The line of the soul of the Creator

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times August 2019

by Keshe Foundation 

(Mehran Keshe) When I teach, I do not teach only the dimension of the physicality. I teach in the essence of the combination of the soul of the man, the essence of the creation, and essence of manifestation. There is a big difference between the creation and manifestation. 

Creation has a birth. 

Manifestation has a presence. 

Mankind lives through creation. 

The soul of the man lives through manifestation. 

In the past hour of teaching, I have brought the whole cycle of the creation of the man never understood for billions of years. 

As I taught you many times, I can teach you everything about the creation. But how many are there to understand the totality? In time, mankind will understand. 

(RC) Mr. Keshe, that was pretty much the question from Chris in YouTube, who is asking:
"Is a physical manifestation necessary for man? If it is, does this not account for seeming unawareness of the soul?" 
And he goes on to ask: 
"How does man, then, return to his soul life, after immersing himself or myself with matter?" 
(MK) Very easy. In the dimension of the matter of state, we use NaOH to open up to the GANS state and the fields of the environment of the matter of state. Man has to find that field which allows his soul or his physicality to enter the same dimension of the fields. 

It is embedded within the emotion of the brain of the man. That is why we help. 

If you go back to my teachings, many time I have said emotion comes from the interaction of the field of the soul of the man and the soul of the physicality of the man. 

The same as the interaction of the field of the Sun and the Earth led to the creation of the matter of state of the fields, so shall be the same with the interaction of the soul of the Creator, and the soul of the fields of the physicality of the man, to lead to creation condition of the fields of the soul of the man. 

You have to get the right flow, the right motion, the right to strength in, and it will become what is to be. If you look what is on the screen [271st Knowledge Seekers Workshop, 02:01:40], it is the true story of the life of the man in the true meaning of the essence of his own understanding, of his own creation. 

We did not teach man Carbon and Oxygen and Nitrogen that he can cook. And we did not create how the fields flow between them. It is man who has done it and this way, with this language, man can understand it. 

The problem you have has been this 6 and this 12. But we do not look at the numbers, we look at the energy flow, and the space gap that the two energy flows in between. And the balance between the two is what leads to the dimension of physical tangibility. That is the only difference. Mankind has never understood this. 

If you look at it, this is where you sit. This is your point of physicality, and for every physical condition, is a slightly different. That is why you is you and I cannot replicate. 

In a different part of the universe, different strength gap between the two, lead to the creation of what we call the soul and entity and life can be replicated in all dimensions of the Universe. You have to understand where that box sits. Is that zero time? This is the line of the soul of the Creator. This is the string which we are attached to it. 

And it is like... You have seen these fishermen, they take a fishing line and hook up many hooks, and many fishes come to eat. The only common denominator between all these fishes and all these hooks in different position of the universe is the fisherman who stands on the top, the Creator.

271st Knowledge Seekers Workshop