Plasma energy in my car

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by F.B. – Mon, June 05th 2017 France

Hi, free energy friends!

Since the end of September 2015, I have made in my car 2 CO2 Gans balls. After some days I noticed already a more economic use of my car. The longer it is in my car, the more economic. I drive on Highways now 300-400 km more and on second roads 200-300 km more.

In Germany, in October 2015 I was involved in an accident on the highway. Cars were bumped into other cars, next-in front and behind me and I thought: "I do not want that my car breaks down" and from that moment my car took me over "danced" through all the broken cars, it was as a dream and about 300 m later I noticed that the impossible is possible.

Thank you plasma energy!