The Status of Scientists

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The Status of ScientistsSomanyscientists have beensilenced, injured,banished or exiled from their place of birth, imprisoned, tortured, and even killed, because of their workand their contribution tothe advancement of science for their nations and for humanity,by order of organisations and by authorisation of the so-called men of power or leaders of nations,religions or other groups,for political and/orfinancial gain.Theseinhumane attacksagainstscientists and the pain they cause them, their families and humanity, areheinous actsthat shallnever be forgotten.

The truth about the scientists’ message tomankindwill outlast these short-term peacock pretenders and so-called leadersof insignificant power, andin time their criminal acts against scientists will bring shame on these leaders ofdust of the Earth.

These crimes against scientists are the most heinous crimes committed by these menof power and their servants in all levels of creation and these relentlessattacks on them areconsidered equal toif notworse than the killing of religious prophets of the past and the future.

What will be the future forthe soulsofthese so-calledleaderssupported byso-called governments,religious,financial or scientific organizations and their misguided servants who carry out their master’s orders?

As the scientists flocktogether like doves and as the present leaders of the worldhunt together like vultures, then the fate of men of greed andleaders of one sort or another and their cronies who commitcrimes against scientists has been and willsurely be banishment tothe lowest corners of the universe, where the souls of these peasants acting likeso-called leaders will reside for eternity.

The same shall be true oftheir progenyand all their souls shall be condemned to the darkest parts of the universe, where theywill never progress and never be enlightenedby anyone.The souls of these leaders and of their offspring, who are the materialbeneficiaries of thedeliberatelymisguided actionsof their forefathers, shall all stay foreverat the level below the level of the soul of manfor eternity, which is nothing but the lowest of the lowest inall realms ofthe world of creation.

Bewarethose whohave committed and are consideringcommittingsuch crimes to stop the progress of all lives in all the realms of creation through development and release of new science and intellect by the men of science, as scientists are nothing but the messengers of God for the development of the intellect, social structure and physical progress of man.Thestatusof true scientists is equal in the sight of God to the status of prophets for the souls whocome under the banner of religion.

Therefore crime against one messenger who is ascientist is and has been the same as crimes against the messengers of the soul or religious prophets of God.

Then no wonderthatcertain civilizations of this Earth over centuries have been in the doldrums of history as one nation orrace has betrayed the messengers of the soul and another the messengers of knowledge.These messengers are equal in their statusand mission for the progress of man’s life in this and futurerealms,for theprogress of man’s physical body and soul on this Earth and in the universe.

By this act we putthe statusof scientific messengers on a par with the messengers of the soul and of religions of the past and the future, andfrom now on one shall not existwithout the other asthe prophets of the future.Both realms of knowledgehave to be in harmony inone bodyand soulaccording to the present universal laws of coexistence,as the human race is to succeed in joining the universal community in the very near future and as man will be able to enjoy the harmony which has been established in universal communities with all thebeauties of theircreations in the universe.

M.T. Keshe

Iranian nuclear scientist

The founder of the Keshe Foundation