Signing of the World Peace Treaty and World Peace Conference

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2012 September 06

Signing of the World Peace Treaty and World Peace Conference In the name of the Glory of God. From the beginning of time man’s desire has been to have plenty to eat and a safe place to shelter, to create a tranquil environment where he can live with peace of mind and in this process develop his culture and add to his knowledge of his environment, of the universe and of creation.

Now man’s intelligence has reached a new level in understanding the true knowledge of the universe through the development of magnetic and gravitational systems and technologies with which he can replicate and control matters and environments the same as they are in the universe.

These systems can provide him with food, shelter and everlasting energy anywhere in the universe and give him the opportunity for the first time to travel the spans of the universe in an environment like the one he is familiar with on his planet and in his daily life.

By using these new systems man will be able to cross his planet in minutes, and this makes the borders which he has made for himself over the centuries a thing of the past, irrelevant and obsolete.

Now that man is preparing to travel in space just as he travels around his planet, and is getting ready to join the universal community and to venture into the spans of the universe as the other creations of God do, he needs to find peace in his own home first.

To achieve this last goal and for man to find peace on his own planet, there is a need for rapid and total agreement by all the citizens, nations, creeds and religions on this planet to come together in one move, because trying to make peace in stages will never succeed.

To achieve world peace, we call upon all the leaders of the world to gather this year in one location to attend a World Peace Conference and to establish a World Peace Treaty by signing a simple act of acceptance of worldwide peace.

The one and only sentence of the World Peace Treaty to be signed by the leaders of nations and religions and to be sworn to by every nation across the Earth on the same day is simple and reads as follows:

“I/We as citizen(s) of the Earth from this moment on accept to lay down all tools of aggression and war, I/we shall never think about getting involved in or incite war or develop or use any tools of war on this planet or in space, and to this I/ we all agree and swear with my/our (delete as appropriate)nation, territory, council, religion, city, town, body/bodies and soul(s).”

With this letter we call upon the leaders of Earth to gather at an appointed time and place as representatives of the planet’s different regions, not only its countries, to sign this treaty on behalf of their parts of Earth.

From this point on nationhood will cease to exist and mankind as one race and nation will become Earth’s only true citizens.

As citizens of this planet, we appoint the time of signing of the World Peace Treaty by our leaders to be 12 noon on 21 March 2013, this day being the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere and a good day to start afresh in peace and tranquillity on this planet.

Following the signing of the World Peace Treaty by the leaders of the world on 21 March 2013, then on 21 April 2013 (the anniversary of the first international ambassadorial peace conference on 21 April 2012, which set the scene for this event), we invite all citizens of the world at the same time around the world to swear to the same World Peace Treaty, as individuals and in cooperation as their leaders did the month before.

From this day on, man shall not make any tools of war or make any plans of aggression against other lands or cause any other man’s death. From this day the human race will lay down the tools of war which have caused so much misery over thousands of years and all men shall work towards one target, of enabling all of humanity to enjoy the fruits of peace. 3We call upon world citizens to do what you did in the last year by encouraging your governments to attend the ambassadorial conferences at our Centre and to accept the spaceship technology USB key.

We ask you to do the same again and to call all embassies around the world and to send a copy of the World Peace Treaty to world leaders, all embassies and individuals around the world and to post the World Peace Treaty document and invitation on every forum and webpage and every presidential palace and king’s palace wall across the world, so that this day shall become World Peace Treaty day and your leaders will be compelled to attend and sign the World Peace Treaty act and carry out its implications with your support. In return the Keshe Foundation will release all its technologies, including plans and working units and technology for space, energy, health and food, to all mankind in one move and in one go on that day. With this we guarantee to make available an equal share of science, wealth, health care, food, energy and freedom of space to every nation and person on this planet.

We thank you for your support and from now on world peace is in your hands and not in the hands of your leaders.

With loving greetings,

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

World citizen and founder of the Keshe Foundation