Plasma 101: Holography of the Universe!

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times March 2019

What I try to do this week, is something, that not only opens the eye of some of you, who are familiar with the science.  In respect to the reality of life, in the world of science, and how scientists are developing different aspects of technology, in the background. It is taking hold in a very “elite scientists” way in the world. With it, a lot of terminologies have been created and these terminologies are very hard to get out of the system because, a lot of people accepted them. 

Interesting is, that these terminologies, in the world of science and creation of Black Holes, which started with Stephen Hawking, still carry on. As I said, “It has become very difficult to change.” They come up with so many theories on it, that these theories have built up its own momentum, and it is getting defended by scientists in a very aggressive way. New technologies are coming in, that by development of these technologies, we are creating more fallacies, and more unacceptable knowledge, in the world of science. 

One of these is called the 3-Dimensional State of the Universe, what they call “The Hologram”. Some of you might have heard this terminology. What is this terminology? It is that the whole Universe is a hologram, there is no reality to it. The reality is that the Universe is a flat 2-dimension, above, and what we look at, is no reality to it. But, we have come to accept it as reality. Hundreds of millions of dollars are getting spent, on this “fancy talk”. It is good for the Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers to understand, what this is. Very soon, somebody will bring it to a point of reality. 

Figure 1. Galaxy and its light reflection.

What is the hologram position of Universe? It is considered that the Universe is flat. The reflection from this flatness creates images inside, which are not real, being the galaxies, and the stars, and everything else. We can redefine this hologram principle. They say there is a picture, 2-dimensional picture of the galaxy. (Figure 1A) and then, underneath of it, we see a galaxy. (Figure 1B)

Actually there is no galaxy, it is just lights shining into it, that gives us that image. One of these non-real things is planet Earth because it has got again image on the surface of 2-dimension. This partially comes, and started, due to a lot of computer programming and now they are writing computer programs which actually can make it and show it is. In reality, no one has asked a single question: “Why these people are spending so much money on a lot of fallacies?“

Figure 2.

If there is a galaxy (Figure 2A) it creates an image (Figure 2B), and there is a pin across it, that it holds its position (between the galaxy and its image). It is imaginary pins, but magnetic fields are there. You see on the surface of the 2-dimension, this is to them the reality, this actually exists. And, whatever we see underneath is just hologram. The real life is in 2-dimension, and we see, what they are explaining. In reality, nobody has told these people that if you stand somewhere on the Earth, and you look at the Sun, the Sun is flat (Figure 3). 

None of us sees the Sun as a full sphere, we always observe the Sun as a flat entity in the shape of a circle. We know the Sun is there, because, when we look at the Earth from the Moon, we see Earth again flat. Is the Earth we are living on flat? The Earth is round because we know, we mine in it, we travel around it, we go everywhere of it. 

When it comes to the new science of holography, and in a way trying to convince you that the Universe is flat, yes, in the eye of the man, as an observer, it is flat. In reality, it is not because the man on the Moon, sees the Earth as a flat disc. The man on the Earth, sees the Sun as a flat disc and the Moon as a flat disc. 

The theory of hologram, holography, they have created dimensions to it, and they have created to say, that it is a flat entity. But, what is interesting, what this topic, this subject brings up is that they have managed to create hundreds of millions of stars, and they say they are hologram. They confirm that it has feature like the Earth outside, like if we have eruption inside the Sun, we see it on the surface of it, because it bubbles up. They say that this surface is flat (Figure 2 right), and it is 2-dimension, and this hologram of the Universe, is a reflection of a flat surface (Figure 2 left).

This changes something very fundamental. For the first time, mankind confirms that the Universe has a face. There is an end, there is a surface, exactly like the surface of the Sun, the Earth, or the Moon. In this theory, they are building up, that the Universe has a face. The Universe is Unicos. As we stood here and we watched the Earth, and the Sun, and the Moon, if you stand in another dimension, we will see the face of this Universe.

Figure 3. Sun seen from Earth.

As it is in Book No. 3, we are part of an Unicos, there are many of these flat surfaces, with a 2-dimension pattern. Because, actually, the light through the Universe shines on its surface, like a fish in the ocean. 

But, one fundamental question, to ask from the scientific world, of what I can explain, is that; when  you are on the sea, on a boat, and  you are sitting on this flat surface of the Universe, and it is as transparent of anything, is this Galaxy a fish, swimming in the ocean of Universe? As it does, if you were on a boat, on the high seas. Does it mean, that our Universe has a started opening up? Does it mean, now that man is getting to  understand more, in its mistakes, it is confirming the existence of the Unicos? 

Figure 4. Black hole with atmosphere (light blue) and ripples (dark blue).

Originally, about 10-15 years ago, this came up, because people could not accept the totality of, everlasting black hole, that it gobbles up everything. A lot of scientists originally thought “If everything ends up to nothing, what is going to happen to us? So, this is a mirage, because we are still here?” In so many ways, nuclear physicists, the cosmologists, and many astrophysicists, altogether, ganged up, to confirm. There is no existence. There is nothing because, we were convinced, that we all end up in this black hole, created by Stephen Hawking, and we never come out, and that will be the end.

If you look at the fundamental principle of understanding of the reality about the interaction of the pattern of the fields of the Universe, it is as much magnetical, as it is gravitational. What does this mean? It means, even a black hole, if you consider it, due to confirmation of its existence, has an atmosphere. 

As we see, with the interaction of the fields of the planet, with the interaction of the fields of the Sun, it creates its own ripples (Figure 4). And, this is what the world of science, up to now has denied. At this moment of time, in the world of fantasy of the black hole eating everything up, we have never allowed the reality that as much as it is got gravitational, it has a magnetical and atmosphere too. 

Figure 5. Black hole with atmosphere (light blue).

As we have seen with the Earth, which, as any energy of certain mass enters it, it creates light with it, it creates dimension of existence of an atmosphere. It has happened on the surface, in the boundary of the atmosphere of the black hole. We see these ripples of confirmation of the existence of the atmosphere of the black hole. When you look at the black hole in the background of mosaics, of all the galaxies, and the fields of the Universe, as they cross (Figure 5). 

We see shimmers, we see play of games. So, it means, for the first time, we can confirm a black hole is an entity. A black hole is a confirmation of existence, very much like the Sun, the Earth, and like any other entity in the Universe, where not only it has gravitational pull, but it has its own atmosphere. Stephen Hawking brought us to this mistake, that we always looked, it is one gravitational field but, in fact, it is the same as any other entity, it has as much gravitational as magnetical. In the Paper, which I wrote, “The Creation of Black Holes” this is what was the meaning, and the emphasis on. That is why we see lights, on the magnetosphere of the black hole, it shows that it reflects light out, as much as it takes in. 

As much as it pulls in, in interaction with the fields of its magnetical field, it creates and releases light. The way we see, when meteorites enter the Earth, and they burnout, and they clear light. How come, all those lights get attracted inside, but we still can see on the fringes of it outside? 


Those of you, who go into Space Technology, in the dimension of the travel, you will understand, this is one of the biggest gift mankind has ever been given, high speed, faster speed, transportation, using black holes from one spot to another. 

Do not forget what you call “black hole” means the centre of intensive fields compactness, nothing else. If you came from Earth, to lock into one, and on a voyage, to lock into the next one. You might pass the magnetosphere of it but, you can increase your speed beyond the speed of light by billions of times. 

Man, in time, will come to understand the beauty of the black holes. In the recent past they call it “dark energy”, “dark matters”, dark energy in the galaxies is the cause of the movement. And now, this theory is totally been abandoned by the cosmologists and nuclear physicists, because it does not exist. Anybody that speaks to you about “the dark matter” are of the old generation, they have not read the new science book. Because now, we understand, that there is no such a thing as dark matter, and dark energy in the universe. Nobody has ever seen it yet.

But, what is important? 

This part of the theoretical cosmological physics has to be understood, by the Keshe Foundation supporters, who become part of the Space Technology.  You go beyond the present understanding of the science. You have to go beyond it, that you can understand, the speed of light is the speed of light in the time and space you travel in. 

If you create another gravitational magnetic field, with the same material, you might reach another speed, which is the ultimate speed, in the gravitational field attraction of the light, in that matter state. Could be two, three, ten times faster than the speed of light on Earth. This is the reason why we see the shimmers on the magnetosphere of the black holes. As different matter strength, of the fields, decides to adjust in respect to the field strength of the background and then you see the shimmers. 

The shimmers of the gravitational magnetic field, “the Magrav of the black hole” is one of the best clear indication of the existence of an entity as a whole. Like Sun, as much as it gives, it takes. It takes in its transparent condition, compared to the illusion of the black inside. 


And, it gives the same, through the dimension of translucent atmosphere around it, what we see as shimmers, its magnetosphere. 

In so many ways, as we enter the Space Technology, the true Space Technology of the Universe, not manmade, with some rocket propulsion, this will play huge game in the dimensions of the space travel. If mankind understands, the creation of the black hole, within the structure of the cores, of the Space Star Formation, then a new dimension, in the dimension of the transportation appears. Where zero time travel, across different dimension of the Universe, become the reality, without interacting and interfering with any object, be it galaxies, a stars, or any other entity. 

The creation of these 3-dimensional programs, which are working on holography of the Universe, or 3-dimensional, to show that it is just hologram, and it is no reality to it, opens up a lot, for those who work around the Keshe Foundation programs, and Technology, and the Star Formation. There is an extension, in the field of Unified Field Theory.

The Book No. 8, to be released is only about Magnetic Fields of the Universe. How they are created, how and where is their origin, how they become to create a 2-dimensional effect or 3-dimensional effect and how our body has adapted itself, for lack of understanding, or make it easier not to jam the brain with work of it, to convert everything of a distance to a flat surface. 

Today’s scientists are using this holography as a way of the same as cheating. What, more or less, Einstein did to us in respect to speed of light. If you think of it, when the Earth is flat, in the eye of the man, on the Moon, then we still have creatures inside, water inside, mine inside, and the whole caboodle of a planet. 

Then, there is a fundamental point, in the whole understanding of the structure of the Space and that is, how come that a speck of dust, on the boundary of the Solar System, becomes a planet, and absorbs matters to it? Is there a reality to the term, That there is a black hole inside every planet. That it is to strength that it can create its own dimension and its own magnetosphere. 

And furthermore, there is the point, in the dimension of the soul of the man, which replicates the centre of the planet. Do we have a black hole within the structure centre of the brain of the man which, by absorbing from the totality of the Universe, releases some which becomes the manifestation of the physicality of the man? There is nothing but the truth. 

In a very short time when the man takes into Space, through magnetic-gravitational field of the Universe, we will learn this. Because it is very hard to do this in the structure of this planet. Because it does not allow you, and second it does not have the field strength for you to be able to test it. For you to be able to examine and see how it is done. 

So, what you need, and what we need to learn, from understanding of the black holes, we go back to the paper “The Creation of Black Holes”, Black holes not only they absorb, but in absorbing they reflect. Again, as I said, In different dimensions, in different terminology of the physics, we call this in a human body the brain of the man, its magnetosphere. On Earth, we call it, Earth atmosphere and in galaxies and black holes, we call it, the shimmering, one size-dimension of its existence. 

The whole world of science changes. When you understand, through the structure of your brain, to the strength of the structure of the brain of the man, man can travel the space of Universe, in no time using the condition of the structure of his own existence through the central brain, or what we call, the soul of the man.

Now, do we need to accept holography, and all that science is throwing in us? Just because from a 


distance, the body of a man is flat too. When I look at you, from a distance, I see pencil. But, you know, in that there is a heart, there is a lung, and there is a yearning to be. But, what is important for us, is how far man will go to see through this central point, the soul of the man in the centre of the black hole of, and existence of the life of man, where does the emotion sits? 

In the human brain, we have found places, this is the emotion of sadness, and whatever. But, where does soul of the man fall into secret? 

Then, if you understand the soul of the man is flat too and there is no brain. It hardly creates any atmosphere for itself. Now we understand how far we have to become open minded, to understand the totality and, not when we are in the space, to think, “There is somebody in my head, playing with my head, somebody is talking to me”. If you change the strength of the fields of your soul, or the black hole of your soul, then you can hear but not necessarily liking, what you have created. 

I hope you all understood.

It is not easy if man chooses to close his eyes and intellect to fallacies of present science. Because you are going to have a hard time in space.  You do not see with your own eyes but your soul sees the dimension of existence. You cannot hear anything with your ears, but you communicate and converse with what is in front of you, without actually using any voice. 

Then it goes back to what we always say, “How do the babies talk and communicate with each other?” And how the small animals know their ranking, when it comes to feeding? They have no numbers on their back and they are not very good mathematicians with numbers. How do they rank themselves, and they appreciate their ranking? 

If you are a farmer and you have a herd of cows, when they come back in for milking, always number nine goes first, before number ten. And, if number ten is taken out, to be done something to, number eleven knows it is its point, it will not touch.

So, what it comes to us, as human being, is how do we see in the depth of the Space? 

How we can collect and connect the totality,' of the knowledge we have, with the real science of understanding of our own creation? How we are created. And, if we understand how we are created, then we can create any creation. Because, we know how, and where, and what needs to be done to create that condition. Then, it comes to the point of do we need a male and female to have reproduction of the cells and life? 

Or, in the dimension of the existence of the Universe in realizing the demise of our lives, that we cannot absorb more from the Universe, to be able to give more, we decide to split, that the interaction of the two keeps the total entity of man. And then, we decide how we share the fields. This is not an easy job! Sooner or later, we have to face it, we have to understand the strength of our soul, we have to understand, how far we can extend the parameter of this soul, that it can hear what is going on, on planet this or that, or you buy yourself something, which could confirm, “Oh, another 20 centimeters of it is better than nothing?”

You see one of the most important things, which man will come to understand as he says that “the black holes absorb everything” and, within the centre of the body of the man, there is a black hole, we call it the centre of the brain; then, there is a very fundamental question to ask, “When do we get to play with all?” Or, do we pigeonhole it and ignore a lot of it to fit some of the formulas we want to do?  These things cannot be taught and just cross fast to another subject. These things needs to be listened to. This needs to be talked about.  It needs a full comprehension of the totality. 

And then, it comes back to one thing, if everything in the Universe gets absorbed inside the black hole and, when we look in the depths of the Universe beyond it is black, are we ourselves trapped in a black hole? And then, as they say, the information in a black hole gets all muddled up and on the line of horizon it loses everything, there is no information left.

But, does that actually happen?

Do we leave the imprint of the knowledge we gathered, on the surface of the black hole as the theoretical science is talking about? Or, do we carry it with us, within, and then it is part of us?  And then, when we come out of this black hole in any shape or form, according to the present scientists, do we carry that knowledge back with us out of the black hole? 

Is that black hole the soul of the man, within the centre of it, which is so compact, that it has the full spectrum of the field strength of the Universe, even of the creator. 

The understanding of the new philosophies, in cosmology, because you have to understand, from the time in 2004, Stephen Hawking confirmed that he has made a mistake, the scientists had to look for something else to spend their money and time on. And they came up with this holographic universe. 

We are the passengers of this flat surface and according to what they want us to believe in, there is nothing underneath of us, we are just floating. 

As we see, the magnetic field strength as it slows down, it compacts.

We have moved into a new direction and new dimensions of teaching. Many things in teaching has to be understood and we try to explain more and more the fundamental bits which has been left out of the science. With it we solve a lot of problems and on the other hand we see how we can add to the knowledge of us collectively, about us, opening the universal community to us that we can work.

In the new science of holography they say there is a flat surface and then it shows everything it is like a mirage. There is something which I did not tell you because I thought maybe some of you go and do some research and do some work and to see how we are back into land of fairy tale, how we are back into a land of assuming, to make assumptions and by those assumptions create another circle of cycle of hypocrisy in the world of science. And if they pay us good enough we can make it, work it, that we can make something out of it.

I do not know if any of you went and looked into the background of holography. They say the reason for it is going to be acceptable because the 

mathematics adds up. What they mean is when you can build a mathematical structure and the mathematical equations adds up with what you assume then it is correct. But if many of you who have gone and looked I hope in the depth of the holographic that think the universe is flat, again this is another lie, another deception, another assumption has been made and that is, for the mathematical equations to add up we had to do the reverse of what Einstein did and what many scientists when they cannot get it right make assumptions or they delete it, very much like the e=m∙c2 that for Einstein to get to that ridiculous equation of the energies called mass times the speed of light by the power of two, he has made a lot of assumptions, he has made a lot of assumptions in quantum, even in quantum mechanics, part of this equation covers first and second law of dynamics and everything else.

What these people did, which a lot of people are not aware of, they made a reverse assumption, and this is ridiculous, this is very nice the way they have done. The people who came up with holography they make one amazing assumption - to be existing. Up to now Einstein and the rest ignored it. They said this does not exist. But what they do, they assume there is something called dark energy which is gravitational field forces, that holds the whole structure together. And for an assumption and especially such a massive calculation to be correct as they assume it, they come up with something very interesting that they say the whole structure of this holographic design of the universe is held together there by gravitational field forces, by energy called the dark energy and it exists. 

Up to today no scientific organization with billions of dollars they have put behind it has managed to confirm the existence of dark energy. This is the whole ridiculous thing about it. Up to now people like Einstein they said we assume this does not exist, we assume this is not there, but in holography the way they play the trick is they assume something exists which is opposite to all the conditions that we call dark energy, dark matter in a way if you look at it. 

And this dark energy creates that gravitational field force which holds this holographic condition of the universe together. So, now the hand of the magic is opening. And this gravitational wave or these what we call magnetic fields or these gravitational fields that they assume exist and is there and they call it in a way dark energy is very much in the world of scientific what I call children movies. 

Somebody must have watched these things and then he has come up with it. And they use the same process, the same structure, the same lies and cheats as we have seen with Stephen Hawking, as we have seen with Einstein, but this time they repeat the game and they consider that the universe, our universe is full of these things black, dark energy, dark… and has hidden gravitational glue which holds the whole structure of just hologram together. So, those of you who start hearing and understanding what is going on you have to see the hand of the magic. 

The magic is something which we do not have and we work this time opposite to understanding of the gravitational field force which exists but we do not see it and all our assumption is that this glue is there. But in so many ways the whole understanding of this dark energy or dark matter, as they call, it has not been found. So, as long as it is not there, I can get us anything I like. Very much as a friend of mine used to say, I can guess anything and I can own anything as much as I can dream about it, does not mean the reality exists. So you have to be aware of this holographic situation which is coming up and they are bringing all sorts of mathematical things behind it spending billions of dollars on it and, in a way, be aware that now the scientific world to make names and new conditions to destruct the physics it has come up with a new trick, now we assume it in, but we do not know where it is. 

Up to now Einstein assumed it is not there, it deleted a lot of things, a lot of understanding of the physics and scientific minded people can very easily see this true and you can literally dismiss this theory. 

I always say even to my children is, you have children who have a bad understanding of mathematics. They hate mathematics and the worst thing you can do to them is anything to do with maths. My advice to you as parents or if you have got one of those children who listen do exactly what you do with holographic principles and holographic universe as they call it. Go and read about the history of maths and you  will find out it is one of the sweetest things you could have ever done. Then you see where the mistakes are and what do you understand of it and how this mathematics has built up. 

There is a program called history of mathematics or history of maths. Let your children read it and listen to it, it is a beautiful thing. 

The most complicated equations, integration, differentiation, and everything below and above it, if they understand the history of it, how it was built, how it has come, it allows them not to believe fallacies which the other people are trying to build into it and you will find out your children or if you are somebody who does not like mathematics, you fall in love with maths. Same as physics.


Why scientists in our area of science do not accept this fallacies which we see coming up with these new ideas? Because we understood the physics from basic. We understand the principle of creation, we understand the operation of the universe. So, no magician can come up. If you look at my teachings for past decade I always give you and I show you and I take you for you to make it, to see it, to understand it. And when you do not understand it, that is the limitation of your comprehension of the science. 

Maybe you stay in that position for years until one day it becomes clear and then you move on and then sometimes you stay in that position and you build it to the next step. 

So, if you can go in understanding of this mathematics, start from the history. Where did we start going from a line to a square? Why did we start marking the land on a square meter? I see history behind it and then why did we make cubes and then build on reading about the history of maths. 

If you read about the history of physics putting anything with it assumption aside, then you see when these fallacies come up how you can 

overcome it, then you see through it.

What is reality?