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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times March 2019

PLASMA KNEE PAD - CE Certified Medical Device Class I

Plasma Knee Pad is designed using Plasma technology, based on the interaction of magnetic-gravitational fields. The Plasma Knee Pad emits fields of plasma that penetrate up to 3 cm under the skin, helping to bring the body back into balance. With its ergonomic design, which adapts to the knee like a second skin, you can now enjoy comfort and well-being very quickly. Equipped with elastics adjustment bands they adapt the neoprene to perfectly contours your knee.

The Plasma Knee Pad has no moving parts or batteries, so it is lightweight, durable, easy to wear and quick to remove.

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The Plasma Knee Pad can be used to: 

- Reduce acute and chronic muscle pain, tendinitis

- Improve blood circulation. 

- Increase the vitality of cells and tissues. 

- Reduce compression syndromes. 

- Relieving pain in chronic meniscopathies. 

- Reduce the symptoms of sprains and strains. 

- Reduce pain in the knees. 

- Offers support to the knee during various activities.


1) Keep away from metals. 

2) Keep away from electromagnetic sources (radio, TV, mobile phones, PC, etc.). 

3) Do not apply: 

- to the neurological part of the skull (brain) 

- to internal organs 

- where there are infections 

- for high fever 

- to open wounds 

- to pregnant or lactating women 

- near metals or electrical implants / devices (even inside the body such as metal implants) 

- to pacemaker wearers.