Measuring GANS

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Basics for the production and processing of GANS
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Measuring with a syringe

GANS measuring syringe
GANS measuring syringe

You can use a syringe and draw it up with the GANS from the bottom. Also more or less GANS-water is drawn up in the syringe and thats why you put the syringe up side down (picture), wait till the GANS sediments settle down and then you can exactly measure, how much GANS- (and how much GANS-water) is in it. (We need a unified or exact method for measuring, because when we say we use 1ml than it should be 1ml.)

Measuring with scale

One takes a container and places it empty on e.g. an electronic scale. When the scale is switched on, the value is zero. Now you fill in GANS, which is often mixed with GANS-water. That's why you let the GANS rest for a while and then, as far as possible, suck off the excess GANS-water with a syringe. Repeat this procedure until the desired filling weight is reached.

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