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CO2 and ZnO GANS water acts excellently as a spray when sprayed on painful areas (be careful: do not apply directly upon fractures, only around them, the bone needs the pain for the calcium to be created/incorporated). You can also spray it on clothes, tents and so on to protect against nuclear radiation and to keep warm.

In situations of crisis our mind is heavily loaded with fears, confusion, depression, exuberant emotions and so on. In these cases always spray a CO2 and ZnO GANS Water mixture, or drink it diluted in a glass or bottle of water. A few drops is all you need. Or apply patches on the solar plexus and neck. Also the compound of CO2, ZnO and CH3 GANS Water can be used to strengthen the nervous system. Namely in a ratio of 20% CH3, 10% ZnO and 70% CO2 GANS Water, with a little amount of Amino Acids added to the mixture (one drop of each kind).

In cases of exhaustion and/or hunger, combine CO2/ZnO2 with CH3 GANS Water. And apply two patches of different strength, one upon the solar plexus and the stronger one on the back. For example: CO2/ZnO2 and Food GANS Water with amino acids at the back and CO2 GANS Water at the solar plexus.

With open injuries, two or three different patches can be used: CO2, CH3 and CuO2 GANS Water. Make three different patches and place them one above the other. They can be placed directly over the dressing. Apply the CuO2 patch only for a short time. Its purpose is to prevent infection of wounds.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.