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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times November 2018

by Keshe Foundation

Keshe Plasma Science and Technology is a new science with yet vast unexplored terrain. It applies to any process and any living being on Earth and beyond. It follows the natural way of Creation opening countless solutions to our complicated lives.

Everyone is excited to start the experiments that will step by step take us to the understanding of the works of Unicos. But along the way, we will meet many challenges. One of them is the preparation stage. What does this mean you might ask?

As with any other sciences humans experienced, there is an initial step which requires research, investigation, learning about the process before applying it in practice.

With this said, the scientist within you has to understand what is the purpose of the experiment, what are you using it for, where you are placing it, what you are the elements and configurations you are playing with and what is the reason you are using anything in any shape or form. In current society, we have easy access to a lot of materials, but before one starts using them, one must understand what they do.
“Some of you used Lead (Pb) GANS on your coils and some of you use in your beads and you try, it’s heavier, attracts energy and you have it. But you have to understand lead has an affinity in the strength to Zinc (Zn). And it touches your emotion.”
As Mehran Tavakoli Keshe explained in the 240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop on September 6th, 2018, the affinity of Lead to Zinc is in a plasmatic magnetic field strength, not in any other direction. When using lead in your coils or in your beads, or somewhere in the house, one has to understand, it has strengths and affinity to absorb more gravitational, therefore it will affect one’s emotion. If someone feels depressed or has the ability to be depressed, the Lead will affect that person emotionally, although it does not affect the others which do not have this inclination towards depression. If someone is psychologically not stable, Lead affects that person, although it does not affect the rest of the humanity. The Earth is full of Lead everywhere. If it would influence on every being inhabiting this planet, we will all feel its effects. The condition of psychological instability allows Lead to influence one’s state of being.
“You have to see what it does to you. If you are a schizophrenic you call it, or you are of those beautiful people, it might affect one of the souls within you which then affects your characteristics in that dimension, not the other souls. So, if you play with Iodine (I) or you use another fancy element titanium, or whatever and you feel... affects you, you have to find out how, in what strength. It interacts with Magnesium (Mg), […] if it makes you tired physically affects connections between the Zinc and Magnesium. “
When you have done your research and understand the interactions on the plasmatic field strength level, then you do not use those elements that you know it will have unwanted effects on you. This preparation step brings with it the understanding of the totality of this new science.

Know what you want to use the elements for and understand what effect to expect from it because it might just not give you the effect you are looking for. “You might have understood the need of it for that place not to be but you’re forcing it to place it. “

Listen, research, and understand! And if you do not find your answers, the PUBLIC TEACHING IN ENGLISH - KNOWLEDGE SEEKERS WORKSHOP are live for you every Thursday at 09:00 CET for your questions to be addressed and answered.





240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 6th, 2018