Incredible Liquid Plasma

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by Arthur, UK, January 8th 2017.

Amazing liquid plasma helped me when I injured myself at the gym; I had serious back and shoulder pain and I just could not move. I think I damaged bone and muscle tissue of my back. I think nerves too!! So I mixed in one patch CO2 / CH3/ CuO2 / Zn/ Calcium egg shell plasma and Amino acids from CO2 /CuO2/ CH3/ liquid plasma. Clean water NO MASS. Water in patches only is more than good enough! And I made weaker second patch with CO2/Zn only for FIELD flow between them.

I put one patch on my back and other weaker patch on my chest and I went sleep for 8 hours and wake up totally blessed; pain gone, muscle tissues repaired, feel happy and amazed! You can heal serious injuries within few days time! Remember take your patches off from time to time, and spray yourself with CO2 and Zn liquid plasma to purify body fields. Thank you Keshe Foundation we love you!!!