized from the KFSSI’s public teachings and from knowledge-seekers all over the world, who develop these technologies further.

The WIKI helps us to work together around the globe on one document, to experience the feeling of working as one soul for one purpose: Bringing the Plasma Knowledge to mankind, to elevate the Soul of the man to Open up to the Universal Community.


If you would like to be part of it, go to, choose your language and request an account.

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