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Basics for the production and processing of GANS
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In order to expand knowledge around the whole topic of GANS, the "Basics of production and processing of GANS" provide a compact overview.


CO2 GANS Box Setup: The Setup here on the picture with led is the best option to produce a very good quality of GANS. ([emergency situations only (lower quality): If there is no led to connect the wires, you can use two Nano-coated Copper wires and twist them counterclockwise together. If you have only not Nano-coated Copper wires, you have to use one led!
CO2 GANS is produced with a Zinc plate connected to a Nano-coated Copper plate (or Copper coil) in a 5% Salt-water solution. For example, 50 grams of Salt are completely dissolved in one liter of clean water and emptied into the plastic box. The plates should be approx. 80% in the water, 2cm above the bottom of the container and 4 to 7cm away from each other. The plates are connected through a Nano-coated Copper wire and a Copper wire. There are two different variants for the production of CO2 GANS. (CAUTION: never drink GANS or touch with any part of the body).
Green led: Anode (+) / Cathode (-)

Required materials

  • Plastic box
  • Clean water
  • Salt (50 gram Salt on 1 liter water)
  • Green led
  • Nano-coated Copper wire
  • Copper wire
  • Nano-coated Copper plates or coils
  • Zinc plate

The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture KIT (Part 1)
Complete explanation of Creation of CO2 and CH3

CO2/ZnO GANS mixture in the ratio 90:10

During the production of CO2 GANS, a proportion of ZnO (Zinc Oxide) GANS is always also produced. The term CO2 GANS refers to the variant in which CO2/ZnO GANS is produced in a ratio of 90 to 10. The low proportion of ZnO cannot be ruled out, but does not play a role. To produce this GANS, a green led is placed between the connecting wires of the Nano-coated Copper plate or coil. (See picture). The long end of the led (+ pole) is connected to the connecting wire of the Nano-coated Copper plate and the short end (- pole) to the connecting wire of the Zinc plate. This CO2 GANS is creamy, grayish white, the plates should hang about 2cm above the ground and the connecting wires above the water should not touch the water. After a few hours the GANS will form between the plates and settle on the ground after a while.

CO2/ZnO GANS mixture in the ratio of 20:80

No led is placed between the connecting wires of the plates. The two connecting wires must be Nano-coated and turned together counterclockwise. The production of this mixture works very quickly, but the CO2 content is low in relation to the Zinc content. However, it is important to pay attention to the purpose for which this GANS is produced, as it is mainly a ZnO based GANS. In addition it is produced without led and one can consider whether one does not produce a CO2 GANS and a ZnO GANS with led, in order to mix it proportionally correctly together.

CO2 GANS: Uses/Applications

CO2 GANS-water can be used pure or diluted depending on the treatment requirement. It will activates cells, revitalizes the body and strengthens the immune system. CO2 GANS-water is very beneficial to all kinds of muscle injuries. When used as a spray it immediately relieves pain. However, in the case of a broken bone(s), do not apply CO2 GANS-water directly to fracture(s). Pain at the point of a bone fracture triggers the body to bring needed Calcium to the area of the fracture that is required for the healing process. Therefore, do not spray directly on the fracture point; spray the area around it.

  • Oral Application: CO2 GANS water can be taken orally (Eg. drops or 5ml to 25ml in half a liter of water - 1 to 2 times daily (according to the recommendations).
  • Foot Bath Application: Add CO2 GANS water to lukewarm water in a foot bath. When repeatedly applied this eliminates athlete's foot and pulls heavy metals out of the body.
  • Full Bath Application: You can use CO2 GANS water AND the GANS waters of ZnO (Zinc oxide), CH3 (Iron oxide) and/or CuO (Copper oxide). For example, with radiation contamination, Keshe recommends taking a bath with 2 to 3 litres of CO2 GANS-water in the bath mixed with warm water, and staying in this water for half an hour 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Scalp and Hair Application: You can regularly rub CO2 GANS water on the scalp and in the hair. It soothes the scalp, strengthens hair folical roots and has been shown to bring the original hair color back.
  • CO2+ ZnO GANS Liquid Plasma Mixture Spray Application: On the face- revitalizes the skin, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Aftershave Lotion Application: Alleviates cuts immediately and relaxes the skin.
  • Eczema Application: Spray the affected skin areas with CO2 GANS-water - to date, very rapid improvement has been reported.
  • Bee sting Application: Sprinkle the area of the sting with CO2 GANS-water several times.

NOTE: CO2 GANS, CO2 GANS-water and Liquid Plasma of CO2 are used in Health applications AND for energy production.

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