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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times July 2018

  • Composite star formation creates plasma field interactions
  • Keeps the chakras in the correct positions
  • Balances body, emotion & soul
  • Special plasma formula

One Soul Plasma T-Shirt is the result of a long period of study in the field of integrated Keshe Plasma Technology with ancient knowledge. It has the purpose of keeping the chakras in the correct positions and dimensions. The front GANS embedded symbols transmit the specific connotations and all the peculiarities, while the two back GANS embedded bands interact with the front symbols and create a calibrated plasma field. This calibrated field, however, interacts with the Magrav field of the Sun and the Earth and this creates a spin that has an upward direction, the one that the Tibetans call Kundalini.

The One Soul T-Shirt is able to balance your mind, soul and body. In the same time it allows you to have an excellent starting point for mediation, therefore, to have more easily states of higher consciousness otherwise difficult to reach.

229th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

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