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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times August 2018


The development of Keshe Plasma devices and improvement of existing devices has resulted in many different plasma device types within the Keshe Foundation inventory. One of these devices is the Plasma Ball Unit (PBU). The PBU mainly consists of several spheres (balls), which are mounted on motors (dynamic systems) and therefore rotate at certain speeds. Inside the balls, different types of GANSes in different physical states (liquid, paste, dry powder) can be placed. A combination of different types of GANSes (field spectra) is used and concentrated in order to balance the fields and further the matter (e.g. from within the organs) of the body of a human being or an animal.

The Plasma Ball Unit is built out of high quality materials and can be utilized very flexibly. By the use of articulated arms, mounted on a castored* frame assembly, every shielded motor can be moved freely in all directions, therefore, a lot of formations can be applied in a way to include every part of the body, and create different types of concentrated fields (which formations were developed by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and a number of well-known Knowledge Seekers). Materials used for the PBU are laser cut and powder coated stainless steel for the base-frame, on which are fixed three stainless steel sockets for the carbon fiber rods. On these vertical carbon fiber rods are mounted the articulated carbon fiber arms, which can be moved freely.

At one castored frame, maximum 8 articulated arms can be mounted, and two additional frames can be placed opposite each other, and be connected by 2.5m carbon fiber rods to move several articulated arms along a lying body. Furthermore, supplementary castored frames are available too, on which can be mounted articulated arms, as well as a controller for 8 motors.


The plasmatic fields inside the Plasma Ball Unit are well-known and frequently used as a basic environment for processing and further focusing on specific parts of the body of a human being or an animal. Furthermore, the created fields support heavily to connect with the soul of the people inside the unit and therefore gives a boost in processing for all people involved, therefore the unit can also be seen as a training unit for space technology. The way how to use the Plasma Ball Unit and protocols for specific cases can be developed in the medical teaching of the Keshe Foundation (to apply, write an email to

The Plasma Ball Unit is CE certified Medical Type I and is delivered as a kit. Most of the components are pre-assembled; assembling the unit takes maximum 15 minutes. For further questions or tailor-made solutions please contact the team of Keshe Foundation.