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Plasma Technology - Learning and understanding

Listen, Research and Understand! (KF Plasma Times Nov 2018)

Processing Teaching Materials (KF Plasma Times September 2018)

Parallel World of Creation - Knowledge of Creation is within You (KF Plasma Times March 2019)

Private Teachings (articles from KF Plasma Times)

May 2019

KF SSI EDUCATION: Second Trimester: May 6th - July 24th, 2019

JOIN US: Host Wanted

April 2019

Another wonderful Trimester is about to reach its term

JOIN US: Host Wanted

January 2019

New Teaching Format for the Private Teachings in English 2019

December 2019

Another school year is coming to its end

November 2018

The Soul Focus Group

September 2018

Host wanted for private teachings in English

August 2018

End of 2nd Trimester

Private teachings

Public Teachings (articles from KF Plasma Times)

Category:Public Teachings

April 1019

LANGUAGE COMMUNITY: New Farsi (Persian) Teachings

Global (University Teachings) (articles from KF Plasma Times)

March 2019

Global University Teaching

My Abu Dhabi Lecture

Plasma Scientific Journal

The ABC of publishing in the Plasma Scientific Journal