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Subtitles Created by the KF SSI Subtitle and Transcription Team
Reference video: 218th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - April 5, 2018<ref>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyKupjvYlpA</ref>
'''<big>Full Transcription</big>'''
'''<big>Full Transcription</big>'''
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Subtitles Created by the KF SSI Subtitle and Transcription Team

Reference video: 218th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - April 5, 2018[1]

Full Transcription

00:01:55.19 00:02:05.19 [The Formation of the Universal Council]

00:02:21.29 00:02:28.25 It's time for change, to move, into the real work of the Universe.

00:02:30.23 00:02:36.29 And it's time to understand, that, we use the Matter-State

00:02:37.23 00:02:43.17 to reach the level of understanding of the soul of the man.

00:02:48.27 00:02:56.13 Now, you understand, maybe, why the Creator

00:02:56.14 00:03:00.15 has sent his messengers in the name of whatever you have had.

00:03:02.16 00:03:06.07 It's that they bring the ears,

00:03:06.20 00:03:11.07 that it can be used when the time of the Messiah comes,

00:03:11.25 00:03:14.21 they can teach the soul and the message.

00:03:14.28 00:03:21.09 Not to oppose, but by them understanding through those who have become Messiahs

00:03:21.10 00:03:24.09 to give from their souls to these to elevate.

00:03:26.18 00:03:29.03 The job is made easy.

00:03:30.26 00:03:35.27 The school is there and the students are devotedly there.

00:03:36.16 00:03:39.29 Then, there won't be any fight, between what they call,

00:03:40.00 00:03:42.13 "The Muslims" and "The Christians".

00:03:43.11 00:03:48.15 The Lamb and the Lion will eat and sleep in the same nest.

00:03:49.22 00:03:54.04 The Christians and the Muslims will sleep and pray in the Mosque,

00:03:54.15 00:03:58.12 then the same Church, in the name of their souls,

00:03:58.19 00:04:00.14 not in the name of religion,

00:04:00.15 00:04:03.16 that is used to create so much conflict,

00:04:05.01 00:04:09.04 for the benefit of those who were the hyperactive children's.

00:04:12.29 00:04:16.04 The time has come, the time of change is here.

00:04:17.12 00:04:22.09 And as I said, "My wish is my command."

00:04:23.09 00:04:28.27 If it's your wish to see Peace, path of Peace is laid very clearly.

00:04:30.24 00:04:34.12 It's the soul of the collective, awareness,

00:04:34.28 00:04:38.17 by giving will create that position of the change.

00:04:38.29 00:04:40.15 No other thing.

00:04:42.01 00:04:45.04 There is no pen in the soul of the man.

00:04:46.03 00:04:49.24 And I'm sure, once you go into the Universal Community,

00:04:50.21 00:04:53.00 you will never see anything written

00:04:53.08 00:04:56.29 but the balance of the Fields of the soul of the existence.

00:05:00.05 00:05:07.10 Try to be humble enough, not to become arrogant in the power

00:05:07.10 00:05:10.16 that you have understood and you possess,

00:05:11.19 00:05:16.09 otherwise you'll fall in the same path of the Church and the Mosque.

00:05:22.15 00:05:27.27 This is what we promised, and this is what we have delivered.

00:05:32.20 00:05:35.23 We have to understand the operation of the soul.

00:05:35.28 00:05:39.15 And we have to understand, the soul of the man is a star

00:05:40.07 00:05:43.18 in the Cosmos of the Universe.

00:05:46.17 00:05:55.24 If we compare the soul of the man, and many of us, 7 billion in one collection.

00:05:56.06 00:06:00.15 Earth is like a galaxy, with so many stars.

00:06:01.12 00:06:03.11 When we look in the depth of the Universe,

00:06:03.11 00:06:07.11 we see galaxies with hundreds of millions of stars in it.

00:06:08.10 00:06:10.12 So is the Planet Earth,

00:06:11.07 00:06:15.27 carries 7 billion beautiful stars which are the soul of the man.

00:06:17.05 00:06:23.02 Carries with it soul of so many trillions of animals, plants and everything else.

00:06:23.29 00:06:30.28 So if you look, when someone who does not see the physicality of the Earth,

00:06:31.06 00:06:34.09 and its content, what do they see?

00:06:34.20 00:06:38.27 They see a galaxy, with so many beautiful lights shining.

00:06:39.14 00:06:41.25 Each one according to their strength.

00:06:42.08 00:06:45.03 Each one according to their position.

00:06:49.15 00:06:54.22 An infant, has a beautiful soul, so has the old man.

00:06:56.07 00:07:00.08 To those who do not see the physical dimension of this Planet,

00:07:00.25 00:07:06.13 but they see the strength of the fields, we are a clusters of stars.

00:07:06.29 00:07:10.08 The human race, every single soul.

00:07:10.23 00:07:14.19 No one from a distance sees, that's the soul of a fisherman,

00:07:14.27 00:07:18.20 that's the soul of the cosmologist, that's the soul of a president.

00:07:20.09 00:07:24.11 They all shine, irrespect of the physicality.

00:07:24.27 00:07:26.08 This is the magic.

00:07:26.10 00:07:30.04 This is what the new science has to bring to man.

00:07:30.25 00:07:33.14 When we look through our soul,

00:07:34.12 00:07:37.17 we see nothing but the star in the other souls.

00:07:38.17 00:07:41.25 And this is the break, this is the understanding,

00:07:41.27 00:07:45.02 this is what all these teachings are about.

00:07:48.10 00:07:54.05 Coming to mature to the next level, to understand in the deep Space,

00:07:56.14 00:08:02.27 the Universe is the oyster for those souls who serve,

00:08:06.16 00:08:10.03 Then, man is ready to go into Space.

00:08:10.13 00:08:14.08 Then, man is ready to become part of the Universal Community

00:08:14.09 00:08:15.27 which has been promised.

00:08:18.10 00:08:20.11 I never promised you Heaven,

00:08:21.04 00:08:27.05 I always promised you the elevation of the man to join the family,

00:08:28.17 00:08:30.20 and now, you have the key.

00:08:32.02 00:08:35.21 It's you who has to open the door to understand,

00:08:35.23 00:08:40.27 "If I can raise the soul of these people or millions of other souls,

00:08:41.14 00:08:44.14 that the physical life on this Planet changes,

00:08:45.09 00:08:48.23 then I'm worthy to be part of the Universal Community.

00:08:49.06 00:08:52.11 To be there to serve, to expand.

00:08:52.17 00:08:58.26 To be there to be part, that in the cycle of life of Universe,

00:08:59.12 00:09:06.12 I become, in being part, I become part of the Totality."

00:09:10.04 00:09:12.07 When man reaches that point,

00:09:12.24 00:09:17.02 a new dimension in the strength of the soul of the man will appear,

00:09:18.16 00:09:24.12 which is beyond imagination of understanding of the physical life.

00:09:26.12 00:09:29.20 It's the gate to the opening of the new life,

00:09:29.21 00:09:35.21 in the new dimension, which is beyond imagination of what you might call,

00:09:36.05 00:09:43.07 "A New Beginning", "A New Cycle" , which that cycle carries with itself,

00:09:43.12 00:09:48.07 the origin of the Creation of life in the Universe and in the Unicos.

00:09:53.14 00:09:58.14 It's the elevation of the soul, to serve, become the key,

00:09:59.14 00:10:03.01 not a throne of the physical life.

00:10:06.01 00:10:11.22 The time is right, the time has come for the man to go through this process.

00:10:37.16 00:10:43.25 (RC) Welcome everyone to the 218th Knowledge Seekers Workshop.

00:10:44.01 00:10:48.05 For Thursday, April 5th 2018.

00:10:48.17 00:10:50.11 I am your host Rick Crammond today

00:10:50.12 00:10:54.27 and once again we will have Mr. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation

00:10:55.03 00:11:00.29 and today promises to be a very special and exiting day in the Workshop.

00:11:01.06 00:11:04.13 And Mr. Keshe has some special announcements

00:11:04.14 00:11:10.09 and, exciting news for us to hear today, I understand.

00:11:11.02 00:11:15.19 Is that true Mr. Keshe? Are you ready to deliver today?

00:11:16.16 00:11:20.01 (MK) Good morning you, yes. Good morning, good day as usual,

00:11:20.02 00:11:25.18 whenever and wherever you listen to the, Knowledge Seekers program.

00:11:25.29 00:11:29.13 Yes I don't know what you're talking about, but maybe we have some good news,

00:11:29.14 00:11:32.28 some bad news depends which side of the fence you all sit.

00:11:36.09 00:11:40.24 As usual, the Keshe Foundation is on the path of progress.

00:11:40.26 00:11:43.18 We are not changing our course, we've been,

00:11:44.07 00:11:47.04 resolute in changing the course of Humanity.

00:11:47.06 00:11:50.08 And in a short time, you'll see more and more.

00:11:51.08 00:11:54.29 If we go back on to what the Keshe Foundation has done

00:11:55.01 00:11:58.20 and in becoming part of the structure,

00:11:58.28 00:12:02.15 of independent scientific researchers,

00:12:03.22 00:12:05.10 we have proven a lot.

00:12:05.10 00:12:11.02 You got to realize, what I have done with all of us.

00:12:11.04 00:12:13.04 All of us as Knowledge Seekers.

00:12:14.00 00:12:17.25 Very quietly, very consistently.

00:12:18.17 00:12:20.23 Very proudly all of us.

00:12:21.24 00:12:25.17 I walked you through, to become Knowledge Seekers.

00:12:26.29 00:12:33.21 Seeking Knowledge was not just to, do a GANS or make a plate.

00:12:34.12 00:12:39.16 Seeking Knowledge was to encourage and enlighten the man to start thinking on his own.

00:12:41.23 00:12:46.26 Very much, the GANS and the Pads and every thing else,

00:12:47.10 00:12:52.07 was again to make you start thinking,

00:12:52.12 00:12:55.03 "I can, I'm capable."

00:12:56.17 00:13:02.22 "I am part of it. I don't need to be told. I can judge independently"

00:13:02.29 00:13:04.10 and is in the writing.

00:13:04.11 00:13:08.21 Independent investigation of science is the obligation for every man.

00:13:10.20 00:13:11.18 We have to.

00:13:12.01 00:13:16.18 And in a very small but very solid way,

00:13:17.11 00:13:21.10 I created the condition that everybody participate.

00:13:21.11 00:13:25.16 The young, the old, man, woman, scientist.

00:13:26.06 00:13:29.09 Every path of life and belief got evolved.

00:13:29.09 00:13:35.16 Jews, Christians, Muslims, Baha'i's Zoroastrians, Buddhist and the rest.

00:13:39.10 00:13:43.22 As a teacher, I taught at the capability of all of you.

00:13:43.24 00:13:46.09 according to your own knowledge and strength.

00:13:46.09 00:13:48.00 And I said from the beginning,

00:13:49.03 00:13:52.07 "Everybody takes from this Technology according to their intelligence.

00:13:52.09 00:13:54.03 But one thing I didn't tell you,

00:13:54.04 00:13:56.29 was that you're all intelligent and you're all the same.

00:13:56.29 00:14:01.08 As the soul of the man does not have a limit on intelligence.

00:14:01.19 00:14:08.02 It was to get you interested, to get you understand, that I have a soul.

00:14:09.21 00:14:13.22 I am the decision maker of my own physicality and destiny.

00:14:13.25 00:14:18.16 Not only in what its been predestined as my shape, physical body,

00:14:18.20 00:14:21.29 but in my future. In what is to come.

00:14:22.17 00:14:25.22 What has been very interesting for me, is

00:14:27.20 00:14:33.03 in so many ways, I took all the blames for the failures

00:14:33.06 00:14:36.15 that my students be proud, they've done nothing wrong.

00:14:36.27 00:14:39.18 But, in many ways,

00:14:40.03 00:14:44.13 we all have been successful in developing things and doing things.

00:14:45.16 00:14:48.17 One of the first things we did, if you go back,

00:14:48.29 00:14:52.07 was to get many, many people interested

00:14:52.10 00:14:55.09 in what is the hunger for man which was energy.

00:14:56.06 00:15:01.16 If you remember, we started with the Blueprint for Energy, the Magravs System.

00:15:01.26 00:15:05.04 It brought a lot of people, created a lot of interest.

00:15:07.04 00:15:10.05 Many people start doing it and they benefited by it.

00:15:10.06 00:15:15.08 And many people because of it, got gathered and got to know about the Technology.

00:15:17.07 00:15:21.26 It took 2 years, since past time, over two and half years.

00:15:22.13 00:15:27.09 We put them in the market, you made them, you made teachings and everything else.

00:15:29.09 00:15:35.08 Then, we gathered more strength, people got to know more

00:15:35.15 00:15:40.17 because of the path of the hunger for energy, they got to know the Technology.

00:15:40.19 00:15:42.23 They got to hear about the Technology.

00:15:43.29 00:15:48.24 In this process we taught a lot, and we discussed a lot.

00:15:48.26 00:15:53.07 At the same time, we opened eye of the man to the soul of the man.

00:15:56.08 00:16:03.03 The success in any teaching is participation, not listening.

00:16:03.23 00:16:05.22 Especially when it's scientific.

00:16:06.16 00:16:12.08 Many of you made GANSes, many of you made pens and everything else.

00:16:12.22 00:16:16.28 But at the end of it was for you to understand, you're all the creators.

00:16:16.29 00:16:19.17 You can create everything in the conditions you want.

00:16:24.19 00:16:28.23 If you remember, in 2012,

00:16:29.16 00:16:35.29 I gave, the totality of the knowledge on a key to the governments.

00:16:39.13 00:16:44.16 And if you remember, the greed of governments did not share none.

00:16:44.17 00:16:47.09 But they did a lot of research in the background.

00:16:48.06 00:16:54.03 Two years later, I open the, "key" to all of you.

00:16:54.04 00:16:58.10 Many joined, many read, many did, many learned from it,

00:16:58.11 00:17:04.24 and many governments set out to do what they could to develop different aspects of it.

00:17:09.08 00:17:13.18 The biggest dilemma came, when we start the medical application to be open up,

00:17:13.19 00:17:16.04 when all of us could benefit by it.

00:17:27.19 00:17:29.19 In this process,

00:17:30.15 00:17:35.21 many of you learned a lot about yourselves and the behavior of your body.

00:17:37.07 00:17:40.27 But, by opening the patent which was cry of many people,

00:17:40.27 00:17:43.02 "you shared it with the government not with us,"

00:17:43.20 00:17:46.19 created a mayhem for the Foundation for a long time.

00:17:48.13 00:17:54.02 In that process, it was good, because it brought a lot of things forward,

00:17:54.26 00:17:58.29 It brought research in Space, energy, food, agriculture

00:17:58.29 00:18:01.21 and every other aspects of the Technology.

00:18:04.12 00:18:05.20 Now as I said,

00:18:05.20 00:18:10.17 "I never promised you heaven, but I promised you I'll take man to Space."

00:18:11.14 00:18:15.16 If you notice up to now it has been the pattern of going to Space,

00:18:15.20 00:18:18.14 elite to nations who could afford it.

00:18:18.15 00:18:24.19 And could cheat and could do what ever to get the knowledge to get out.

00:18:24.23 00:18:27.16 To say they are more superior than the others.

00:18:28.03 00:18:30.22 We've seen the stupidity of NASA operation

00:18:30.22 00:18:35.14 and we've seen the intelligence of the, Russian's Space Program.

00:18:35.21 00:18:39.05 We've seen the lies we heard through, American organizations,

00:18:39.07 00:18:42.15 Space organization, that they lied one after another to us.

00:18:42.25 00:18:45.20 What they've done in the Space and we have to come understand,

00:18:45.20 00:18:49.11 99% of it is nothing but, what I call,

00:18:49.15 00:18:53.20 "Clear white lies" to cover what they could not do, to show they are superior.

00:18:54.12 00:18:58.23 We seen in recent past, Chinese have joined the Space Program.

00:18:58.24 00:19:03.29 We seen Russians are, literally been the leader in the Space from day one.

00:19:05.06 00:19:08.11 The Americans took a murderer and what I call,

00:19:08.11 00:19:11.18 "One of the most, heinous man of the Earth."

00:19:11.20 00:19:14.16 And they made him the head of the, program.

00:19:14.17 00:19:17.09 And that program, because of what it was carried

00:19:17.10 00:19:19.15 went to the same way, doomsday.

00:19:20.09 00:19:24.02 Von Braun we know what he did, and what it was the outcome of it.

00:19:24.02 00:19:28.13 Russians took the most intelligent but the understanding of the Technology,

00:19:28.14 00:19:31.28 and they advanced very fast, in the Space Technology.

00:19:33.04 00:19:37.11 We seen in the past, recent past, Iranians have joined the Space Program

00:19:37.12 00:19:41.05 with the massive Space Program, Spaceship program and the others.

00:19:41.23 00:19:45.26 Indians are not far behind, they are doing their best.

00:19:45.26 00:19:51.18 But, financial restrictions has made it forbidden for them to go far.

00:19:51.27 00:19:58.29 So, Space has become game for very few who could, could have the knowledge,

00:19:59.05 00:20:02.02 but still, used to do, what we did with the birds.

00:20:02.03 00:20:04.23 No further than what we do with the birds

00:20:04.28 00:20:09.16 and what we done, we taken the energy from the bird and we put it in in one bag

00:20:10.01 00:20:12.13 and we have seen where it's gone.

00:20:14.03 00:20:16.09 My thoughts are very clear in what I've done

00:20:16.13 00:20:18.29 and what I'm teaching and what I am about to say,

00:20:20.11 00:20:29.29 As you all know, we've been teaching the Space Technology to all of you.

00:20:30.25 00:20:34.08 I opened the book of science to the Iranian government,

00:20:34.08 00:20:40.29 exactly, exactly ten years ago, when I was approached by the Iranian government,

00:20:40.29 00:20:45.17 to take the Space technology to Iran and launch the Iranian Spaceship program.

00:20:46.29 00:20:50.16 For ten years, I sat on the sideline watching,

00:20:50.17 00:20:53.22 when the knowledge will be shared and for what purpose.

00:20:55.00 00:20:58.13 I sit in Tehran for first 3 weeks, signed an agreement

00:20:58.13 00:21:01.17 that my Technology cannot be used to harm no one.

00:21:01.21 00:21:06.16 And, the office of his Excellency President of Iran, signed the agreement.

00:21:07.16 00:21:09.15 And we launched the Technology.

00:21:10.27 00:21:15.00 But what saddens me, the Technology has stayed in the hand of very few.

00:21:16.17 00:21:20.11 Little bit of it has been shared with the Russians which they expanded it.

00:21:20.12 00:21:22.20 Little bit of it has been shared by the Chinese,

00:21:22.20 00:21:25.14 which has been confirmed to me personally, face to face.

00:21:26.03 00:21:29.15 And they are proud and thankful for all they have received.

00:21:29.22 00:21:33.10 I respect the office of the Chinese government

00:21:33.16 00:21:37.22 and for that reason, I see the time has come to change.

00:21:39.05 00:21:40.23 In 2012,

00:21:44.18 00:21:47.27 we gave the key of the patents and the knowledge to governments,

00:21:47.28 00:21:49.10 they did not share.

00:21:50.10 00:21:52.28 And when we opened it, we all shared.

00:21:53.04 00:21:58.15 We did not hide any thing, and openly we become stronger and we shared more.

00:21:58.23 00:22:02.07 Even though they made a lot of threats of us, against a lot of us.

00:22:04.04 00:22:07.06 They poisoned to kill me, they blew my car up.

00:22:07.20 00:22:11.17 High speed chase and shooting on the motor ways of Belgium.

00:22:12.02 00:22:15.15 All has been part of the exciting, part of this life.

00:22:16.16 00:22:21.16 But, as I said, "We shared everything clearly."

00:22:23.00 00:22:28.22 And, for that purpose, we gave the government 10 years flight time lead.

00:22:29.20 00:22:33.01 That flight time lead is over.

00:22:35.06 00:22:39.06 On the 14th and the 15th of April, 10 days from today,

00:22:39.25 00:22:45.04 we'll go to the same patents we did with the health and with energy.

00:22:46.02 00:22:49.29 The Spaceship Blueprint day, is announced on that day

00:22:50.15 00:22:56.10 And, in those two days, we do exactly the same as what we did before.

00:22:57.08 00:23:02.08 We open the knowledge of the Space, part of it we know, part of it we don't.

00:23:02.13 00:23:05.17 And all of us race towards flight.

00:23:10.04 00:23:15.25 Now, we become the control of our lives, in Space.

00:23:16.28 00:23:19.19 The Foundation will provide every facility

00:23:19.29 00:23:23.24 that everyone of you can produce a Spaceship.

00:23:24.02 00:23:28.07 We share knowledge and openly you share knowledge back with us.

00:23:28.08 00:23:30.17 That's been the ethos of the Foundation.

00:23:31.21 00:23:36.15 We start at 10 o'clock on Saturday the 14th, CET

00:23:38.14 00:23:41.26 and we'll look at every angle.

00:23:41.26 00:23:47.09 The flight is not just a flight. To fly and be hungry is no good.

00:23:47.15 00:23:50.13 To fly and not knowing how to create energy, is no good.

00:23:50.13 00:23:56.18 To fly and not knowing if you come across a position of pain and suffering,

00:23:56.21 00:23:59.11 how to sort it out.

00:23:59.25 00:24:06.28 So, the two days, we can go even to 3 days, will be a collection of understanding,

00:24:06.29 00:24:11.28 how different aspects of Technology, now applies in Space.

00:24:12.18 00:24:20.06 And then, we'll come somewhere during the two days, to flight system.

00:24:20.21 00:24:25.26 How we see it, how the structure is getting built by the Keshe Foundation scientists.

00:24:25.27 00:24:29.25 And then, it becomes on to you, to start the race.

00:24:30.26 00:24:36.23 Now the race is with the, One Nation, One Planet Government which is us.

00:24:37.01 00:24:40.23 with what I called, 'local governments' which is nations.

00:24:42.12 00:24:48.19 We take our decision to become One Nation and, rapidly we develop.

00:24:49.12 00:24:51.24 Is the burden on all of us.

00:24:54.03 00:25:00.05 We will open all the channels that, every single one of us, can build a Spaceship.

00:25:01.11 00:25:05.13 The system to give us the freedom, the choice is ours.

00:25:06.08 00:25:10.24 And, as we say, "When there is a hurricane everybody takes shelter

00:25:11.04 00:25:13.26 and find the way to find a way to survive."

00:25:15.09 00:25:17.16 And, this is that time.

00:25:18.22 00:25:24.23 We are not making any predictions but we are fulfilling the promise.

00:25:25.27 00:25:28.00 The man to be free in Space.

00:25:29.14 00:25:33.11 From next Saturday, Sunday you have two choices:

00:25:33.24 00:25:36.16 Use the physical structure,

00:25:37.23 00:25:42.21 aircrafts, MaGrav systems, combination of whatever you see.

00:25:43.14 00:25:47.03 Learn from the masters of the Keshe Foundation Space Technology.

00:25:48.00 00:25:55.10 Or, those of you who understand more, and have understood more,

00:25:56.00 00:25:58.11 use the space of your soul.

00:26:00.01 00:26:02.12 Not many of you will achieve that point,

00:26:02.13 00:26:07.15 because the clarity of soul, is the demand of the existence in the Universe.

00:26:10.05 00:26:13.29 What we call full transparency of the soul to the man itself.

00:26:15.09 00:26:19.04 So, next Saturday 14 and the 15th,

00:26:19.29 00:26:24.25 is the time, when we start teaching the Spaceship program Technology openly.

00:26:25.15 00:26:29.16 You will see what, Keshe Foundation Scientists,

00:26:29.16 00:26:33.28 which is most of you and all of you, have developed, in which direction.

00:26:36.07 00:26:41.15 I have asked to be a full open transparency on us, all aspects.

00:26:42.29 00:26:45.14 There are teams in the background which are working.

00:26:46.10 00:26:50.27 If you have developed the Technology, get back in touch with the Keshe Foundation.

00:26:50.29 00:26:57.27 There is a link on the, screen as you see. It says,

00:26:58.18 00:27:02.15 "We are ready to open the Space to Mankind."

00:27:05.09 00:27:09.19 Fourteenth of April, 2018. The day of 'MOZHANS.'

00:27:16.02 00:27:22.14 We need to take the step to stop a lot which is about world governments,

00:27:22.17 00:27:25.03 three world governments have planned to do.

00:27:26.02 00:27:34.09 Through opening of the Space this way our, what we said, is fulfilled.

00:27:34.27 00:27:38.19 It was in a promise, it was a deliberate act,

00:27:38.20 00:27:41.06 to eradication of the borders.

00:27:41.27 00:27:46.11 Those of you who can fly, those of you who create the condition of flight,

00:27:47.09 00:27:49.08 Now, the governments have to accept,

00:27:49.17 00:27:54.18 there is need for a common ground, Universal balance.

00:27:55.12 00:27:59.21 And with it, it'll take you some 6 months to 12 months

00:27:59.29 00:28:03.16 that we will see the first departures from this Planet.

00:28:05.25 00:28:12.15 Keshe Foundation team is there to support and will be open and transparent.

00:28:13.17 00:28:21.19 You have to understand, as you seen wealth come in to different nations,

00:28:21.20 00:28:25.16 they start traveling around this Planet in what I call,

00:28:26.05 00:28:30.25 'Huge' numbers, over past decades. We will see the same.

00:28:31.14 00:28:34.16 But at the end, we all go back home.

00:28:35.11 00:28:40.11 We do not expect to lose many, but we expect to have many travelers.

00:28:42.13 00:28:49.06 As we seen in 1970's, was the Arabs which were traveling around the world.

00:28:49.12 00:28:51.15 And then, was the Japanese.

00:28:52.06 00:28:55.16 And then, we saw everywhere we went was Japanese writing.

00:28:55.29 00:29:01.00 And then it became another lot. And now is Chinese and god knows.

00:29:01.07 00:29:04.23 The next step will be the whole human race traveling everywhere.

00:29:05.25 00:29:10.07 By the teaching which it starts, by sharing which it starts next Saturday,

00:29:10.27 00:29:14.08 We see the need for new regulations and rules.

00:29:14.19 00:29:18.05 Transportation, international conditions of travel.

00:29:19.00 00:29:24.05 New conditions for, literally, understanding

00:29:24.11 00:29:28.08 that we have to be correct, in conducts and operation.

00:29:29.20 00:29:31.17 As we've seen as the present time,

00:29:31.26 00:29:35.02 when we finish our sight-seeing trips, we go back home.

00:29:35.08 00:29:39.15 We go around the Europe, we see from 'Eiffel Tower' to 'London Bridge.'

00:29:40.06 00:29:45.16 To, 'Coliseum' in Rome, but we all end up back home, it was a nice trip.

00:29:45.22 00:29:49.09 We saw new things. and the next trip is to South America.

00:29:49.10 00:29:53.21 And the next trip, we go to see the, "Wild life in Africa."

00:29:54.10 00:29:56.02 Nothing will change with the man.

00:29:56.08 00:30:01.09 We still do this, but next time we go to see, the Planet Mars

00:30:01.20 00:30:05.03 and what happens in the other galaxy, and we all come back.

00:30:06.18 00:30:08.23 Home is Earth.

00:30:14.14 00:30:17.24 We have to understand, the time of maturity of man has come.

00:30:17.29 00:30:22.01 And when, in time we learn to be Peaceful,

00:30:22.12 00:30:26.10 Universal Community as it's been open to us,

00:30:26.14 00:30:31.04 will communicate and open the channels, then we'll see galaxies and universes,

00:30:31.07 00:30:33.25 not on the Planet Earth Spaceships

00:30:33.26 00:30:37.25 but by collective of the Spaceships conditions and parameters.

00:30:39.24 00:30:44.02 So, in so many ways,

00:30:44.10 00:30:50.03 next Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th,

00:30:50.11 00:30:54.29 is exam day, and we all need to graduate.

00:30:58.12 00:31:00.17 Some of us graduate as team.

00:31:00.20 00:31:05.14 Some of us, graduate in a specific way and condition, for us.

00:31:06.03 00:31:08.22 No one should be proud that, "I achieved this."

00:31:08.24 00:31:13.14 Because, collectively we have trained each other, we have taught each other.

00:31:13.26 00:31:14.29 And it says,

00:31:15.00 00:31:20.16 "Arrogance of knowledge should be buried in the deep oceans of this Planet."

00:31:22.10 00:31:25.11 We should not be arrogant. We should share completely.

00:31:25.17 00:31:27.23 And at the same time understand,

00:31:28.09 00:31:33.01 some 10% of the World population will be interested in this.

00:31:34.16 00:31:37.18 The others still want to carry on with their lives.

00:31:37.29 00:31:40.19 To be with their wives, to be with their children,

00:31:40.22 00:31:43.01 to still have that little corner shop.

00:31:44.19 00:31:47.23 Some will still strive to be the heads of organizations.

00:31:47.24 00:31:51.29 And some still try, to hold on to the seat of leadership.

00:31:52.09 00:31:56.23 But, in a way, by changing the condition as of next week,

00:31:57.11 00:31:59.29 the whole structure of the running of this Planet,

00:32:00.03 00:32:03.00 moves into the hand of the Earth Council.

00:32:05.12 00:32:12.20 It will move, because its alternative to One Nation, is collectively One Nation.

00:32:12.23 00:32:16.29 And we will see the world leaders become, more or less,

00:32:16.29 00:32:19.29 the counselors of the bigger structure,

00:32:19.29 00:32:24.15 within the structure of the Keshe Foundation and the same with the Universal Council.

00:32:25.00 00:32:28.17 We establish the coins, this is there

00:32:28.20 00:32:32.28 and it was one of the corner stones of the completion of this program.

00:32:34.16 00:32:39.06 We gave it two, three weeks to settle, and as you will see,

00:32:39.22 00:32:46.29 the coins, will become national reserve for many nations.

00:32:48.24 00:32:52.16 Will come national reserve for councils of Nations.

00:32:54.15 00:32:57.18 We will see one of the best things with this,

00:32:58.01 00:33:04.13 this will override the walls which are planned to be built.

00:33:04.15 00:33:06.29 What is the use of building a wall,

00:33:07.04 00:33:10.24 when you can be in Washington in no time or Mexico City.

00:33:14.16 00:33:15.28 As they said,

00:33:16.03 00:33:22.19 "Many of us with a tin pot pan, will be sitting in front of the Washington,

00:33:23.10 00:33:24.24 the White House.

00:33:25.01 00:33:29.02 Next day we travel to Moscow to see what is there.

00:33:29.06 00:33:34.12 And the day after we travel to, Red Square to see what beauty of China."

00:33:35.13 00:33:40.07 The World leaders have to move, they have no option as of today.

00:33:40.20 00:33:47.01 But to open the gates and start what we call, "One Nation Unification."

00:33:49.14 00:33:51.18 They'll still be busy with their own plans,

00:33:51.21 00:33:57.03 but when many of you start traveling, it'll force the condition

00:33:57.06 00:33:59.08 and this is what we are here for.

00:33:59.13 00:34:03.26 To force condition of Peace, by demolishing the borders.

00:34:04.19 00:34:09.04 man made borders for those who walk through a bunch of people.

00:34:09.07 00:34:16.15 Now, man has become unruly because now the border is the atmosphere of this Planet,

00:34:16.19 00:34:20.20 not the imaginary line of this Planet, which they have decided.

00:34:20.28 00:34:24.18 Which they have changed according to what they could spare and kill.

00:34:27.12 00:34:32.24 By demolishing the borders, what we promised, the Peace will come.

00:34:33.01 00:34:36.29 Because there is no use fighting, for what doesn't exist.

00:34:37.11 00:34:42.20 The currencies will collapse into one as there is no exchange rate,

00:34:42.21 00:34:45.18 to be better than the other to value more.

00:34:45.22 00:34:48.04 This is why we put the One Coin in.

00:34:48.13 00:34:57.03 Then we establish the Earth Council as one government for Planet

00:34:57.06 00:35:02.11 and the coin was essential to be as that part.

00:35:03.19 00:35:09.10 It is our job, we have established the One Nation and with it will come Peace.

00:35:10.23 00:35:13.21 It was a clever way to do it, but is done.

00:35:13.23 00:35:16.11 We have the knowledge, we have the Technology

00:35:16.16 00:35:20.11 and we have the resort, to see this through.

00:35:20.20 00:35:26.21 Those of you who where happy with your millions, stay with millions.

00:35:26.28 00:35:30.24 Those of you happy with your tent, stay with your tents.

00:35:31.03 00:35:38.22 But, in Totality the Mankind, as has been my wish, has moved into Peaceful dimension.

00:35:43.08 00:35:44.26 We will work together.

00:35:44.29 00:35:49.02 The channels of the Keshe Foundation teaching opens up more rapidly

00:35:49.16 00:35:56.01 and, once the Keshe Foundation members and the members of this Planet start moving,

00:35:56.17 00:36:02.02 we start teaching you about what I call, "Universal community in depth."

00:36:03.13 00:36:09.17 The language, the ambassadorial-ship, the understanding of the operation,

00:36:09.29 00:36:14.06 the interface interaction that we do not lose many.

00:36:15.08 00:36:23.01 How we become accumulated to become One Race in the Universe.

00:36:24.29 00:36:27.26 Teachings will carry on in a very much same

00:36:27.27 00:36:31.18 but in much in depth, but understanding of the soul.

00:36:31.27 00:36:35.15 Those of you who have reached the level to switch,

00:36:35.17 00:36:37.21 will switch that you don't need the Spaceship.

00:36:37.23 00:36:41.28 You can expand the dimension of your life according to your own position.

00:36:42.11 00:36:47.24 Every soul has the capability to become a Sun and position itself accordingly,

00:36:48.00 00:36:50.21 and then manifest itself at that point.

00:36:52.18 00:36:54.07 Not many will reach this point,

00:36:54.08 00:36:58.10 because it needs a lot of clarity of soul as I've said before.

00:37:00.27 00:37:11.01 So, our date for freedom of the man is April the 14th at 10 o'clock CET.

00:37:11.20 00:37:16.11 And, number of people have been trained to be Mozhans

00:37:18.08 00:37:20.13 Your time starts.

00:37:21.10 00:37:25.14 You've been taught enough, now is your graduation.

00:37:26.12 00:37:31.11 You have to be shoulder to shoulder with the Earth Council members,

00:37:31.17 00:37:36.08 the Universal Council members, and go back in what you've been taught.

00:37:36.17 00:37:39.15 While you were with me for those weeks.

00:37:40.14 00:37:43.28 Reflect, and now you teach.

00:37:45.04 00:37:49.04 Now what you've been taught and with what

00:37:49.12 00:37:54.16 you have understood with teaching with those who take into to Space,

00:37:54.22 00:37:57.13 will complete the whole structure.

00:37:59.13 00:38:03.20 You thought you know not, but you'll understand, you know a lot.

00:38:04.28 00:38:11.02 Five of you, and in that structure,

00:38:12.12 00:38:15.29 you support five members of the Earth Council.

00:38:16.17 00:38:18.21 Now you understand your position.

00:38:19.06 00:38:21.10 And in that process, you learn.

00:38:22.04 00:38:26.25 You learn how to guide Mankind through what you have learned from us,

00:38:26.28 00:38:30.09 during the time, when you were in Accra with me,

00:38:30.10 00:38:33.19 and then, but I flew you to China to stay with me.

00:38:37.08 00:38:42.05 The trip was to show the Nations don't exist and I hope you understood.

00:38:45.02 00:38:49.16 In this process, we need to go further and understand more.

00:38:50.06 00:38:53.06 Even though when we know a lot, we know not much.

00:38:53.07 00:38:56.27 Because the knowledge of Universe is unlimited.

00:38:57.28 00:39:02.02 Many of you who endeavored to understand the Technology,

00:39:02.06 00:39:06.20 took to different aspects of it and you became specialized in that.

00:39:07.00 00:39:10.07 Use you specialty and bring it out.

00:39:12.05 00:39:15.14 If you have endeavored to do a flight system,

00:39:16.02 00:39:18.14 get in touch with the Keshe Foundation,

00:39:18.21 00:39:23.25 and we give you a point to show what you've done and what you have achieved,

00:39:24.25 00:39:26.26 on the 14th and 15th.

00:39:27.03 00:39:33.19 We have preset a program to follow, but in cases we allow people to come in to show.

00:39:33.20 00:39:36.12 Is collectively moving on.

00:39:36.20 00:39:40.25 We open the full blueprint of the Spaceship program.

00:39:42.08 00:39:43.17 I wonder,

00:39:45.02 00:39:47.28 how we collectively will change the position.

00:39:47.29 00:39:50.29 As I said, "The condition has come."

00:39:52.05 00:39:56.22 One or two and a third group of Keshe Foundation team,

00:39:56.27 00:39:59.14 have managed to achieve what we call,

00:40:00.14 00:40:02.09 "torroidical wind flow."

00:40:02.12 00:40:07.01 The wind flow is the backbone of completion of the knowledge.

00:40:08.22 00:40:13.18 How you change the Magnetic field will give you a structure,

00:40:14.02 00:40:17.28 will give you energy, will give you food,

00:40:17.29 00:40:23.05 will give you medicine and materials as you need and you wish.

00:40:24.10 00:40:26.21 This was a crucial point.

00:40:28.03 00:40:33.22 The creation of variety and diversity,

00:40:33.23 00:40:39.09 in gravitational-magnetic field flow which gives the Magnetic-Plasmatic wind.

00:40:40.05 00:40:42.26 Now you understand why was so important.

00:40:43.15 00:40:47.21 When there is no variation, there is no movement.

00:40:48.01 00:40:51.21 When there is a gradient and variation,

00:40:51.29 00:40:54.20 it creates a wind, a flow.

00:40:55.17 00:41:00.05 and you needed that Plasma flow, that you have the combination of the,

00:41:00.07 00:41:04.03 all the strength of the magnetic fields,

00:41:04.12 00:41:07.12 that you could create everything you need from it.

00:41:07.28 00:41:12.05 From sub matter to matter, to speeds of light, and beyond.

00:41:12.26 00:41:15.27 Now you understand why it's so crucial.

00:41:17.06 00:41:21.15 As some slows down, or we force it to slow down,

00:41:21.21 00:41:25.05 will come to the visibility of the Matter-State of GANS,

00:41:25.07 00:41:27.29 which give the physicality of the Spaceship.

00:41:28.18 00:41:33.21 Some will become at the speed that create a condition of protection.

00:41:33.28 00:41:38.06 And some, in the internal flow, become energy low-level enough,

00:41:38.08 00:41:43.21 that it can be absorbed by the soul of the man, and not by the physicality of the man.

00:41:44.01 00:41:49.04 The Space feeding time is very much different than what we are used to,

00:41:49.05 00:41:51.06 in the Planetary System.

00:41:52.04 00:41:54.13 When you travel in the depth of Space,

00:41:54.15 00:41:58.27 through the conditions of the Plasma transformation,

00:41:59.16 00:42:03.02 you feed the soul, and not the man.

00:42:04.08 00:42:06.16 And then the soul decides,

00:42:07.03 00:42:09.26 how the physicality will manifest itself

00:42:09.27 00:42:13.04 according to the condition of the environment it's in.

00:42:15.03 00:42:16.23 We know this very well.

00:42:17.10 00:42:23.29 When the soul of a child, to satisfy the condition of the area and the parents,

00:42:24.27 00:42:28.08 will come of brown skin in Africa,

00:42:28.24 00:42:31.19 of the white skin, in Europe,

00:42:32.04 00:42:35.11 and of what we call, yellow in China.

00:42:36.29 00:42:41.17 It's the condition of the satisfaction of the fields of the environment

00:42:41.17 00:42:46.29 which gives the physicality, and not the physicality dictates the soul.

00:42:47.09 00:42:52.12 And in Space, what we will produce, will feed the soul of the man.

00:42:52.21 00:42:56.14 And then you understand, when you can feed the higher level,

00:42:56.15 00:43:01.01 then the higher-level decides how to manifest itself at the lower-level.

00:43:01.17 00:43:04.22 This is one of the keys to travel in Deep Space.

00:43:06.19 00:43:09.17 Many of you will understand this very rapidly.

00:43:09.28 00:43:12.13 And in that process, you will find out,

00:43:12.16 00:43:15.28 that the body will dispose of his what doesn't need,

00:43:15.29 00:43:21.13 in the magnetic field system, more than the Matter-States, as we do today.

00:43:22.08 00:43:26.00 The conformation of the existence comes through the soul of the man,

00:43:26.04 00:43:28.12 and not through the physicality of the man.

00:43:28.19 00:43:32.01 So what happens when you take into these Spaceships?

00:43:32.22 00:43:36.23 Hunger is never considered, because the soul is fed.

00:43:37.14 00:43:42.15 The way the soul decided the face and the shape in the womb of the mother,

00:43:42.23 00:43:45.17 now the womb of the mother becomes a Spaceship,

00:43:46.03 00:43:51.24 and the feeder becomes the dimension of the fields within the structure of the ship,

00:43:51.29 00:43:53.28 which feeds the soul of the man.

00:43:57.02 00:44:01.06 That might have shocked a lot of you, if you understood what I've just said.

00:44:02.23 00:44:08.17 Those of you who were worried, how you carry food and how you warm yourself,

00:44:08.21 00:44:12.07 and how you clothe yourself to cover yourself.

00:44:12.18 00:44:16.02 You'll find out that this shield will be made by your soul,

00:44:16.03 00:44:21.06 and not by your physical dimensions, which has been the biggest fear of the man.

00:44:22.28 00:44:26.14 Once you feed the soul at the higher-level,

00:44:26.21 00:44:31.02 the way we have seen it by reducing in the strength,

00:44:31.09 00:44:34.20 has become laughter, joy and physicality,

00:44:35.21 00:44:37.18 this will be done the same.

00:44:37.25 00:44:42.12 We feed the soul of the man, in the depth of the Spaceship of the future,

00:44:42.19 00:44:44.22 not the physicality of the man.

00:44:44.26 00:44:50.29 But, if the man decides to have a situation where he wants to eat,

00:44:51.16 00:44:54.25 the desire will be fulfilled by the soul of the man.

00:44:56.26 00:45:01.04 Now you understand, why I have no worries to feed you in Space.

00:45:01.27 00:45:05.10 The field strength within the Spaceship will feed the soul,

00:45:05.14 00:45:07.22 and the soul will feed the physicality.

00:45:08.29 00:45:14.00 Now that you enter the realm of Universal Community and knowledge,

00:45:14.12 00:45:16.09 you need to know the truth.

00:45:21.18 00:45:26.10 Unfortunately, there is no ...

00:45:29.24 00:45:31.29 ... WC's for no one in Space.

00:45:32.02 00:45:35.07 We have seen none, as we haven't seen no church.

00:45:36.29 00:45:44.06 We will not see, white men only, for dispose of what they don't need.

00:45:45.29 00:45:53.22 Churches, mosques, and WC's, don't exist in Space and shall not.

00:45:54.09 00:45:57.19 So, you conduct yourself through the soul,

00:45:57.21 00:46:01.24 and through the understanding of the condition of the Universe,

00:46:01.25 00:46:04.06 where the soul wants to manifest itself.

00:46:04.22 00:46:13.26 This way, you will see, as we said, man will no find any more prophets to believe in.

00:46:13.28 00:46:18.13 Because the soul of the man, is the prophet of the man.

00:46:22.12 00:46:25.22 Now, I can open your eyes

00:46:26.08 00:46:31.08 to a slightly bigger dimension than what you thought is there.

00:46:33.13 00:46:38.06 Now you understand why there are no churches and no mosques and no temples.

00:46:39.26 00:46:44.11 Because the soul of the man is the Creator of the totality of the man,

00:46:44.13 00:46:46.21 and will be fed accordingly.

00:46:47.08 00:46:50.03 This is why the Universe is peaceful,

00:46:50.09 00:46:54.07 because the soul cannot go out to harm no one.

00:46:55.14 00:46:58.12 Not even the physicality of the man himself.

00:47:01.10 00:47:07.03 Is a joyous time, in so many ways,

00:47:10.18 00:47:13.23 we have entered, without knowing,

00:47:13.24 00:47:23.13 but, in a way, I herded you in the direction of, what I call, Universal Community,

00:47:24.04 00:47:26.04 in the universal knowledge.

00:47:26.16 00:47:30.05 And now you have to understand, in Space,

00:47:30.15 00:47:34.05 physicality of the man is totally irrelevant.

00:47:36.04 00:47:40.00 I give you a hint about this in the past couple of weeks of teaching.

00:47:40.09 00:47:45.05 But many of you did not understand, maybe now you understand.

00:47:48.10 00:47:53.11 In the recording of, Lisa last week, it was there,

00:47:53.13 00:47:56.26 but many of you did not grasp what it meant.

00:48:00.15 00:48:06.06 It's your soul which will dictate the manifestation of your physicality.

00:48:06.21 00:48:14.16 And in that process, it's your soul, which will decide,

00:48:15.05 00:48:19.06 how and where the way you will manifest yourself,

00:48:19.16 00:48:22.13 and what will be manifested out of your soul.

00:48:23.10 00:48:26.28 Many of you will choose not to live with physicality.

00:48:29.19 00:48:33.21 We have this, we have seen this before in other races.

00:48:36.27 00:48:42.18 It shall not be suicide, but be collective energy toward the Universal Community.

00:48:44.14 00:48:52.06 Many of you will decide to take in deep Space, to be part of Universal Community,

00:48:52.13 00:48:55.29 to walk away from the pain of physicality of this Planet.

00:48:57.14 00:49:03.02 We have seen this before, the outcome is beautiful.

00:49:04.25 00:49:11.28 Many of you will decide, this Planet needs saving, and you want to change.

00:49:12.19 00:49:18.20 There are ways and paths which will be laid out by your soul, and by no other means.

00:49:20.04 00:49:24.07 The man has to understand, the path to his soul,

00:49:24.13 00:49:28.06 is the path to his physicality in the dimension of Universe.

00:49:31.02 00:49:34.14 When you accept the physicality condition of this Planet,

00:49:34.20 00:49:38.29 you're conditioned to all its condition, not what you want.

00:49:40.13 00:49:42.16 This is one choice you have.

00:49:43.22 00:49:47.13 When you see the first Spaceships and the first shimmers,

00:49:47.16 00:49:51.29 and the first physical condition of the environment of the creation of the Space,

00:49:53.01 00:49:54.28 your soul will decide.

00:49:58.06 00:50:02.00 Because it has to match, the soul of the Spaceship.

00:50:04.11 00:50:08.15 This is why we don't exclude the world leaders who committed crime.

00:50:09.21 00:50:15.16 Is because the Spaceship does not accept such a position.

00:50:16.16 00:50:22.11 I explained this in a very close nutshell with Tom's video.

00:50:23.16 00:50:25.00 Where I showed you,

00:50:26.08 00:50:29.12 where I explained to you, if you look,

00:50:30.15 00:50:36.04 all that hurricane has done, destroyed every leaf and branch on the trees.

00:50:36.18 00:50:42.28 But there is not can be found in Garden of Eden, which has been created by fields.

00:50:44.25 00:50:47.10 So shall be those, who have committed crime.

00:50:49.11 00:50:54.27 There'll be an isolating prison cell for those who thought they got away with it.

00:50:55.26 00:51:04.10 Be it the world leaders, be it the common man, be it a child.

00:51:09.11 00:51:10.27 The process is easy.

00:51:12.06 00:51:18.04 As I said, "I have completed my mission to take man across the threshold."

00:51:19.10 00:51:22.10 And, as of next week, you cross that threshold.

00:51:23.22 00:51:26.11 The Universal Community will be open to man

00:51:26.13 00:51:31.01 and those who try to take the behavior of man to the Space,

00:51:31.11 00:51:34.21 will find out, there is no Space for them to move in.

00:51:35.25 00:51:40.02 You make Earth, the prison of yourself.

00:51:46.21 00:51:48.09 This is how will be.

00:51:48.21 00:51:51.02 As I said, "We've shared with the governments

00:51:51.04 00:51:53.15 and they refused to share with the people."

00:51:54.22 00:52:00.22 I think, as my mother said to me and Armen says to me many times,

00:52:01.13 00:52:03.01 "You have a patience."

00:52:04.09 00:52:06.08 And I waited 10 years.

00:52:10.27 00:52:15.22 I waited 10 years to change situation.

00:52:18.00 00:52:21.13 But, on the other hand, it needed the education.

00:52:22.06 00:52:24.09 And time has come that we move on.

00:52:29.17 00:52:35.27 We do not open systems that only the Americans or the British,

00:52:36.01 00:52:39.25 or the Europeans, or the Africans will have the knowledge.

00:52:40.05 00:52:42.08 We share the knowledge accordingly.

00:52:42.23 00:52:45.22 Do not let no one to intimidate you.

00:52:46.05 00:52:50.10 Do not let no one to stop you from sharing knowledge.

00:52:51.03 00:52:54.06 The knowledge of Space belongs to humanity,

00:52:54.08 00:52:56.03 because collectively we are here,

00:52:56.03 00:53:01.01 because one of the time, the Egyptian put the knowledge in.

00:53:01.02 00:53:05.20 Once upon a time, the Africans did and the time, the Chinese and the rest.

00:53:06.00 00:53:09.08 Without the collective knowledge, we should, we would have not been here,

00:53:09.11 00:53:11.16 and would not grow with intelligence.

00:53:11.24 00:53:15.02 So shall be the knowledge of Space, has to be shared

00:53:15.09 00:53:18.09 unconditionally, on open basis to all.

00:53:20.28 00:53:28.27 One of the cornerstones of this move, is the abolishment of kingship.

00:53:29.00 00:53:32.19 As of today we don't accept no kings as head of states,

00:53:32.20 00:53:35.10 as we do not need heads of states.

00:53:35.17 00:53:40.16 We need leaders to guide us, leaders who see prosperity and Peace.

00:53:41.20 00:53:43.23 Leaders like President Xi of China.

00:53:44.24 00:53:47.29 Leaders like President Putin of Russia.

00:53:48.21 00:53:52.21 Leaders who lead us to Peace, through the consensus,

00:53:52.22 00:53:55.29 but not through lies and cheats as we see,

00:53:56.07 00:53:59.03 within the structure of the American Government.

00:54:04.05 00:54:08.29 There shall be no king, as every man is a king himself for his soul.

00:54:10.21 00:54:15.28 Kings are for physical dimension and now that we understand the level of our soul,

00:54:16.20 00:54:20.05 there is no king, as all souls are equal.

00:54:21.28 00:54:26.08 I support heavily the Chinese government with the full Technology,

00:54:26.09 00:54:27.27 the same with the Russians.

00:54:28.00 00:54:33.03 And if, the Americans decide to join this path, we support them too.

00:54:38.01 00:54:42.27 The knowledge will be spread amongst Christians, the Muslims, the Jews

00:54:43.02 00:54:47.06 and Buddhists and the rest, on equal measure.

00:54:48.03 00:54:52.14 I have asked the Chinese community to bring in, next week,

00:54:52.17 00:54:54.28 in what they have shared, what they understood

00:54:55.00 00:54:56.29 and how they can help Humanity.

00:54:57.14 00:55:00.06 The same I've done from South American team.

00:55:00.23 00:55:02.29 The same I've done from the Europeans

00:55:03.03 00:55:05.15 and the same has been done from the Asians.

00:55:06.09 00:55:10.06 And the same has been done from Africans.

00:55:13.03 00:55:15.12 When it comes to the teaching of next week,

00:55:15.14 00:55:18.27 we all bring the beauty of each continent

00:55:21.21 00:55:24.07 and in total, we make the Spaceship.

00:55:28.07 00:55:31.27 It'll be collective work and we emphasize on it.

00:55:31.28 00:55:37.05 But the beauty of it is, once many of you start taking shape,

00:55:37.05 00:55:39.23 and seeing your Spaceships and developing it,

00:55:39.24 00:55:44.14 the governments will move in and then, the Earth Council governs.

00:55:45.03 00:55:48.25 Peace in exchange for Space knowledge.

00:55:53.08 00:55:56.16 The presentation of next week is collective of all of us,

00:55:56.17 00:55:59.02 from different part of this Planet.

00:56:05.29 00:56:07.20 We need to move on.

00:56:09.07 00:56:12.15 And I celebrated the 14th.

00:56:15.05 00:56:17.00 As I said, many times.

00:56:24.03 00:56:30.12 why I chose the name of MOZHANs for those who take to Space,

00:56:30.22 00:56:33.18 and in the book I've explained what it means.

00:56:36.25 00:56:39.07 The 14th is significant for me.

00:56:41.08 00:56:47.09 Where I see the freedom of a soul to Deep Space, to join the Creator.

00:56:51.05 00:56:56.15 And in the future, we'll understand why that day was chosen.

00:56:56.16 00:57:01.17 Why is a weekend, that as many people can participate.

00:57:10.17 00:57:15.07 Try to be confident enough to bring the knowledge,

00:57:15.14 00:57:20.19 and don't be frightened of what you bring.

00:57:21.29 00:57:26.09 To you might be nothing, but to those who understand will be a lot.

00:57:27.07 00:57:32.04 From next week, we bury all the operations of Space agencies around the world,

00:57:32.08 00:57:36.23 as we open a new dimension, that we all become man of Space.

00:57:38.17 00:57:42.19 We still accept collaboration and cooperation with different agencies.

00:57:44.16 00:57:48.26 We still accept direct negotiations between Governments

00:57:48.26 00:57:53.15 and the Keshe Foundation Earth Council for exchange of science for Peace.

00:57:53.18 00:58:01.05 And setting up plans that the, what we call, 'damage' is limited.

00:58:01.09 00:58:06.25 And we can convert factories and scientists to think in a peaceful way,

00:58:06.25 00:58:11.15 and develop peaceful machinery, than killing machines.

00:58:14.11 00:58:15.28 It is part of our work.

00:58:17.15 00:58:20.25 As I said, "I have devoted my life to Peace."

00:58:21.15 00:58:25.10 But, I know the strength I carry and the knowledge I carry will bring it.

00:58:26.19 00:58:27.24 And we deliver it.

00:58:29.06 00:58:35.11 The biggest breakthrough which has been, and I've guided some to do it,

00:58:36.18 00:58:40.25 and others will achieve or have achieved it independently,

00:58:41.04 00:58:43.22 has been the creation of Magnetic Field flow.

00:58:45.19 00:58:48.19 This is how the Universe is created,

00:58:49.11 00:58:52.12 with the flow of Magnetic Field in the Plasma condition,

00:58:52.24 00:58:55.16 where they're slow, they create new conditions of life.

00:58:55.18 00:59:00.11 But with us, we have a control mechanism to control it,

00:59:00.12 00:59:03.18 so we can dictate what is created all the time.

00:59:04.08 00:59:08.00 It's very much like a factory, which makes cake.

00:59:09.14 00:59:13.17 A million cakes a week, each one taste exactly the same.

00:59:15.07 00:59:18.22 Because we have set the recipe and we understood.

00:59:18.23 00:59:20.08 This shall be for man.

00:59:22.13 00:59:28.12 The image, the feeling, the soul, the understanding will all be the same.

00:59:31.12 00:59:38.00 Join us and please, take the letter which is released

00:59:38.07 00:59:46.06 and send it, as is on the front page of the Keshe Foundation screen, as you see it.

00:59:46.19 00:59:52.16 Invite every world leader, every ambassador, every scientist,

00:59:52.22 00:59:58.09 to be present next week, to watch and understand.

00:59:58.29 01:00:01.00 Release this on the mass media.

01:00:02.20 01:00:06.06 All the newspapers, they have to know the change has come.

01:00:06.16 01:00:10.04 And what will be shown, will shock them.

01:00:11.16 01:00:16.22 I have asked every team, which is specialised in one thing or another,

01:00:17.01 01:00:19.05 to show what has been achieved.

01:00:24.12 01:00:27.06 They have not seen it, they will see it.

01:00:29.04 01:00:33.03 Doctors will show, the same conditions they have conquered.

01:00:33.24 01:00:38.14 Scientists will show, what they have made from Earth, environment.

01:00:39.06 01:00:43.29 Agriculturists will show the change in agricultural dimensions and the rest.

01:00:46.08 01:00:49.24 In so many ways, as you understand this collectively,

01:00:49.25 01:00:53.22 it's us who does and it's us whose already set the plan.

01:00:56.24 01:01:02.05 We dictate the condition and our condition is very simple.

01:01:02.29 01:01:06.21 Knowledge in exchange for Peace for opening of the Space.

01:01:07.17 01:01:08.29 No other criteria.

01:01:14.03 01:01:16.05 This is what we established from the beginning

01:01:16.05 01:01:19.09 and this is what we'll establish and stick to, to the end.

01:01:19.25 01:01:22.07 And now, in so many ways, the end,

01:01:22.21 01:01:25.19 for the physical matter condition of the man has come.

01:01:28.27 01:01:30.04 Any questions?

01:01:42.18 01:01:43.25 (RC) Thank you Mr. Keshe,

01:01:43.28 01:01:47.24 and I'll remind the attendees that you can raise your hand.

01:01:47.25 01:01:49.27 There's one that's just been raised

01:01:50.13 01:01:54.09 and we can acknowledge you and allow you to talk.

01:01:55.08 01:01:57.19 And Ruthy has her hand up.

01:01:58.02 01:02:03.15 So, Ruthy can you go ahead there, you'll have to unmute your microphone.

01:02:07.15 01:02:15.01 (RW) Yes, Mr. Keshe. So can we understand that next week you are sharing...

01:02:15.02 01:02:19.19 (MK) You have two telephones. Sorry, you have a speaker open.

01:02:19.20 01:02:22.09 You got two speakers open or two microphones.

01:02:23.05 01:02:25.05 (RC) Yeah, I had to mute her there.

01:02:25.25 01:02:29.29 (MK) Ruthy, please can you mute one of your mobiles

01:02:30.01 01:02:31.20 and come back in again, please?

01:02:34.24 01:02:37.00 Because you got... (RW) Ah, yes I mute sorry.

01:02:38.05 01:02:43.27 (MK) Ruthy it's still there, it's still there. You have to switch off.

01:02:45.16 01:02:48.14 Ruthy is the head of Keshe Foundation China Operation.

01:02:48.23 01:02:53.28 She is very close to us in operation and what we are changing in China.

01:02:55.09 01:02:57.29 She is heading Keshe Foundation

01:02:57.29 01:03:02.01 and the Chinese community towards the peaceful application of the Technology.

01:03:03.15 01:03:07.28 She is one of the most powerful women in Keshe Foundation in China,

01:03:07.28 01:03:10.07 almost probably the most powerful women.

01:03:10.28 01:03:16.04 She carries high respect by the Chinese community,

01:03:16.06 01:03:18.17 because she is so correct in her conduct.

01:03:19.08 01:03:24.23 And she works with us very closely and, I respect her work, immensely.

01:03:27.13 01:03:31.13 Would you like to come back again, if you manage to switch things up, please?

01:03:33.13 01:03:35.16 (RW) I try, is that okay now?

01:03:36.00 01:03:38.05 (MK) Is good. Hi Ruthy, how are you darling?

01:03:38.07 01:03:42.17 (RW) Hi, thank you. Ah yes, good afternoon, Mr. Keshe.

01:03:42.18 01:03:47.24 So, I am so excited that you said maybe next week you will show

01:03:47.24 01:03:52.16 some like real achievement for the Spaceship Technology, right?

01:03:53.05 01:03:56.16 (MK) Yes. And you Chinese have a lot to show.

01:03:58.10 01:04:02.28 (RW) Oh yeah, already I asked them to send a video

01:04:03.00 01:04:06.13 for what they have done for this like dynamic system

01:04:06.14 01:04:11.28 and the... this GANS food and the... medical GANSes or something, yes.

01:04:11.29 01:04:16.22 So I hope I can collect some videos for that part.

01:04:17.22 01:04:19.14 (MK) Thank you very much.

01:04:22.05 01:04:24.29 Do you have any... (RW) Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much.

01:04:25.17 01:04:33.10 (MK) Ruthy, literally, has brought all the Keshe Foundation Groups together

01:04:33.28 01:04:39.09 and, in China she, she more or less

01:04:39.21 01:04:43.11 she has the respect of all the Keshe Foundation supporters.

01:04:44.02 01:04:48.02 And we rely a lot on her advice

01:04:48.03 01:04:50.19 and the operation of the Keshe Foundation in China.

01:04:52.05 01:04:55.18 We have other people who are sitting

01:04:55.27 01:04:58.21 and, in a way, supporting the Keshe Foundation fully.

01:04:58.21 01:04:59.27 Nathan is there.

01:05:02.02 01:05:05.12 Chaoao, the Universal Council Member,

01:05:06.12 01:05:09.06 are supporting and working with us very closely.

01:05:09.18 01:05:14.18 The new Shenzhen Center, which is now in the hand of Nathan

01:05:14.24 01:05:17.15 which brings all the Chinese scientists together.

01:05:18.17 01:05:23.06 To be ready and establish and support the, the new conversion of the

01:05:23.19 01:05:26.06 knowledge into factories across China.

01:05:26.14 01:05:30.12 This has the training of the workers of the new Technology

01:05:30.12 01:05:34.21 has fallen in the Keshe Foundation Team which is right across China.

01:05:35.09 01:05:40.16 And I thank Nathan, taking such a burden to see it through.

01:05:40.24 01:05:44.16 They have to train many, many thousands of people in the coming time,

01:05:44.17 01:05:47.08 to be able to operate to understand the new Technology.

01:05:48.10 01:05:52.08 The Keshe Foundation China headed by Ruthy is seeing this through.

01:05:53.08 01:05:56.20 And I thank all of you in Chinese Keshe Foundation.

01:05:58.10 01:06:02.24 Is made of devoted people. They live very, very humble,

01:06:03.03 01:06:05.07 to see the Technology to bring the change.

01:06:05.17 01:06:07.24 And, I thank all of you for it.

01:06:10.17 01:06:11.27 Any other question?

01:06:26.17 01:06:30.13 (RC) There is a question from Jay who... in the Q&A.

01:06:30.29 01:06:35.14 Who is, he's worried that someone in their backyard

01:06:35.14 01:06:39.26 might accidentally make a craft with this new Technology,

01:06:39.27 01:06:43.28 that would take out a 747 full of holiday goers

01:06:44.15 01:06:47.18 in the air space until everything is perfected.

01:06:48.07 01:06:52.21 After the Blueprint will all the other air craft have to be grounded?

01:06:54.25 01:07:01.03 (MK) No, we will have conditions, we will have situations...

01:07:02.02 01:07:03.07 And...

01:07:05.01 01:07:07.13 Is something that world leaders have to decide.

01:07:10.04 01:07:14.02 As long as they don't make the Technology a criminality

01:07:14.07 01:07:18.20 and understand everybody can do, it changes a lot of things.

01:07:18.21 01:07:25.28 I was talking to a very powerful politicians, very recently.

01:07:27.25 01:07:32.11 And he said, "No, now you teach everything and they can make it into prison.

01:07:32.26 01:07:36.05 What are we going to do then, escape?"

01:07:36.12 01:07:39.27 I said, "No you have to teach them to understand, what was the problem,

01:07:39.27 01:07:41.24 that they got in there to start with."

01:07:43.01 01:07:50.01 You got to change the prisons into understanding the social structure problem,

01:07:50.07 01:07:52.06 not by packing it and hiding it.

01:07:56.11 01:07:59.28 The, the... There should not be fear.

01:08:00.12 01:08:02.22 But we have to find the positive solutions.

01:08:06.06 01:08:11.06 I always seen, criminals,

01:08:12.11 01:08:14.16 who been put behind the bars

01:08:15.08 01:08:19.09 and they come out some of them, because they train when they put together,

01:08:19.22 01:08:27.04 in a different way of training as craftsman, as artists, as engineers,

01:08:27.09 01:08:30.20 where they get their degrees while they are in there and they come out different.

01:08:30.20 01:08:35.00 We have to learn, where we gone wrong to create such a society,

01:08:35.01 01:08:36.29 that it has led us to this position.

01:08:39.08 01:08:44.00 One of the biggest problems, as they see, is drug trafficking.

01:08:45.06 01:08:47.23 Because I used to be part of the British government...

01:08:48.16 01:08:51.03 ...drug trafficking people, who ... monitored it.

01:08:51.25 01:08:54.11 We watched it, we found solution for it.

01:08:54.11 01:08:57.17 And even that time, we always said,

01:08:57.22 01:09:02.14 "If somebody can make it cheap enough, nobody will touch it and it can be done."

01:09:02.15 01:09:06.03 You all know how to make a GANS and why not use it for 20 years,

01:09:06.04 01:09:08.18 you don't need to buy so nobody encourages to make.

01:09:08.26 01:09:11.21 Who wants to make a harvest for something which nobody needs?

01:09:15.15 01:09:21.08 We have to find, positive solutions. Find solutions that we don't fight it.

01:09:21.19 01:09:25.25 Fighting narcotic is meaningless, when you can give and teach everybody,

01:09:26.02 01:09:30.02 how to create a better condition than the condition of narcotic.

01:09:30.08 01:09:32.10 That doesn't come from attention seeking.

01:09:32.10 01:09:35.06 Doesn't come from, destruction of one soul.

01:09:35.12 01:09:37.28 And then nobody touches it. It can be there.

01:09:39.21 01:09:42.21 How many time you pass the streets

01:09:42.22 01:09:45.28 and there are everything on the shelves you can take free, or you...

01:09:46.02 01:09:48.16 Do you take every thing? No, because you don't need.

01:09:49.03 01:09:50.22 We have to educate ourselves.

01:09:51.07 01:09:56.11 If I tell you there are conditions in the Universe, millions of times worse

01:09:56.12 01:10:00.29 than narcotic for the soul of the man to elevate itself higher, nobody touches it,

01:10:01.09 01:10:05.13 because they don't know when they get higher, how are they gonna handle it.

01:10:05.19 01:10:08.14 Is the freedom, which brings...

01:10:10.01 01:10:12.24 their behavior, not the control.

01:10:14.12 01:10:17.06 And the Human Race has chosen the wrong way.

01:10:20.03 01:10:22.28 We always punished, where we should have given the freedom

01:10:22.28 01:10:26.07 and explain the condition and people walk away from it.

01:10:26.12 01:10:29.22 And then when we understand, how we can satisfy the needs.

01:10:29.27 01:10:31.28 I feel sorry for all the drug traffickers,

01:10:31.29 01:10:34.13 they'll have nothing to live with, very, very soon.

01:10:34.15 01:10:35.15 You will see.

01:10:36.17 01:10:39.17 Because people don't look at the elevation of physicality

01:10:39.18 01:10:41.24 but they look at the elevation of their soul

01:10:41.28 01:10:44.15 and there's nothing in it, that you can give that to.

01:10:45.26 01:10:48.14 It's a very very strange game change.

01:10:49.01 01:10:53.08 Next week, there will be beginning,

01:10:54.10 01:10:56.08 of new style of life.

01:10:56.13 01:10:59.15 You all of us, all of us have that freedom.

01:10:59.16 01:11:02.02 We still build the factories, we are still committed,

01:11:02.03 01:11:05.29 because, till the most of the people understand it,

01:11:07.05 01:11:08.20 it will be tens of years,

01:11:08.21 01:11:12.19 secondly, not everybody will have the same sense to do it.

01:11:12.19 01:11:15.26 Because they want to do something else. They want to have the freedom.

01:11:16.02 01:11:19.06 The beauty of it is, from now on,

01:11:20.06 01:11:23.06 what I said to you before, makes a lot of sense.

01:11:24.13 01:11:25.17 We'll work...

01:11:28.17 01:11:30.10 ...to live at the moment.

01:11:31.21 01:11:35.03 In a coming time, we live to work.

01:11:35.28 01:11:38.11 To do what we enjoy, to do as work.

01:11:43.08 01:11:45.04 We'll queue up to do things.

01:11:46.16 01:11:50.03 Where now, we find every excuse not to do things.

01:11:53.28 01:11:55.19 There, those of you ...

01:11:56.23 01:11:59.14 who committed to the coin,

01:11:59.20 01:12:02.02 you will understand, what you've done.

01:12:02.03 01:12:05.12 And how positive you have changed and you'll change.

01:12:05.21 01:12:09.29 These are very important. We, we withdrew the coins very shortly

01:12:10.11 01:12:12.29 and then, we'll under, you'll understand,

01:12:13.01 01:12:17.13 why and who has bought up, what is the conditions and what changes it will bring.

01:12:20.27 01:12:26.19 We understand the setting up of the factories and what they will bring.

01:12:26.25 01:12:29.21 The condition is there, to change.

01:12:31.21 01:12:32.22 The...,

01:12:35.06 01:12:37.29 the, there was it...,

01:12:38.14 01:12:42.00 and it's still going on, an experiment in Saudi Arabia,

01:12:42.11 01:12:45.29 where one guy left a fridge freezer outside his house.

01:12:46.07 01:12:51.24 Whatever he had, he didn't need, put it there for everybody else to use it.

01:12:52.15 01:12:55.14 And then now a lot of nations have followed it.

01:12:56.05 01:12:59.05 A lot of people do it in different ways and aspects.

01:12:59.14 01:13:02.17 And then the beauty of it was, that everybody looked,

01:13:02.18 01:13:05.18 that they're gonna take and there'll be nothing left.

01:13:05.29 01:13:09.01 But, what has happened in most of the cases,

01:13:09.15 01:13:12.14 the others have brought even the ones they don't have much.

01:13:12.14 01:13:15.21 What they don't need are put in there for somebody might use it.

01:13:16.29 01:13:20.13 Man finds balance very, very quickly, when he sees justice

01:13:22.12 01:13:24.14 and this is a time of justice.

01:13:25.10 01:13:28.28 It was promised in the old time and now we fulfill it.

01:13:32.00 01:13:37.21 When we don't need to steal, when we don't need to do things to survive,

01:13:37.25 01:13:39.28 we become correct in conduct.

01:13:42.24 01:13:46.03 And we'll see it. We shall see it very, very quickly.

01:13:46.20 01:13:53.05 We have abolished and demolished the borders, as of next week.

01:13:54.05 01:13:57.24 Invite the World leaders. Invite every ambassador to be ready.

01:13:57.25 01:14:01.05 Go on the internet and spread the word everywhere.

01:14:02.13 01:14:04.26 14th and the 15th of April,

01:14:05.21 01:14:09.19 this Spaceship Program will be shown, how to make these people will see.

01:14:09.20 01:14:12.07 I've asked our teams to show what we can,

01:14:12.26 01:14:14.05 what they have done.

01:14:14.17 01:14:19.15 That it shocks the Humanity to next move, how it can be done,

01:14:19.17 01:14:21.00 they have not seen.

01:14:21.06 01:14:23.28 But it's there. Inform all the press.

01:14:25.07 01:14:27.01 Will be shown for two days.

01:14:27.16 01:14:29.16 Just one second please.

01:14:55.27 01:15:00.16 The, the beauty of the process is that,

01:15:00.25 01:15:05.29 we can all change the conditions and we need to inform the people what is to come.

01:15:08.25 01:15:14.17 We should not expect a, a fear of what they might do.

01:15:15.02 01:15:18.07 They should have their fear of, how they've been sidelined.

01:15:21.15 01:15:25.27 The, the biggest problem, for a lot of people

01:15:25.28 01:15:27.25 will be the medical part.

01:15:29.10 01:15:34.13 The control over food, will shock many, many nations.

01:15:34.14 01:15:39.27 Many, many people who been, they, you got to understand, people have come and gone.

01:15:40.05 01:15:44.05 Shown something, or things are shown in the background or discussed.

01:15:44.06 01:15:48.12 Now collectively we'll put together in a way that can be understood.

01:15:50.24 01:15:52.13 This is the beauty of it.

01:15:52.17 01:15:56.13 This is what we, we are emphasizing on.

01:15:57.14 01:16:00.21 This is what is part of our work.

01:16:03.02 01:16:07.19 Establishment of Peace, through Science and Technology.

01:16:09.02 01:16:14.06 No fear if a aircraft passes or something happens, they will find a solution.

01:16:14.08 01:16:17.05 There is enough time to do or put it this way,

01:16:17.06 01:16:20.20 when the first incidents or possible incidents happens,

01:16:20.29 01:16:22.29 then the government is start taking action.

01:16:23.00 01:16:25.02 This is been always the position.

01:16:26.28 01:16:33.04 I, I expect to see thousands and thousands of Mexicans in America

01:16:33.12 01:16:35.11 and let them build the wall. What's the use of the Wall?

01:16:35.12 01:16:37.28 We seen it happened. This, this puzzles us.

01:16:38.07 01:16:42.20 We saw how the castles were made and how they breach when the cannon came

01:16:43.06 01:16:44.29 and when you go fly over them.

01:16:45.20 01:16:47.19 Now, why are we building a wall?

01:16:47.28 01:16:49.24 For the rats not to pass?

01:16:50.04 01:16:54.25 Because the Mexicans will fly right into ... Washington in five minutes.

01:16:55.28 01:16:59.00 We have to find as of next weekend an international solution

01:16:59.02 01:17:02.06 for everything we created, to divide ourselves.

01:17:03.18 01:17:08.02 The biggest, the biggest problem for our world leaders

01:17:08.03 01:17:11.10 will be how fast they can get together to,

01:17:11.19 01:17:16.16 to, to bring Mankind to the position of understanding it's now, the game is over.

01:17:16.17 01:17:17.20 It's all one.

01:17:19.22 01:17:21.20 When the first flights takes place,

01:17:21.21 01:17:25.09 when the first number of people different part of the World start flying,

01:17:25.21 01:17:29.15 the government's find out, passports useless.

01:17:30.00 01:17:31.15 As I said, "You become a bird."

01:17:31.15 01:17:34.02 Have you seen a bird carrying a passport on his tail?

01:17:34.04 01:17:36.03 "I'm a bird. I land where I like."

01:17:38.16 01:17:41.13 I emphasized this in my meeting with the American officials,

01:17:41.13 01:17:44.22 when I handed them over the key, in 2012.

01:17:45.23 01:17:50.15 I said, "We fly over your country, you don't have the system to detect."

01:17:53.18 01:17:57.27 We, with the 'One Nation' is forced upon us,

01:17:58.05 01:18:01.14 not accepted by World leaders,

01:18:02.05 01:18:03.16 you cannot stop.

01:18:03.17 01:18:09.07 The only way they're gonna stop you making caustic, is to ban anybody carrying wood.

01:18:09.22 01:18:13.01 If you can make a ash, you can make a caustic.

01:18:13.04 01:18:16.16 If you have a wire in the house, you can make your GANSes.

01:18:16.17 01:18:18.29 You made your GANSes, understand what to do.

01:18:18.29 01:18:22.28 In the teachings I've asked, especially those who made the Space fuel,

01:18:22.29 01:18:25.28 clearly indicate and dictate, what it is, how it's made.

01:18:26.16 01:18:28.07 Then ..., you're all free.

01:18:32.10 01:18:35.15 During the communist times, the, the communist leaders,

01:18:35.16 01:18:38.12 brought everybody from the farms, to put them in the blocks,

01:18:38.13 01:18:42.07 that they had no place to cultivate, that the government could control them.

01:18:42.08 01:18:45.26 Because, if they had a piece of land, they would had chicken and some food,

01:18:45.27 01:18:47.12 they couldn't control them.

01:18:48.00 01:18:53.06 Now, they have to ban a man, from carrying a piece of wood and a piece of Copper.

01:18:53.13 01:18:55.27 With it, he has the freedom of the Space.

01:18:57.18 01:18:59.17 This is the beauty of the Knowledge.

01:19:00.11 01:19:03.05 Is the beauty of the Science of Understanding.

01:19:03.14 01:19:06.15 We force governments, not to be governments

01:19:06.15 01:19:08.22 and 'One Nation' to become part of it.

01:19:10.04 01:19:11.23 We don't need World leaders.

01:19:11.24 01:19:14.13 We need leaders who understand the World.

01:19:14.14 01:19:17.18 The Truth, the real condition, which is there upon us.

01:19:22.06 01:19:24.14 The change has come, nobody can stop.

01:19:24.16 01:19:26.21 No one can stop it anymore.

01:19:27.13 01:19:28.16 It's over.

01:19:28.24 01:19:34.26 Is checkmate, for all World leaders, for Humanity and is such a checkmate,

01:19:34.29 01:19:38.06 that they could not imagine it's landed on their lap.

01:19:40.12 01:19:44.02 If you're worried, what's going to happen, somebody make a mistake,

01:19:44.04 01:19:48.11 what about somebody deliberately not to make a mistake and land

01:19:48.19 01:19:54.13 and bring, and stop, any military flight to bomb the others, unjustified?

01:20:00.10 01:20:02.21 Why don't we look at the positive side?

01:20:02.26 01:20:06.26 There'll be no no more war, because whatever you have, I have more.

01:20:07.13 01:20:08.22 I have equal.

01:20:12.26 01:20:20.02 Do we have to have, Space agencies or we have one Space agency which support us.

01:20:20.14 01:20:24.07 Give us all the facilities that every nation, every person,

01:20:24.14 01:20:27.18 every man on this Planet can go anywhere they like.

01:20:29.08 01:20:31.18 The biggest problem we have created,

01:20:32.04 01:20:37.06 is we have made the man free, we have set the man free.

01:20:37.12 01:20:40.27 And now we teach you in every aspects, it's the completion.

01:20:41.24 01:20:45.27 But the other side is, how you communicate with the Universal Community?

01:20:46.01 01:20:49.10 How you interact, how you feed, how you protect yourself?

01:20:49.18 01:20:52.28 How you travel with them across the Universe?

01:20:53.06 01:20:55.14 Don't forget they've been travelers of the Universe

01:20:55.15 01:20:57.19 for billions of years according to man.

01:20:58.06 01:21:01.23 We have a lot to learn, but they don't become our Prophets and Gods,

01:21:02.11 01:21:05.29 they become brothers, who show us new dimension they've been there.

01:21:06.07 01:21:09.22 It's like when you go to a city and your brother was there,

01:21:09.22 01:21:12.20 he takes you to show you this beautiful part of the building

01:21:12.21 01:21:14.06 and the best restaurant there

01:21:14.06 01:21:17.04 and where is the best sandwich and where is the best view.

01:21:18.06 01:21:22.02 The Universal Community will give us that pleasure

01:21:22.04 01:21:24.07 to show us the beauty of the Universe.

01:21:25.07 01:21:27.10 And then what's the use of what I said,

01:21:27.15 01:21:30.06 "Fighting for a piece of land which worth nothing."

01:21:32.07 01:21:36.06 I heard something very ridiculous once from Dr. Kostova.

01:21:36.16 01:21:40.01 She said, "Oh Earth is a high commodity, property.

01:21:40.02 01:21:42.10 That's why you lot come here to take."

01:21:42.16 01:21:46.21 If I show you the beauty of the Universe, who wants the dust of the Earth?

01:21:46.25 01:21:48.05 Not much on it.

01:21:50.01 01:21:52.15 The Universe, is beautiful.

01:21:53.02 01:21:59.26 And once we accept the condition of Peace, then you will see the Universe.

01:22:00.11 01:22:03.04 The only pass you need is to become peaceful.

01:22:04.29 01:22:06.28 It will be accidents, We've seen it.

01:22:06.28 01:22:10.22 We lost, trillions of people in the Space due to,

01:22:11.17 01:22:14.21 as we say, "Weather conditions, hurricanes."

01:22:15.04 01:22:17.10 But in the Space is in different shape or form.

01:22:17.10 01:22:23.06 But we know in the path of universal belief, we believe in one thing.

01:22:25.02 01:22:30.08 The existence of that accidents was for our Fields, our souls,

01:22:30.17 01:22:35.03 to be given or spread across the Universe, to become the seed for another life.

01:22:36.02 01:22:40.15 Is rejoiced, is not shamed, is not sorrowed.

01:22:42.17 01:22:45.09 Man because he sees he puts the body and goes nowhere,

01:22:45.09 01:22:48.04 has never understood that he free the soul of the man.

01:22:48.13 01:22:51.19 In the Universal Community, the believe is different.

01:22:52.05 01:22:57.29 As the life, as the field of the Universe never diminishes

01:22:58.23 01:23:02.05 and is what we call, "Everywhere,"

01:23:02.15 01:23:06.03 then your soul become part of another, which could be higher than you.

01:23:06.05 01:23:10.07 It's rejoicing, it counts, not being worried about the, the lost.

01:23:13.12 01:23:17.10 Will have accidents, we see accidents every day across the Universe.

01:23:17.11 01:23:20.13 Some of them horrendous, but there is not much can be done.

01:23:21.04 01:23:23.26 Is the condition which is created. We have it on Earth.

01:23:23.27 01:23:27.09 We have hurricanes, we have earthquakes, we have volcanic eruptions.

01:23:28.07 01:23:32.01 The same is but in Fields of Matter-State in different part of the Universe.

01:23:32.02 01:23:33.17 There is no exception.

01:23:35.28 01:23:41.07 Don't be afraid of damages, be afraid of the joys and freedom it brings.

01:23:41.07 01:23:43.15 There is always a collateral damage.

01:23:43.16 01:23:45.29 Always is, doesn't matter even in the Universe,

01:23:46.02 01:23:47.22 we haven't managed to control it.

01:23:47.24 01:23:51.23 Because doesn't need controlling, means there is a need for a new condition.

01:24:00.18 01:24:02.24 (RC) I have a couple of questions, Mr. Keshe,

01:24:02.24 01:24:05.23 that kind of ties in with what you're saying as well.

01:24:06.29 01:24:10.22 Justin asks, "Will there be an implementation of immediate

01:24:10.26 01:24:14.02 open file sharing throughout the blueprint?

01:24:14.05 01:24:20.04 Can we find a way to speed up the information sharing, for this purpose?

01:24:21.14 01:24:25.03 (MK) It will be as it is, open teachings.

01:24:27.28 01:24:29.29 There is no other way we can do it.

01:24:30.21 01:24:36.27 Most of the, most of what you need as a blueprint, is released in the patents.

01:24:39.29 01:24:45.06 (RC) I was going to say that, I had a look at the p,

01:24:45.27 01:24:49.14 the patents in the, Plasma Reactor Group last night

01:24:49.21 01:24:54.21 and, just in the first paragraph alone of the patent,

01:24:54.22 01:24:59.29 it pretty much sums up the whole concept

01:25:00.06 01:25:05.12 of the, energy and gravitational reactor.

01:25:05.28 01:25:07.20 (MK) Would you like to read it?

01:25:08.03 01:25:12.24 (RC) Sure, I can do that. Just give me a minute to f, find that again here.

01:25:14.07 01:25:17.20 (MK) The, the thing is the whole knowledge is set in my patent.

01:25:19.14 01:25:24.00 The knowledge of freedom of man in the Space and beyond in the Space is in the patents.

01:25:24.01 01:25:25.24 Is just now that you have the knowledge,

01:25:25.25 01:25:28.10 you look at it to say you see it with a new light.

01:25:39.17 01:25:40.24 Have you found it?

01:25:41.01 01:25:43.10 (RC) No, it'll just take me a minute here,

01:25:43.13 01:25:48.13 I put that away because I, didn't think I'd have to show that today, so...

01:25:48.13 01:25:50.20 (MK) No problem. (RC) Give me a minute to,

01:25:50.27 01:25:54.02 (MK) The, the principal behind all our teaching

01:25:54.03 01:25:56.16 is the freedom of sharing knowledge.

01:25:58.10 01:26:04.10 You'll be amazed how after next week so much researches will be obsolete.

01:26:05.10 01:26:08.01 Many weapon technologies will be obsolete.

01:26:09.02 01:26:13.18 We force Peace through knowledge and now we do it openly.

01:26:14.10 01:26:20.08 We don't negotiate, we dictate Peace, through knowledge.

01:26:21.00 01:26:26.00 Because you have to negotiate when you have somebody who is opposition.

01:26:26.00 01:26:28.06 With this technology there is no opposition,

01:26:28.07 01:26:31.01 so we dictate Peace through, delivery of technology.

01:26:31.27 01:26:36.26 It's, there will be a mind setup change for many World leaders.

01:26:38.13 01:26:41.04 A lot will fight to keep the status quo,

01:26:41.04 01:26:46.04 but they'll find out their own people are doing it, so there is no status quo.

01:26:46.05 01:26:52.11 We dismantle leadership, the wrong leadership, from inside itself.

01:26:53.19 01:26:56.26 World leaders will decide how to spread the knowledge,

01:26:56.27 01:26:58.23 but the knowledge is already spread.

01:27:03.05 01:27:06.09 We have made one condition and one condition only.

01:27:07.20 01:27:09.28 Technology in exchange for Peace

01:27:10.01 01:27:13.17 and sharing of the Technology equal amongst all Humanity.

01:27:14.24 01:27:19.24 Who can fight it, unless you have clandestine activities and the name.

01:27:22.19 01:27:26.10 In a way, if you look at it, all what I call,

01:27:27.20 01:27:29.24 "Illegal activities like...

01:27:32.26 01:27:39.21 ...Illuminatis, controlling the finances of the World, mafia structure work."

01:27:41.20 01:27:46.16 These all becomes irrelevant, because the new money will make them obsolete.

01:27:47.24 01:27:49.26 The, their finances has no meaning.

01:27:50.00 01:27:53.17 And the people who have everything don't yield to pressure.

01:27:55.20 01:27:57.01 You'll see resistance

01:27:57.23 01:28:02.27 but especially, especially Masons will be vanished in no time.

01:28:04.04 01:28:08.08 Because the stock shares what they thought will be nothing as we saw.

01:28:08.08 01:28:11.19 If you go back, some of you might notice something.

01:28:11.25 01:28:17.02 The day we announced the opening of the Keshe Foundation Coins,

01:28:17.16 01:28:23.08 two, three weeks ago, just watch how much got wiped out of the stock exchange.

01:28:23.08 01:28:25.15 I was told 60 odd billion

01:28:26.09 01:28:28.28 and they started inquiry on the Saturday of that week,

01:28:29.00 01:28:32.02 Friday of that week, after we launched on Thursday the coin.

01:28:32.03 01:28:38.01 Because they realised now, there is a financial value behind the coin.

01:28:38.01 01:28:43.09 It's the first time we secure our coin with financial means.

01:28:44.01 01:28:47.27 Which is the financial incomes of the Keshe Foundation worldwide operation.

01:28:48.16 01:28:54.21 Science has become the backer of the currency, not thieving.

01:28:55.22 01:29:01.02 Imaginary digging of what? People's life, losing their's?

01:29:02.05 01:29:03.29 And we see the change.

01:29:06.18 01:29:11.20 It's a solid base made on the effort of those who want to participate.

01:29:13.11 01:29:16.19 Just go and check the day, I was told, I was with our guy.

01:29:16.19 01:29:21.15 He said, "You know, the thing has been crushed, it's disappeared."

01:29:21.16 01:29:24.16 But they don't understand the things we do in the background.

01:29:25.17 01:29:31.08 You saw the World Peace between the what we saw with South Korea and North Korea

01:29:31.08 01:29:34.14 and US and now with China.

01:29:34.17 01:29:41.13 Just go back and listen to the last two teachings of 2017,

01:29:42.15 01:29:45.23 you see how much knowledge and information was released

01:29:45.23 01:29:48.14 that open the hand of those who was creating the war.

01:29:48.26 01:29:50.09 I dismantled it.

01:29:50.24 01:29:54.18 Just listen, just go on the Christmas teaching and the New Year's teaching

01:29:54.18 01:29:59.14 and listen to what I directly went for North Korean condition,

01:29:59.14 01:30:03.18 because we see, we could see a point of conflict, very heavy,

01:30:03.26 01:30:06.12 and look what happened in the first week of January.

01:30:07.13 01:30:12.26 Because we took the backbone of those who are trying to create war out of them

01:30:12.26 01:30:15.08 because they thought nobody knows, we dismantled it.

01:30:15.08 01:30:19.16 The Keshe Foundation is very powerful in security and structural security.

01:30:20.07 01:30:24.03 The information we released was so precise, that it shook governments.

01:30:25.05 01:30:28.05 How come there was a war, they're going to launch this and that?

01:30:28.06 01:30:33.06 Just go, just, just spend two minutes and go and listen,

01:30:33.07 01:30:39.28 to the Christmas and New Year Teachings and how we deliberately targeted North Korea

01:30:40.00 01:30:44.03 and we explained what was going on. And see that the hand was open.

01:30:44.04 01:30:46.13 Everybody knew what's happening, suddenly.

01:30:47.03 01:30:51.09 And they took those, they were instigators out and we see what happened.

01:30:51.11 01:30:54.23 Sharing of the Olympics, accepting of a meeting,

01:30:54.27 01:30:57.25 meeting of the World leaders with North Korea.

01:30:57.26 01:31:00.23 Situation has changed because instigators are not there.

01:31:01.22 01:31:06.08 We are extremely powerful as Keshe Foundation, none of you understands.

01:31:09.07 01:31:14.15 Just go and have a look, just listen to the Christmas and New Year's Knowledge Seekers

01:31:14.15 01:31:16.26 sections to do with Korea and with Israel,

01:31:16.27 01:31:20.19 and then you'll understand, how suddenly situation changed.

01:31:21.14 01:31:25.19 My wish is my command and very soon a lot of you understand.

01:31:27.06 01:31:31.12 There was nothing before that day and a week, 14 days later, change came.

01:31:32.15 01:31:35.16 And I said, "My wish takes 14 days to come."

01:31:37.19 01:31:43.26 Go and take the extract out of the, what we disclosed in December

01:31:44.17 01:31:48.15 with North Korea, with involvement of other nations and how was going on.

01:31:48.18 01:31:52.17 Governments listens to Keshe Foundation teachings very, very closely

01:31:52.28 01:31:57.16 and they, they, they knew the hand is open they could not finance war anymore.

01:32:00.09 01:32:03.28 It's not coincidental, how many coincidences you want to see?

01:32:11.21 01:32:12.22 Have you found it?

01:32:12.22 01:32:16.27 (RC) Yes, I can read that description now Mr.. Keshe ...

01:32:18.07 01:32:21.23 let me see here, let's go back to the top, there we go.

01:32:22.00 01:32:26.29 (MK) Oh, by the way these are my rights you cannot share it out.

01:32:26.29 01:32:29.01 I demand you to be wiped out.

01:32:30.29 01:32:33.23 Isn't it true, this is what they do nowadays?

01:32:34.08 01:32:37.23 You publish my papers, is my copyright?

01:32:40.14 01:32:44.12 (RC) Well this is from your patent application,

01:32:44.13 01:32:46.05 so it's been ... (MK) Exactly.

01:32:46.06 01:32:49.05 (RC) published already. Sorry [chuckles]

01:32:49.16 01:32:50.20 But yes ... (MK) Too late.

01:32:50.20 01:32:53.15 (RC) That's ... If this did go through as a patent,

01:32:53.15 01:32:58.14 you can bet that it would heavily protected by whoever did it.

01:32:58.14 01:33:02.22 And, what you did was the opposite, you revealed it

01:33:03.01 01:33:07.07 by making it a patent application so they can't take it away

01:33:07.12 01:33:11.22 and it's still available on the internet that way, so that's a ...

01:33:12.08 01:33:16.27 very interesting technique actual. (MK) Rick, Rick, read it, I knew...

01:33:17.17 01:33:20.17 What happened, they told me you cannot do.

01:33:20.18 01:33:22.18 What I said, what I said, "I don't want a patent."

01:33:22.18 01:33:25.01 They said, "You have to patent it otherwise they take from.

01:33:25.03 01:33:27.02 I said, "So what happens when I patent it?

01:33:27.02 01:33:30.29 Stay ... they, they explained to me how this works. I said, "My God,"

01:33:31.04 01:33:33.12 it's a free publication, I better do it very quick."

01:33:33.13 01:33:35.12 So now you ... (RC) [chuckles]

01:33:35.13 01:33:38.04 (MK) The thing, the things is one thing you understand,

01:33:38.06 01:33:44.22 is with this, is important because behind this, there is a Nano patent.

01:33:44.25 01:33:47.16 There is an application for nano-materials,

01:33:48.07 01:33:49.28 that, if you bring it

01:33:50.04 01:33:53.29 and place the knowledge from the wording into this patent,

01:33:54.07 01:33:56.16 the Space Technology unravels.

01:33:58.15 01:34:03.25 There's a Nano patent. It was given in the key to the world leaders.

01:34:04.21 01:34:11.06 if you take part of that Nano Technology patent and bring it here,

01:34:11.18 01:34:14.17 and change the names and the elements,

01:34:14.19 01:34:17.12 you will find the key to the universal travel.

01:34:23.19 01:34:26.29 (RC) Yes I believe I saw the title of that patent.

01:34:26.29 01:34:29.04 I'll have to see if I can find that again.

01:34:29.09 01:34:33.19 I think it was mentioned in the second patent application.

01:34:34.12 01:34:42.03 It refers back to a previous patent that we don't normally, normally look at.

01:34:42.17 01:34:46.17 It may be hidden inside the USB key there somewhere but that's a big

01:34:46.17 01:34:50.24 document couple of gigabytes of information (MK) Yeah.

01:34:51.01 01:34:55.23 There is a ... The, if you look at this structure inside the core,

01:34:56.26 01:35:01.04 this is a copy of the Iranian nuclear reactor base which the Russians

01:35:01.04 01:35:03.20 are used in their new weapon Technology.

01:35:03.28 01:35:06.14 But is in a different understanding.

01:35:06.20 01:35:10.24 These are not coils, these are Magnetic field flows, in so many ways.

01:35:11.09 01:35:17.19 And the... we will show the Iranian nuclear base reactor,

01:35:17.21 01:35:21.03 built with the permission of his excellency President Hassan Rouhani

01:35:21.03 01:35:22.29 and his Eminence Ali Khamenei of Iran.

01:35:22.29 01:35:28.19 When I was in Iran we show, I've asked it to be released next week

01:35:28.20 01:35:36.09 you'll see the weight reduction of the system from seven kilo to 6.1.

01:35:36.10 01:35:40.09 We, for military defense Technology which was tested at that time.

01:35:41.01 01:35:43.29 We did not disclose any further than that.

01:35:44.04 01:35:52.08 But ... reduction of 15% by adding few mg of gases is very significant,

01:35:52.08 01:35:53.28 those who understand it.

01:35:56.03 01:36:02.18 This, these videos of these tests done in Bruges will be released next week.

01:36:02.28 01:36:05.24 You will see Iranian nuclear reactors, operational

01:36:06.11 01:36:13.09 ... in Belgium. These are soft radiation they're not weapon Technology grade.

01:36:13.16 01:36:16.09 And a strange thing is that the ...

01:36:17.22 01:36:22.06 Belgium securities and national securities were monitoring all the tests

01:36:22.24 01:36:25.09 and strange enough, I found the video.

01:36:25.10 01:36:28.18 Yesterday I was looking at it that the guy from the Belgium,

01:36:28.19 01:36:32.28 whose hand is damaged is very actively with the good hand is videoing it.

01:36:32.28 01:36:34.14 It's very very strange.

01:36:36.06 01:36:40.19 Because and we did it in a very sick day, they gave us a secure place

01:36:40.19 01:36:44.23 where we could test and they could watch everything they wanted to watch,

01:36:44.29 01:36:49.10 and the ...the strange is, this Iranian space reactor,

01:36:49.22 01:36:52.00 which is exactly 10 years old now

01:36:53.15 01:36:59.05 ... will be shown in public. You'll see the weight reductions ...

01:36:59.24 01:37:04.15 ... stage-by-stage by changing these very, very micro grams of gases

01:37:04.19 01:37:06.14 where the plasma takes over.

01:37:06.19 01:37:12.08 ... Space reactors nuclear material, nuclear Technology in the soft radiation,

01:37:12.15 01:37:14.16 is very, very powerful.

01:37:14.29 01:37:19.15 But to create a three dimensional effect the skin is not that easy,

01:37:19.18 01:37:21.27 but with the GANS systems you have that,

01:37:21.27 01:37:25.13 because you can create different conditions of the strength of GANS.

01:37:25.29 01:37:31.10 And it's a... But it's a safe way you will see it next week.

01:37:31.16 01:37:36.00 it creates the essential winds, but in a safe way that every man can use it.

01:37:36.23 01:37:40.21 Oh, this brings back many memories. Go and read it, what you were...

01:37:40.21 01:37:46.29 (RC) Yes I, let me read the first paragraph here, okay.

01:37:46.29 01:37:53.06 Just to refer, just to let people know this is the European patent application

01:37:53.06 01:38:03.17 EP 1 770 717 A1 from 2007 looks like the publication date.

01:38:03.23 01:38:07.01 Gravitational and energy system.

01:38:08.07 01:38:12.22 The new method and Technology is described to create,

01:38:12.24 01:38:20.11 under centrifugal and vacuum conditions in presence of ionization condition

01:38:20.18 01:38:25.29 a turbulence rotation compressive and heating of a gaseous matter,

01:38:25.29 01:38:32.28 is created in a reactor, by at least one central rotative Magnetic field,

01:38:33.01 01:38:38.26 with the purpose of creating Plasmatic conditions leading to the creation

01:38:38.26 01:38:45.12 of various Magnetic fields. Where at least the interaction of two Magnetic field

01:38:45.12 01:38:52.01 will lead to the creation of at least one Gravitational Force phenomena.

01:38:52.20 01:38:57.05 (RC) In our???(MK) you see. Just one second. If you can go through step by step.

01:38:57.14 01:39:03.11 if you now changes that to GANSes which create, it fits perfectly.

01:39:05.02 01:39:09.08 if you change it to two, two different nano-materials which are in a way

01:39:09.15 01:39:12.12 releasing Plasmatic field it fits perfectly.

01:39:12.22 01:39:13.26 Now you understand why I said,

01:39:13.27 01:39:18.09 "If you bring out patent here, you will understand the work is the same."

01:39:18.23 01:39:23.29 (RC) So you're saying to put in a, a, a GANS matter where it says..

01:39:24.07 01:39:26.09 oops, I highlighted the whole thing.

01:39:26.10 01:39:30.26 ... Where it says, Gaseous Matter? You mean, (MK) Yes exactly ...

01:39:30.27 01:39:34.26 (RC) GANS ... ma ... (MK) Yes ... exactly.

01:39:34.26 01:39:39.26 (RC): But it would be the GANS matter without the water would it not?

01:39:39.26 01:39:43.15 because you've been saying that. (MK) Mm-mm, we have shown the trick.

01:39:43.15 01:39:47.01 We, we have shown the trick, how you do it without the water or with water.

01:39:47.05 01:39:50.00 They're still in a Plasma condition, if you remember.

01:39:50.09 01:39:54.29 The water with drink, the minute enters the body of the man, it becomes the GANS state,

01:39:54.29 01:39:56.01 Plasmatic state.

01:39:56.01 01:40:00.15 (RC) But can we get the, the strength of the Fields that we need

01:40:00.15 01:40:05.11 to be able to get a, a, a Gravitational effect?

01:40:01.17 01:40:05.18 (RC) that would be good a gravitational effect

01:40:05.19 01:40:09.19 Same with the GANS water (MK) We

01:40:09.19 01:40:14.19 (MTK) Yes, yes you can do but you don't need a gans. There is a new technique.

01:40:14.20 01:40:18.26 I teach because one team is in that way going.

01:40:18.28 01:40:22.10 I disclosed with them yesterday. I've explained this.

01:40:22.12 01:40:27.03 The problem is you have somebody sitting in this platform who knows all of it.

01:40:27.21 01:40:31.20 And he can't put it together. But he's been taught all of it.

01:40:31.21 01:40:35.22 Armen knows exactly what I know, I've taught this man.

01:40:35.28 01:40:38.08 He's just got to put it together and and get.

01:40:38.12 01:40:42.25 There is a condition, you don't need any...any...

01:40:43.10 01:40:45.26 Let me explain to you. Lets, lets, lest explain.

01:40:45.26 01:40:48.26 because we are going to the space level. There is nothing...

01:40:48.27 01:40:51.27 Can I share for one second and we come back in again.

01:40:52.00 01:40:59.27 (RC) Sure.You got to...okay. (MTK) You have to go out that I can share. Or can I share.

01:41:00.13 01:41:05.14 Okay I share now. Let me explain this very, very clearly.

01:41:05.16 01:41:07.29 You see, in the, in the...

01:41:09.18 01:41:15.18 in the, Iranian nuclear reactor base which now the Russians have used in different way.

01:41:15.24 01:41:20.27 We placed the radioactive materials along the wall

01:41:21.02 01:41:24.06 and then we had a second one. Which is again,

01:41:24.13 01:41:27.02 nuclear materials are placed either side.

01:41:27.03 01:41:31.22 So... (RC) Mr. Keshe I think we are just seeing a black screen so far.

01:41:31.22 01:41:33.26 At least I am. Is that what other people...

01:41:33.26 01:41:36.08 (MTK) Is everybody sees a black screen?

01:41:38.06 01:41:43.07 (FM) Yeah, need to re share. (RC) Okay, now we see. Yeah, that's good, Thank you.

01:41:43.08 01:41:45.27 (MTK) So let me open it up because...

01:41:46.15 01:41:50.09 We have to explain that,

01:41:51.02 01:41:55.27 nothing the Iranians did was harmful. Its beautiful what it's been done.

01:41:56.02 01:42:00.18 And... Okay.

01:42:00.22 01:42:04.24 What we've done is that we created a dome condition.

01:42:04.24 01:42:09.03 The Iranian nuclear reactor Space Technology, is like this.

01:42:10.12 01:42:14.09 You have to understand there were a lot of concepts at that time working,

01:42:14.13 01:42:20.10 where we have a second. We don't have the rotating thing you see that is...

01:42:20.18 01:42:22.14 we went in the different directions.

01:42:22.14 01:42:28.29 Because that's how easy it is. We placed a number of radioactive materials,

01:42:29.14 01:42:35.08 both on this dome inside and on the floor of it.

01:42:38.29 01:42:44.10 So, we vacuumed the condition and we introduced gases in two directions.

01:42:44.10 01:42:47.18 In two ways into the cylinder.

01:42:47.25 01:42:51.12 One comes here and one feeds into here.

01:42:52.18 01:42:59.09 We have a condition of a motor running inside, so it a total self contained.

01:42:59.18 01:43:04.13 The gases here, Hydrogen was placed at a high level,

01:43:04.21 01:43:08.02 that as was needed became your fuel tank.

01:43:08.28 01:43:16.10 We rotate this section, with... oh it brings back so many memories,

01:43:17.13 01:43:23.11 We rotate this section this way, but this one is solid. Stays.

01:43:23.25 01:43:27.10 So the Field inside here,

01:43:28.02 01:43:37.18 is different rotating than the Field which is created here.

01:43:38.17 01:43:42.11 I have to, to choose the right figures that you can see.

01:43:42.27 01:43:45.10 The, the get with the condition here.

01:43:45.16 01:43:49.09 So this way, we created the two Fields.

01:43:49.11 01:43:54.26 One is this one and one is this one.

01:43:56.07 01:43:58.16 So the two fields are created.

01:43:58.18 01:44:03.22 So now, you have the platform which is the Earth Gravitational-Magnetic Field.

01:44:04.02 01:44:08.17 By speed of rotation and change of the gas in any chambers

01:44:08.18 01:44:11.06 we could dictate lift or landing.

01:44:16.07 01:44:22.17 You will see the, the, the Iranian developed Space reactor

01:44:23.08 01:44:27.19 and what we had was that... Wu,

01:44:27.20 01:44:31.03 at the moment at that time we didn't understand

01:44:31.04 01:44:34.05 part of the mechanical part of this business,

01:44:34.07 01:44:37.06 which the motor here needed a cooling.

01:44:37.06 01:44:42.18 So when you see the new reactors which was tested later on in Belgium

01:44:42.20 01:44:48.13 We added a cooling system rotating tube into a cooling tank.

01:44:48.26 01:44:51.06 We had no more problems, because we...

01:44:51.11 01:44:55.23 The, the problem was that the vacuum condition would not allow.

01:44:55.23 01:44:58.20 We used to get a matching of the Fields and we had problems with it.

01:44:58.21 01:45:04.28 So you will see for example we in one test we started with a 7 kg loading,

01:45:05.11 01:45:12.06 we go to 6.5, 6.3, 6.1, by literally adding 1 ml of gas.

01:45:13.07 01:45:18.27 Now if you look why it moves, this is what I was explaining to our team yesterday

01:45:18.28 01:45:21.25 and I'm sure they couldn't understand two days ago,

01:45:21.27 01:45:28.01 is if you look at it here, there is a dome.

01:45:29.14 01:45:32.17 The reason for it is there's a dome here too.

01:45:33.09 01:45:40.12 So, what we used to create which I'm sure our team will kick themselves in a minute,

01:45:40.25 01:45:43.29 is we created the Magnetic-Field flow.

01:45:44.24 01:45:48.14 But, be it, the interaction with this dome

01:45:48.25 01:45:51.17 which is fully nanocoated. Armen has seen this.

01:45:51.18 01:45:56.04 People who were in the Desenzano have seen this. This is fully nanocoated.

01:45:56.12 01:46:02.13 What I call, "Deep nano-coating." The Fields had to break and created their own shield.

01:46:02.18 01:46:07.00 And this is the problem our team have at the moment, which can not break this.

01:46:07.14 01:46:11.12 With the nano material coating of with a specific way,

01:46:11.17 01:46:15.25 I created the dome, that this Field broke.

01:46:15.26 01:46:17.29 And the two Fields had to interact.

01:46:18.11 01:46:20.28 You had the Gravitational Field landing all right.

01:46:20.28 01:46:28.12 If you can add 1 mg, 1, less than 1ml of gas and lose about 15% of weight

01:46:28.12 01:46:31.15 than you see we achieve full lift

01:46:31.24 01:46:35.01 with the ability conditions they were looking for to develop.

01:46:36.08 01:46:40.00 But the rest of this... this is a dynamic Field.

01:46:40.02 01:46:42.28 What do you do in a rotor? In a generator?

01:46:43.05 01:46:45.01 You create a dynamic fields.

01:46:45.07 01:46:50.13 And then you have matters like Copper brushes or whatever...

01:46:51.07 01:46:53.11 coils and you collect the energy.

01:46:53.13 01:46:56.29 So this, this system is automatically a generator.

01:46:57.01 01:47:01.04 Depends how you slow it down and this becomes like a soul of the man

01:47:01.06 01:47:04.23 and then these become, the Emotions.

01:47:05.21 01:47:06.28 Its all the same.

01:47:09.13 01:47:11.01 Its all the same.

01:47:12.02 01:47:16.26 At this level here, you eradicate cancer.

01:47:16.26 01:47:21.04 At this level here, you eradicate Alzheimer.

01:47:21.26 01:47:25.28 We have to understand this now. This is, this is, this is the body of the man.

01:47:29.10 01:47:30.29 You have your Chakras.

01:47:32.18 01:47:36.14 Its no different. I have replicated it but you wont, you don't want to see.

01:47:36.14 01:47:38.09 It's your problem not mine.

01:47:38.24 01:47:41.10 I know the secret of the Creation in the Universe.

01:47:42.03 01:47:45.00 I am the beginning. I am the end.

01:47:45.22 01:47:49.02 And man is very lucky to have on this time.

01:47:49.23 01:47:56.03 Its shows our love for mankind that we spent so much time here, to get it right.

01:47:57.19 01:48:01.15 Everything is written, in the language that the man can understand.

01:48:01.15 01:48:06.11 Iranians could not. The Russians have developed it. in a further condition.

01:48:08.29 01:48:12.01 When you go down, when you create lift.

01:48:12.20 01:48:17.17 How many km of walls do you want to make between Mexico and The United States?

01:48:17.26 01:48:19.02 What a shame.

01:48:21.18 01:48:24.19 That's what I tell you, "American scientists have no clue."

01:48:24.19 01:48:29.22 They, there, there are very much as we say, "Fur coats no knickers'" in English.

01:48:30.03 01:48:30.27 Which means:

01:48:30.27 01:48:34.00 "They think they are wearing a fur coat, but they have nothing underneath."

01:48:34.01 01:48:36.20 They are as hollow as a egg, which is rotten.

01:48:37.23 01:48:39.17 Now its time to change.

01:48:42.15 01:48:48.08 Carry on. Read the rest of it please.

01:48:49.24 01:48:52.01 (RC) Okay.

01:48:59.23 01:49:02.19 Bringing up in the screen here again.

01:49:03.26 01:49:08.27 (MTK) If you change the same thing as a GANS you have the same position.

01:49:09.08 01:49:15.01 But now it stop creating how needing those, nuclear materials in the reactor,

01:49:15.09 01:49:20.15 you have brought in the condition of the GANS condition. It's the same.

01:49:20.29 01:49:26.20 But ... it's of a bigger spectrum, higher spectrum and strength.

01:49:26.20 01:49:29.23 With GANS we have a bigger spectrum but much open.

01:49:29.24 01:49:33.16 You have to squeeze it to get it moving, to open up.

01:49:34.19 01:49:37.27 It's very much like you know you have a plastic bag

01:49:37.29 01:49:41.13 and you put so much in it and you squeeze it and suddenly erupts?

01:49:41.13 01:49:43.22 You need to do that with it. And it opens up.

01:49:43.23 01:49:47.11 And then it creates ignition and you do, the same thing.

01:49:48.18 01:49:50.08 I explained this.

01:49:50.09 01:49:55.08 Those of you who complained that you lost some balls and whatever?

01:49:55.12 01:49:57.15 You reached this point but never understood.

01:49:57.16 01:50:01.07 Armen has been on the verge of flying so many times and he just let it go.

01:50:00.07 01:50:02.27 and he just let it go. I don’t say anything because,

01:50:03.15 01:50:08.04 I’m a monitor. I’ve done delivered made a copy.

01:50:09.02 01:50:13.02 So, … now other teams are reaching the same point.

01:50:13.05 01:50:17.01 You will see when we release this, this, this reactor what you see,

01:50:17.04 01:50:22.17 in reality you will see it … on Saturday, Sunday next week,

01:50:22.17 01:50:26.15 we bring the Iranian nuclear reactor videos test in Bruges.

01:50:26.23 01:50:31.14 … I thank the Iranian government and sincerely thank, its offices of ...

01:50:31.16 01:50:35.24 his excellence President Ahmadinejad and the Minister Sayyid Ali Khamenei

01:50:35.24 01:50:38.11 to allowing this reactor to you come out of Iran.

01:50:39.01 01:50:40.25 No Nation does this.

01:50:42.29 01:50:46.00 No Nation does this, unless is a peaceful Nation.

01:50:48.06 01:50:51.01 You will see it, you’ll see the full operate test reactor,

01:50:51.01 01:50:54.15 the test, there are, these are test reactors made.

01:50:54.15 01:50:57.10 You’ve seen them on the floor, now you see them operational.

01:50:57.10 01:51:01.01 Just 2009 after I came from Iran we carried with the test.

01:51:01.10 01:51:03.12 Belgium's, European, Americans, were watching it

01:51:03.13 01:51:05.18 that the, the information doesn't leak out.

01:51:06.00 01:51:09.24 And every time they saw us close, they planned the next murder.

01:51:10.23 01:51:13.17 They thought they can steal it but never understood the key wasn't there.

01:51:13.18 01:51:15.09 The key was somewhere else.

01:51:17.04 01:51:22.06 … The, the, this, this patent is a total patent for any Space.

01:51:22.08 01:51:26.18 When you go to deep Space you’ll see this kind of reactors very simply.

01:51:26.25 01:51:31.01 Because, is used for creation of Matter.

01:51:32.03 01:51:34.03 These kind of physical reactors,

01:51:34.07 01:51:37.19 with then is fixed that Matter in that condition will be fixed.

01:51:38.02 01:51:42.02 Our scientific team will show you how they've been making materials in the same way.

01:51:42.29 01:51:47.10 These are research centers owned and run by the Keshe Foundation.

01:51:47.26 01:51:51.18 None of you contributes a penny to the Foundation, you come and take.

01:51:51.19 01:51:55.16 But we spent everything we have on developing new Technologies.

01:51:57.10 01:52:01.15 All of you come and in a way you become thief of the night,

01:52:01.16 01:52:06.16 just take and do something never put back. I seen much of it. I don’t say much,

01:52:07.00 01:52:10.03 but I want to see how many of you ever passed the point.

01:52:11.03 01:52:13.10 You don’t even share with nobody else.

01:52:14.11 01:52:18.19 We have a situation now in Austria and we’ve seen it in Germany.

01:52:18.19 01:52:22.28 They came and they stole from everybody else and now they are begging for the bread.

01:52:22.29 01:52:26.17 But they were making tens of thousands a week out of the Foundation.

01:52:26.17 01:52:30.07 They didn’t even give it to the Germans who could need it to be safe.

01:52:30.20 01:52:34.24 Learn with this Technology. If you don't share, you are taking away from you.

01:52:35.27 01:52:39.12 Because you are taking from the Totality and you can not do.

01:52:41.06 01:52:42.24 Carry on, please.

01:52:46.29 01:52:54.13 (RC) ... Okay. So we're at the interaction of two Magnetic fields,

01:52:54.14 01:52:59.02 which lead to the creation of at least one Gravitational Force phenomena.

01:52:59.18 01:53:04.21 And I'll continue with: "In a reactor-embodiment

01:53:04.21 01:53:12.08 a chain of the energetic events is created via a rotative Magnetic initiation

01:53:12.08 01:53:17.09 of a basic ionization of a gas, such as Hydrogen,

01:53:17.10 01:53:23.15 which then triggers a controllable chain of energy transfers, Scintillation,

01:53:23.15 01:53:28.12 to the next following layers of introduced gases,

01:53:28.12 01:53:33.29 such as Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon."

01:53:34.01 01:53:38.15 (MK) now just change these gases according to the mass,

01:53:38.26 01:53:44.19 to Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium, you get the same.

01:53:51.20 01:53:59.12 You get the interaction of the fields, which due to the atomic strength mass

01:53:59.21 01:54:03.07 create different condition, one is a slower one is faster.

01:54:03.07 01:54:06.21 And the interaction between the three gives you Gravitational and Magnetical

01:54:06.21 01:54:10.25 at the same time, in the same Plasma, in the same GANS energy.

01:54:11.27 01:54:15.13 But, there is something which most of you have not followed

01:54:15.14 01:54:17.17 and I was explaining to our people.

01:54:18.02 01:54:22.13 You put in your GANS reactors where you put your GANSes,

01:54:22.29 01:54:25.05 an empty ball, a hollow ball.

01:54:30.11 01:54:34.11 You always fit the reactors and I go back in all the teachings,

01:54:34.11 01:54:40.03 I referred to even to the research groups, put a empty ball in, what's gonna happen?

01:54:40.24 01:54:45.07 I'm gonna take it from you again, so I'm gonna share for you to understand.

01:54:45.07 01:54:50.20 If you can. I don't know how we can go half and half, that we can compare these two.

01:54:50.21 01:54:55.04 ... I go this way you, you understand, the picture you just had.

01:54:55.22 01:54:59.01 (MK) ... If you ... (RC) You could draw on the,

01:54:59.01 01:55:00.25 picture if you wish too, Mr. Keshe.

01:55:00.25 01:55:03.18 I think you can annotate directly if you like.

01:55:03.18 01:55:07.22 (MK) Okay you take over I annotate, that will be very nice if we can.

01:55:07.22 01:55:11.18 I stop sharing and you just open the picture, please.

01:55:12.07 01:55:13.28 (RC) ... Okay.

01:55:13.29 01:55:16.25 (MK) Open your patent because I, I took out.

01:55:19.14 01:55:23.18 (RC) There is some white space on it there or I can make it smaller as well.

01:55:23.18 01:55:26.23 (MK) No open it, you open it.

01:55:27.19 01:55:29.24 (RC) Whoops ... I thought I shared it, just a minute.

01:55:29.25 01:55:32.12 (MK) If you open it, if you open it, open the page.

01:55:35.29 01:55:40.04 (RC) Is that the, there that should be sharing now?

01:55:40.29 01:55:45.18 (MK) Is no problem, so let's do. I can't see yours.

01:55:46.15 01:55:48.06 I'm trying to,

01:55:51.07 01:55:54.27 (RC) I see you annotating up in the upper left part of the screen there.

01:55:54.27 01:55:59.16 (MK) It's okay. So what happened ignore these things here.

01:55:59.19 01:56:05.13 So, now you have put the GANSes in this one ... yeah?

01:56:06.01 01:56:09.10 So, what about and I keep on explaining,

01:56:09.10 01:56:14.21 if you put in a ball, empty ball in here.

01:56:17.29 01:56:21.20 You remember when we had a higher speed rotation of GANSes,

01:56:21.20 01:56:25.22 that it created that ball the empty hollow center?

01:56:25.27 01:56:32.04 Now that empty hollow center here becomes Matter independent fields,

01:56:32.27 01:56:35.07 which what this is what you need.

01:56:35.07 01:56:38.02 But, the beauty of this Matter independent field

01:56:38.02 01:56:42.26 because of the different variation of the GANS's you put in,

01:56:42.28 01:56:44.26 has its own layers inside.

01:56:46.18 01:56:50.17 Come back to the same independent field flow.

01:56:55.05 01:57:00.08 Those of you who lost the ball, those of you who could see field knowing.

01:57:00.09 01:57:05.07 If you put a field flow internally empty one,

01:57:05.11 01:57:08.18 now is not the GANSes which do the work,

01:57:09.02 01:57:12.21 is the field which is created in this cavity which becomes.

01:57:12.22 01:57:16.09 You become independent of matter and none of you see this.

01:57:17.24 01:57:22.08 And is still built be in layers and then you dictate how you want to fly.

01:57:22.11 01:57:25.23 Nothing has changed, here you use gases outward and whatever,

01:57:25.23 01:57:31.13 there you change it to the GANS of Hydrogen, Helium, Hydrogen, Tritium and Deuterium.

01:57:34.14 01:57:35.21 Is the same.

01:57:36.21 01:57:39.15 I couldn't do it through the nuclear, but these guys didn't know

01:57:39.16 01:57:42.20 I come from the origin of the creation in the sense of the Universe.

01:57:42.21 01:57:45.10 I know everywhere to do, I went to the GANS.

01:57:45.29 01:57:48.10 And if you're stop me with the GANS I show you something else,

01:57:48.10 01:57:50.09 which you gonna kick yourself more.

01:57:50.23 01:57:54.10 Much easier than GANS, but much more powerful.

01:57:56.18 01:58:00.24 So, in a way if you look with your GANS balls where you have,

01:58:01.02 01:58:05.24 you put a empty ball in the material stays outside,

01:58:05.27 01:58:08.11 the center is hollow and the fields,

01:58:08.18 01:58:14.03 and it's the same as whatever is outside in layers by layers.

01:58:20.01 01:58:23.07 Now change this hollow center,

01:58:28.25 01:58:30.15 in the shape of a man.

01:58:30.21 01:58:33.13 Now we see how the soul of the man can fly.

01:58:34.18 01:58:38.04 And you have this, it's called the brain of the man.

01:58:38.04 01:58:42.13 You don't need a Spaceship. Man needs something a gadget to see it shows,

01:58:42.17 01:58:46.07 you have it either way. There is no difference if you look next to each other.

01:58:51.06 01:58:54.14 That's why we taught you all three levels,

01:58:55.01 01:58:59.24 Matter-State, GANS-State and the soul of the man is exactly the same.

01:59:06.07 01:59:09.09 You have to understand this, then you can work.

01:59:09.21 01:59:14.07 That's why I said to those who work with the dynamic systems in the Space level,

01:59:14.07 01:59:16.29 drop empty ball in. They say: "Why a empty ball?"

01:59:16.29 01:59:19.12 This is what it does, it becomes your reactor,

01:59:19.13 01:59:22.21 it becomes independent Matter energy.

01:59:22.25 01:59:24.14 We have this in the center of the Earth,

01:59:24.14 01:59:27.03 we have the same thing in the center of the Sun.

01:59:29.05 01:59:34.06 Centrifuge, centrifuge does not mean only for Matter-State,

01:59:34.06 01:59:36.25 it is the same with the GANS and the same with the gas.

01:59:36.25 01:59:41.23 The same with the Plasma, but then the Plasma dictates it's own field.

01:59:43.22 01:59:45.04 As I said to Armen:

01:59:45.04 01:59:48.28 "You lost two of your balls because you didn't understand what you did with it."

01:59:50.14 01:59:55.02 And then the same thing is when you do the Space reactor Technology,

01:59:55.25 02:00:00.16 where you put the Hydrogen here or whatever you call,

02:00:00.28 02:00:02.08 Deuterium and Tritium.

02:00:02.16 02:00:05.01 Whatever you do in here, or whatever,

02:00:05.06 02:00:09.19 you need to put the spot of the other one, in the other one,

02:00:09.22 02:00:11.20 that they all have a line to connect.

02:00:11.20 02:00:15.01 Otherwise they have nowhere. They go everywhere, till they find.

02:00:15.02 02:00:17.29 You need this one spot, one drop.

02:00:18.17 02:00:21.25 Drop of what you have here, and here and here, you need in here.

02:00:21.26 02:00:24.15 And one you have there, you need a drop in the others,

02:00:24.17 02:00:28.13 that you line up the connection and then they follow.

02:00:28.20 02:00:31.07 And then you have the three layers of the fields,

02:00:31.15 02:00:33.11 it gives you physicality.

02:00:33.14 02:00:36.24 The Space technology is so complete and I don’t know, why you don’t see it.

02:00:36.25 02:00:38.13 None of you is following it.

02:00:38.23 02:00:41.18 Spaceship is there, but when you have that field flow,

02:00:41.19 02:00:43.11 then, how do you want to cut it?

02:00:43.12 02:00:46.21 In what angle gives you one kilowatt, one megawatt?

02:00:46.22 02:00:49.03 You can put a satellite on the top. Is in this patent.

02:00:49.04 02:00:50.24 Read it, to go further down.

02:00:50.26 02:00:53.20 One set it needs, one satellite, the rest will cut.

02:00:54.01 02:00:56.28 You put a cutter in your fridge and your freezer.

02:01:00.16 02:01:05.20 You make a field, that as you walk, your soul receive the energy you need.

02:01:05.20 02:01:07.04 You don’t need to eat.

02:01:07.05 02:01:09.13 If you don’t need to waste your time,

02:01:09.14 02:01:12.22 to slave, to live, to survive. You go on the beach.

02:01:12.23 02:01:15.17 You're happy to bring something, you make something.

02:01:15.29 02:01:18.01 Nobody can take it away from you.

02:01:22.19 02:01:25.13 And then, everything else, which goes with it.

02:01:25.28 02:01:27.19 With from next week on,

02:01:27.19 02:01:31.29 if you understand this, what is on the, even what is here on this page,

02:01:33.15 02:01:34.16 borders are finished.

02:01:34.17 02:01:37.11 We have become one Nation. We have no choice.

02:01:38.27 02:01:43.06 I can fly into center of Washington

02:01:43.14 02:01:45.13 and if some of you, will go very clever,

02:01:45.13 02:01:48.03 you can do, you will do, a lot of you will do.

02:01:48.04 02:01:51.19 You will sit in the White House in the Oval Office

02:01:52.20 02:01:55.03 and let the president tell you, why he is killing.

02:02:00.09 02:02:03.08 This is the potential, of this position.

02:02:03.19 02:02:07.29 Respect out of equality, not respect out of fear.

02:02:09.01 02:02:10.26 You’ll all become equal, there is no choice.

02:02:10.27 02:02:13.26 And unfortunately, everything is on the net.

02:02:14.12 02:02:17.04 We have released enough as I said many time.

02:02:18.01 02:02:23.02 They left me free, for too long, to write too much, to teach too freely,

02:02:23.12 02:02:27.11 to be too independent, to be able to deliver Peace

02:02:27.12 02:02:28.19 and we are there.

02:02:28.28 02:02:32.13 Next week you will see it. It's collectively which hits very hard.

02:02:32.17 02:02:34.20 And then it comes to the point,

02:02:34.21 02:02:39.06 do we need and you just decide, which way do it.

02:02:39.06 02:02:42.14 If the interaction of the field, of the soul of the man,

02:02:42.14 02:02:44.17 leads to the physicality of the man.

02:02:44.18 02:02:46.25 What shouldn't do, you're reactors.

02:02:49.18 02:02:53.09 Is the limitation of understanding, not the facts.

02:02:57.26 02:02:59.22 I'm gonna put it in a bin...

02:03:05.18 02:03:07.12 or rub it off. There we are.

02:03:07.13 02:03:08.23 Carry on please.

02:03:18.09 02:03:19.11 Are you there?

02:03:19.12 02:03:22.21 (RK) Yes, I just had to find the microphone switch.

02:03:22.28 02:03:25.04 ... Let me continue.

02:03:25.16 02:03:27.27 So we were with the ...

02:03:31.08 02:03:36.15 ... a controllable chain of energy transfers (Scintillation),

02:03:36.15 02:03:38.28 to the next following layers,

02:03:39.16 02:03:46.06 of introduced gases, such as Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon,

02:03:46.16 02:03:51.01 of all other introduced elements of the periodic table

02:03:51.02 02:03:59.20 such as Lithium, Beryllium, Potassium, Calcium, Titanium, Platinum, etc.

02:04:00.05 02:04:04.11 and/or their introduced molecule combinations,

02:04:04.12 02:04:06.20 such as a Va... vapor.

02:04:07.22 02:04:13.05 A central column has mag... has a Magnetic means,

02:04:13.06 02:04:14.26 to start the process.

02:04:15.22 02:04:18.23 Various concepts, applications and products,

02:04:18.24 02:04:22.10 are disclosed, such as Space travel

02:04:22.22 02:04:24.21 and atomic welding.

02:04:29.04 02:04:31.13 Let me have a picture of the,

02:04:32.19 02:04:37.03 the main picture of the ... processes inside the reactor.

02:04:37.25 02:04:42.16 Although there's a several drawings ... involved.

02:04:42.16 02:04:45.11 I'll just getting through them here and ... hand through.

02:04:45.12 02:04:50.20 (MK) It's all the same. You see just change those things with ...

02:04:51.14 02:04:52.11 what you call it?

02:04:52.12 02:04:54.26 (RK) These things indicate gases, I think.

02:04:54.28 02:04:57.02 The 15, the 15, (MK) Yes, different GANSes, yeah.

02:04:57.02 02:05:00.12 (RK) It's like tubes of gases, that get injected.

02:05:00.13 02:05:03.12 But they could be GANSes, you are saying, rather than,

02:05:03.12 02:05:07.04 (MK) Yeah you can do. You see, if you look here, very interesting.

02:05:07.13 02:05:12.11 The, because we want a, this, this thing has been built.

02:05:12.11 02:05:16.16 This reactor was built in Iran, in a very ... special way.

02:05:16.17 02:05:20.17 And the, the original one was built in ... in Belgium.

02:05:20.25 02:05:24.23 If you look, this gas, which is the lightest

02:05:24.24 02:05:28.19 and it goes, or the heaviest and it goes, where it goes, is

02:05:28.25 02:05:31.09 Hydrogen is introduced through here.

02:05:32.06 02:05:35.09 Because I get this off. I gotta go here.

02:05:35.16 02:05:38.01 You see, the Hydrogen is fitted there,

02:05:39.07 02:05:40.14 to this one.

02:05:40.29 02:05:44.24 And then, the other heavier gas, if you look,

02:05:45.06 02:05:47.10 comes through a tube here.

02:05:49.09 02:05:51.01 This is the tube for it.

02:05:51.14 02:05:56.08 And this is how, it's been organized, to have different gases to be fed in,

02:05:56.19 02:05:59.21 at different layer, which they were, so we could control.

02:05:59.22 02:06:02.18 If there is Helium passing this boundary,

02:06:02.19 02:06:06.17 we could extract it and add the ...

02:06:06.18 02:06:08.07 the next one to compress it.

02:06:08.07 02:06:10.07 Because by compressing the field,

02:06:10.08 02:06:13.22 you can create a stronger field, Magnetic-Gravitational.

02:06:13.22 02:06:17.29 So, we needed to increase the Neon, or Argon.

02:06:18.01 02:06:20.06 Argon is a radioactive material.

02:06:20.06 02:06:22.23 Under compression it creates centralization

02:06:23.03 02:06:27.22 and because you have the Helium, then leads to the creation of Hydrogen.

02:06:28.02 02:06:34.04 But in these spaces, with this system, you don't need nuclear material.

02:06:34.12 02:06:42.03 Because with the compression of the Hy... Helium and ... Neon or Argon,

02:06:42.05 02:06:47.18 they'll release a material, which ionizes the Hydrogen into a Plasma.

02:06:48.16 02:06:50.07 That's why they were used.

02:06:51.14 02:06:53.11 And the Hydrogen has different strength.

02:06:53.12 02:06:57.26 You have a Hydrogen, you have Tritium, or you have ... Deuterium,

02:06:57.29 02:07:01.17 so each layer could handle, to create a condition.

02:07:01.24 02:07:03.01 The ... the ... the ...

02:07:03.02 02:07:07.05 If you look at all these gases, what we use,

02:07:07.10 02:07:09.18 is for creation of centralization,

02:07:09.18 02:07:12.05 for ionization of the Hydrogen, into Plasma.

02:07:12.28 02:07:17.00 So here we could dictate, which one we wanted to increase,

02:07:17.07 02:07:21.23 because then you can change the Deuterium, or Tritium, to what you want

02:07:21.23 02:07:23.27 and create a Hydrogen out of it.

02:07:24.15 02:07:27.03 This happens in the upper layer of atmosphere.

02:07:29.11 02:07:31.06 So you can do the same now,

02:07:31.06 02:07:37.18 with ... you have a ... GANS of a ... whatever,

02:07:37.25 02:07:40.16 but you keep this zone here,

02:07:40.27 02:07:43.02 in layers it clear for yourself.

02:07:43.02 02:07:45.26 So, now you have that empty space.

02:07:46.03 02:07:47.11 Otherwise it's the same.

02:07:47.12 02:07:51.13 I explained this to Armen, where we were talking ...

02:07:51.14 02:07:53.09 in China a couple of weeks ago.

02:07:54.00 02:07:57.18 ... I explained to him, that, that the position,

02:07:57.23 02:08:00.00 ... even our factories.

02:08:01.23 02:08:05.27 There are factories are hidden sources for Space fuel,

02:08:06.04 02:08:08.25 and we have not disclosed it. We do not disclose it,

02:08:09.10 02:08:11.13 till where the time is there.

02:08:14.07 02:08:19.06 ... Our factories even producing GANSes, are the Space fuel centers.

02:08:19.25 02:08:23.28 I developed it that way, but I let the management team to follow what it is,

02:08:23.28 02:08:26.12 but ... I disclosed everything to Armen.

02:08:26.12 02:08:28.11 Armen knows exactly, what it is.

02:08:29.28 02:08:33.28 You are creating a Space stations fuels, that we can tank anywhere.

02:08:43.13 02:08:46.19 The knowledge is shared. They cannot destroy anything, anymore.

02:08:47.10 02:08:48.22 Carry on please.

02:08:55.07 02:09:00.01 (RK) Okay, I can continue scrolling through the diagrams here first.

02:09:00.05 02:09:04.07 (MK) I'm gonna, I'm gonna clean it up. I test your, your program.

02:09:05.14 02:09:08.19 (RK) ... That's important to get there an information.

02:09:08.19 02:09:10.05 I did have a question Mr. Keshe.

02:09:10.06 02:09:14.29 You keep mentioning ... the empty space and the empty ball.

02:09:15.13 02:09:19.08 And when you say empty, are you talking about a complete,

02:09:19.09 02:09:22.11 more or less, perfect vacuum condition?

02:09:22.19 02:09:25.00 Or could that ball have something in it and still...

02:09:25.00 02:09:27.08 (MK) The ball creates it's own vacuum.

02:09:28.28 02:09:32.26 Even if you have a air in it, it will create it's own vacuum.

02:09:32.28 02:09:38.21 (RK) But would not ... what about the interference of say Oxygen like,

02:09:38.22 02:09:39.22 are we still,

02:09:39.23 02:09:42.24 let me ask you this first and, because I am confused a bit.

02:09:42.25 02:09:46.07 Are we still trying to create a Hydrogen Plasma,

02:09:46.13 02:09:51.16 in that ball, or is it only the fields, that would been in that central ...

02:09:51.17 02:09:54.06 (MK) Only fields. (RC) central ball? Right.

02:09:54.14 02:09:58.09 The Hydrogen is just is in the ... gaseous reactor.

02:09:58.10 02:10:00.23 (MK) Answer is yes. It's only the fields.

02:10:00.24 02:10:04.08 (RC) With the GANSes there's still Hydrogen involved though.

02:10:04.24 02:10:07.10 (MK) Doesn't matter. It's irrelevant.

02:10:07.10 02:10:10.01 It's the field of it [inaudible] (RC) Okay.

02:10:10.01 02:10:13.13 (MK) When you, when you deprive it, it's ...

02:10:13.13 02:10:18.08 You see this is part of the teaching you forgot and you need to understand.

02:10:18.19 02:10:22.14 That, it no error, am doing there. [referring to annotation function]

02:10:23.02 02:10:29.28 You see this is if you remember, so ... you put a filter,

02:10:30.02 02:10:32.08 so you go deeper in a strength.

02:10:33.16 02:10:36.26 Now when you put a hollow inside, yeah?

02:10:37.07 02:10:42.24 You filter up to here. This is your filter point. This point.

02:10:43.04 02:10:46.29 You haven't filtered the rest of it, so this sits in the, in the, in the ball.

02:10:47.09 02:10:50.01 So is the stronger parts you filtered.

02:10:51.17 02:10:52.21 You understand?

02:10:54.05 02:10:55.20 When you have a ball,

02:10:57.05 02:10:59.18 even though to you looks empty,

02:10:59.26 02:11:06.09 to me and to the Universe this is very packed here, very, very strong.

02:11:08.15 02:11:10.09 Then you have the next strength.

02:11:10.24 02:11:12.22 Then you have the next strength.

02:11:13.16 02:11:14.23 You understand?

02:11:15.08 02:11:17.23 (RC) Yeah, that makes sense to me but (MK) Yeah.

02:11:17.23 02:11:19.26 (RC) when there's other things that interfere -

02:11:19.26 02:11:22.22 (MK) Doesn't matter, the matter get's pushed out.

02:11:22.28 02:11:26.12 The matter, matter condition of the GANS get's pushed out.

02:11:26.13 02:11:31.05 In reality what's gonna happen even you find out in many cases,

02:11:31.07 02:11:33.24 in the time to come, that this layer disappears.

02:11:33.25 02:11:38.20 You open your extra , "Where is my ball?" Because you haven't lost your ball.

02:11:38.20 02:11:40.17 The composition of the wall

02:11:40.17 02:11:43.26 because of the pressures of the GANSes and their fields,

02:11:43.29 02:11:48.01 have dissolved this into its energy level, not in matter level.

02:11:48.14 02:11:51.16 They say, "My ball wasn't there, I had two balls and disappeared.

02:11:51.19 02:11:53.14 But hasn't gone through the wall."

02:11:53.19 02:11:58.12 It has con... it has converted into the Plasma condition Field-strength.

02:12:00.19 02:12:02.16 You understand? (RC) Yeah, Yup.

02:12:03.10 02:12:04.28 (MK) So, but (RC) Now in

02:12:05.05 02:12:10.07 just, just reviewing the gaseous reactor like we see in the top diagram here

02:12:10.12 02:12:15.15 with Hydrogen in the center. If there was Oxygen in that environment

02:12:15.15 02:12:18.24 (MK) It cannot be. It cannot be. (RC) And it could end up combining

02:12:18.24 02:12:23.06 of the Hydrogen from outer of that ball. (MK) No. It cannot be. It, it's ...

02:12:23.18 02:12:27.24 centrifuge cond... it tells you in a centrifuge condition, yeah?

02:12:27.28 02:12:32.15 Centrifuge has the same effect as the vacuum.

02:12:33.29 02:12:36.05 (MK) Yeah? The heavier mass goes where.

02:12:36.05 02:12:40.17 This is why we use centrifuge or we use vacuum,

02:12:40.27 02:12:45.09 or we use the combination of the both. When you use the combination of the both,

02:12:45.10 02:12:48.08 is a condition of creating interaction of the fields.

02:12:48.15 02:12:54.06 When you create a vacuum on it's own it's just layering.

02:12:54.11 02:13:01.20 When you mix vacuum with ... centrifuge you, you force the condition

02:13:01.20 02:13:05.02 of the interaction of the fields which gives you gravity and magnetical.

02:13:05.02 02:13:07.22 This is something that scientists don't understand.

02:13:08.04 02:13:12.05 Maybe for the first time you understand why we use in these reactors

02:13:12.06 02:13:17.05 both centrifuge and both gravity, what you call it, "Rotation."

02:13:17.17 02:13:20.16 It's a very important. You can keep this reactor,

02:13:20.17 02:13:25.02 you can keep this totally solid. You just need to rotate this.

02:13:26.23 02:13:32.23 If you rotate this, you get 1,000 time force.

02:13:33.05 02:13:35.15 If you can rotate this,

02:13:39.07 02:13:46.00 you get 1,000 to the power of 1,000, and nobody understands this.

02:13:46.22 02:13:50.02 This here touches the center.

02:13:50.23 02:13:53.16 This here plays with the boundary.

02:13:54.19 02:13:59.24 This is why in all the tests, I've said this to Armen so many time,

02:13:59.26 02:14:02.03 even in the test in Desenzano.

02:14:02.10 02:14:07.10 Here when you mix here in the center, when you have a wings on your balls

02:14:07.10 02:14:10.16 and they're rotating you are mixing of higher order.

02:14:10.26 02:14:15.11 Here when you rotate this you are returning of the weaker order.

02:14:15.27 02:14:20.06 Here you get a 1,000 time. Here you get a 1,000 to power of 1,000.

02:14:21.21 02:14:27.03 It's a totally different. It's a, It's a ratio, order of magnitude.

02:14:28.10 02:14:31.06 And somehow nobody understands. I explained this.

02:14:31.06 02:14:35.08 If you go in one of the teachings, I tried to explain this with the chili.

02:14:35.09 02:14:39.00 If you put a mixer in the chili, how the odor comes and get stronger.

02:14:39.00 02:14:42.10 You can smell it because you go in the center of it.

02:14:42.15 02:14:46.10 You try to put a chili in and rotate the bottle outside.

02:14:51.01 02:14:55.02 So when you put a mixer right in the center,

02:14:55.11 02:14:57.29 when you create a condition of field forces

02:14:58.06 02:15:00.26 by using dynamic field flows

02:15:01.06 02:15:05.12 here, is a ... listen,

02:15:05.16 02:15:07.08 a 1,000 is this.

02:15:07.24 02:15:12.23 A 1,000 by order of a 1,000 is you can go to the kingdoms come.

02:15:14.05 02:15:17.15 Now you see you create a field flow Magnetic pressure.

02:15:19.27 02:15:23.16 This, these are, these are the principles we have to un...

02:15:23.18 02:15:27.15 Even if you get a free ball, even if you get a free ball

02:15:27.24 02:15:31.02 and you just put a mixer in it, and you put your GANSes here,

02:15:31.25 02:15:34.26 my God, the power here is unimaginable.

02:15:36.12 02:15:39.03 In the coming time, in the, in the coming weeks,

02:15:39.16 02:15:42.27 ... as I explained, I was talking to ...

02:15:45.26 02:15:50.16 Stanley yesterday, the day before ... what we are developing,

02:15:50.18 02:15:53.17 and soon you will see, it's in the patents.

02:15:54.07 02:15:57.18 These ... at the moment if I give you an envelope,

02:15:58.07 02:16:01.20 and I give you a check for 1,000 Euro in it,

02:16:02.09 02:16:05.23 or I give you an envelope and 1,000 Euro in it,

02:16:06.03 02:16:08.24 it's the same envelope, yeah?

02:16:09.02 02:16:12.14 One carries a paper, one carries the notes.

02:16:13.03 02:16:16.12 Now, if you understand what we just explained,

02:16:17.19 02:16:19.17 you need to make an envelope.

02:16:20.05 02:16:21.18 You put a man in it.

02:16:23.05 02:16:26.26 You put a cat in it. You put a box of jewelry in it.

02:16:28.02 02:16:29.27 It does, is irrelevant.

02:16:29.28 02:16:33.21 All you need is to transport the box which is the frame of it.

02:16:34.23 02:16:36.00 Is that envelope.

02:16:37.09 02:16:42.02 The new transportation which will come into effect very soon with this development

02:16:42.03 02:16:46.04 is that's what I said before and nobody understood, go back in the teaching.

02:16:46.09 02:16:53.23 We can ship you by a glass of GANS in the center of China from village woman

02:16:53.23 02:16:56.19 because she makes the right one and you'd like to help her?

02:16:56.21 02:17:00.25 We can deliver it to your village, to your room directly.

02:17:00.25 02:17:05.07 Total cost: less than one cent because we can transfer the envelope

02:17:05.07 02:17:09.21 irrelevant of what's in it. This is a zero time communication transportation.

02:17:10.13 02:17:16.25 All you need to do to understand that your envelope is not a square anymore.

02:17:16.28 02:17:19.19 Your envelope is that hollow center.

02:17:21.00 02:17:22.10 So simple.

02:17:24.27 02:17:27.29 This is one of the biggest disaster for shipping lines.

02:17:28.03 02:17:31.23 Who wants to stay 24, 25 days on this high seas?

02:17:37.15 02:17:41.14 Sailing will be a pleasure, not for shipping anymore, it's over.

02:17:42.29 02:17:44.29 I was listening, I was told ...

02:17:45.01 02:17:48.08 Stanley yesterday or the day before, we were talking.

02:17:49.08 02:17:50.23 ... Is it ...

02:17:52.08 02:17:57.01 Was one of the main companies who does distribution on the internet,

02:17:57.18 02:18:00.10 who is looking to get the best deal from [inaudible]

02:18:00.13 02:18:02.08 (MK) Pardon? (RC) Amazon?

02:18:02.15 02:18:05.12 (MK) Yeah to get the best of from American States

02:18:05.12 02:18:09.23 where they're gonna put their center. My God, this is obsolete, it's finished.

02:18:11.04 02:18:15.01 I can deliver within next few months, ... let us work together.

02:18:15.05 02:18:21.16 Let us from next Saturday start working as a team, as One Nation without boundaries.

02:18:22.04 02:18:30.00 You can carry a pencil from the factory to the school to be delivered, costs zero.

02:18:31.03 02:18:35.15 Because if you understood what I explained and what is there and it's in the patent.

02:18:36.27 02:18:38.24 It's the envelope you deliver.

02:18:38.25 02:18:43.20 And the envelope now has no Mass condition inside it, it sits as it is.

02:18:44.14 02:18:46.01 Outside it, you carry.

02:18:48.19 02:18:50.05 The game has changed ...

02:18:54.00 02:18:58.21 The, the condition you create enforces One Nation,

02:18:58.22 02:19:01.15 enforces to be one, we're all become one.

02:19:01.18 02:19:05.17 It''ll be amazed how long it took for the computer to take over.

02:19:05.18 02:19:07.28 You'll be shocked how the Plasma Technology

02:19:07.28 02:19:10.04 will change everything for all of us.

02:19:12.06 02:19:15.25 I can even show you how to make a shoe, the color, the size you like.

02:19:16.01 02:19:19.02 You can go out as a Cinderella every day with different shoes,

02:19:19.02 02:19:21.15 every second changes as you walk.

02:19:26.07 02:19:29.23 The fact is now we see it we know it. We can do it.

02:19:30.13 02:19:35.15 The, we enforce Peace through Technology.

02:19:35.19 02:19:41.17 But now I opened the door. The cat is out and you are the cat, not me.

02:19:42.14 02:19:43.27 You carry the knowledge.

02:19:44.22 02:19:48.03 I kept the cage for the cat to be tamed. Now it's tamed.

02:19:48.03 02:19:50.23 I open it, you're all out, all of you.

02:19:51.20 02:19:52.29 It's not me anymore.

02:19:52.29 02:19:56.23 If you understand my teachings, everyone of you becomes man of the Space.

02:19:56.24 02:19:59.16 The race is now, not One Nation,

02:19:59.25 02:20:03.22 who, which group has gonna hit what and where.

02:20:08.09 02:20:12.06 Communication, zero time transportation,

02:20:13.03 02:20:15.22 travel across the Planet.

02:20:15.29 02:20:20.11 Let's see none of us been to the north pole we can all go to the north pole,

02:20:20.11 02:20:23.03 from tomorrow, if any of you delivers.

02:20:29.04 02:20:34.09 Understand the Technology, understand it. You can play with it the way you like.

02:20:41.02 02:20:45.25 Now we see, if you have a Oxygen in the center you can not,

02:20:45.25 02:20:49.12 if you have a Hydrogen, is the Plasma which take center

02:20:49.17 02:20:53.21 or, unless you want to create an envelope that carries that Oxygen.

02:20:53.24 02:20:55.25 And then you play the game reverse.

02:21:00.04 02:21:03.28 (RC) Has the potential to create water then from a reactor it's then ...

02:21:03.28 02:21:06.18 (MK) Oh my God why you so worried about the water.

02:21:06.18 02:21:09.09 You feed the soul, the soul creates what it needs.

02:21:09.14 02:21:12.29 (RC) [chuckles] Right.

02:21:12.29 02:21:14.29 (MK) You are not getting the massage, are you?

02:21:16.01 02:21:21.03 (RC) Well, I was thinking creating new materials ... and in places where,

02:21:21.04 02:21:26.22 there isn't water there might be a need for such a reactor on Planet Earth?

02:21:26.26 02:21:28.14 (MK) You can do. (RC) [inaudible]

02:21:28.17 02:21:29.23 (MK) You can do.

02:21:30.09 02:21:33.04 (RC) But, ultimately like you say is that,

02:21:33.08 02:21:39.22 that voidness that ... that empty bubble in the middle,

02:21:39.26 02:21:43.09 that's the important place where the fields are.

02:21:43.10 02:21:47.26 And where the, the key to the soul also exists.

02:21:48.28 02:21:52.28 (MK) You see the, the systems which we have you will see.

02:21:52.28 02:21:56.25 Armen has spent a lot of time developing different flight system.

02:21:56.26 02:21:59.07 He's devoted his life to do it.

02:21:59.12 02:22:02.25 And he gets more disappointed because he doesn't follow the path.

02:22:03.16 02:22:06.29 If he follows the path he, he'd flown four years ago.

02:22:07.09 02:22:11.22 But he just keeps on jumping because he's, he's, he's seven months old born.

02:22:11.22 02:22:15.03 So, he always has to be with something that is doing something.

02:22:15.16 02:22:19.20 If he sits down for five minutes look what he's done, he flies in one second.

02:22:20.05 02:22:22.29 But I'm not showing him, and he suffers with it.

02:22:24.01 02:22:27.29 And Sarah says: "Have you flown yet? Are you flying yet?"

02:22:29.18 02:22:34.21 Because, it has to be learned by many and now is the time.

02:22:37.01 02:22:38.19 Then it can not be shut.

02:22:40.11 02:22:42.23 Man is ready to go to do that phase because,

02:22:42.25 02:22:45.12 we had to establish everything in position.

02:22:45.16 02:22:49.19 The most essential thing for Mankind was establishment of the Earth Council.

02:22:50.28 02:22:56.27 The second most important thing was to establish the Universal Council.

02:22:57.25 02:22:59.26 The third most important thing,

02:22:59.28 02:23:04.14 was the Humanity is so tied up to something called money,

02:23:04.15 02:23:07.28 that we had to create a coin to link it to it, that they are happy,

02:23:07.28 02:23:11.15 they have something for the effort which is comes from their soul.

02:23:12.02 02:23:15.00 So, we established that. Now the government is ready to go.

02:23:15.14 02:23:23.00 There is no reason for it, we just need ten days of building it up to the point.

02:23:23.16 02:23:25.02 You will see how it is,

02:23:25.02 02:23:27.21 and you will see all the knowledge has been on the table.

02:23:28.03 02:23:32.17 The top people in the Keshe Foundation will present their cases.

02:23:33.17 02:23:35.08 It will shock the World leaders,

02:23:35.11 02:23:38.05 send to every ambassador, do not miss this.

02:23:38.06 02:23:40.20 We expect to be shut down, we expect to be brought down,

02:23:40.21 02:23:42.24 but we'll find another way to teach.

02:23:44.08 02:23:47.25 Or, they except the new condition it can not be hidden.

02:23:48.00 02:23:50.22 That's why even today I teach this way.

02:23:52.07 02:23:54.01 Is my right, is my intellectual right,

02:23:54.02 02:23:57.03 and I am right to share it freely, as it's my right.

02:23:57.25 02:24:02.25 You can hide your millions in the banks. I share my wealth freely with all of you.

02:24:03.27 02:24:04.26 Shame.

02:24:06.08 02:24:07.15 Shame nobody understood.

02:24:07.15 02:24:09.24 The one who have less have shared more.

02:24:09.24 02:24:15.17 The one who have more fear of it, now they become a slave to it.

02:24:17.06 02:24:20.17 As I said it's in the writing of Bahá'u'lláh bless his name he says:

02:24:21.01 02:24:23.23 "We test the Gold with fire and man with Gold."

02:24:23.23 02:24:26.26 And many of those who thought have Gold have failed.

02:24:27.28 02:24:29.19 We just keep on testing.

02:24:39.25 02:24:43.11 You will see the development of new materials.

02:24:44.02 02:24:47.23 You will see the development of new systems.

02:24:48.02 02:24:53.00 I'm expecting a news any moment from a new development,

02:24:53.06 02:24:58.29 that we have broken through the pharmaceutical beyond imagination.

02:25:00.02 02:25:05.10 The data is getting siphoned by our people. I'm waiting for him to release it.

02:25:05.11 02:25:11.21 If we get it, it becomes part of the total understanding.

02:25:11.25 02:25:15.11 Where pharmaceutical will have no more power over Mankind,

02:25:15.13 02:25:17.03 because you can do it yourself.

02:25:31.05 02:25:34.26 So now you see you can put the Oxygen in the middle, it can not stay,

02:25:34.26 02:25:41.03 because centrifugals forces and then dictates that the heavier goes to outside

02:25:42.08 02:25:45.24 and then ... the conversion comes into it.

02:25:46.11 02:25:53.27 And then ... you'll find out ... why water become not relevant,

02:25:53.27 02:25:56.14 because the water will be outside the empty ball.

02:25:59.10 02:26:01.18 And if you put a drop of your blood,

02:26:01.18 02:26:04.23 the way I explain, you put one in another each other reactor,

02:26:04.28 02:26:06.16 then the Emotion of your soul

02:26:06.16 02:26:10.17 and the perfection of the soul will dictate the motion of the craft.

02:26:10.28 02:26:16.00 I want to send a cup of tea to my mom across the World to the ... Kathmandu,

02:26:16.00 02:26:18.09 because this taste exactly what she likes.

02:26:18.09 02:26:22.03 Now will like it to test a new one, your Emotion condition of the system

02:26:22.03 02:26:23.29 will carry through. She'll have your cup,

02:26:23.29 02:26:26.28 and as you were sitting next to her giving it in her hand.

02:26:27.15 02:26:31.00 And if you understand more, you can transfer it through the soul,

02:26:31.00 02:26:33.18 and she taste: "Oh he gave me a cup of tea."

02:26:35.22 02:26:39.08 Is exact what I say, " I was thinking about you and the phone rang."

02:26:39.11 02:26:41.14 Now you understand how you do it.

02:26:46.16 02:26:48.29 Carry on. Do you want to read more?

02:26:52.00 02:26:55.21 (RC) ... Sure we, I can go back to the text here.

02:26:56.06 02:27:01.09 And we can see ... there is several more drawings of course.

02:27:01.09 02:27:05.11 I can just skim through quickly here and maybe it'll spur something,

02:27:05.13 02:27:11.10 there's one with, we were discussing last night actually about the Magnetic fields,

02:27:11.10 02:27:17.01 you were talking, in the patent about the interaction of two Magnetic fields.

02:27:17.26 02:27:20.22 (MK) This is what I call Plasma Field Flow.

02:27:21.08 02:27:25.18 This is what I've been explaining to our Space team.

02:27:27.06 02:27:33.07 To shut it, if they can bring it down, they can control it and then you get your dome.

02:27:34.09 02:27:39.14 In the Iranian system we created dome with creating nano-material of the higher order.

02:27:40.25 02:27:43.15 When you create nano-layers you have to understand

02:27:43.15 02:27:46.09 the order of the layers Magnetic field absorption.

02:27:51.08 02:27:58.07 (RC) And where is the MF ... MF2 in this ... particular example?

02:27:58.07 02:28:01.05 (MK) It's the Magnetic Field 1, Magnetic Field 2.

02:28:02.14 02:28:09.24 It's one ... one ... Read the book it tells you reduction ... between the two,

02:28:09.24 02:28:13.01 one gives you the mass, one gives you the physicality.

02:28:13.06 02:28:18.07 At the point where Gravitational Magnetic Field-strength find balance.

02:28:18.11 02:28:21.25 It becomes the layer of the surface.

02:28:23.12 02:28:24.16 You understand?

02:28:25.13 02:28:31.16 (RC) Yeah that make sense. I'm wondering where the Magnetic field 2, is illustrated

02:28:31.16 02:28:36.06 or where it comes from is that, from this central column that it's generated from?

02:28:36.07 02:28:39.16 (MK) It's ... we, we look, look at there. (RC) from the gaseous state.

02:28:40.12 02:28:46.25 (MK) No, you see you have the field flow, or you have each direction of flow.

02:28:46.25 02:28:50.04 Internally, internally you have two fields.

02:28:50.25 02:28:54.14 You, you have the interaction of the two fields.

02:28:56.17 02:29:01.00 In so many way, if you convert this to the present language,

02:29:01.06 02:29:06.25 you speak the Magnetic Field-strength of 1 and the Magnetic Field-strength of 2.

02:29:07.09 02:29:14.24 This one is this, this area, is F1 for example, and this area is F2.

02:29:15.01 02:29:18.14 (RC) Okay. (MK) As, as you move out the strength changes.

02:29:18.29 02:29:20.00 (RC) Mhmm.

02:29:20.01 02:29:22.10 Is def... with a how you define it.

02:29:22.12 02:29:25.29 (RC) You can have definite ... Coulomb barriers more or less

02:29:25.29 02:29:30.02 between those two fields as, as well they could be a definite ...

02:29:32.09 02:29:37.15 skin more or less between them, or, or a barrier sort of, eh?.

02:29:37.29 02:29:39.01 (MK) Yeah.

02:29:42.29 02:29:48.29 It's, they create it, they create it by the steps of, by order of the magnitude,

02:29:48.29 02:29:53.16 they create it themselves. If you look at this, is all like order of magnitude.

02:29:55.15 02:29:57.13 (RC) Sort of like the core, core of ... (MK) As you go ...

02:29:57.13 02:29:59.18 (RC) an apple or an onion. (MK) as you go wish, yeah.

02:29:59.18 02:30:02.10 As you go between different order of magnitude,

02:30:02.11 02:30:05.26 you, you, you interact.

02:30:06.29 02:30:11.03 It's like going from liquid to solid, you have a interface.

02:30:11.27 02:30:13.03 (RC) Mhmm. (MK) Yeah?

02:30:13.04 02:30:18.02 So that interface, because it's dynamic, now creates a friction, it creates gravity.

02:30:18.03 02:30:21.28 If it's on the opposite side, in the pulling together,

02:30:21.29 02:30:24.03 what is common between them creates gravity,

02:30:24.04 02:30:29.18 what is dis ... dissimilar, it creates repulsion or Magnetic field strength.

02:30:29.29 02:30:33.06 In each layer, in the strength, there is something important.

02:30:33.06 02:30:36.27 Let me, let me tell you this, because I have to explain this to our team.

02:30:37.06 02:30:43.19 And ... you will understand what it is. It is, oh my God!

02:30:43.20 02:30:46.15 How I gonna get this move to opened up?

02:30:47.24 02:30:52.02 Can you see this, but I'm writing here? (RC) Yes.

02:30:52.23 02:30:58.06 (MK) Okay. A lot of you used funny terminologies.

02:30:58.16 02:31:00.19 Very, very funny terminologies.

02:31:05.10 02:31:09.10 I can explain it in a very simple way.

02:31:13.02 02:31:20.09 You do two to one ratio in your pads, where you put your leg, your body,

02:31:20.10 02:31:23.22 or whatever in between. Yeah?

02:31:26.16 02:31:27.11 One.

02:31:28.22 02:31:29.15 Two.

02:31:33.01 02:31:37.10 Two is a stronger, is a giver.

02:31:38.12 02:31:44.22 One is a taker, but the same time it gives what the other one needs.

02:31:45.22 02:31:47.20 So, this is,

02:31:50.29 02:31:57.08 seven point zero alkalineness, this is six point nine alkalineness.

02:31:58.12 02:32:00.19 Because you created the ratio.

02:32:02.06 02:32:06.20 Now, [background noises]

02:32:09.05 02:32:13.23 you increase this to, three to one.

02:32:13.25 02:32:17.05 Can you shut, background somebody microphone open?

02:32:18.19 02:32:21.14 (RC) It's Clint we're trying to mute.

02:32:22.22 02:32:25.11 Clint could you mute your microphone, please?

02:32:29.13 02:32:33.13 (C?) [Clint microphone interference's]

02:32:44.29 02:32:50.27 (RC) I think it's okay there now Mr. Keshe. (MK) Okay. So now you go three to one.

02:32:52.09 02:32:53.08 Eight.

02:32:55.23 02:32:57.04 Six point nine.

02:33:00.28 02:33:02.26 Sorry, six point five.

02:33:03.23 02:33:08.26 Now you change to fourteen times.

02:33:09.05 02:33:10.12 Sorry.

02:33:11.08 02:33:17.10 Now you put 14 times more in this one, than you put in this one.

02:33:18.17 02:33:24.06 Now your alkaliness, your acidity changes, to two.

02:33:25.20 02:33:27.02 To fourteen.

02:33:28.07 02:33:40.23 You increase the ratio of loading, to a further let's say, "twenty-four."

02:33:41.03 02:33:43.28 You can't see the yellow, there is a problem with yellow,

02:33:43.29 02:33:48.14 let's choose a purple. You increase to twenty-four to one.

02:33:48.16 02:33:52.01 Now you go near zero acidity.

02:33:55.01 02:34:01.10 Order of magnitude dictates the acidity or alkaline.

02:34:01.11 02:34:05.16 Alk.. because you redefine it, that becomes gravity.

02:34:06.25 02:34:08.16 And this becomes...

02:34:10.11 02:34:11.22 magnetical.

02:34:15.18 02:34:19.19 The more you give faster, the less it has to give,

02:34:19.20 02:34:21.26 because doesn't have the time to process.

02:34:22.02 02:34:25.02 So it moves towards more alkaliness.

02:34:25.19 02:34:28.23 This moves, because it takes more and more from you,

02:34:28.23 02:34:34.29 it moves more to gravitational or alkaliness, this way to acidity.

02:34:37.01 02:34:40.27 Now you understand how you ratio load your reactors?

02:34:43.23 02:34:48.26 And then by change of the Field-strength, you can descend or ascend.

02:34:52.12 02:34:54.25 The same mass, you don't need to change fuel.

02:35:00.23 02:35:05.03 And then, at that point of change, from acidic to alkaliness,

02:35:05.04 02:35:08.10 you get the friction between the two Field-strength,

02:35:08.10 02:35:12.11 which is like a light, you now, when the Sun rays hits the Earth,

02:35:12.12 02:35:17.03 you get that condition. This is why when you see a Spaceships,

02:35:17.04 02:35:20.06 that they show video, and it just get the flash of light.

02:35:20.07 02:35:24.07 Those are real, because its there. It's a millisecond, and it moves.

02:35:24.08 02:35:27.28 Because they change one reactor from alkaliness to acidity.

02:35:27.29 02:35:31.18 Giving and taking and you change the direction of flow and the speed of the flow.

02:35:31.19 02:35:38.12 And then, by the ratio you change the mass of Helium, sorry, Hydrogen or Tritium,

02:35:38.13 02:35:42.07 you create lift or descent and the strength.

02:35:42.19 02:35:46.03 You go beyond the speed of light by thousands of times.

02:35:46.27 02:35:48.08 Very simple.

02:35:50.14 02:35:53.23 The interaction creates a flow and condition the same.

02:35:53.24 02:35:56.24 The, the rotation of the light, you will see this.

02:35:56.24 02:36:00.18 I've asked our team to demonstrate this.

02:36:00.27 02:36:03.25 Then is for you to evaluate... You got to remember,

02:36:03.26 02:36:06.18 from Thur, next Saturday, Sunday teaching.

02:36:06.19 02:36:08.25 We are not showing you a flight system.

02:36:09.00 02:36:12.09 We are showing you system that you can make to fly.

02:36:12.10 02:36:14.16 The whole purpose is as many as you, you do.

02:36:14.17 02:36:18.25 We are not creating carbon cat, you can come and copy carbon.

02:36:18.26 02:36:22.08 We are teaching you to start doing, what we did with you with the MaGrav System,

02:36:22.09 02:36:24.09 what we did with the Health System.

02:36:24.10 02:36:28.16 You, you went to the sea and you took the water from the oceans and the seas,

02:36:28.17 02:36:32.19 to make the GANS to help your wife with the cancer of the lung or whatever.

02:36:32.20 02:36:37.24 And the other went to took the water from the river and made to change the diabetic.

02:36:39.25 02:36:44.23 You understand? We are the guiders, we are the teachers, is for you to do.

02:36:45.23 02:36:49.28 We show you everything, for you to develop complete.

02:36:50.10 02:36:53.29 Don't expect next week to come in and see a flying system.

02:36:53.29 02:36:57.24 I show you the Iranian weight reduction, which leads to the flight.

02:37:06.02 02:37:11.04 When a nation is peaceful, has no fear of war and abuse of it's Technology.

02:37:11.04 02:37:14.26 And this is what we see with the Iranian nuclear reactor which is out.

02:37:15.22 02:37:18.10 Nation is peaceful, knowledge is shared.

02:37:19.13 02:37:23.11 And live by the Ethos of being Iranian Zoroastrian base.

02:37:29.21 02:37:31.28 There is something important, that you have to understand,

02:37:31.29 02:37:36.17 why the Iranian nation was made the devil? because the devil sits in Tel Aviv.

02:37:37.26 02:37:43.04 Had to make it, then we showed bad. That they could do destroy whatever they could.

02:37:43.07 02:37:45.18 And unfortunately, I come from that blood.

02:37:48.18 02:37:51.28 And those even in Tel Aviv, are not the masters behind it.

02:37:51.29 02:37:56.23 They are the game played to those by the others. They are forgiven.

02:38:03.29 02:38:08.23 We force Peace through this knowledge, and then you have to understand,

02:38:09.04 02:38:11.03 how Peace is done.

02:38:14.28 02:38:20.14 Very soon, we will see Iran and Israel sitting on negotiating table of Peace together.

02:38:21.13 02:38:23.12 Is not the dream, is my wish.

02:38:29.21 02:38:37.01 Because now, as we see, so many with this new Technology,

02:38:37.12 02:38:40.25 Muslims can land in Tel Aviv, that they do not even count.

02:38:40.26 02:38:45.11 There is no choice but talk of Peace. Unification, the whole lot.

02:38:46.11 02:38:48.20 There are only three million Jews

02:38:48.24 02:38:52.04 and there are three hundred million plus of Muslims.

02:38:52.06 02:38:54.23 One billion will be in Tel Aviv in no time.

02:38:58.28 02:39:01.29 Now you'll understand. There is, we have no choice,

02:39:02.01 02:39:04.04 because there are Jews who are testing it,

02:39:04.05 02:39:06.09 the Muslims testing it, the Christian are doing it,

02:39:06.10 02:39:11.09 the Chinese are doing it. So let's see who moves out,

02:39:11.09 02:39:13.06 and put's a hand of Peace out.

02:39:13.18 02:39:19.12 If any of you as Muslims land in Tel Aviv, don’t revenge, kiss them.

02:39:24.26 02:39:26.19 Otherwise we fail.

02:39:29.29 02:39:31.04 Greet them.

02:39:35.17 02:39:37.09 And put them to shame.

02:39:51.26 02:39:53.16 Any other question?

02:40:03.21 02:40:05.21 (RC) Thank you Mr. Keshe.

02:40:07.13 02:40:09.13 (MK) You still want to carry to read?

02:40:10.28 02:40:13.19 (RC) Well we can if you like, we could carry on.

02:40:13.20 02:40:21.04 There's a couple of questions, such as, "Have the Plasma Fields any shape?"

02:40:21.11 02:40:28.29 So, Soraya asks - "and if so, is it shaped like clouds or is it shaped like waves?"

02:40:29.10 02:40:35.01 (MK) Depends what strength you produce it and what external conditions you put on it.

02:40:35.18 02:40:41.08 The Plasma - environmental condition - is the shape of the body of the man.

02:40:42.07 02:40:48.11 Depends what the soul has, what strength he has, and what dimension it's taken.

02:40:48.20 02:40:51.04 The soul of the man and the lion is the same.

02:40:54.17 02:40:58.24 Is the condition that it has been released

02:40:58.28 02:41:01.18 and the condition within the structure of the brain,

02:41:01.26 02:41:05.04 which dictates the shape of the man or the lion.

02:41:07.04 02:41:10.21 (RC) What about the Plasma of the Sun? a, and,

02:41:10.21 02:41:13.04 It's the same, we don't see the shape of...

02:41:13.24 02:41:18.28 We don't see the same shape of the Sun until we go outside, we are inside it,

02:41:19.10 02:41:22.18 and then you will see, most probably, it has the shape of a man.

02:41:24.07 02:41:26.07 (RC) Oh, I see.

02:41:27.10 02:41:30.01 (MK) We are inside, we are not aware of outside.

02:41:30.20 02:41:35.07 When the man move outside, and can see on the strength of the field,

02:41:35.26 02:41:40.14 you might see the shape - then you see the shape of the true. It's not spherical the way you see it,

02:41:40.14 02:41:44.12 because there is so many parameters. condition, is on it.

02:41:44.15 02:41:48.00 You, you've got to understand, it's always the same.

02:41:48.13 02:41:57.15 As I said at the beginning, "The, the condition of Earth

02:41:58.20 02:42:03.00 in different locations have dictated the color of the skin and the shape of the man.

02:42:03.02 02:42:07.12 Or, the same animal slightly different, because of the environment.

02:42:07.27 02:42:11.11 Because of the environmental conditions dictates the changes

02:42:11.11 02:42:14.26 within the soul of the man's interaction with the environment.

02:42:14.27 02:42:18.01 So is the same with the Sun and the Plasma of the Sun

02:42:18.02 02:42:20.01 and the environment of the Galaxy.

02:42:21.17 02:42:25.14 We are conditioned, so when we look out, it might look like a man.

02:42:25.14 02:42:29.09 It might look like a tiger - whatever - you'll see the shape of it.

02:42:31.26 02:42:37.06 The new - we, we haven't got the knowledge to see this in our structures.

02:42:37.07 02:42:42.17 But if you look with other dimension, you see the soul of a galaxy.

02:42:42.18 02:42:46.26 Each galaxy it's got a shape - and exists by that shape.

02:42:47.00 02:42:50.13 Is recognized by another galaxy the way we recognize another man.

02:42:50.13 02:42:56.02 Galaxies have the soul image, the, the presence of understanding of the other.

02:43:02.02 02:43:06.01 (RC) You, you mentioned the word 'toroidal' earlier,

02:43:06.01 02:43:11.15 is that part of the shape of, of Plasmas in general? Is that...

02:43:11.15 02:43:14.20 (MK) It's the way... (RC) one of the criteria?

02:43:14.21 02:43:19.12 (MK) It's the way, we position the one center and three on the base,

02:43:20.07 02:43:24.05 it forces such a thing. You create a tunnel inside.

02:43:26.23 02:43:29.17 Because we need it for stability of the Plasma,

02:43:29.18 02:43:31.28 we need it for direction of the motion.

02:43:32.15 02:43:34.28 We need it for everything.

02:43:40.07 02:43:45.04 (RC) So, maybe that bubble in the middle is more of a tunnel, than a bubble?

02:43:45.17 02:43:50.12 (MK) It's, it turns up because now you have

02:43:50.17 02:43:54.11 the Russians in this new Space system they've developed, using it

02:43:54.29 02:43:58.16 and I can see how they are using it to create motion.

02:44:00.08 02:44:04.16 The - it's a very clever way to do it.

02:44:05.00 02:44:07.23 I always love the way Russian scientists work.

02:44:07.26 02:44:10.01 They always see the thing, the way it is.

02:44:10.01 02:44:14.15 If you give it to the Chinese scientists, they understand the balance of the motion

02:44:14.19 02:44:16.06 and they get things done.

02:44:16.20 02:44:22.16 But it's, it's a condition of the distance and Field Forces

02:44:22.17 02:44:24.26 of layers in respect to each other

02:44:25.03 02:44:29.18 and respect to another 2 or 3 or 4 reactors.

02:44:31.22 02:44:35.23 If you move one of your base reactors 1 mm than the other,

02:44:35.23 02:44:38.06 or 2 mm, you get a different effect.

02:44:40.12 02:44:43.07 You get a crippled reactor, you get a crippled motion.

02:44:43.15 02:44:48.13 Everything has to be precise and then, you don't need the motors.

02:44:48.15 02:44:54.29 At the moment, the test done by the 'Space Center' - I call it...

02:44:55.27 02:44:59.01 there are no motors in reactors - three of them.

02:45:00.20 02:45:01.26 They don't need to.

02:45:02.10 02:45:06.11 But the field flow is very strong, they need to break it

02:45:06.13 02:45:09.27 and then, the Plasmas force each other's motion.

02:45:12.24 02:45:16.19 On Saturday, next week, well, we'll head to that direction.

02:45:16.24 02:45:18.24 We'll be open so freely

02:45:20.10 02:45:26.28 that we'll force lift, we'll force creation of dimension of physicality.

02:45:27.06 02:45:28.14 It's no different.

02:45:28.21 02:45:30.29 Because you have 3 different fuels.

02:45:30.29 02:45:32.25 The interaction of 3 different fuels

02:45:32.25 02:45:37.11 creates 3 Dimensional layers which is like the skin of the man -

02:45:37.14 02:45:40.06 forces manifestation of physicality.

02:45:40.06 02:45:43.07 Or vision of physicality at the level of eye of the man.

02:45:45.18 02:45:52.12 But the beauty with it is, when we do - the way it's been loaded by our people

02:45:52.18 02:45:55.27 ... it forces that no other entity can enter

02:45:55.29 02:45:58.02 does not matter what strength they come in,

02:45:58.03 02:46:01.19 because you create a center point that the barrier is the same.

02:46:02.10 02:46:04.29 It's just a matter of how you create field resistance

02:46:05.00 02:46:07.17 that to what limit you allow things through.

02:46:10.08 02:46:16.28 Those of you who have created three elements of the Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium,

02:46:17.03 02:46:21.17 please make a video of it, show it clearly, we can use it in the teachings.

02:46:21.18 02:46:25.04 People need to know how to make fuel and it's not only one way to do it.

02:46:25.13 02:46:28.08 Some of you don't make Helium, Hydrogen or Tritium,

02:46:28.08 02:46:29.29 you just call it because you think so.

02:46:30.09 02:46:33.11 We look at it, we allow it, let other people test it.

02:46:33.21 02:46:37.16 We have to show how to make the fuel, we have to show how we make the material.

02:46:37.17 02:46:40.27 We have to show how to make the medicine we have to show how to make the energy.

02:46:41.02 02:46:44.17 We have to show how we make the lift and possibility

02:46:44.18 02:46:46.18 of the creation of the Matter condition.

02:46:46.25 02:46:48.24 You got to realize something very simple,

02:46:48.24 02:46:51.16 If we can show you that the Matter can be created

02:46:51.16 02:46:53.18 the way it's done in the labs of the Keshe Foundation

02:46:53.19 02:46:56.15 so, it should be easy to make it for the Spaceship too.

02:46:56.23 02:46:58.26 And I don't see how you don't see it.

02:46:59.22 02:47:02.01 Those who are in the research center with the materials,

02:47:02.02 02:47:05.21 they should have been able to see something. They're too busy playing.

02:47:05.29 02:47:10.13 I left four playing children in one center, and they do what they like.

02:47:14.13 02:47:16.02 But it's nice the way they play.

02:47:19.00 02:47:22.23 If you have managed to create matter out of the fresh air,

02:47:22.27 02:47:27.11 so, you should understand how to make it that your Space reactor...

02:47:27.13 02:47:30.22 creates that Matter condition, but it stabilizes it, to a shape.

02:47:32.09 02:47:35.14 You'll see all of this next week. It's not a, it's not a dream anymore,

02:47:35.14 02:47:36.24 it's not something going to be done.

02:47:36.25 02:47:39.24 They have made many materials, and you will see it.

02:47:41.19 02:47:48.22 So when we say, "The field's torus shape should lead to creation of the physicality."

02:47:48.24 02:47:53.12 The matter section of the Keshe Foundation research has already achieved it.

02:47:54.11 02:47:56.19 Why they come to each other - it's good.

02:47:56.19 02:47:59.08 Because you need the expansion of knowledge.

02:48:00.09 02:48:01.17 But they are responsible.

02:48:01.17 02:48:03.28 We have a group which do other parts.

02:48:04.15 02:48:09.17 I put all the finances of the Keshe Foundation in the back to bring man to this position.

02:48:16.00 02:48:19.01 We still do the factories, we still have to do, to feed the people.

02:48:19.03 02:48:23.27 We still create the - because this - we cannot change everything in one go.

02:48:23.28 02:48:27.15 But we have to fit in that we create a condition of Peace -

02:48:27.20 02:48:33.00 Condition of One Nation that, that leads to elevation of the soul of the man

02:48:33.01 02:48:34.14 and new inventions.

02:48:36.01 02:48:38.23 His Excellency,President. Xi, has opened a center.

02:48:38.25 02:48:41.05 Just on side the of Beijing.

02:48:41.05 02:48:46.15 It's called: "1000 of One, 1000 Year Science Center."

02:48:46.18 02:48:51.03 200 square kilometers of pure science village.

02:48:51.03 02:48:53.01 That last a thousand years.

02:48:53.26 02:48:56.10 We are committed to the development of this center.

02:48:56.12 02:49:00.29 And Keshe Foundation actively will participate with, his Excellency's wishes.

02:49:05.03 02:49:10.24 Unlimited finance to develop man to a Peaceful Nation, by a Peaceful man.

02:49:14.14 02:49:17.12 You will hear about it very soon.

02:49:18.06 02:49:20.09 We are active, we accepted the position.

02:49:20.10 02:49:22.17 And it's a huge 200 square meter,

02:49:22.20 02:49:27.18 just to develop new Technologies for next thousand years to make man peaceful,

02:49:27.24 02:49:30.10 as is the wish of his Excellency President Xi.

02:49:31.02 02:49:33.20 Equal share, One Belt, One Nation,

02:49:34.13 02:49:37.10 One Road, One Planet.

02:49:40.05 02:49:45.08 I go to bed to do, with those who are men of Peace.

02:49:45.09 02:49:47.20 Not those who are the warmongering.

02:49:50.20 02:49:54.21 Every effort will be made to see this one thousand - what do you call,

02:49:55.20 02:49:59.28 "Science Center" to be developed, I've been there, I've been shown,

02:50:00.11 02:50:01.27 and we are committed to it.

02:50:03.21 02:50:05.25 And all this knowledge will come through there.

02:50:12.04 02:50:13.23 You'll, we'll witness to it.

02:50:22.22 02:50:28.14 We, we don't say that the Gravitational Magnetic Field center will...

02:50:28.23 02:50:30.23 ...is there, the wind is there.

02:50:30.29 02:50:34.27 You have to understand, the other side of the Keshe Foundation research people team,

02:50:34.28 02:50:38.20 have already used that wind in a different shape to create matters.

02:50:39.20 02:50:43.23 So now, they have to learn from the others but not interfere.

02:50:44.10 02:50:47.27 Because, otherwise we lose independence of the research.

02:50:53.13 02:50:56.13 The team in Shenzhen, there is guys in there

02:50:56.14 02:50:58.19 who have managed to interfere with the weather.

02:50:59.23 02:51:01.16 They have the system and I've asked them,

02:51:01.16 02:51:04.03 I wanted to be made and presented next week.

02:51:05.06 02:51:09.03 The new Shenzhen team will be there to do it and it's one man's job.

02:51:10.01 02:51:13.17 The beautiful Chinese man who's done it is part of the Keshe Foundation center.

02:51:13.26 02:51:15.23 They'll bring their technology, they'll show it,

02:51:15.23 02:51:18.05 even if they can't show it they'll show the principal.

02:51:21.16 02:51:25.15 Every nation, every culture will be part of,

02:51:25.21 02:51:27.26 two weeks, two days teaching and develop it,

02:51:27.26 02:51:30.26 and we all go together, share equally.

02:51:44.06 02:51:48.09 I've lived out of suitcase for nearly a year to make sure the Peace will come.

02:51:57.23 02:52:01.02 In so many ways I thank Carolina without her would have been impossible.

02:52:01.03 02:52:03.08 She is one of the most patient woman in the world,

02:52:03.08 02:52:06.06 tolerates a man like me who devotes his life to Peace,

02:52:07.07 02:52:09.04 and she has devoted her life to Peace.

02:52:13.07 02:52:14.08 She is a gem.

02:52:14.26 02:52:17.08 And I thank her for everything she's done.

02:52:20.24 02:52:24.02 Not many of you women in Keshe Foundation would have tolerated,

02:52:24.02 02:52:27.08 and lived the life I live to create Foundation for Peace.

02:52:32.12 02:52:33.15 But, she does.

02:52:37.18 02:52:38.26 Any other question?

02:52:49.25 02:52:52.03 (RC) Was a question in the chat...

02:52:54.28 02:52:56.29 see how is it go here,

02:52:57.05 02:53:02.15 "Can we create this connection with the Amino Acids," Boris asked.

02:53:05.15 02:53:07.27 Why do you need to connect it to Amino Acid.

02:53:07.27 02:53:10.25 Why don't you use your soul which has no Amino Acid,

02:53:10.25 02:53:13.02 and then, you can feed the Amino Acid.

02:53:13.10 02:53:15.20 Why do you like to always work with the soldiers,

02:53:15.21 02:53:17.18 just when you have the general in your hand.

02:53:41.08 02:53:44.18 Don't forget next week is not a week of surprises,

02:53:44.26 02:53:47.12 is the delivery of a science in the correct way.

02:53:47.26 02:53:49.20 And then we'll see the change.

02:53:57.11 02:53:58.11 Carry on.

02:53:59.11 02:54:01.12 Have we reached our three hours time?

02:54:01.29 02:54:03.14 Yes.

02:54:03.29 02:54:05.27 (RC) We have actually, yes.

02:54:09.08 02:54:12.21 Should I just finish off the, the patent pictures there?

02:54:12.21 02:54:17.14 And you could have a look at that perhaps and finish up?

02:54:17.15 02:54:19.08 Or do you want end now Mr. Keshe? (MK) Yes.

02:54:19.08 02:54:22.28 Carry on, carry on and then we go. I have to attend a meeting urgent.

02:54:22.29 02:54:23.29 (RC) Okay.

02:54:24.18 02:54:25.22 (MK) Just go ahead.

02:54:27.05 02:54:32.03 (RC) Okay, let me take over again here, we'll just finish that up.

02:54:35.13 02:54:39.01 I would advise people that they can look at the patents now there,

02:54:39.02 02:54:43.27 and there is a link that's available we can put in the chat here.

02:54:44.19 02:54:47.10 From the Keshe Foundation for each of the patents.

02:54:53.02 02:54:55.19 So we are looking at that last one.

02:54:56.22 02:54:58.29 Yeah, that should be shown here now.

02:55:00.07 02:55:05.03 I'll just pan through here again it shows the Magnetic Fields,

02:55:05.19 02:55:08.24 a different viewpoint here of that interaction.

02:55:11.09 02:55:16.02 Shows an another iteration of the reactors,

02:55:16.12 02:55:20.09 showing the layering effect and the Field Interactions.

02:55:21.21 02:55:25.04 (RC) Seek the word Plasma ... (MK) You see if you look at ...

02:55:25.05 02:55:27.14 (MK) If you look at most of it.

02:55:31.26 02:55:32.26 We...

02:55:43.16 02:55:45.16 What it is, is...

02:55:46.13 02:55:51.07 If you look at all these things this is all Field interaction.

02:55:51.21 02:55:56.00 Creating condition of Field interaction. Condition of the second layer.

02:55:56.01 02:55:57.28 If you look at this design now,...

02:56:03.28 02:56:07.14 If you look at this, I'm gonna do. Am I, can I still write?

02:56:07.25 02:56:10.01 No, I got coming again this way.

02:56:10.12 02:56:14.04 If you look at this, again two cores.

02:56:16.05 02:56:19.21 And if you look at it here in the center, it'll be another core.

02:56:20.01 02:56:24.19 If you go back to the, the energy reactor we made in...

02:56:34.07 02:56:39.16 In this condition here, will create it,

02:56:45.26 02:56:51.16 fields here in a Plasma condition and you have fields here in Plasma condition.

02:56:51.25 02:56:55.10 But, these field in Plasma condition will cross over.

02:56:55.15 02:56:57.17 And they will take position here.

02:56:58.10 02:57:02.12 Of different strength, because it's different mass ratio.

02:57:02.13 02:57:05.05 There is something important that in these things...

02:57:06.17 02:57:08.02 is that...

02:57:09.21 02:57:12.05 If you look at what is here

02:57:12.21 02:57:15.19 and now that you just understood...

02:57:16.19 02:57:18.16 ...the Totality.

02:57:18.29 02:57:23.06 Is this, oh I cannot get rid of this, okay.

02:57:25.26 02:57:28.10 My rubber doesn't work. Okay, it works now.

02:57:29.27 02:57:32.07 ... You remember, what I just showed you?

02:57:33.08 02:57:34.21 14 to 1.

02:57:36.13 02:57:37.18 You remember?

02:57:40.07 02:57:41.07 Look at this,

02:57:46.16 02:57:47.27 and look at this.

02:57:54.19 02:57:59.01 The ratio of this volume, to this volume.

02:57:59.28 02:58:02.16 If you get it 14 to 1 you have the same.

02:58:12.00 02:58:13.29 There is the same thing kept here.

02:58:16.10 02:58:21.25 You got to remember, in world of science measurement,

02:58:23.00 02:58:27.28 the volume difference here is the order of magnitude.

02:58:30.02 02:58:31.27 Those of you who understand.

02:58:35.03 02:58:39.17 Is very much order of magnitude, because Pi stays the same.

02:58:42.27 02:58:48.12 And don't forget, we are not talking about area, we are talking about the volume.

02:58:52.00 02:58:53.11 Is totally different.

02:58:53.26 02:58:54.20 With the,

02:58:55.00 02:58:59.25 with the volume, you move very much, too much towards order of magnitude,

02:58:59.28 02:59:02.17 which this is what we need in the Space Technology.

02:59:03.26 02:59:06.14 Because you are, you're looking at it two-dimensional,

02:59:06.20 02:59:08.25 you are not looking at three-dimensional.

02:59:10.00 02:59:12.26 One centimeter bigger, makes a huge difference.

02:59:12.27 02:59:16.09 Two centimeter bigger is makes a huge difference to the center.

02:59:17.06 02:59:19.25 And then when you create a Plasma here,

02:59:19.25 02:59:23.03 is of a different order when it pressurizes the one inside.

02:59:23.03 02:59:26.11 Because now, is of the same order of Creation.

02:59:28.09 02:59:33.28 These are... things when this patent is written and you'll see it.

02:59:34.06 02:59:36.10 These are important things, do you understand?

02:59:36.12 02:59:39.02 You still follow the same thing, nothing has changed.

02:59:39.07 02:59:42.00 If you use a GANS or a gas or Plasma,

02:59:42.02 02:59:46.23 or the order of the magnitude Universal Fields.

02:59:47.05 02:59:51.05 Nobody knows about Universal Fields, if I teach you about the Universal Fields

02:59:51.05 02:59:55.01 all of you say, why have we taught as this for so long that wasting our time.

02:59:55.08 02:59:59.03 As my s, my little boy says: "Papa you're wasting my time walking,

02:59:59.07 03:00:00.27 I can play computer games."

03:00:04.12 03:00:08.16 You have not even, you don't even understand Universal Field strength,

03:00:08.18 03:00:10.12 directions and dimensions.

03:00:11.04 03:00:13.05 These things don't even come to play.

03:00:20.20 03:00:21.29 Don't forget.

03:00:23.09 03:00:26.04 I asked you to read sometimes ago,

03:00:27.05 03:00:30.15 The Seven Valleys, written by Baha’ullah.

03:00:31.20 03:00:34.01 You have not even entered the first valley

03:00:34.08 03:00:37.29 and each valley has it's own strength and dimension of life.

03:00:40.05 03:00:44.14 And this is just getting you to get into the same valley, that you understand.

03:00:45.03 03:00:47.24 There is more to teach to understand more.

03:00:57.14 03:01:00.04 This order of magnitude is the same,

03:01:00.04 03:01:05.16 here, if you look at it, this is the alkalineness and this is the acidity.

03:01:10.08 03:01:14.04 And by change of the amount of the Hydrogen here, or here,

03:01:14.15 03:01:17.29 I dictate the amount of alkalineness or acidity.

03:01:19.13 03:01:21.11 What does alkalineness gives you?

03:01:22.17 03:01:24.25 What does alk... acidity gives you?

03:01:28.16 03:01:31.12 And all you need is to transfer one to the other.

03:01:31.17 03:01:33.10 Don't forget as I said,

03:01:34.17 03:01:38.17 "One single Atom of Hydrogen can fill the whole environment.

03:01:38.18 03:01:43.09 But when it fills, it takes the dimension of acidity too or alkalineness."

03:01:45.00 03:01:49.07 Because it releases more energy from inside to be able to cover the Totality,

03:01:49.08 03:01:51.18 so higher the strength, manifest itself.

03:01:51.22 03:01:53.14 Is the skinning of a banana.

03:02:06.28 03:02:11.02 It is understanding the totality of the knowledge.

03:02:21.18 03:02:23.01 Any other question?

03:02:24.08 03:02:26.18 (RC) Well, I don't want to keep you any longer here Mr. Keshe,

03:02:26.19 03:02:29.12 if you have a, a meeting that you need to get to there.

03:02:29.15 03:02:33.03 (MK) I'm going to be ... I got another 10 minutes if there is any question.

03:02:33.05 03:02:34.16 Then I have to leave.

03:02:35.25 03:02:37.16 (RC) Well Demetri asks:

03:02:37.19 03:02:43.01 "So if a reactor vanishes, is it the result of the order of magnitude?"

03:02:43.19 03:02:46.21 (MK) Yes it's still there, you don't see it, don't think it's vanished.

03:02:47.10 03:02:51.06 (RC) If we reverse the order of magnitude it will come back?

03:02:52.12 03:02:53.12 (MK) Good Morning :)

03:02:59.29 03:03:03.23 Now you become magician, one second you see, one second you don't.

03:03:04.15 03:03:06.26 And I know the guy who's cursing me in the background,

03:03:06.27 03:03:09.02 but is your problem Armen, not me.

03:03:09.04 03:03:11.07 You should have understood it long time ago.

03:03:15.11 03:03:18.13 (AG) Well you kept me busy such a long time.

03:03:18.13 03:03:20.24 (RC) [laughs]

03:03:20.25 03:03:23.11 (MK) The other children where not ready. (AG) I will not ...

03:03:23.14 03:03:25.27 (MK) The others were not ready you're too fast.

03:03:25.28 03:03:27.12 (AG) It's Okay.

03:03:27.23 03:03:31.14 (MK) If, if you love the children you have to wait till they're all round the table,

03:03:31.15 03:03:34.02 then we can eat together, now they are round the table.

03:03:36.26 03:03:38.04 (AG) I understand.

03:03:38.13 03:03:40.20 (MK) You're welcome I love you so much [inaudible]

03:03:47.18 03:03:53.06 (RC) Well I think that's a fine note to, wrap things up for today?

03:03:54.02 03:03:55.07 (MK) Very much.

03:03:56.15 03:03:58.01 (RC) Yeah there's one other question

03:03:58.01 03:04:02.05 I wasn't quite sure how to ask it and so on here.

03:04:02.15 03:04:03.20 (MK) What's the question?

03:04:03.21 03:04:06.22 (RC) I'll, I'll try, is from Yasmin who says:

03:04:06.25 03:04:10.29 "When you said that Armen can't, couldn't get a model that worked."

03:04:11.03 03:04:12.25 Means that we all ...

03:04:12.25 03:04:14.16 (MK) He did! He did.

03:04:14.18 03:04:17.22 But he couldn't get it moving the way he wanted.

03:04:18.04 03:04:20.28 Because, the rest of the people were not ready.

03:04:21.06 03:04:23.05 (RC) Well that's right he goes on to say:

03:04:23.06 03:04:28.07 "That we all the Humanity were not in the path or position to fly."

03:04:29.03 03:04:32.03 Does it mean that all, all the Humanity now,

03:04:32.03 03:04:37.08 or put ourselves in the path or vibration that create the Spaceship?

03:04:37.22 03:04:40.13 (MK) Yeah. We are because we have gained majority.

03:04:41.19 03:04:42.10 (RC) So ...

03:04:42.10 03:04:45.02 (MK) By giving we have received enough that,

03:04:45.06 03:04:48.22 (MK) it's, is, is the pleasure of what is, is not a sacrifice.

03:04:49.06 03:04:54.07 But is a pleasure of understanding, and is there,

03:04:54.08 03:04:58.26 we just needs one candle to light up the candle to light the others on.

03:04:59.21 03:05:00.20 (RC) And he said...

03:05:00.21 03:05:02.20 (MK) When you go to church, there are hundreds of candles,

03:05:02.21 03:05:07.05 you use one to light everything up and not candles lit everything else up.

03:05:08.15 03:05:12.09 So is there we are ready to go, but it takes still time,

03:05:12.24 03:05:17.19 because, you have to understand there are two position will occur after next week.

03:05:17.25 03:05:19.26 When we start teaching the Space Technology,

03:05:19.27 03:05:22.04 the governments will join us or they oppose us.

03:05:22.04 03:05:24.28 Or the ones who have set the pattern will oppose us.

03:05:26.23 03:05:29.06 The opposition will not last long because,

03:05:29.07 03:05:32.13 the forces of the knowledge will force the condition.

03:05:33.02 03:05:35.09 The majority of the condition changes comes,

03:05:35.09 03:05:38.13 because all these people and their family have a very big weakness,

03:05:38.14 03:05:40.10 in their body which is they get sick.

03:05:41.10 03:05:45.09 They, as I said in my writing before,

03:05:45.16 03:05:50.17 the man will accept this Technology not out of beauty of it.

03:05:50.19 03:05:53.16 But out of the fears of our face inhalation.

03:05:53.17 03:05:55.22 You'll annihilate a lot of things

03:05:55.27 03:05:59.03 for those are afraid of themselves being annihilated

03:05:59.04 03:06:02.22 And with that all, we are human body and we all get sick.

03:06:02.26 03:06:04.19 And one way or another we have somebody,

03:06:04.19 03:06:07.09 we love being a wife or a mistress or a child,

03:06:08.05 03:06:10.02 and then when it comes to their life,

03:06:10.04 03:06:13.05 we accept, we submit to the strength of a higher order.

03:06:14.04 03:06:15.22 And this is the beauty of it.

03:06:16.06 03:06:19.14 And a..., we were not ready, we...,

03:06:19.29 03:06:22.09 we have many people in the Foundation,

03:06:22.13 03:06:26.06 who see things slightly different or bringing different soul in.

03:06:26.17 03:06:32.08 which changes, and ... the greed of the man becomes a blinder of the man.

03:06:32.16 03:06:38.18 And in what you call in our structure, "Many people have lost the greed.

03:06:38.22 03:06:42.24 Because the greed now is how to share more, not how to gain more."

03:06:42.27 03:06:44.29 Which is totally change of the past.

03:06:48.18 03:06:51.09 We'll see. We are there, or next week.

03:06:51.14 03:06:55.24 We are here on Thursday, Saturday 10 o'clock CET.

03:06:56.06 03:06:59.19 Invite the world leaders and everyone to be there to see,

03:06:59.20 03:07:02.12 what has been gathered in past 10, 15 years.

03:07:03.04 03:07:05.29 And then, we start most probably with the most shocking one,

03:07:05.29 03:07:08.22 to get the full attention and that is will show Armen.

03:07:08.26 03:07:12.17 This is the man who is your problem and then everybody will pay attention.

03:07:13.01 03:07:15.17 We have a special picture from him to show.

03:07:16.29 03:07:19.12 In the black, it suits him perfect.

03:07:19.24 03:07:24.18 But, ...in so many ways... we are ready for the change,

03:07:24.19 03:07:29.20 but, we are ready as a total as a... as totality and that was the biggest problem.

03:07:30.06 03:07:34.19 The number of mass of people who are ready for the change

03:07:34.20 03:07:38.08 and been round the Foundation is enough to change the balance.

03:07:38.26 03:07:40.10 We are across the planet.

03:07:40.25 03:07:42.29 Chinese, American, South Americans.

03:07:44.11 03:07:47.28 We see the beauty of Medicine coming from Latino countries.

03:07:48.02 03:07:50.12 You will amaze what they have achieved.

03:07:50.28 03:07:55.12 You'll see the beauty of science developed of material coming from Central Europe.

03:07:56.04 03:08:00.24 We'll see the condition of understanding the totality of the Balanced Fields,

03:08:00.25 03:08:03.10 which has changed the weather from Chinese.

03:08:03.25 03:08:07.22 And then, we'll see what the Arab Nations and Africans bring on the table,

03:08:07.22 03:08:10.19 which is unification of the man, back to the origin.

03:08:10.29 03:08:13.10 Everything is getting done, we'll see it.

03:08:15.21 03:08:18.28 It's a beauty when you will see,

03:08:19.25 03:08:22.28 two Africanos, from Africa,

03:08:23.03 03:08:25.14 will change the food supply direction.

03:08:27.02 03:08:30.05 They work together, they are putting it together and you will see.

03:08:31.23 03:08:35.10 It's beautiful the way it's coming up and this was planned this way.

03:08:35.15 03:08:38.11 This not just accident, because to unite,

03:08:38.13 03:08:41.06 we need to all members of the family on the table.

03:08:43.04 03:08:44.18 Thank you very much.

03:08:44.28 03:08:47.14 I'll be nice if you can go out with the...

03:08:48.22 03:08:51.00 this video which Lisa made,

03:08:51.01 03:08:53.22 because the more you listen to it the more you understand,

03:08:53.23 03:08:56.11 how much we are ready for the flight.

03:08:57.24 03:09:02.22 How much the promised day of the freedom of the man on the 14th of April,

03:09:03.00 03:09:05.22 as we promised a long, long time.

03:09:06.21 03:09:09.14 I have one message for the Israeli Prime Minister,

03:09:11.08 03:09:16.14 "Become the flag of Peace, otherwise you'll be flagged to Peace,

03:09:16.20 03:09:19.10 by the love and care of Islamic world."

03:09:19.23 03:09:21.20 And the world will become peaceful.

03:09:23.04 03:09:24.08 Thank you very much.

03:09:29.15 03:09:31.12 (RC) Thank you, thank you Mr. Keshe.

03:09:32.17 03:09:38.15 Wonderful teaching once again here this is a great day for Mankind,

03:09:38.20 03:09:41.29 as we proceed forward from here,

03:09:42.15 03:09:47.03 looking forward to the next week or two of activity.

03:09:48.02 03:09:51.10 I just put a link in the chat,

03:09:51.22 03:09:55.08 and I can do so in the Livestream as well,

03:09:55.20 03:09:59.25 ... regarding the, if anybody wants to...

03:10:00.10 03:10:03.03 do a translation of that ...

03:10:03.28 03:10:09.26 ... document of the Spaceship Blueprint Day of the Mozhan

03:10:10.08 03:10:11.24 ... poster.

03:10:11.25 03:10:16.08 Then you can send your ... translations

03:10:16.29 03:10:21.15 to the ... address in the chat,

03:10:22.24 03:10:27.01 which is subtitles@kfssi.org

03:10:30.23 03:10:32.09 Alright ...

03:10:32.10 03:10:35.07 I think we are ready to end for today.

03:10:35.23 03:10:37.17 Thank you everybody

03:10:37.22 03:10:46.24 for attending the 218th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for April 5th, 2018.

03:10:47.24 03:10:51.24 And I think ... Flint are you ready for

03:10:52.16 03:10:55.15 the ... Lisa?

03:10:55.16 03:10:56.17 (FM) Yes.

03:10:57.18 03:10:59.03 (RC) Okay, thank you.

03:27:39.25 03:27:43.16 Music playing