Parallel World of Creation - Knowledge of Creation is within You

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times March 2019

by Keshe Foundation. Based on 264th Knowledge Seekers Workshop.
Figure 1. Is this where the field of the Universe feeds to the soul of the man? (A. Sun; B. Earth; C. Man;  D. Magravs position, interaction of the Sun and Earth plasmas )

Try to question the unquestionable, as I did as a boy of eight and nine and ten, and then try to answer it yourself, if it makes sense, in truth. Try to look at the broader platform, not too narrow-minded understanding. Try to see parallel in the world of creation, then you become the Creator of the new world. Try to go in the essence of the motion of the fields of the creation, as the matter itself is a collection of the fields, then you break into the true essence of the knowledge. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with the physicality of the man and the soul of the man. It is just a man who has conditioned himself to accept “others understand more” and “I am not good enough”. Every man is good enough that it comes to the point of the last man standing, he can stand and become the man. The fundamental physics of today has to be answered in the dimension of the motion of the fields, not in the motion of dimensions of the matter what the man sees in the dimension of physicality. Try to ascertain the interaction of the fields. Why do I feel this? Try to understand if it is impossible, how do I feel in my soul and the soul of my physicality, in my physicality and the physicality, which I live within? Is the physicality I live within the neutron, and my physicality the proton, and the soul of my physicality that electron? How do I and how can I interact with it? I am a citizen of a village called Earth, how do I go to town and how the people in town travel? The road has been passing my village, I never dare to jump on it. Is the soul of the man so ashamed to take the soul of physicality with himself to the dimension of the Universal Community, that he goes on his own, does not want to bring embarrassment with him?  He goes every night or day and you call it a dream. It is like your brother going to town and comes back "do you know, in town they have lights like this, and lights like that", but I have not dared to go myself, I listen to him because he comes back and tells me what is happening in town, I stay a village man.

What I put on the table today, has to be answered by every single man, before every man can become men of the Universe, by himself. This is the point where we separate the man and the man. The man of Universe and the man of the village of the Earth. The man who decides to stand and keeps his next generation on this planet, is vulnerable to physicality of the accidents of this Universe, and the final point of amalgamation with the creator of itself, which is the Sun. This is the Sun (Fig.1A) - a plasma. This is the Earth (Fig.1B) - a plasma. We said the bigger plasma always feeds the smaller one, and that is how he keeps his position, the Magrav position (Fig.1D). In that process, the field of both travel through. On Earth stands a plasma called the soul of the man (Fig.1C). Where does the field of Universe feeds to the soul of the man? Does it matter how high the man stands, that benefits by which fields according to the height of his soul, in conjunction with the center plasma of the two? Has man been fed by the universal field energies all his life? Can we learn from this, to be able to feed the man without killing? When we feed the soul of the man, and the man through it, feeds the soul of his physicality and then the physical man. The science of Universe is very simple and you have to be aware of the basic knowledge that you see how the play is done. Why and how I started teaching about Carbon-14 and the balance fields of it on the human dimension? CH3, and in balance of it with a Carbon, or what we call Carbon-12. If you understand and understood these, in so many ways we understand very much like what we call the initial sugar, which is a  CH3, it is giving off the energy both, to the soul of the man and the soul of the physicality of the man. It has been hidden from us, or was and has been hidden from us up to now. In the dimension of life of the man, man has lived the two-track life, as I said before. Now he has to decide, in which dimension, at which time, and where he wants to live and manifest itself. Then many of you will understand - "Do I need to work, eight hours a day, slave my physicality to the dimension of suffering of my soul, to satisfy the dimension of the existence in matter state of today?" 

Try to understand the motion of the fields. Try to understand, every field has its own interaction not with itself, but with the other fields on a head down collision, while at the same time is towing another. This is where most of you fail to understand. You stick to one and you say this field is in interaction with the other one, while itself has its own gravitation field and itself is getting towed, while the one is getting towed is in interaction with another field. The world of plasma is very complex, and it is you who have to decide where you want to draw the boundaries. The knowledge of creation is created within you. It is you who have to nourish it, to flourish. Today's teaching is to put a new dimension, a new brickwork, a new foundation in the world of science, because we think the man is ready to do and the man, in knowing this, will build a better future for Humanity and Mankind in the space. But, how could you build a house when you did not know what the brick is and what it was made of. Now you understand the brickwork, you understand the structure. You have to endeavor, to go deeper. I have just opened the door of the knowledge, it is for Humanity to structure. It is for Humanity to go a step further. Some years ago, I explained something very simple. I used to put two cups, three cups on the table and I said: "You ask any nuclear physicist, what is an electron". And he says: "it is just something there, we do not know what it is". If you remember, I used to put a large, full glass of water and then split it, a little bit in one, and the bigger amount, the rest of it, in the bigger glass, and I used to say: "Now we know electron is made of the fields of the same as proton, because they both came from the same neutron". And he told me: "you are genius, nobody ever thought about it".

No! It is just that we did not question the questions, which we did not want to understand, because then we had to find an answer to it. Now, we explain, one is in each cup, and why, and who....  Now is for us to decide, now we understand it is the same ice cream, but one could be a strawberry and the other ten could be vanilla, and then we have to decide how did one became strawberry and another vanillas, because not all the ice cream scoops are of the same. These are part of the understanding we need, we have to analyze, we have to understand, we have to develop, we have to expand upon to be able to go to the next steps to become the passengers of the Universe. 

Now, the simple question for all of us becomes one thing and that is: through the work of an atom, has mankind found the work of his own soul and his physicality? And then, the next step in the structure of the knowledge is: how truthful man is with himself to take its new understanding to the next level?