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Basics for the production and processing of GANS
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label everything
label everything
GANS production flynet
GANS production flynet
For a GANS production, especially for Health applications, you should use as clean as possible water and if possible cooking salt. So that there are no other ingredients in it.
  • You can make GANSes for Health applications with pharmaceutical NaCl and distilled water. Distilled water (as well as pharmaceutical NaCL) has no other ingredients in it and can store information and energy very well. It's, especially for doctors the only option for the GANS production, but that does not mean that you cannot use just clean water too, or normal cooking salt too. Especially in emergency situations clean water and cooking salt are

  • Do not drink GANS itself or touch with it any part of the body!

  • The fields of the GANSes will mix with the environment fields very fast. GANS-water takes longer, because the GANS delivers from the bottom continuously. Plasma-water mix up faster. Don't wait more than 3-4 weeks. Make the GANS and use it immediately. That doesn't mean that old GANS is total decreased in energy, but the save side is using fresh GANS.
  • For a well quality, make all 4 Main GANSes by using an LED.

  • Make sure, that the Copper plates and all other materials in the GANS production are as clean as possible. The cleaner everything is, the cleaner the GANS is and it don't contains other fields.

  • Label everything. For example if you have bottles with washed, unwashed GANS, or Amino Acids, label them or label spoons, sticks, syringes to keep an necessary order.

  • The environment where you make the GANSes, plays an important Role. Don't place the production right next to each other and leave enough space in between. Everything whats standing around, or what is around, has more or less an effect on the production. Also you as a person, or as a soul, play an important role, while creating your own GANS. Your soul, emotion and intention flows into the GANS.

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