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The Flintster's Bio: I am here to serve the Keshe Foundation which is here to serve the people of the world.

A computer guru and jack of many IT trades.

Nothin' but Heart

     _____           _____
 ,ad8PPPP88b,     ,d88PPPP8ba,
d8P"      "Y8b, ,d8P"      "Y8b

dP' "8a8" `Yd 8( " )8 I8 8I

Yb,                         ,dP
 "8a,                     ,a8"
   "8a,                 ,a8"
     "Yba             adP"
       `Y8a         a8P'
         `88,     ,88'
           "8b   d8"
            "8b d8"