Updates from Arizona Research Center October 2018

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by Jon Bliven

Many new tests are proceeding at our facility. Our spaceship testing has expanded to bring “scaffolding” to include additional reactors and structures. The neutron experiments we believe are going very well and we are anxious to bring these together with the newly created soul of the spacecraft.

We continue to bring new understandings even with our tests that show no results. We are committed to supporting the initiative requested by Mr. Keshe to help support 10 coma patients in the US to kick-start peace initiatives. Finding people who are willing to experience something different to bring people out of the coma state is challenging. We have attempted to go through the hospital structures in our area with little results. It is for this reason that I ask fellow supporters to assist the locating of candidates along with us. Please find the attached information available for use in locating candidates:

The Keshe Foundation has recently shown very amazing results with the use of plasma technology to awaken coma patients and put them on the road to recovery. The foundation recently decided to offer FREE support to any coma patients willing to try the technology. The processes are non-invasive and can do no harm as we use external patches and headgear to wake-up the patients. The results so far have been remarkable, and the foundation is willing to go into greater depth should doctors wish to learn about this option. The reason for the foundation's desire to assist is that it is hoped that by showing the willingness of an Iranian scientist’s commitment to helping others lives of United States citizens the peace talks with Iran can be fruitful. It is being offered as a gesture of the commitment by the foundation to peace on this planet. For the first 10 patients, the foundation will provide the tools and instructions to balance the energy fields of the body. At any time in the process the doctors or families do not want to continue we will move on to other patients. I can share the work of the foundation if you wish and share other breakthroughs the foundation is working on. Please share this with those who have lost hope as well as those looking for solutions.

Contact us at: Customer.Service.USA@keshefoundation.org