What is Peace?

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times August 2019

by Keshe Foundation.

To become one nation… it means there are no borders, no armies, no wars and we do not need to incite wars as we have no enemies. We have extended the borders of this space we call Earth to the boundaries of the atmosphere. 

Now we are done with imaginary lines with walls and barbed wire. Now we make the atmosphere of this planet the boundaries. There are no armies to fight and as we have told from the beginning, the universal community never fights. Again, this is an imaginary border, which extends into the universe. 

The signing of the world peace treaties as one section of this planet shows that we become One Nation, One Planet and One Race. We have different colors, tastes, smells and so many different ways of eating the same food which we call in different names. Now it all becomes the same. 

We love, we adore and enjoy each other in different ways. There is no reason for hatred or for one to be better than the other as we are all together as one.  In so many ways this has been the dream of many of our forefathers to be able to bring the human race to peace. This is the beginning of a peaceful cycle for humanity.

Science in exchange for peace is bringing us understanding that we are and have achieved a new era in the human race. Many of us are fed up with killing and of being killed with different ways and tools so that someone can be the boss of someone who can then be called king or president. 

It is important for us to realize as one nation on the flag of the Keshe Foundation, it means that we should be equal in every aspect and able to deliver the totality in one go, according to what we need, what we have, and what we have to do to deliver. 

Peace does not come easy. Even though we have the peace treaty to a new organization to accept the responsibility of the human race through governing the soul of the man we have come to understand that from now on it is to go out and inform people.

The time it will take to deliver this knowledge across the planet depends on the knowledge seekers we have taught who go out to teach.

The Keshe Foundation structure works on the basis of free knowledge open to everyone at the same time. This brings us to a new dimension. 

It has taken us thousands of years to reach this point and from now on we will try to hold and treasure peace. We have seen enough that for generations to come we have learned from the mistakes of our forefathers. There is not one guilty man or one guilty nation. It has just been the way it has been, and we have learned and matured to walk out of it.

This is important for all of us and this will take our work step by step to one direction that space becomes a natural place for all of us to live and be part of the same as we do on this planet.

There is a need for vast amount of teaching, understanding and for knowing that this knowledge does not belong to just one nation, one race or one district but all of us have to participate in it. 

The peace should not be sold on what we give you, but it should be sold that this is for your soul. It does not need selling. The human race has always reacted to ‘if I get something, I will give something’. Unfortunately, to have peace a lot of us have to give up a lot of things. This is the biggest problem. A lot of nations have to give up earning money for killing in the name of defense As we have no more nationalism, as everyone will have everything the need in equal measures of knowledge, we should not have any war. 

My wish is peace for this planet and there are many who try to stop the process because with it they try to confirm they exist and nothing more. 

The only thing I say is: 

We confirm your existence and there is no battle among anyone. We have put down the arms and we have opened the arm of friendship, unity and peace. It is for humanity to embrace it and that has to be the function of every Keshe Foundation listeners, members. 

Take it to your home and bring it to your house. And through it bring it to the soul of your community and the nature of this planet. 

Let them write with every pen and every screen on this planet. There are no pens in the writing of the Universe so it will disappear. What is carried in the soul will exist. 

We start opening the hand and the operation of the world leaders, the operation of their understanding, not to expose but to show that they are human, that they accept their position, that they are part of us and we are part of them. We instigate it through the balanced conduct by exposure of misconduct that they find out we are all the same. 

We will expose all of us, the way we see that things do not fit. This way they stop their misconduct and this way we get peace. 

The openness is the guarantee of peace. 

You have to learn one thing; when you live at my level you see the totality. One of my biggest fears for years was to lose my family. I have no more fear because if they want to be lost they will lose themselves. My family does not extend to Carolina and my boys, it extends to humanity. This is what I have chosen, to be One Nation and One Nation is One Family. One Race is One Family. And this has to become the conduct of every Keshe Foundation supporter. 

The fear of not achieving peace was the biggest, fear of achieving it and not carrying everyone. But now it is the beauty of how far this beauty will grow; it is not the fear anymore, but it is the pleasure that it has taken its roots. 

I have changed the course of mankind; it does not matter what is said or will be done. In time the mankind will find out it has done itself to itself because it accepted the elevation of the position and understanding. 

In a way we accepted the existence of cars to be more comfortable, the next step is for man to accept the position of his soul then the travel becomes comfortable because he travels through the soul at any strength he likes and not in the physicality of the metal box. 

We do not teach and we do not preach; we enlighten. When you are enlightened it depends on how much you want to turn that light to become bright in your light. You can shut it down and you say it is a beautiful bright day, but the rest can see it is shut down, it is total darkness. That is your decision. If one finds peace in the soul at that level, it must be that level. 

Many times I have received communication; you use fear to control. No! I explain what can be if it is not done. To you it is fear; to me it is the clarity of the correction of conduct. 

The soul of the man is a glass ball of the light which creates itself and it reflects what it receives, digests it and reflects back. 

It contains its own filters in what was received and in what wants to give. When it becomes transparent that it allows everything to go through it and only takes enough that it can exist and gives from it to the others that they can exist too, then you find out it is the crystal ball of the life of the soul of the man. It will shine like a Sun. 

I do not feel sorry for those who use the foundation to attack, I feel sorry that they did not receive the enlightenment and that they could see that they could use their position to enlighten the man. 

You will start learning how you will conduct, and you behave and collectively decide how you show work within the society in respect to the others who try to change the course their way to keep and for us to make a decision according to the strength of our soul. You call it mandating, I call it understanding. 

The peace starts with yourself, within yourself.

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