Peace Letter to the World Leaders

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The people of the Earth are ready for Peace. We need to make the World Leaders understand that we accept Peace and they are obliged to accept Peace as the leaders of the People. The Earth Council, Universal Council and Core Team have prepared a letter to send to the World Leaders.


  • Download the PDF in the correct Salutation (Your Excellency or Your Majesty) for your World Leader
  • Create your Cover-Letter for the attachment, addressing your world leader to guide them in the direction to peace!
  • Advise them there is a special World Peace Treaty for the World Leaders to sign
  • Contact us! Let us know when and who you have sent it to!
  • Provide the letter to all, share it!

*If you need a different salutation, please contact us*

Template of Peace Letter to World Leaders (Excellency)

Download the Peace Letter (Excellency)

Ref: UC-19-1-717

19​th​ of July, 2017

Your Excellency

We, the members representing the Earth Council, Universal Council and Core Team of Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KFSSI), by teaching new technology and creating new opportunities for peace over the past twelve years, have given a new opportunity formankind to choose the path of peace.

Our objective is world peace, and its urgency is obvious now, more than ever before. We request all peace loving world leaders and the represented people to join us to establish world peace.

For this reason, we cordially invite you and all the leaders to gather at Mount Carmel, Haifa, at The Seat of The Universal House Of Justice, which has been built for this purpose by the collective effort of citizens of all the nations of this planet.

The designated dates for the signing of the peace treaty by the world leaders is to be on the 2​nd​ and 3​rd​ of August, 2017.

As a very large portion of humanity has now evolved from and beyond primitive, brutal behaviour, it is time for leaders, like yourself, to take the initiative for peace.

As our country is a peaceful nation, what need is there for huge expense on armed forces?

All military expenditure is actually a waste of taxpayers’ money. Our country has no need for aggressive behavior.

We, citizens of this nation are peaceful and happy by nature.

It is time for change from war to peace. This is fundamental and necessary now.

If this is your wish, it is ours, also.

To this end, we invite you to ​Mount Carmel, Haifa​, on 2​nd​ and 3​rd​ of August 2017 along withother leaders and dignitaries from around the world, where you can sign ​The World Peace Treaty​ on behalf of our country and commit our beloved nation to disarm and createan atmosphere of peace on this planet (a copy of the World Peace Treaty for you to sign is attached).

There are better economic alternatives now available for immediate development through new technologies. These technologies provide vast new investment and employment opportunities that far exceed what has existed to date, at a fraction of the cost and complexity. Based on Plasma Science a completely new era of peace and prosperity isopening up to all mankind.

I know you are a good and kind-hearted soul entangled in an outdated and failing Status Quo. Here lies an unprecedented opportunity.

Be one of the first world leaders to seize this opportunity. Your name will then live on intothe future of our children and grandchildren as the Peacemaker, Leader of our Country.

Please consider this request, written with the pen of our soul to your soul, and respond withpositive action.

Yours Cordially,

Earth Council

Universal Council

Core Team

The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

PS. Please respond to this invitation by 27th of July 2017 by email to, whether your Honorable / Majesty / Excellency / Holinesspersonally, or your appointed representative will honor the invitation.