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by Cristian David Carvajal Martin, January 6th 2016

In most plants I noticed a greater retention of moisture in the substrate. compared with no GANS. The quality of the plant, the two apparently equal. The only disease or pest affecting all plants was one of small flies, which were located in the substrate, apparently did not attack the plant. Probably by the amount of soil moisture.

The other comparison is more flavor, aroma, especially strawberries.

In plant size, maybe a little bigger exposed to the CO2.

On the other hand, some of the pots have 3 rings with GANS, one in the ''water tank'' at the bottom. Another ring on the potting soil, and another half of them buried in the ground. The intention was to create a favorable environment within these rings.

Other pots (the largest tomato) have GANS rings placed in different position.

In the image of the elongated container with two interlocking rings placed on the earth, a curious thing happened, I do not know whether or GANS due to lack of light. They gave me a purple basil, planted there and put the GANS. The next day was no longer purple.

I finished the harvest may have more a photo. Now I'm doing other experiments, gradually will upload everything I've done so far is enough. 

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