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Manufactured in Italy the Pain Relief Pad has been tested for many years with fantastic results. 

PAIN RELIEF PAD, CE Certified Medical Device Class I


Apply on the affected area for 1-2 hours at a time, maximum 1-2 times a day. 


Hand wash with soft soap and water at maximum 30 degrees Celsius.

Using plasma technology, which is based on magnetic-gravitational field interaction, the pad emits plasma fields that penetrate up to 3cm below the skin, helping to bring the body back to balance. With its unique ergonomic design, which fits like a second skin, you can now enjoy comfort and well-being very quickly. The Pain Relief Pad is made with adaptive elastics that conforms organically and comfortably to the contours of your body. Built from denier-500 nylon with hook-and-loop fasteners, The Pain Relief Pad has no moving parts or batteries, making it lightweight, durable, easy to wear and quick to remove.

The Pain Relief Pad can be used to for:

  • to reduce the muscular pain, tendinitis
  • to improve the blood circulation
  • to increase the cell / tissue processing
  • alleviate acute and chronic fatigue 
  • reduce compression syndrome
  • alleviate chronic lower back pain
  • improve acute and chronic back pain
  • maintain the spine in normal position
  • alleviate sprains and strains
  • reduce wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • reduce knee pain
  • alleviate overuse syndrome 


  1. Keep away from metal.
  2. Keep away from sources of electromagnetism (radio, TV, cellphone, PC, etc.).
  3. Do not apply to:
  • Neurological part of the skull (the brain)
  • Internal organs
  • Infections
  • Patients who are running a fever (high temperature)
  • Open wounds
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • In areas of metal and electrical implants / devices
  • Pacemakers.