Knowledge Seekers are experimenting on Keshe Plasma Science and Technology and share their feedback

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times August 2019

Jonah (The GANS Man) on BBS As You Wish Talk Radio - Sat, 7-20-19 ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel

James Gilliland, a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer and founder of ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) has recently made an interview referring to the research and results of the use of Keshe Plasma Science. 

As guest to his Saturday 

"As You Wish Talk Radio program" he invited Jonah, the Volunteer Science Advisor at ECETI Ranch, to present his work as Knowledge Seeker expanding the discussion about the new Plasma Technology that is recently being introduced to the ranch. 

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How did you come by this technology and maybe you can explain the Plasma Technology kind of how it works?


As with probably most people in this process of awakening I was basically slow-walked over the course of 3 or 4 years where stuff just sort of kept falling into my lap. And it would get my attention for 2-3 months and then all of a sudden something else would drop. Whether it was seeing a documentary or hearing about it or… with Keshe [technology] I got hooked on YouTube videos. I did not watch YouTube videos at all until about 3 years ago, I just avoided YouTube altogether, it just did not interest me. And then I watched a documentary on UFOs, and I was “Oh, wow, that is really cool, I am going to do something about that”. So, I started going online and watching all kinds of UFO videos and on the feed on the left-hand side there pops up one of those “Watch next” and it is a video on how to make free energy. My background is… I’m electrician but I also have a diploma in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, so I always liked that kind of stuff. And I found the Keshe Foundation.

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And I thought if you can heal yourself and power yourself, you do not need anything [else]. So that was kind of the hook for me. But like most people that were working with Keshe Technology which is his Plasma Technology, most people are doing it in their garages, in their basements, on their spare time. It was a bit challenging at first. I made the health pens, that channel plasma energy.

Let me just give you an introduction on what Plasma is. So, if you think of the Sun and the planet, we all know that they have a magnetosphere, they have electromagnetic grid - that energy like a magnet that floats around an object. What Dr. Keshe discovered and is teaching is that all objects, all things have this magnetic and gravitational field or magnetosphere, depending on which terminology you are using. You emit energy and you take in energy. In alternative health people call that the aura. We have a torus field just like the planet, just like the Sun that emits this energy. And our body is designed to absorb that energy. That is what he [Mehran Keshe] discovered, that we can absorb this energy directly, we do not have to consume it. And the classic proof of this is you are tired, you have had a rough day at work, and you go home, and you decide to go for a walk in the park or in the forest and it just uplifts your spirit. How do you all of a sudden feel better? That is a reflection of your energy. So, you are absorbing these energies that are in the forest you are bringing in your body. What Dr. Keshe did, he came up with 4-5 different types of material that emit, that also have magnetic and gravitational fields in them, and they are all in mono-atomic.  

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The material has kind of been flipped inside out and the energy of that material now is flowing on the outside. If we build up a big enough field, then we can walk into that field and actually absorb the energy. There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world that are working with this technology and there are probably start-ups that are ready to go to mass produce some of these tools. 

I stumbled across this woman in Australia that was growing figs the size of avocados. The figs were like huge. And I am like, what did she do? Then she showed a picture. She would make this mono-atomic substance that has plasma energy in it and she made a circle and she basically put it around the trees, she put it around anything. So we immediately did a bunch of tests and right away [results were seen].


We have those out here, we can show some of it. I had one tree that would put off maybe one or two apples every year. That was it. And it was just 

barren and I know you have put a ring around it and now it has got 50 plus apples. 

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More than that. It is littered with apples. 


More than that, yes…


And there is the Asian pear tree. You have an Asian Pear tree that literally if you blew on it, it would fall over. 


It was dying, yes. 


That is how dry and rotten the trunk was, but I put a ring on it and within 2 hours it bloomed, there were 50 pears on it until the deer ate 45 of them. But the thing continues to grow, it has got new shoots growing everywhere, it is amazing to watch, and it was instant. So getting that kind of results... 

One of our other volunteers here that was doing the dish washing, his hands were literally like callused and cracked and he spent 2 months trying to figure out a way to somehow heal his hands and he just could not do it. And I gave him one necklace and within a week his hands were 90% healed and it stayed that way. For him to actually put this on and have instant results blew his mind away. He was totally blown away. Let’s talk about your cat, Anastasia. 

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Oh, Yeah. That to me was… Now you do not have an ego, you have an animal. Animals are totally subjected to whatever is going on and so they are great for that. 

I remember we tried to put a necklace on it first and it just would not have it. 

Jonah: I have put it on it, I slipped it very fast and she just started to pawn at it and being a farm cat with no collars or anything on, it was totally foreign, so I took it off. 


And you put it under her bed. 


I slipped it underneath the one cushion she likes to sleep on and then I observed her every day and what I noticed was that some day she would sleep on the cushion beside and then some day she would sleep on the cushion. So what she was doing was self-medicating herself. When she could handle the energy, she would lay on it because she would feel good, but when she had enough, she would get off. So that was really cool to watch because again, that is the no-ego thing. She did what was best for her without getting in the way and then after 2 weeks I managed to slip a necklace on and it was night and day [difference].

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[Before] People were referring to her affectionally as dead-kitty basically, which was kind of “you guys, you are condemning this poor cat”


She was in rough shape.


I thought I was going to go 

inside there and see a stiff cat like any day because we do not even know how old she is. She has been around for a long time. She is a farm cat, feral, and showed up here and kind of became part of the family. But what was interesting is that watching her go from not even being able to go outside and go to the bathroom and not even moving from her bed to running all over the place, all over the ranch, unbelievable. Running up to everybody, friendly, totally suddenly changed.


I was blown away because she was all rickety like she probably had brutal arthritis, her fur was matted, she did not clean herself, she did not really purr or did not make any sounds whatsoever and now she sees you, she will come up and she will start meowing at you and then she totally engages 


It was a complete transformation.


The more people are exposed to it [the new technology] and they see it and once you do experience this, you cannot take it away. We have to be our own critic, we have to ask the questions, we have to question all the time because that is the only way we know it is true or not.