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Basics for the production and processing of GANS
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Caustic (NaOH) Method

It's a matter of fact, that you can make the GANS of anything that you can find in your environment. Food (bred, herbs, fruits,...), pills, vitamins or anything, what is available to you. Be aware that you are responsible for what you make GANS out of!

Please follow these steps:

1. Preparation of the substance:

  • Food: Cut the food or whatever, into small pieces. The smaller the better. You can use a grinder/crusher too.
  • Capsules: Open the pill/vitamin capsule
  • Tablets: Crush a hard tablet into a powder

(The substance should be more or less absolutely dry, because if you add in the next step Caustic to it, it will instantly interact with the possible liquid and influence the outcome. For liquids in general use the Method with CO2 GANS, or Replication Units.)

2. Preparation of the Ingredient / Caustic proportions

After you have the dry substance and the Caustic (NaOH) ready, we can go out from a basic mixing ratio 1:1. For this we can measure it by the weight or by the volume. For example 1 gram Caustic and 1 gram of the substance, or ¼ teaspoon (tsp. of Caustic and ¼ tsp. of the substance. Give both in a mixing cup or container that can be tightly sealed.

(Measuring the weight with a scale is of course more exact. Depending on the substance the ratio can be 2:1, to completely transform the substance into the Nano-state in the next step. Be aware, that smaller amounts of Caustic (and the substance) are less dangerous in the next step.)

3. Starting the hot Caustic-/Nano-coating process

Make sure, that the Caustic and the substance are mixed well in the easy seal able cup/container. Wear your safety equipment. Add in the ratio 10:1 boiling water to it. For example, add 10 grams/ml water to it, if you have 0.5 gram caustic and 0.5 gram of the substance (1 gram). If you measure for example the water with a spoon, add 5 tsp. to ¼ tsp. of caustic and ¼ tsp. of the substance (0.5 tsp.). The Caustic (NaOH) will instantly begin with the process of creating the nano-material. Quickly tightly seal the container.

(Be aware, that you maybe have to wait a little before you close the cup/container, after you have added the hot water in it, because through the Nano-coating process, the substances inside expand through heat and put pressure on the cup/container. So it can blast, or open it unexpected.

4. Washing the GANS

Let the cup/container stand tightly sealed for 3-7 days, open it and wash the mixture with distilled water very carefully (see "How to wash the GANS")

5. Finishing the process

For finishing the process add some CO2 GANS and Amino Acids to the washed GANS, for example 10 ml CO2 GANS to 10, 20, or 30 ml of the food/pills/vitamins GANS (The CO2 and the Amino Acids allows a better connection to the body/organs).

(If you have for example still little pieces of food inside, or to be on the safe side, you can add a few drops of CuO into it, to make sure that it doesn't start to fertilize or mildew.

6. Finishing words

The described process of making this different GANSes, should be a guideline for you on which you can hold on too. As you see there are still some spaces free, for example in which ratio you do the Caustic and different substances. So it is up to you and your own research, how you implement the things. Be always aware of your safety!

Methods with CO2 GANS

Another, easier and safer method of creating GANS of any possible substance, is the method with CO2 GANS and Amino Acids. Here you can decide, the powders or little pieces of substances or the liquids of substances, into a running CO2-production or if you just add those substances to a already finished CO2 GANS. The process is very simple and needs to be experienced all it's opportunities, which one is better with which substances.

One well approved way is, just to add powder or peaces of food, pills, vitamins and so on, into existing, washed CO2 GANS and GANS Water and let it stand for at least 7 days. Then the GANS has included the fields of the substance and can be applied for it's purpose. It doesn't depend on the substance, if it's dry, wet, or total liquid, but if you want to make sure, that it doesn't fertilize or mildew, you have to insert a few drops of CuO. If you have only one capsule for example, it's ok, but maybe it can be better, if you have ten, that you add all of those.

For making sure that it doesn't fertilize or mildew, you can also use the opportunity, to give the food or whatever into a tee bag or coffee filter and hang it into a running CO2 production for a few weeks. The field flow during the production will pull out the fields of the food and include it into the GANS. So you have no peaces of the food inside, but still it can fertilize and maybe you have to give a few drops of CuO in it too.

Another way where fermentation can be ruled out, would be, like Mr Keshe explained it in one of the KSWs, to put a box with food close over the CO2 production. So the fields can be pulled out from there into the production.

You see, the same as in the Caustic method, it's up to you and find out, what's the best opportunity. Don't for get to add the CO2 Amino Acids.

GANS made with cell water

One other way is the GANS of the Cell water of fruits, plants and herbs, which is already plasmatized naturally. It's used with a little Salt in it, within a CO2 GANS production. It can be collected through a dehumidifier.

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